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New ‘Robotic Restaurant’ from Freshippo (Hema)
This Freshippo supermarket, formerly known as Hema, offers a highly automated, Jetson-like food experience. Check out more stories about Alibaba: https://www.alizila.com
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China's Mom-and-Pop Stores Go High Tech for 11.11
Convenience stores in China are getting a tech makeover, Alibaba-style, in a bid to go online and operate more efficiently. Learn more about China's convinience stores at: https://bit.ly/2FTOi2T
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Alibaba's "New Retail" Explained
Online or offline: These cannot be the only options for consumers. See how Alibaba is transforming traditional retail with a complete digitization of commerce. Learn more about New Retail at: https://bit.ly/2ILQviV
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Welcome to the Coolest Starbucks in the World—Powered by Alibaba
Starbucks is opening its biggest and most interactive location to date, in Shanghai, with help from Chinese technology giant Alibaba Group. Learn more about the most-interactive Starbucks at : https://bit.ly/2K4SP5h
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Freshippo's Robot Restaurant 2.0
The New Retail-powered supermarket formerly known as Hema has robots to serve your food, and now, to retrieve your dishes, too. Check out what Freshippo is at: https://alizi.la/2E2OtfE Find out more stories about Alibaba Group at: https://www.alizila.com
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Alibaba's Olympic Ad: Kenya Ice Hockey Team Dreams Big
Alibaba's newest Olympic advertising campaign, which pays tribute "To the Greatness of Small." Read more at http://alizi.la/alibaba-olympics
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Test-Drive Tmall’s New Car Vending Machine
China is the biggest car market in the world. But the most exciting thing about this market isn't that people are buying a lot of cars — it's how people are buying them. Alibaba Group partnered with Ford Motor to launch this “Super Test-Drive Center” in China to rev up the car-shopping experience for consumers. Learn more about car vending machine at: https://bit.ly/2rBK1Nh
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Official Video: What is Peppa 啥是佩奇
Peppa is coming to China just in time for the Year of the Pig. Watch this trailer to see how Alibaba Pictures is helping Peppa connect with Chinese consumers ahead of the movie's premiere on February 5! Read more on Alizila: https://www.alizila.com/eone-alibaba-pictures-team-up-for-chinese-peppa-pig-movie/
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Take a Tour of a Hema Supermarket and Experience "New Retail"
Alizila's Tom Brennan offers a tour of a Hema Supermarket, showing how online and offline shopping are merged into a seamless “New Retail” experience. Learn more about Hema Supermarket at: https://bit.ly/2rmNbVa
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A Look Inside a Tmall Pop-up Smart Store
What makes a Tmall Pop-up Smart Store so smart? Step inside and see. Learn more about Alibaba's smart tech at: https://bit.ly/2GdfI3T
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Inside Alibaba: How New Retail Is Changing Everything
From supermarkets to pop-up stores and beyond, Alibaba is using technology to seamlessly meld and streamline the online and offline shopping experiences. This is New Retail. Learn more about New Retail at: https://bit.ly/2FTOi2T
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What is Alipay?
