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Lara Fabian Dream Within Nelly Monk
My home made version of the song "dream Within" by Lara Fabian :)
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Bad being Nelly Monk Music
Bad being © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music Hi everyone! This is some different and new genre for me to write.Never planned to go on this direction, but this is something that gives me that chill, cool, hybrid, dystopian, rough, heartless approach to love, with the touch of emotional, light and relaxed soft vocal.I find this very catchy and it was very relaxed to write something like this.I felt absolutely overwhelmed by the color of the song.🎶🎧 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/ #popmusic #songwriters#femalevoice #newagemusic #newsong #thebeat #relax #dystopian #toughlove #hybridmusic #hybridstrings #my music #mysong #homerecording #soundtrack #epicmusic
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You are here Nelly Monk
You arw here © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music This time, i felt i need to create a melody that is slower, emotional but again with powerful message 🔥🌟 We are forgetting how much we are important for life itself and that we cant "walk away" and give up easily. I am here... "You are here" for a very good reason 🌏
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Pure Imagination Cover Nelly Monk rendition of Bryan Nguyen
My cover of the song "Pure Imagination" which was used for the movie Ready Player One,rendition of Bryan Nguyen!
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More than you know Nelly Monk
This is my new song for this week 🤗 I was wanted to show how much is important to stay truth with yourself.Life is made of an opposite things and you are the only who can understand from what is made of.You are "More than you know"
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Plate of Life Nelly Monk
My new song for this week "Plate of life" 😊 You can follow my work on my facebook page Nelly Monk Piano!
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You are here Nelly Monk
"You are here" © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music My new song dedicated to simple,yet frequently asked question "why am i here or is there something more than all this?🌈🔥🌏
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Hunger Nelly Monk
My new song "Hunger" While i was thinking of my life and where i am going i realized that what ever i am doing i am feeling hunger for more and reaching to my goals.It will keep us alive and focused for the best outcome There will always be a new strive for something, that is why we were created to feel "Hunger". 🎇🎹🎵 #independentmusician #talentedmusicians #pianogirl #pianocover #pianolove #lovepiano #filmcomposer #musiccomposer #bestsinger #singerofinstagram #femalesinger #songwriters #singersongwriter #musicindustry #música
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Higher Nelly Monk Piano Music
My new song "Higher" 🎧🎙 © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music Something new for me.Lipsinging 👄🎵 I was really excited to try out this interesting version if video recording 📽
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Beautiful Inspirational Music Stay Awake Nelly Monk Piano
My new song " Stay Awake" © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music This song is telling about how many times we were closed our eyes, trying to escape frlm this world, to feel safe and to "travel" to another one.. We need to be here, now, feel every moment and wave of coming events, whatever they are bringing. We need to "Stay Awake" 🎹💗 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/?ref=settings Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-979782347 Bandcamp: https://nellymonk.bandcamp.com/ WiX: https://nellymonkpiano.wixsite.com/mysite #piano #singer #femalecomposer #singersongwritter #pianolove #pianolive #newsong #inspirationalpiano #livepiano #pianoplayer #fantasymusic #inspirativemusic #powerfulmusic #powerfulpiano
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OASIS Nelly Monk
An inspiration for my new song i got from the movie "Oasis" Ready Player One,that i can t wait to watch.Hope guys you will like it! #piano #epic #lyrics #vocals facebook:https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/ soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/user-979782347 instagram:https://www.instagram.com/nellymonk/?hl=en youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0LXjM6k7ZOYxfbmpmLLuKw?view_as=subscriber
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Sensation Nelly Monk Piano Music
Sensation © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music Hello everyone! I dedicated this song to all the inner love that we have throughtout the hard times in the past. Everyday is a challange and we are trying to take a place as a winers and feel overwhelmed by what we can achieve. We all need to feel graditude for everything that we are doing and accomplish in our lives. To feel Sensation to each part of ourselves and for others. I also wanted to share the glimps of how i felt in my true world, to transfere into this one with all the meaning that i can pour out. Enjoy in my new song 🎶💓 You can find it on my You Tube channel 🎬👀 Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/ #pianoplaying #pianomusic #newsong #singer #songwriter #musicworld #musiclover #lovepiano #pianoworld #epicmusic #fantasywibe #newsong #pinkshirt #femalesinger
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Saturn sky Nelly Monk
My new song :) ! Take a listen,leave a comment,suggestion !
