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[CSR] Mobile Warrior
Nice. EDIT: oops wrong title CS Lobby Theme - SSBU Main Menu The Map Mystic Shrine - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPeZE1zcRt0 All other tracks owned by Nintendo ( because i cant find the sources :( )
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The Cloner Collab Entry! ( hosted by datboi321144 )
YEY my first collab entry! :D
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The Member Tournament! ( 811 Frames! )
SO I MADE A TOURNAMENT! Nothing else to say. :|
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Roblox gear/hat testing Wow gear
I luv gear so I decided to play this! please enjoy.
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Hyun vs Blue Guy ( PARODY )
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The Trio Collab Announcement!
DEADLINE: February 13th ( my birthday ( ^w^ ) RULES: 1. You must have you and 2 other people. ( Anyone ) 2. Must be 10 or more seconds. 3. Enemies come from right side -------- 4. You and 2 other people come from anyone expect right side. 5. Watermark on top right corner. 6. Weapons are allowed. 7. Make sure your character is not overpowered and make sure the enemy can hit you as well. 8. Try not to be lazy ( I'm saying you can but not too lazy :P )
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The Member Demonstration/ CONTEST?! ( Read desc after vid )
How to enter in the Co-Leader Contest: whoever has the best animation will get Co-Leader 2 other people will get Lieteunant and others get scout. What you need is awesome skill of your character, good quality, and focusing on the animation in order to win! No this ain't a collab. Just a contest! I will rate /10! GOOD LUCK PEOPLE!!!!!
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Merry Christmas!
Tis' the season to be jolly falalalalalalalalalalala Tis' the season to be holly falalalalalalala.
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Well It was raining today so I was scared. Don't judge me. I'm a coward. I just wanna make a video for my irl friend Nick! I hope he sees this. :D
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Sam's Adventures! Part 5: Ultimate Showdown!
It's finally here guys. I actually had a plan making it. 100 frames for each scene! Well hope you enjoy it. I don't know what to do for part 6. :/
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The Test: Part 1 Alien Attack!!
Finally I got stick nodes pro!! Well now that I have that. I will be making this series and animations! RHG COMING SOON :o Also it is short. So that is why there's parts. lol
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Members vs Sans: Part 1 | Infiltrating. | Read desc about anim.
Ok, first of all I am so sorry I have not been making any videos. It lagged out when I was uploading the animation, but anyways I have some questions about this animation. ( QUESTIONS BELOW ) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 1: What will happen in the next episode? Question 2: What is the sans in the end? Question 3: Do you want me to continue other series? Yes or no? Answer in the comments! --------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT THE "BONE BEAM" Since I don't know how to make a GASTER blaster. I invented a bone beam. If you don't like it I'm sorry. It's the only way :c
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Gear Fighting Mania!
This is my game!
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Sam's Demonstration! ( VOLOUNTEERS! READ DESC! )
Okay if you watched the video you know what to do. Make sure you have stick nodes for this. I WILL FIGHTING PEOPLE! So I could show you my power, strength, etc so make a character of yours if you don't have one. If you need help tell me in the comments. This Volounteer Event will end in September 15. Now how to be a Volounteer. You must make a demonstration of yours to see how good you have done and when your done. Tell me in the comments saying "I finished!" Okay. Bye!
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just dint touch it if you do you'll have a bad time ;-;
Views: 31 hatman - sam
Well I was planning to do this. you will be expecting new members! Cya :P
Views: 34 hatman - sam
40 SUBS!!!!! ty so much!!!!!
Thank you guys.... I couldn't have done it without you! Let's see if we can hit 50 subs! Woooo!
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Omega BrowNY Demonstration!
Hope you enjoyed this. I will be making more animations.
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RHG1: Sam vs Solowiz
Soooooo this is my first Volounteer aka RHG hope you enjoy when it uploaded I started dancing and singing along with a song that I really like. So ENJOY!! Oh and it's tweening
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The Battle for my channel!!! ( stick nodes )
easy please Lemmon squeazy stupid browny
Views: 58 hatman - sam
Parkour part 1
Sorreh I didn't post anything for a while. I got school ;w;
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Sam's Adventures! Part 1: First Disaster, Second Encounter.
I MADE A SERIES!???!?! YEP! I will be doing a series called Sam's Adventures! There is a high chance you can get a 1-3 minute video! Hope you enjoyed this!
