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Having fun with Zooms mask
Was bored and wanted to try my Zoom mask out!
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My Custom Jason Voorhees hock from Frighteous Fx
Sorry if the video and the sound is not in sync, don't know what happened lol So this is my remake hock with custom damages i can tell ya it was the time worth the waiting! and it came faster till Denmark where i live faster than i thought!
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Beyond the Darkness II: crazie (tribute to Leatherface)
Crazy person in human face
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Court of Owls nursery ryhme (batman)
Bored one night and wanted to do something weird
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Serial Killers wall of Death
My collection of serial killer/murder related newspaper articles and crime scene photos
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Zoom Suit cosplay build
My Zoom cosplay from the CW Flash series. The suit i got on ebay, just search for Zoom suit, a few sellers got these. Mask i got from JesterFx on facebook.
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Tzubaki wanna cuddle :3
shes a cutie my little kitty, i love her ^^
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Zoom with the new ear lightning bolts
Just got these awesome earbolts home a few days ago. Looks really cool!
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Zoom mocks Flash
Try out video for my Zoom suit
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Ask the Admin 1 for my group on facebook called S. K. Unity (Serial Killers Unity)
Just a q&a i made for my group i admin on facebook
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ma evil kitty Tzubaki xD
demon cat xD
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Remake hood from the devils latex
So i got this hood from the Devils Latex this week, so just wanted to show how it looks with my custom hockey mask on
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Zoom mask try out
Trying out my Zoom mask/cowl (without lightning bolt glued on yet)
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Zoom Unmasked!
This incredibly talented edit on my Zoom unmasking is one of the coolest things someone have ever done! Thanks to Quinton Rodriques here on Youtube and on Facebook for the amazing edit!
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Joker-Tv Halloween special
A little fun video i did in my Joker cosplay! Might do more
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Zoom mask/cowl from the Flash tv series by JesterFx (review)
Review on my Zoom mask/cowl by JesterFx
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Isanity revealed
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Joker-Tv #0.2
Hello Gothamites!
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Confused Gibber be confused
My cat is adorable, confused and sending me the look of Doom
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JacktheGrin0801's Live PS4 Broadcast
hey I'm Salomon (most call me Salle) i'm in my mid twenties and i live alone in my own apartment with my cat xD i like music, and is a really into DC comics universe and their tv series and movies. well meanwhile i'll be vlogging about life and stuff when i have time! cya in hell! Peace!
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Joker-TV #0.1
A tease of my new youtube series
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Weirdness recorded
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Joker is back!
Had a little fun doing a Joker cosplay
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Fingering the pussy...
via YouTube Optag
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Zoom mask/cowl (Flash tv series)
Zoom mask by JesterFx
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My Joker quote
Me in my Joker cosplay
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Beyond the Darkness, Rise of the Stalking Mantis, My Bloody Valentine tribute
A little video i did in my homemade Harry Warden/Tom Hanninger costume ! Have a big facination of serial killers, so this is my tribute to one of my favorite movie killers! I DO NOT OWN THE TUNE USED!
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Joker dances to smooth criminal
Me in my Joker cosplay dancing to Smooth Criminal
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