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Emotional Music Now i have it all Nelly Monk
My new song "Now i have it all" © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music My first post has been deleted, not sure why but here it goes another one :) This song reminds me of the time when i thought i could never get enough attention or enough things in my life.I was in a deep well of circumstances... Lately, all the things i could remember, now they gonne and what is left is a memory of that desire to have them. There is no human on this Planet that doesnt want to be loved. #pianoplaying #música #mypiano #pianolove #ilovepiano #greenlover #blondesofinstagram #curls #singersongwriter #myfavoritesong #amazingsong #myinspirations #mytimetoshine #openmyworld #pianotime
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Crystal Rain Nelly Monk
My new song for this " green" week! What makes me to write "Crystal rain" is the thought of my home, my world where i truly came from and a desire to be closer to the same using music Wibe 😊
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Miles Away Nelly Monk Piano Music
"Miles Away" © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music Lately, i have a lot of melody, notes in my mind and through my dreams. Yesterday, early in the morning, i heard this song when i was waking up and i really felt strange, even confused but at the same time, i needed to make an audio right away. I am so focused and at the same time excited, it s like i have opened some unknown channel, from which i am getting the ideas. This song is about my home, that is far away "miles away", but i am close to it, through my music and now i know, as much as it seems "impossible" or crazy, it is making a contact with me for long time. I hope it will last for my entire life 🎶🏞 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/ #pianoplaying #pianomusic #newsong #singer #songwriter #musicworld #musiclover #lovepiano #pianoworld #epicmusic #relaxmusic
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The Time Nelly Monk
My new song " The Time" © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music This is about strugles in our lives, how much we are strong to over come everything that it comes to our way.One of the solutions is love and in this story two souls are merging with their essence and hunger for life.Time is always on our way and we need to tame it for our grater cause
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Ever More Nelly Monk Piano Music
Ever more © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music Have you ever wonder how much you can achieve? My next song "Ever More" push the boundaries of human strenght, will and dream for something better. With new power inside of us, we can heal the world, get inside the core of any problem and witnessed the end of evil that is spreading.. "Ever more" is for all who wants to feel that they are progressing, that they on the right path...
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Unknown God
My new song :) It talk about how much we do have will and power to change how we feel and who we are. "Unknown God" is a song that lifted me when i was down, and the idea to wrote it down came to me easy, cus i felt that there is something or someone who is helping me when i need it! I hope you will enjoy!
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Mistery Unsolved
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That day will come
New song! About wishes,reality,love and life :) Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/ Band Camp :https://nellymonk.bandcamp.com/track/that-day-will-come Sound Cloud : https://soundcloud.com/user-979782347/that-day-will-come
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Lightbeam Nelly Monk
This is the video i have made for my new song "Lightbeam" You can follow my work on my You Tube channel ( Nelly Monk Piano Music ) and on my fb page Nelly Monk Piano Music 😊
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The Key Nelly Monk
I dedicated my new song The Key to all the people who are feeling down and empty.You are the key for everything!
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Magic Star Nelly Monk
Hello guys! :) This is my new song for this week.It talks about how much we have greatness and power inside of us,we just need someone special to remind us who we are and what we can become
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Following the path Nelly Monk
My new song "Following the path" 🎼🎶 This time i have used some kind of native vibrato or some kind of indian style of singing in one part of the chorus. I wanted to bring the feeling of some ambient, mystical landscape story 😊 #followingthepath #música #instamusician #talentedmusicians #musiccomposer #singersongwriter #songwriterlife #filmcomposer #musiccomposer #lovepiano #ilovepiano #musicismylife #musicoftheday #lifeismusic #pianoplaying #realpianoplaying #ambientmusic
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Stay Awake Nelly Monk Piano Music
My new song "Stay Awake" 🎧🎙🎶 © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/
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Miles Away Nelly Monk Piano Music
"Miles away" © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music With this song i wanted to get closer to my real home and bring the sense of the same. Wish you nice journey to my world 🎧🌍 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/ #piano #pianosong #soundtrack #femalesinger #leadsinger #popsinger #epicmusic #liftupmusic #worldmusic #newsong #newmusic #songwriter #composer #homerecording #audiofile #audoo
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Devotion Nelly Monk
My new song! Devotion. I dedicated this song to my inner wisdom and power to overcome some negative outcomes and to stay focused in what i really want and love to do 😊
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Global Scale Nelly Monk Piano Music
"Global Scale" © 2019 Nelly Monk I love when i got the inspiration while i am working some other things. This song is about how much we are actually strong, how much we are capable to do things that we are meant to do.Sometimes, life circumstances are changing so fast, but we are ready for a a new life, of our own and global one 🌍🎵🎹 - Believe in a constant change- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/ #pianoplaying #pianomusic #newsong #singer #songwriter #musicworld #musiclover #lovepiano #pianoworld #epicmusic #musicrelax
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Place for us Nelly Monk
My new song "Place for Us" This song came out very quickly! :) One special person inspired me and i had to wrote it,sing it and played it on piano. Follow me and see more of my songs!
