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No Country For Old Men: You Know Who This Is.
Anton Chigurh and Llewellyn Moss have a cryptic yet crystal clear conversation.
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No Country For Old Men:  You Don't Have To Do This.
People always say the same thing.
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The Missouri Breaks: Bathtub Scene
Marlon Brando manages to be rather menacing from the confines of his bubble bath in "The Missouri Breaks".
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Fargo:Babe the Blue Ox.
Jerry Lundegaard {William H Macy} has a somewhat uneasy conversation with Marge Gunderson {Frances McDormand} in Fargo.
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Raspberries Go All The Way.
Eric Carmen and The Raspberries perform "Go All The Way".
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The Missouri Breaks: Lee Clayton and Little Tod - Adios, Amigo.........
Some less-than-great times in store for Little Tod {Randy Quaid} at the hands of the sadistic psychopath Lee Clayton {Marlon Brando}. From "The Missouri Breaks", 1976.
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The Missouri Breaks: Lee Clayton and Tod - Implement Business
Lee Clayton {Marlon Brando} clarifies for Tod exactly how many implement businesses exist in Big Sandy. From "The Missouri Breaks".
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Prime Suspect 6:  What Do You See?
The suave psychopathic ophthalmologist Milan Lukic poses an intriguing question in Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness.
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Reggie Jackson World Series 1977
The great Howard Cosell Makes The Call! (property of MLB.com)
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The Missouri Breaks: It Accomplishes The Task
a courteous but somewhat tense dialogue between Lee Clayton and Tom Logan in "The Missouri Breaks".
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Prime Suspect 6:  Under Any Stress?
The suave psychopathic ophthalmologist Milan Lukic {Oleg Menshikov} poses an innocent-enough sounding question in "Prime Suspect: The Last Witness".
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Fawlty Towers -- Don't Like Germans.
The Major expresses his feelings in re: Germans.
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Why Would I Lie? - Cannon
The Jimmy One-Eye (Jay Silverheels) has a strenuously forthright conversation with The Mr. Cannon in Valley of the Damned.
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Andy Stewart - Loch Maree Islands
The inimitable Scot delivers another winner. From Scotch Corner.
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Bing Crosby - Talk To The Animals
from Thoroughly Modern Bing.
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Rockpile: Teacher, Teacher Official Promo Video
The great Nick Lowe, et al.
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Udder & Teat Technologies
Answers thereto. via GEA Farm Technologies.
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Andy Stewart -  The Faraway Land
The Scottish Maestro brings a tear to the eye. From Scotch Corner.
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Andy Stewart - Granny's Highland Hame
The mighty Scot delivers a touching ballad.
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Spartacus - Olivier - Abase Yourself
Marcus Licinius Crassus explains how to deal with Rome to a younger, hipper Tony Curtis....though he might actually be speaking of something else.
Coors Is The One
Now you think about that. Mark Harmon at his very finest.
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Fawlty Towers -- It Is Not Nasty, It Is Superb.
Basil Fawlty sets things straight about his moose head.
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Mike Douglas: Smile, Smile, Smile
from Mike Douglas Sings It All.
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Mark Hudson - So You Are A Star - Solo
recorded April 6, 2013. Still got it!
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Scarlet Pimpernel: Leslie Howard - I mean Poetry.
This realm...this England. Leslie Howard; incomprehensively great.
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Elvis Costello - Lip Service
From the documentary "The Making of Almost Blue". The great man delivers the goods.
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Baby Doll -- Erotic Sicilian Vengeance
Mr Eli Wallach goes to it in "Baby Doll".
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Percy Confronts An Phantom Menace
A bit of Own-World-ism.
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Percy With Tendon
How Tendons Go Down In Piglet Town: A Video by Nicole Lemieux.
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Percy with Pringle: An Piglet Is Unconvinced.
An Piglet confronts an Pringle: A Video by Eileen Hoyt.
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Dr  Moreau: Outrageous Spectacle
David Thewlis is far from convinced of the efficacy of Dr. Moreau's (Marlon Brando) antics. Hugely underrated film. 1996, based on the novel by H.G. Wells, 1896. Brando boggles the mind.
Linguistic Metaphysical Elasticity - Leahy's Credo
a one-off, by special request, of a phrase once uttered. Just another day in the life.
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Prokofiev -  Death of Tybalt - Michael Tilson Thomas
The San Francisco Orchestra performs a dramatic piece from Romeo & Juliet.