Alipay is China’s leading third-party online payment app. Find out how it’s also evolving into a global lifestyle super app. Learn more about how Alipay works at: http://bit.ly/2BJjq4Q
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How Alibaba Got Consumers to Love Grocery Shopping
The company’s Freshippo supermarkets, formerly known as Hema, leveraged mobile technology to turn what used to be a chore into a highly enjoyable experience. To find out more stories and videos about Alibaba Group at: www.alizila.com
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Fashioning the Future with Artificial Intelligence
Take a look inside Alibaba’s pilot FashionAI concept store. Learn more about Alibaba & Guess partnership at Alizila article: https://alizi.la/2IVu9Ll Check out more stories about Alibaba: https://www.alizila.com
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Alibaba's Best Moments of 2017
This year, New Retail and “Gateway to China” dominated at Alibaba. But what else made this year so special? Watch this best-of sizzle to find out. Learn more about 2017 Alibaba annual shareholder meeting at: https://bit.ly/2Go7EgL
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Go Inside Alibaba's FlyZoo Future Hotel
Take a tour of the company’s new 290-room ultra-modern boutique, where technology meets hospitality. Read in-depth article about FlyZoo Hotel at: https://alizi.la/2UCXXCY Find out more stories about Alibaba Group at: https://www.alizila.com
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Inside Intersport's 'New Retail' Megastore in Beijing
The Swiss retailer has partnered with Tmall to bring state-of-the-art shopping technology to Chinese consumers. Want to know more about the partnership between INTERSPORT & Alibaba? Read here: http://www.alizila.com/tmall-intersport-open-new-retail-store-in-beijing/ More news about Alibaba Group: http://www.alizila.com
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An Inside Look at Cainiao's Intelligent Warehouse
With smart robots like these, warehouse clerk at Alibaba’s logistics affiliate might be the easiest job in the world. They do most of the work! Learn more about Cainiao smart logistics at: https://bit.ly/2HZN3B8
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Small Business Success: Fluzzle Tube
Two 20-something entrepreneurs took their interlocking tube idea to market in only 10 months - thanks to Alibaba.com and their superb pitching skills. Learn more about tips on sourcing products from overseas at: http://bit.ly/2CS4YGY"
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The Life of Taobao Couriers
Learn about the life and dedication of Taobao couriers, working in rural and urban areas. They are the backbone of e-commerce in China. Learn more about Taobao's jobs boom at: http://bit.ly/2BbiDIM"
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Alipay Launches 'Smile to Pay' in China
Watch as Alipay's new technology scans hundreds of feature points on your face to make payments easier and more secure. Learn more about Smile-To-Pay at: https://bit.ly/2I0nosa
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Jack Ma Takes the 11.11 Challenge
The Alibaba Group founder goes head to head against the pros who who make the world's biggest shopping festival a success. See how he does. (Hint: Not well...) A review of 2018 11.11 at: https://www.alizila.com/new-11-11-gmv-record-alibaba-ecosystem-all-in/ Find out more stories about Alibaba Group at: https://www.alizila.com
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Taobao Rural Service Center
In late 2014, Alibaba Group announced it would invest $1.6 billion dollars over the next three to five years to build thousands of “Taobao rural service centers” throughout China. These outposts of e-commerce help villagers join the digital economy, giving them access to buy and receive goods they need from Alibaba’s shopping websites -- and even start their own online businesses. Learn more about Taobao Rural Service Center at: http://bit.ly/2BcaP9C
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Alibaba Fan Tours Company Headquarters in Hangzhou, China
Shanghai expat Danielle Sumita is a big fan of Alibaba, using one of the company's services almost every day. Follow her as she goes to the source of this Ali magic and meet some of the people who make it happen. Learn more about Alibaba Group at: http://bit.ly/2z81yxv
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Jack Ma Calls on Africa’s Entrepreneurs to Apply for Africa Netpreneur Prize
The Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative, the $10 million contest launched by Alibaba Group Executive Chairman Jack Ma, is now officially open. Get more info at: https://alizi.la/2TEssHE Find out more stories and videos about Alibaba Group at: www.alizila.com
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UK PM David Cameron Meets Alibaba Group Founder Jack Ma
U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron today met with Jack Ma and other top executives of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group as the British head of state completed a second day of his three-day trade mission to China. Learn more about the Memorandum of Understanding between Alibaba Group and UK Trade & Investment at: http://bit.ly/2BcxmmQ
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Selling to China: A cherry farmer’s story
Peter Verbrugge, a third-generation Washington state cherry farmer, discovered a way to sell his harvest direct to Chinese consumers through an innovative channel developed by Tmall.com. Learn more about how positivity and Alibaba help plan a better future at: http://bit.ly/2CQhneo
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Highlights of the 2018 11.11 Global Shopping Festival
Ten years on, and no sign of slowing down. Here's a look at the biggest 11.11 yet. Check out all the 2018 11.11 related news and resources at: https://www.alizila.com/alibaba-2018-11-11-global-shopping-festival-media-resources/ Find out more stories about Alibaba Group at: https://www.alizila.com
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How Cainiao Logistics Delivers
Cainiao Logistics was founded by Alibaba Group in 2013 with a consortium of logistics companies. Cainiao operates a proprietary logistics information platform that links a network of logistics providers, warehouses and distribution centers together in order to enable higher efficacy in China's logistics industry. See how Cainiao's scalable logistics model serves its consumers at home and abroad for the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. Learn more about Cainiao at: http://bit.ly/2CPkOSC
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What's In Store for Alibaba's 10th 11.11 Shopping Festival?