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Deep Space Nelly Monk
This time i was in a red mood so my piano and i had a frendly red zen time this aftenoon :) New song! soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-979782347/deep-space Band Camp: https://nellymonk.bandcamp.com/track/deep-space Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nellymonk/?hl=en Twitter:https://twitter.com/nellymonkart facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/
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Global Scale Nelly Monk Music
"Global Scale" © 2019 Nelly Monk My new song for this week 🙂 Global Scale" is one of my songs where i want to connect the whole world and rise up against the ones who wants to conquer 🌍 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/ #meditation #relax #relaxmusic #meditationmusic #om #nightsky #relaxation #mindfulness #peacefullmusic #newsong #voices #softmusic #homestudiorecording #femalevocals #relaxingvideo #freeyourmind #mymusic #orchestration #ambient
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Memory Instrumental piano muaic Nelly Monk
"Memory" New instrumental for this week. Really amazing and strange thing is that i am not thinking what should i play...i just love to play... Keep playing in your life and experimenting 🎹🎶💡 #pianoplaying #pianomusic #newsong #singer #songwriter #musicworld #musiclover #lovepiano #pianoworld #epicmusic #musicrelax #instrumentales #instapiano
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Speed of Light
New song that i wrote today! :) My thought were focused on light itself and how i feel about the same.Oh and it s a love song! PS: Bird in the background is a music addition :) Feel free to Subscribe,share & follow! facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/ soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-979782347/speed-of-light band camp: https://nellymonk.bandcamp.com/track/speed-of-light
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Pure imagination
My cover of the song "Pure Imagination" which was used for the movie Ready Player One !
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Our Fantasy Nelly Monk
This is my new home made song,which i recorded in Cubase 5 😊 Hope you will like it! Share,Comment & Subscribe
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Our Comet
This song is something really special for me.For one person that was in my life!
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Holy Grail Nelly Monk Piano Music
Holy Grail © 2019 Nelly Monk Piano Music There are always obstacles, there will always be people who will not understand your path and what you strive for.The only reason you are staying on your path is your inner balance and knowledge that you know you have that something inside that is rare and unique... My new song"Wholy Grail" pouring out all the strength and will to carry on and be aware that you are the most important temple in this world. Lyrics are on english and my native language Serbian ❤🇷🇸 #youngmusician #femalemusician #folkmusician #_talentedmusicians_ #filmcomposer #musiccomposer #liveformusic #productionmusic #leadsinger #femalesinger #supersinger #classicpiano #instapiano #blueshirt #curlygirl #themusicroom Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/notifications/ Wix Website: https://nellymonkpiano.wixsite.com/mysite SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-979782347 BandCamp: https://nellymonk.bandcamp.com/
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New Nation Nelly Monk
Video for my new song for this week " New Nation" Done in Cubase 5 ( vocals ), my piano ( will get the keyboards ) and Video Pad Editor!
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Lightbeam Nelly Monk
My green piano magic week! New song, new wibe :)
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One of my songs where i felt connected with my inner self :)
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Winter Tale Nelly Monk
This video fo my new song is about how much we need a little to be happy and to have someone near our side to support us. New season, especially Winter, for me, has a very deep meaning to life itself. It is "closing" you in it s own "winter coat", warm up and "hug" your body and mind until Spring. It gives you time to think about the things that you wanted to do in past year and you havent and give you peaceful time to get your energy back "Winter Tale" is in slow winter rhythm but caring a strong message :)
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Crossing Over Nelly Monk
This is my new song for this week! :) There is always some bridge that we need to cross over.. some bridges are longer than others
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What you want Nelly Monk
I wrote this song so i can take people into new world, imagination and fantasy land, where everything is posible and everything is free, to live and love 😊
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New Nation
My new song for this week! I felt really inspired for this one :) Follow me: Insta www.instagram.com/nellymonk/?hl=en Facebook www.facebook.com/nelly.monk85/?ref=settings
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Crossing Over Nelly Monk
This is my new song for this week! :) Really love this one We all do need to cross over somewhere with someone or with ourselves to be where we have to be
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New World Nelly Monk
My new song is about how much we forgetting that we need help sometimes,some guider who will lead us to where should we go.It is a new world,for each of us unique, but at the same time it is a place full of opportunities!
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Time is slipping away
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Into new Mind Nelly Monk
While i was thinking how it should sound, i was inside my mind, opening a parts that i could not reach out before. "Into new mind" is about how many times i fell down, by my hand or by some events that happened. I will keep my mind alive and i will stay awake all the time, as hard as it seems, so i can get "Into new mind" 😊
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Newborn Race
This song is about, how we have to get out of our own prison of needs so we can get what we truly deserve! We need "moment of peace" so we can become a "Newborn Race"
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