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Carnival Spirit - Room 8271
Our room on the Carnival Spirit (Room 8271 on Deck 8). Even though it is on the deck below the Lido deck, it is located under the Serenity Bar (adults only area) so we heard no footsteps/stomping/screaming going on above us. Very happy with the room. For a plan of the ship see the below link: http://www.carnival.com.au/~/media/94A0273B9AF745E7A9FF7C9A0E23DECA.ashx
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Room 2023 at the Gold Coast SeaWorld Resort
Our room at the SeaWorld Resort - Room Number 2023 of the Park Wing. Very nice and with a view of the pool area.
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Room 2119 at the Gold Coast SeaWorld Resort
Our room at the SeaWorld Resort - Room Number 2119 of the Garden Wing. We enjoyed our stay so much last year at the SeaWorld resort we thought we'd do it again and very happy that we did! This time we wen't during the school holidays so it was a bit busier however we all had a great time - especially the kids. We also thought we'd try a different room type so the one shown in this video was a 'Resort Queen' room whereas last time we stayed in a 'Premium Queen View' room. See the link below for last years video of the Premium Room: https://youtu.be/prf2jVyunJY If anyone is interested, the rooms were very similar apart from obviously the view (we got a view of the carpark in this room which didn't really bother us at all as we were out of the room most of the time)
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Seaworld Spongebob Teacup Ride
Eloise riding the SpongeBob Teacup ride at SeaWorld on the Gold Coast.
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Eloise receives the Certificate of Academic Excellence
Eloise receiving her award during school assembly for her Class 2K
Views: 40 Rob Wegener
Abigail's 3rd Birthday
Blowing out the candles on her birthday cake for her 3rd Birthday.
Views: 57 Rob Wegener
Valley Heights Locomotive Museum
Our trip to the Valley Heights Locomotive Museum. Thanks for all in attendance (Abigail, Andy, Cath, Eloise, Geoff, Vanessa and Me).
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Vanessa TV Interview - Exploding Gas Bottle
Vanessa's interview with the channel 7 news team after a gas bottle exploded the night before at a neighbors property.
Views: 170 Rob Wegener
Shake Your Tail Feather - Eloise's Dance
Bust a Move School of Modern Dance Concert - Eloise's dance.
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Eloise and the planet Uranus
Eloise and Vanessa reading the Book of Planets. Strangely enough Vanessa decided to record when they reached the planet Uranus...
Views: 427 Rob Wegener
Eloise Opposites Dance
Eloise and her class doing the opposites dance at her school assembly.
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Abi and Eloise at the Poolside Water Park of the Gold Coast SeaWorld
The first visit of the girls to the small poolside waterpark area of the SeaWorld Resort up at the Gold Coast. It was certainly a favourite and just outside our room. Quality is not perfect as I was filming using the waterproof still camera.
Views: 88 Rob Wegener
Abigail's class performance at the School Assembly
Three performances by Abigail's class KS. Considering she has a fractured collar bone in these performances she has done quite well. 0:00 - The Three Little Pigs 3:22 - Shh, Shh Sugar Glider 5:49 - A Ram Sam Sam
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Scenic Railway Ride - Scenic World Blue Mountains
Me and the family on the Scenic Railway Ride at Scenic World in the Blue Mountains. The kids loved it (after they got over the initial shock).
Views: 269 Rob Wegener
Finale - Eloise and Abigail Dance
The finale dance of the Bust a Move Concert.
Views: 27 Rob Wegener
Eloise Dancing at her Concert
Eloise the poor bugger had to wait till the second last dance of the Concert before her dance (and it wasn't a short concert)
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Abigail's First School Day
Abigail on her first day going to school. She was very well behaved, especially when she found out that she would be getting the same kindergarten teacher (Mrs Stefanel) that her big sister had when she started school.
Views: 62 Rob Wegener
Let it Go - Eloise's 7th Birthday
The girls with their rendition of the song Let it Go from the movie Frozen.
Views: 106 Rob Wegener
The Wegener, Wilson and Lewandowski Christmas 2016.
Merry Christmas to all our family. As usual it was a pleasure to get together with the people I love the most (begrudgingly I even acknowledge my sister as one of those people) Looking forward to next years Christmas!!
Views: 38 Rob Wegener
Eloise Buzz Award 2017
Eloise getting her Buzz Award at School Assembly (I've cut out the bits where she was yawning...)
Views: 13 Rob Wegener
Abigail Class Performance 2018
Abigail and her class performing their assembly item.
Views: 8 Rob Wegener
Abigail and Eloise Swimming at Oma and Granddad's pool.
