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Learn the name of your Angel and how to call on them
In this video I share with you some actual facts about gaurdian angels and my personal story on how I met mine and what he looks like and I talk about how you can meet yours too.
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Those stalking faeries are at it again!!
You wanted more videos on faeries so here ya go! In this vid I discuss events that has happen to me most recently concerning a fae spirit or elemental that is up to its menecing tricks agian I dont think this is funny or cute any more but I need to learn to be calm and stay in control.
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Video response to AstralBooBaby: Lucid Dreams & Demonic Forces
Greetings to all of my angelic people. I would said HELLO but HELL is LO I want to help lift us up.ha ha get it!!....I talk about a demon in human form that enters my dream in the form of a dog. I discuss how powerful we are when lucid dreaming and how I destroyed this evil being...Think on this: THERE IS ALWAYS LIGHT EVEN IN THE DARKEST OF TIMES
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Dream series Pt 2 A message to all women
In this second installment to my dream series I share with you about a dream I had this morning It was real and life like.... I was actually on a astral journey encouraged by my spirit guide. She takes me to the country of Jerusalem. I talk about some very touchy topics DISCLAIMER:I in no means am trying to discredit disrespect or denounce any one of any race or religion if you are offended by the contents of this video then please watch it again with a fresh pair of eyes. But not before you call on your guardian angel to assists you with understanding. Thank you Angels STAY IN THE LIGHT MsQuietQueen [email protected]
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Tips on how to raise you frequency in order to meet your higher self and other beings of light
This video exsplains several ways or (tips) on how to reach a higher frequency in order to meet and effectively communicate with your gaurdian angels. You will also learn to maintain that frequency in order to access your Akashic Records, and the importance of staying on a high vibration so that you can be CHOSEN by your spirit guides and astral or higher self to astral travel. You may also use these tips to meet other elementals if you wish. [email protected]
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A Message From Your  Arch Angel Ariel
All Arch Angel are over certain days of the week and Ariel resides over Sunday. Ariel is feminine and masculine but mostly feminine she loves to communicate thru your dreams
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Being Stalked by Faries my story: Part I
Here I discuss energies like spirits and Fayes that can and will attached themselves to you very easly watch what you ask for and where you go and what you touch Please take it form me but this is only part one of the fairy that follows me parts II and III will follow
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Making The Shift With Mother Earth And The Photon Belt
I am finally releasing this video on the shifting into the 5th dimension. Mother earth has been communicating with us for years but do we hear her voice or are we all to self absorbed. Watch this video and learn why we are becoming more forgetful, sensitive and lazy
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Raise your frequency with: magical herbs, potions, and tinctures
Hey Angels as promise This is a video on what you can consume in order to promote high vibrations and good health. I guess you can say this is a herb haul of sorts. This is only the first installment I have more to show you its just not possible to show you every thing in one video.There are so many super natrual things you can do with herbs. You can bring luck, love and ward off evil with these herbs.Also, I have the high frequency food menu coming up soon and more herb hauls as well .....please tell me what you think If you would like me to go into more detail about these herbs and there uses with your guardian angels please leave me a comment I just dont want to talk about these things if no one is interested You can purchase any of these items at www.magusbooks.com if you have already gone to this site and did not get your 10%off for using my name cancel that order and please let me know ASAP I will fix that. Please hang in there with me we will fix it Okay Angels?! Thank you. STAY IN THE LIGHT!!!!
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Story Time: Faerie Folklore And The Faye
Hey angels!!!! You've been asking me to do another faerie video soooo here ya go!!! But with a lil twist I hope you enjoy this video as much as I've enjoyed filming it Please Note: The book I am reading from is from the Author Edain McCoy I am not the author or have any thing to do with it's contents
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Five Ways to Develop A Relationship With Your Guardian Angel
There are many ways to communicate with your angel. here I give you five. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did making it I know it is much different from what I usually do that it may not seem like me but it is100% there will be more videos like this
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Meeting earth angels how to hear your Arch Angels,vistors from other planets
In this video I speak on earth bound angels who are here in phisical form there mission is to serve and protect but not interfere with your destiny I also give tips on how to use the names of your Arch angels. finally I speak on vistors from other planets I saw twice in my life and my mother saw them and what they look if you want a full video of the beings from another planet like and share this video. Thankyou so much angels! Always your sister MsQuietQueen [email protected]
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New Discovery: A Fool Proof Way to AstralTravel
Here is a safe and effective way to astral/soul travel. Try this tonight and keep me posted
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Spiritual Meaning In Numbers & Finding Your Destiny
If you want to know more about the hidden meaning in numbers and how they relate to you and finding your soul path then tune in to this series on numbers
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Are You Seeing Shadows And Spirits
Okay, Okay there are way too many people telling me about seeing spirits and shadow's. Here is my idea about what is going on.
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How To Stimulate Your Spirit & Why-Ms Quiet Queen
Here are some quick tips to get your spirit and soul connected again. The activities demostrated in this video can have a direct relations to ASMR
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Angels At War
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How To Turn Negative Energy Into Positive
Shake Those Haters off Angels!!!
