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Who Is REALLY Human At The End Of The Thing?
John Carpenter's horror classic hides the truth in plain sight...
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Enemy Movie Ending EXPLAINED!
Ok...so what's with the frikkin spider?
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MCU Theory - Odin Tried To Collect The Infinity Stones!
Dread it. Run from it. The fury of Asgard always arrives. SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR THROUGHOUT!
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Inception Film Theory: Cobb Is The Real Dream Target
What if there's more to Christopher Nolan's mind-bending thriller than it seems?
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Film Theory: What If Verbal Kint ISN'T Actually Keyser Soze?
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Avengers 4 Theory: Did Doctor Strange Time Travel To Captain Marvel?
Is this how Infinity War ending will be reversed?
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Avengers: Endgame Theory - How Thanos Will Be Defeated
The key hint in Infinity War to how Thanos will be defeated...
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Film Theory: Mad Max Is A Horseman Of The Apocalypse
On a steel horse he rides! Mad Max Spoilers throughout.
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Film Theory: How IT Explains The Secret Of The Shining
How Pennywise may hold the truth behind the Overlook Hotel.
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Film Theory: Is Django Unchained About A Dentist Fighting Sugar?
Candyland never stood a chance!
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Film Theory: Willy Wonka Gave Charlie His Golden Ticket ON PURPOSE
What if he had a spy picking out the heir to his factory all along?
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MCU Theory: Why Spider-Man Is REALLY Obsessed With 80s Movies
Is Peter Parker's love of movies deeper than you might think? Subscribe to our new channel!
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Why Halloween Is Scarier Than You Think
Michael Myers is back, and this time, stalking isn't on the agenda.
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Film Theory: What The Aliens In Signs Really Mean
Whether it's above the stars or the depths of hell, where exactly do these 'aliens' come from?
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Film Theory: The REAL Killers In The Descent...
In this British horror great, Sarah's mind collapsed along with the cave walls...
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The Dark Reason Captain America REALLY Can't Lift Mjolnir
Some men are bred for war.
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8 Most Ridiculous Harry Potter Fan Theories
Some people just want to watch the Goblet of Fire burn. Make sure to subscribe to our new film theory channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/ThatFilmTheory?sub_confirmation=1.
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Aladdin's FIRST Wish Is The Whole Movie
What if the Genie is actually a GENIUS?
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Film Theory: What Drag Me To Hell Is Really About
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Avengers 4 Theory: Does Tony Stark Have A Death Wish?
Avengers 4 Theory: Did Doctor Strange Time Travel To Captain Marvel? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npbkQGhGOY8.
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Film Theory: Split Is More Than Just The Sequel To Unbreakable...
The M. Night Shyamalanaverse begins.
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Welcome To That Film Theory!
Welcome to That Film Theory, a channel dedicated to looking at films in ways you never thought possible.
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Film Theory: The Hidden Significance Of How Predator Kills Its Prey
You'll never watch Predator the same way again.
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Avengers: Endgame - The Devastating Truth Of Why Cap Will Die
There's only room in Avengers: Infinity War for so many happy endings.
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How Phil Conners Really Escaped Groundhog Day
Does Phil sell his soul for his freedom?
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7 Harry Potter Fan Theories J.K. Rowling Debunked (And 3 She Approved)
The Creator of the Wizarding World responds to the best Potterverse theories...
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James Bond DIES In Die Another Day....
It was actually a great film. We just didn't get it.
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Film Theory: Freddy Krueger Was INNOCENT
Why would Wes Craven's nightmare killer need to get revenge?!
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Film Theory: Dumbledore Was Secretly Weaponising Harry Potter
It's the only thing that makes sense!
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Spider-Man: Far From Home - Mysterio's Doctor Strange Link EXPLAINED
Is Spider-Man's mystery new "ally" powered by a RELIC?!
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Is Scooby Doo Actually A Cold War Experiment?
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Avengers Hulk Theory: Bruce Banner Die THREE Times In The MCU?
Have interest contributing to That Film Theory? Email us at [email protected] The Hulk's more powerful than Death!
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