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VLOG 2: Clothing Optional | NOOBEA
SIKE! We tried looking for the clothing optional beach but didn't have enough time to get off the bike and walk over. Nonetheless this is a compilation of our day at Centre Island. We tried to talk in our vlog but there was either too much wind or etc, etc. So we failed. Next vlog.... we'll have some audio... and actually talk...
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VLOG 3: They Ran Out of Eggs!! | NOOBEA
Things in this blog - We went to Niagara Falls/Fallsview/Clifton Hills, whatever you want to call that area for the weekend in celebration of our friend Ashley's birthday. And I think this is the third? annual birthday trip to Clifton Hills. Since the camera isn't very keen on picking up sound with the case on, a lot of audio has been cut out YET AGAIN, and some that were save-able I had to edit the volume. Nonetheless the snippets pretty much tell the story of our weekend. We basically just settled in in the hotel the first day because by the time we got there it was 7:00 PM already. Then we proceeded with the annual caking and after we went for the buffet dinner inside Casino Niagara for free parking validation and then walked around Clifton Hills before heading back to the hotel for more birthday shenanigans. Day two, we ate breakfast at the diner inside/beside the hotel. It seemed VERY VERY family owned and hence they ran out of eggs. After breakfast we spent the remainder of our afternoon picnic-ing by the vineyards in the Niagara on the Lake region before heading home. Last but not least, Happy Birthday Ashley! :) Check out her channel @: https://www.youtube.com/user/l0vee
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VLOG 1: You Blew Us Away | NOOBEA
Just a bunch of misfits spending the long weekend roadtripping hours and hours away, through London, Windsor, Detroit, and around Lake Michigan for the Windy City. First time vlogging using a replica GoPro SJ4000. Sorry for shakiness, noob footage and poor audio mixing, not a full time videographer or DJ. Please excuse the iMovie editing, video editing isn't my forte not that anyone cares or even reads these descriptions.
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VLOG 4: Welcome Back Viv!
Longggg overdue vlog, as you may see from the content in this video which occurred during the first week of July... and we're now almost nearing the end of July. Any who, our lovely Viv came back to visit us so we did some exploring! Although I couldn't capture much of what we did this vlog will help bring back memories in the future. Things in this vlog: 1. Surprise Viv at the restaurant after her family picked her up from the airport 2. The Hub Climbing for bouldering http://hubclimbing.com/ 3. Han Ba Tang for dinner after bouldering https://www.facebook.com/hanbatangON (4 kinda). We went to Jacky's place to play Catan but we forgot to vlog. Shit got intense 5. Viv's farewell 2.0 at Carol's place It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later See you in a couple months!
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