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Tips On Astral Traviling and Deciphering Magical Dreams:With Special Guest
Hi Angels!!! I have been holding onto some videos for a while so thats why I have been posting so many at once...ANYWAY I inlist my daughter who is amazing at astral traviling to be so young she has an old soul as you will see she wanted to to edit but unfortunatley she is a huge procrastinator lol sorry Ayana Love you but you know its true!!! Wait! I have a confession...... at 5:55dont know why I told that lie LOL!! about magic I do believe in moon spells and candle magic but nothing dark and morbid Im still learning to edit so watch part II of this video I will post it later tonight or tomorrow
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Learn about the realms of God before you travel if you do not know what you are doing you may be stuck in limbo
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A Message From Your Money Angel "Damabiah" And How To Secure a legit Grant
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How to time travel and meet the keepers of time
This video maybe a bit confusing, it was confusing to me some what lol... what I talk about here is the importance of learning how to time travel as a form of protection. it maybe necessary to learn to travel or ascend to a safer place.
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How to astral travel and Deciphering magical dreams partII
Ayana Wanted to add a very important point on this subject matter. Enjoy!
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Celebrity Demons Haunting Dreams
This video is like part two of OMG I just Got Back from An Astral travel I still wont reveal names of who is haunting me this video was made three months ago I just wanted to share this with you
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Mother Is Coming
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The Mericle  of MAWAB Oil A Nod To AstralBooBaby
Please visit links below for full description http://www.astralboobaby.net/abb-s-archived-videos
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Being stalked by fairies:My Story Part II
Okay ... You've been waiting so here is part two of my being stalked by fairies seris. Please watch wth caution and if you don't have an open mind please bypass this video. Here,I go into more detail about the energies I believe are following me around I reveal that there are more then one in fact I think there are several I also demostrate what I do to clense my home, body and spirit CHECK IT OUT
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Shh: Secret names and words of power part IV: number addtion- installment one
Hello angels this is a re-make of the power in secret numbers and your personal power number's. I was not happy with the last video I put up. Here I am able to go into more detail . I talk about your spritual, physcial and emtional days and dates and how to use them with your spritual pyhscial and emtional Arch Angels If you want to know more about your dates and how to use them add me as a contact so that you will be on my list and I will know who to send them too.YOU TUBE FORCED ME TO CHANGE MY NAME BUT IM STILL MSQUIETQUEEN!
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Are You A Descendent From An Extinct Race of Humans
There are races of humans that lived in our world on our plane of existence whom have been killed off our died from illness, and there are even some who aren't extinct at all but rather cloak themselves so that humans today cant find them and judge or do harm to them. I would also like to challenge us to find out what happen to the lost history of darker skin people in our time today we were not just slaves we see evidence of other races in churches documentaries' books pictures ext.....even if some of this is not totally true there is still info out there on all other races there is a reason why some history was lost stolen and hidden WHY???
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SHH!!! I have a Secret!
This is a six part series intitled I have a secret. In this series we will talk about words of power and how to use them. We will also talk about The history of a secret name. Every man, woman, child, plant including the moon the planets the elements and their guridans (the faery folk) all have a secret names that onece revealed by whom ever knows it they are granted power over that person or object.
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Spiritual Survival: Fighting your personal Demons
This video should help you understand that we all have our demons to face and helping you learn effective ways to conquer your demons and eliminating fear at the same time: You want to skip the formal thank yous in the beginning of this video you can skip to 8:30
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The Akashic Records Revisited
The Akashic records are the keepers of divine expression. I had a video up on this topic but many of you said the music was distracting. So here go again I hope this one is better
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The Astral Realm
Here I talk about the different realms and how to access them
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The Solfeggio Frequenices And Your Birth Tones
I am having some difficulty explaining this topic but I just have to get over it because is something that needs to be discuss right away ready or not. Understanding tones and how to use mandalas are very important if you expect to advance spiritually
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OONA Queen of the fae: And the history of the Elementals
In this vbideo I talk about OONA the queen of the faeires and how she was defeated and replaced I also talk about The different kinds of elementals The origin of the word and the biological makeup of the faery folk GOOGLE FORCED ME TO CHANGE MY NAME BUT IM STILL MSQUIETQUEEN!
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Speaking The Language Of Your Arch Angels
I still get lots of questions on how to communicate with your angels I hope this help In this video I share with you how quick prayers to your angels WORKS
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Do Not Become Vegan Story of The Tree-Ms Quiet Queen
Taking care of yourself and eating right is important. With the influx of people doing the vegan challenge this video was created . If you do not except the spiritual responsibility of being a vegan you are wasting your time.
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My Past Life Experience: I Was A Mother At Age 8 And My Son Was Older Then Me
Did the title get your attention? Well once you watch this video in its entirety you will understand
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Finally reveling the formula to your secret name....NUFF SAID.....
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