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Roberto Gumbs Gunned Down in Middle Region READ STORY : http://721news.com/roberto-gumbs-killed-in-middle-region/
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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – A senior Police Officer was rushed to the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) on Sunday evening due to injuries that he suffered while riding his assigned police motorbike. The officer has been identified as Mayor Ranis. It is said that the officer collided with a van and as a result of this, he lost the lower part of his foot. According to eye witness, the officer over took a car but was unable to fully complete the maneuver due to an on coming mini van which managed to stop before the officers motorbike slid into the front of the vehicle. During the slide the officer is said to have lost the majority of his lower foot as it was grinded off during the slide. The accident took place at approximately 8:45pm on the L.B. Scot Road in the vicinity of the former Sheik Supermarket. The Officer was rushed to the SMMC by ambulance.
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Part # 1 “Blondie” drives away with police vehicle
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FQ accident Jan 6 2016
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Grand Case postoffice shooting
VIDEO from a surveillance camera of a Grand Case Resident !!
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Sint Maarten Carnival Village "Drone" View
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Ambulance burst into flames in Ebenezer
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DA Kobie 3
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Alleged Police Brutality
DUTCH QUARTER - A young man living in the Dutch Quarter emergency homes has alleged police brutality in an incident that led to his jaw being broken in two places. Mackeson “Mac” Jean-Charles told 721news that he was walking on the road in the community when he saw police approaching. At the time, he said he was “making a lil’ noise” in the neighborhood, and probably gave the lawmen the impression that he was talking to them.......... READ MORE ON http://www.721news.com/top-story/witnesses-see-police-allegedly-break-mackesons-jaw/
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Fun Miles Antilles N.V. | Kaya Kooyman 42B | Curaçao T (+5999) 465 3300 / 6701497 | F (+5999) 465 1912 | www.funmiles.net | facebook.com/funmiles
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Son Latino Suspects
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Three students robbed teacher home
Three students robbed teacher home Three suspects caught in the act Three teenage suspects, E.R.M.C. (17), J.J.H. (16) and J.D. (15) were arrested by police after they were caught while breaking into a home on Pigeon Pea Road in South Reward. The Emergency Central Dispatch directed two patrols to the scene to investigate and encountered residents from the area who had already caught one of the suspects. This suspect was arrested immediately. Shortly after, two other suspects were caught hiding in the nearby bushes. They too were arrested on the spot and taken to the Philipsburg Police Station for further investigation. Several items that were stolen from the residence on Pigeon Pea Road were also found and confiscated for further investigation. 721news.com or 721news.tv
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DA Kobie 2
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Part # 1 House on Fire in Cay Hill across Kooyman
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Accident at AFOO Daily Extra Coebay on October 5th, 2016
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Man Arrested in Dutch Quarter
Man Arrested in Dutch Quarter on Thursday Aug 20, 2015
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Kobie memorial 1, Dec 29, 2015
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Movie Final Big Fat Rooster 001
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Kobie memorial 2, Dec 29th, 2015
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Caribbean Auto Sales and Motorworld car show
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Part # 3 House on Fire in Cay Hill across Kooyman
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“Blondie” drives away with police vehicle
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A look at St. Maarten’s Carnival Grand Parade through the eyes of revelers
By D.A. Robin Part 1: http://721news.com/a-look-at-st-maartens-carnival-grand-parade-through-the-eyes-of-revelers/ Part 2: http://721news.com/part-2-a-look-at-st-maartens-carnival-grand-parade-through-the-eyes-of-revelers/ www.721news.com or www.721news.tv +17215569595 or +17215871118
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Video # 1 Man found with a gunshot wound in Dutch Quarter
UPDATE : Man found with a gunshot wound in Dutch Quarter DUTCH QUARTER, Sint Maarten (KPS) –On Thursday March 21st at approximately 05.15 AM police patrols and paramedics were directed to Sao Paolo Road in Union Farm where it was reported that a man was lying on the road and was bleeding. On the scene the investigating officers encountered the unknown victim on the crossing of Brazilia and Sao Paolo road. The victim was bleeding from gunshot wounds to the upper extremities of his body and had difficulty breathing. The victim was treated by paramedics on the scene and then transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. The crime scene was immediately cordoned off by the investigating officers to allow forensic specialists to collect evidence and for detectives to speak to potential witnesses. The victim could not give an account to what exactly happened or who the ones are that are responsible for this shooting. The victim has not as yet been positively identified. As Detectives continue to investigate this case, the Police Department is asking anyone that has information in connection with this investigation to get in contact with the Detective Department by calling 54-22222 ext 214-215 or call 911. READ FULL STORY ON: https://721news.com/top-story/man-found-with-a-gunshot-wound-in-dutch-quarter/ 721news.com or 721news.tv
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The last honor guard for Officer Selmo Boasman
After the church service a march took place of different uniform department. They form a honor guard on the Suckergarden road at the entrance of the crematorium of the Royal Funeral Home in Sint Maarten. During this ceremony three “Salvo” shots were fired by the honor guard after which “Selmo” was placed to rest. 721news.com or 721news.tv
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2017 Sint Maarten Carnival: Grand Parade
2017 Sint Maarten Carnival: Grand Parade
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Break in at LB Scott road 3
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*** UPDATE ***: Shooting Suspects caught; Gas attendant shot dead at Tackling SOL Gas station Colebay http://721news.com/update-shooting-suspects-caught-gas-attendant-shot-dead-at-tackling-gas-station-colebay/
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Gendarmes responded with teargas to disperse the crowd in French Quarter
*** BREAKING NEWS *** Gendarmes responded with teargas to disperse the crowd in French Quarter http://721news.com/breaking-news-gendarmes-responded-with-teargas-to-disperse-the-crowd-in-french-quarter/ 721news.com or 721news.tv
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Two Sunset Beach Bar employees arrested for theft.
Two Sunset Beach Bar employees arrested for theft. BEACON HILL, Sint Maarten — Detectives are presently investigating a break-in at Sunset Beach Bar, which took place during the night of Thursday, August 18, and Friday, August 19. During the break-in an undisclosed amount of cash was stolen from the safe. The break-in, however, was caught on the security surveillance camera. The suspects were identified as two employees of Sunset Beach Bar. Both suspects were arrested on Saturday, August 20, at their workplace and taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where they remain in custody for further investigation. 721news.com or 721news.tv
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St. Maarten Police Report: Sport Gallery robbed May 06 2016
St. Maarten Police Report: Sport Gallery robbed and Man stabbed outside supermarket Link: http://721news.com/st-maarten-police-report-sport-gallery-robbed-and-man-stabbed-outside-supermarket/
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DA Kobie 1
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Caribbean Auto Sales and Motorworld 721news.com
721news.com or 721news.tv
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