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Running Practice.
Did I improve? :P
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New Ability: Summoning Sky ( read desc plz )
THIS IS NOT THE GIANT COLLAB ENTRY. I know it already ended the entries. Anyways.... I have a new ability! Summoning sky. If you don't know who sky is. Go to my video called: The Test Part 2 Sky's Lair. I'm also taking a rest on Sam's Adventures because I was getting tired of it doing it straight in a row so why not do other animations? Don't worry guys. I am not giving up the series.
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Roblox Top 5 Gear Part 2
Description PART 2!? Oh. If you havent seen the first part check my channel!
Views: 16 hatman - sam
Testing out The New Update! ( EASTER EGG CAN YOU FIND IT? )
This made me get better at animating, thank you Ralph. 👍 #VoteForRalph
Views: 21 hatman - sam
The Legendary Elements// I am with so many friends :U
I promised. to make a video and here it is! Plz enjoy.
Views: 26 hatman - sam
Entry for Head Hunter Collab!
Sponsor me plez xD
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The WeaponMaster: Part 1: STRIKING IN!
This is kewl. Never made a Stickfigure like this. Enjoy!
Views: 22 hatman - sam
BrowNY's Biggest Secret: Part 2: Memories,
Haven't uploaded yet. I'm making a demonstration of OMEGA BROWNY!! Get ready!
Views: 20 hatman - sam
A New Stickfigure!
I decided to do the name of Sam because why not? I finally added the cape which I learned how to do. I will be doing RHGs. So get ready!
Views: 18 hatman - sam
The Stickfigure Show!
Note: I made a tribute of toxics how to not make a bad animation. "Notice mee xD" Hope you enjoyed! :D I will be changing to my old profile I just wanted to see if you guys like my new one. :P
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Top 5 Gear Part 1
Description Eh what can i say? Gear is good! Sorry it is a part i accidently pressed the off button.
Views: 25 hatman - sam
I wuv you guys ( ^w^ )
Views: 30 hatman - sam
Sam and Dat Blu Boi vs Alternate Sam and Dat Blu Boi ( CONTEST STOPPED HAVE ASSIGNED RANKS )
Sorry about the long wait. School :| but anyways. CONTEST ENDED! Sadly though.. One participated...., ;-; but enjoy!
Views: 24 hatman - sam
Arc of The Elements Roblox Part 1 Arcs O.o
One of my favorite games so please enjoy like and subscribe!
Views: 67 hatman - sam
Ok this is awesome guys thank you so much let's see if we can hit 50 subs!
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Sam's Adventures! Part 4: The Base and The Breach In
Yea part 4! I will be doing other kind of animations instead of the whole series in a row. Because I think it gets stressful if I keep doing them but I'm just gonna do part 5 and stop because I'm excited for part 5 :3
Views: 54 hatman - sam
[CSR] Cringe vs Adamboxro
Views: 28 hatman - sam
Roblox Gear Overdrive Part 2 LETS DO THIS ( not really xD )
Description Lets do this cuz im really ired and want to go to map and stuff.
Views: 27 hatman - sam
Dis is for sans
THE CUTIE KITTEN OF CANCER IS MY TARGET I MUST ELIMINATE HERRRRRR idk y she has a lot of subs. But I wanna destroy her Su baddddd
Views: 37 hatman - sam
woah something new
hmmm short clip
Views: 17 hatman - sam
Sam's Adventures! Part 5: Ultimate Showdown! ( TRAILER READ DESC)
I am busy today ;-; but I will animate as well it will be tomorrow because that's Saturday so I would have lots of time! ARE YOU READY FOR PART 5 :OOOO of course you are xD KK cya - Sam Anims
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Members vs ???? ( read desc to help me! )
I'm planning to make this like 3 minutes. This is where the problem is. HOW DO YOU MAKE THE GASTER BLASTERS!?! Please give me a tutorial on how to make one. ;w; So.... I will see if you guys can make the best GASTER Blaster. You can see other animations to see it. But make sure you don't copy others that are competing. Shoutting out to dat boi to do this :3. - Sam Anims
Views: 30 hatman - sam
mobile archer
intense the maps theme is by nintendo
Views: 23 hatman - sam
cringe vs teamers
🤔 the map theme music is by nintendo
Views: 18 hatman - sam

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