The annual sales extravaganza used to be all about Tmall. But this year, the entire Alibaba ecosystem is joining in. Check out all the 2018 11.11 related news and resources at: https://www.alizila.com/alibaba-2018-11-11-global-shopping-festival-media-resources/ Find out more stories about Alibaba Group at: https://www.alizila.com
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Innisfree Gets Revitalized by New Retail
Tmall transformed one of the Korean beauty brand’s Hangzhou locations into a New Retail Concept Store, offering consumers a fun, interactive shopping experience. Read about Innisfree's makeover at: https://alizi.la/2LopO8R Check out more stories about Alibaba: https://www.alizila.com
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China Superstore Chain RT-Mart Revamps with New Retail
Watch as RT-Mart, China's leading superstore chain, begins a sweeping digital transformation thanks to innovations developed by Alibaba Group. Read more: https://alizi.la/2LFMAFJ
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Jack Ma: To Export to China, Come to Detroit
Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma says China’s burgeoning middle class represents a big opportunity for U.S. small businesses, farmers and entrepreneurs to grow their operations and add jobs and invites them to a meeting in Detroit to find out how. www.gateway17.com. Learn more about exporting to China at: http://bit.ly/2kxSSfd
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How Merchants Use the Taobao and Tmall Platforms
Alibaba’s retail marketplaces – Taobao and Tmall – are an important part of the everyday lives of Chinese online consumers. Together, these retail platforms attract millions of Chinese consumers each day, buying from the flagship stores of domestic – and international brands from all over the world. For these merchants, however, Taobao and Tmall serve as much more just online retail outlets. Taobao and Tmall help merchants transform the ways they market, sell and operate their businesses. Learn more about trends in cross-border e-commerce at: http://bit.ly/2qq1lGP
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Alibaba's Olympic Ad: The Rower
Alibaba's newest Olympic advertising campaign, which pays tribute "To the Greatness of Small." Learn more about Alibaba and 2018 Winter Olympics' global ad campaign at: https://bit.ly/2Kpg5eg
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Alibaba Group: The Journey to IPO
Alibaba has documented its company history since its founding 15 years ago. This insider's view of our journey to listing day was originally prepared for the closing dinner and celebrates the hard work and good people who made the largest IPO in history possible. Learn more about why China leads the world in e-commerce at: http://bit.ly/2BJjstu
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Honghu village in Hubei Province is known for its lotus roots. See how one farmer turned the local specialty into a thriving Taobao business. Learn more about Alibaba's rural China drive at: http://bit.ly/2kwreiX
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What is the Alipay Wallet App?
