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San Saloman Springs, Balmorhea, Texas
The spring fed swimming pool at San Saloman Springs, Balmorhea, Texas.
Views: 7348 Sam Maddox
July 4th Celebration - Alpine, Texas
July fourth in Alpine, Texas - 2004
Views: 4330 Sam Maddox
Animation #2 using Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0
My second attempt at animating inanimate objects using the stop action feature in Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0. Let me know what you think! Get your "analyst" merchandise at www.cafepress.com/billybonzo.
Views: 8488 Sam Maddox
Happy Boy Turtle
I didn't create this, it's been around a while, but it's pretty funny. You'll start walking around singing the song!
Views: 13613 Sam Maddox
Study Butte, Texas
The Study Butte Store, Study Butte, Texas.
Views: 3926 Sam Maddox
El Paso to Marfa, Texas
Scenes from our roadtrip from El Paso to Marfa, Texas.
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Ranchmans Cafe - Ponder Steakhouse
Ranchman's Cafe, also known as the Ponder Steakhouse, in Ponder, Texas.
Views: 4514 Sam Maddox
Time lapse drive to the El Fenix in Lewisville, TX
See title and hold on!
Views: 1680 Sam Maddox
Texas Road Trip - FM2810 "the other side of remote"
This is a trip we made down FM2810 southwest from Marfa, Texas a couple of years ago. We end up about a mile form the Rio Grande and 54 miles SW of Marfa.
Views: 1132 Sam Maddox
County road 22900 Lamar County Texas
CR 22900 outside Paris, TX - you Lamar county officials are assholes for not blocking traffic from this road
Views: 491 Sam Maddox
Camp gulf
Camping on the gulf
Views: 1419 Sam Maddox
A Day at the Dog Park
A day at the Ft. Worth Dog Park
Views: 1340 Sam Maddox
Juliet Bunny on BunnyCam
Views: 624 Sam Maddox
Hotel Paisano, Marfa, Texas
The Hotel Paisano in Marfa, Texas. The Movie Giant, starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean, was filmed in the Marfa area in 1955, and the crew stayed at the Hotel Paisano.
Views: 9410 Sam Maddox
Homeward Bound
Arriving at Dallas Love Field from El Paso on a Southwest flight
Views: 970 Sam Maddox
Ms Tracy's - Terlinqua, Texas
Best cheeseburger I've ever had - Sourdough bun and fresh (not pickled) jalepenos.
Views: 1516 Sam Maddox
Clouds #1
Hour and a half footage of white puffy clouds compressed into 3 minutes - cool stuff. This is the first of many as I play around with different scenes, times of day, weather, etc.
Views: 172 Sam Maddox
Max The Fearless Hunter
Max hunting in the backyard; for what, he doesn't know.
Views: 274 Sam Maddox
A road trip down FM4 between Palo Pinto and Santo in Palo Pinto County, Texas. Shot using a Panasonic Lumix ZS7 pocket camera.
Views: 193 Sam Maddox
A lizard climbing up a wall
Views: 54 Sam Maddox
B-29 over Highland Village, TX
Views: 30 Sam Maddox
Funny Pics Video
A video slideshow of some funny pictures found on the world wide web
Views: 42 Sam Maddox
Caprock Canyon bison
Bison roaming the park
Views: 92 Sam Maddox
San Juan.avi
Before and after the cruise we stayed a night in San Juan at the Caribe Hilton and had a chance to explore Old San Juan.
Views: 91 Sam Maddox
Dickey's BBQ on fire
Dickey's BBQ in Flower Mound on fire early 9/27/11
Views: 618 Sam Maddox
Ice at the Gaylord Texan
The incredible Ice show at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX over the 2010 holiday season. This was in a tent next to the convention center, the temperature was about 12 degs achieved with huge refrigeration units. Everything is carved and colored ice created by craftsmen brought over from China.
Views: 37 Sam Maddox
sun water.mp4
A 12 second slideshow based on lyrics by Alan Jackson
Views: 26 Sam Maddox
V Day Monster
Tia gave me this for valentines day... I love it, but I am easily amused by brightly colored objects that make noise! (shot with my iPhone)
Views: 22 Sam Maddox
Yard 7.2.10.wmv
Views: 15 Sam Maddox
Political Party
So this is what they are up to
Views: 29 Sam Maddox
Wintery mix in DFW
1/9/11 winter weather in the DFW area
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Views: 19 Sam Maddox
Palo Duro turkeys
Wild turkeys in Palo Duro canyon
Views: 23 Sam Maddox
The Kiss
A long wet kiss
Views: 1709 Sam Maddox
Clouds Video
Footage of clouds sped up several times normal. This is my second attempt at this, the next one should be better. My idea of storm preparedness? Making sure the camera batteries are charged!!
Views: 76 Sam Maddox
Magic Pumpkin
A magic glowing color changing pumpkin
Views: 41 Sam Maddox
Denton County Courthouse
The old Denton County courthouse on 1/14/11
Views: 72 Sam Maddox
Barbados and St Lucia.avi
Couple of stops on our southern caribbean cruise in June 2010
Views: 165 Sam Maddox
Beach Days.avi
On our cruise we had two beach day excursions; one in Antigua and the other in St Maarten, We spent 6 hours at Prickly Pear Island, and 3 hours at Orient Beach. Part of Orient Beach is "clothing optional" and we did see a few topless women stroll by.... don't see that everyday at home.
Views: 1117 Sam Maddox
Football Sunday
Sleepy Sunday afternoon at the Maddox house
Views: 24 Sam Maddox

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