The two girls having a ball in the pool. Unfortunately the camera ran out of battery during the footage (the stuff after the camera died was fantastic) but what I got was pretty good anyway.
Views: 21 Rob Wegener
Saxophone Time
Eloise learning the saxomophone!! She's been going for about a week.
Views: 41 Rob Wegener
Eloise Buzz Award
Eloise getting her second Buzz award at her school assembly. One more and she gets to have lunch with the Principal.
Views: 8 Rob Wegener
Eloise receiving her SRC badge.
Eloise being presented with her Student Representative Council badge for her class 3/4T. Even Vanessa got into this presentation.
Views: 25 Rob Wegener
Abigail Eating a Tomato
As the description indicates, this is a video of Abigail eating a Tomato when she was younger.
Views: 7 Rob Wegener
Abigail's 6th Birthday
Abigail's birthday with her friends singing happy birthday.
Views: 28 Rob Wegener
Eloise and Abigail at Granddad and Oma's Pool.
A pool party at Oma and Granddad's pool. The girls are loving the water at the moment! Sorry about the quality - it was done on my phone. If you look carefully at about 2:15 you might spot Granddad walking past in the background!
Views: 23 Rob Wegener
Eloise Class Assembly Performance 2017
Eloise doing her class assembly dance. She also receives an award at the end of the clip.
Views: 9 Rob Wegener
Abigail's Graduation Day for Pre-School
The graduation day for Abi at her school (before starting Kindergarten at her sisters school next year). The singing and dancing took place before the actual presentation however I have edited it to be the other way around (as the singing and dancing goes on for about 10 minutes)
Views: 7 Rob Wegener
Vanessa with the Wedding Verdi from 3.11.2001!
Thanks to Jen and Ian for getting married. (My God its been almost 17 years - well done!!)
Views: 6 Rob Wegener
Eloise Buzz Awards 2018
Eloise receiving her Buzz Award
Views: 3 Rob Wegener
Eloise rides!!
Eloise after a weekend of bike training.
Views: 13 Rob Wegener
Eloise's first swimming Carnival.
Eloise at her very first swimming carnival doing the 25m freestyle. She made us very proud (especially with the diving part - our practise is paying off)
Views: 5 Rob Wegener
Abigail receives her Buzz Award
Abigail's first Buzz Award for Year 1.
Views: 2 Rob Wegener
Eloise Academic Excellence Awards 2017
Eloise receiving her Creative and Performing Arts Awards for 2017 in her Class 3/4T. Her teacher for this year is Mr Tuck.
Views: 2 Rob Wegener
Eloise's Pedlers Parade.
Eloise and her class 2K doing their lap at the 2016 Pedlars Parade.
Views: 7 Rob Wegener
Abigail Buzz Award 2017
Abigail receives her first Buzz Award at her school assembly.
Views: 2 Rob Wegener
A visit to Oma and Granddad's pool by Eloise and Abigail.
A pool visit on a 40 degree day to Oma and Granddad's pool. The girls had a ball!! Thanks to mum and Trevor for their hospitality (oh and the use of their pool of course)
Views: 17 Rob Wegener
Eloise 2nd Birthday
Trying to find photos of Eloise's second birthday for a school assignment and came across this video which I thought i'd upload for nostalgic reasons.
Views: 15 Rob Wegener
Timmy and Vanessa performing at Geoff's 40th
A rendition of You're the Voice at Geoff's birthday. This song took place near the end of the celebrations.
Views: 32 Rob Wegener
Abigail Toony's Got Talent 2017
Abigail and her friend Isabella singing 'Let it Go' from her schools talent competition.
Views: 3 Rob Wegener
Toongabbie Concert Band - Robert McAnally Event 2018
The performance by the Toongabbie Concert Band for the Robert McNally Event 2018.
Views: 20 Rob Wegener
Eloise's 7th Birthday Cake
Eloise blowing out her candles for her 7th Birthday.
Views: 19 Rob Wegener
Eloise at her sports carnival 2015
Eloise at her Sports Carnival competing in the Tug of War and the Foot Race.
Views: 13 Rob Wegener
Special Cuddles for Mum
Eloise and Abigail showing their special brand of love and cuddles for Vanessa.
Views: 27 Rob Wegener
Funky Monkey - Abigail's Dance
Abigail dancing in the Bust a Move Dance Concert.
Views: 22 Rob Wegener
Greystanes Creek at Station Street Overpass during heavy rainfall
The Greystanes Creek going under the Station Street Bridge (near the Toongabbie Bowling Club) during heavy rainfalls on 5 June 2016.
Views: 67 Rob Wegener

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