In China, mobile payment is a huge trend with million users shopping for goods and services on their mobile phones. Last year, more than RMB 1.3 trillion worth of goods were transacted over mobile phones in China, a rise of 800 percent from 2012. Alipay Wallet is China's top mobile payment app with more than 100 million users. The innovative app has transformed the way Chinese people shop, invest and pay for offline goods and services. Learn more about Alipay at: http://bit.ly/2CPv9xZ
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The Ultimate Try-Before-You-Buy Experience for Car Shoppers
Today, Ford Motor Co., Ltd., Changan Ford Motor Co., Ltd. and Alibaba.com's Tmall Vehicle launched a brand new brand experience pilot program to provide consumers with a "Super Test Drive" service. The project will use a combination of online digital technology and offline entities to provide consumers with a more convenient, efficient, and in-depth test drive experience, and ultimately lead potential consumers to the Ford brand more accurately. Authorize dealerships and ultimately help facilitate offline transactions. From now on until April 23, Ford will enter the "Super Test Drive" vending machine building located in Baiyun District of Guangzhou as the exclusive co-brand of Tmall. The whole building is equipped with intelligent lifting system and advanced identity authentication system. It can accommodate up to 42 carts at a time. Ford Motor Company, Changan Ford Motor Co., Ltd. and Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. provide up to ten Ford brand models for consumers to test drive test experience, including domestic models, such as car products Taurus, new Mondeo, SUV products Maverick, Ruijie and Qilu Imported models such as full-size SUV explorers; Ford Mustang, a classic American muscle sports car sought after by consumers, joined this wonderful lineup. Get More Great Car Videos - Subscribe: https://goo.gl/BSIaFc Learn more about Alibaba and Ford Partnership at: https://bit.ly/2K2Iwyn
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Buy+ The First Complete VR Shopping Experience
Watch how everything, from perusal to purchase, takes place inside a VR environment. Learn more about 11.11 Global Shopping Festival at: http://bit.ly/2CRZHzb
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Inside Tmall's Largest-Ever 'See Now, Buy Now' Fashion Show
Commerce takes on a whole new look at the third-annual Tmall Collection show — a tech-driven fashion experience that brings together style, music and dance. Read an in-depth article on the show at: https://alizi.la/2PJVlRs Find out more stories about Alibaba Group at: https://www.alizila.com
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Jack Ma Demonstrates Face Recognition Payment Tech
CeBit 2015 -- During the March 15 opening ceremony for CeBIT, the annual I.T. and business expo in Hannover, Germany, Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma demoed what might be a mobile-tech match made in heaven: selfies and online-payment security. Learn more about Alibaba's Pay-With-Your-Face technology at: http://bit.ly/2BJVDBu
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New Retail Moves Front & Center at Alibaba's 11.11 Shopping Festival
Retail as entertainment means an AR "Catch the Cat" game, trying on virtual lipstick and more at the world's largest shopping event. Learn more about New Retail at: https://bit.ly/2jD4SeG
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Jack Ma speaks to the Economic Club of New York
Jack Ma's full speech from June 9, 2015. Learn more about Alibaba's global strategy at: http://bit.ly/2COYbhl
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Clearwater Seafoods Nets Chinese Customers with Tmall
Find out how the Nova Scotia-based company is reaching consumers in this all-important market for seafood thanks to Alibaba’s B2C shopping site. Learn more about the Clearwater Seafoods' story at: https://bit.ly/2I0j4cg
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An American at Alibaba: Inside China's Giant 11.11 Online Sale
Watch a behind-the-scenes look at how Alibaba prepares for this one-day event, which is bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Learn more about the role of big data in enabling Alibaba's success at: http://bit.ly/2qptRbN
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Australian University, Jack Ma Foundation Establish Scholarship Fund
The Jack Ma Foundation and Australia's Newcastly University have established a scholarship that honors the longstanding friendship between Jack and the Morley family. The program aims to inspire, educate and cultivate the next generation of globally aware and socially conscious Australian leaders. Learn more about The Jack Ma Foundation at: http://bit.ly/2CIOuoZ
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Alibaba Global Conference on Women and Entrepreneurship
Alibaba Group is holding its inaugural Global Conference on Women and Entrepreneurship in Hangzhou, China on May 20-21, 2015. This gathering of female entrepreneurs aims to spark dialogue and action on what can be done to encourage more women to pursue their professional and personal ambitions. On the first day of the conference, Barbara Woodward, the U.K.'s first female ambassador to China, was among a lineup of speakers that included Ariana Huffington, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, and actress/businesswoman Jessica Alba. Learn more about women's impact in Alibaba Group at: http://bit.ly/2E9yp8f
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Highlights from Gateway '17
One mission. Two days. 3,000 attendees. And countless opportunities for U.S. small businesses. Learn more about the gateway to China at: http://bit.ly/2CQhs1G
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This Is How China's Largest Automated Warehouse Works
Located in Cainiao’s Future Park logistics complex in Wuxi, China, the warehouse uses 700 robots to streamline and speed up the order-fulfillment process. Read an in-depth story on Cainiao Network at: https://alizi.la/2RqOQ6t Find out more stories about Alibaba Group at: https://www.alizila.com
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