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If Red Dead Redemption was in Australia
This is what an armed robbery on horseback would look like in rural Australia. If you'd like to help us improve our camera you can give us a few dollars, and we will love you - https://www.gofundme.com/74nht-new-camera-gear
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A day in the life of an Australian
Everything that happens in one day for an Australian. Every Australian, they are all the same. See us live in Melbourne! - https://www.fairbairnfilms.com/tickets/
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When mum comes home in 1 minute
Mum's coming home in 1 minute and you gotta do all the jobs like right now quick hurry up oh shit she's coming down the driveway we are actually going to die Ya can chuck us a dollar if ya wanna help out maybe I dunno do what you want, cool love you - https://www.patreon.com/fairbairnfilms
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Parent Teacher Interview with Gus Johnson
This is the story of Bus, his son Jaxon, and Principal O'Lachlan. It should bring a tear to your eye. Music - Tsukiji, Dan Hocking - this guy is really good check him out! Subscribe to Gus - https://www.youtube.com/user/gustoonz Come see our show in Melbourne - https://www.fairbairnfilms.com/tickets/
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When someone plays a Draw 4 Card
This is the tale of an Uno Betrayal. Life's short. Don't waste it playing draw 4s.
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Qualified Auto Mechanic
Jaxon reckons he's a qualified auto mechanic when he's totally not.
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When your Toast is Raw
Jaxon makes Lachlan's toast a little bit underdone and Lachlan isn't about that life. If you guys wanna support maybe chuck a dollar to us poverty boys so we can afford to make more videos - https://www.patreon.com/fairbairnfilms
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The Big Remote
Jaxon is troubled by how big Lachlan's remote is and that Lachlan refuses to acknowledge it.
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When your friends says a word wrong
Everyones got a friend that pronounces stuff strangely. With Luke Kidgell and Lewis Spears.
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If the Incredibles was in Australia
This is what the Incredibles would be like if it were in Australia. Get tickets to our Melbourne Comedy Fest shows now before they are gone - https://www.fairbairnfilms.com/tickets/
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When your sibling is sick
This is what it's like when your sibling is sick (probably faking) and you gotta do everything for them. Music by the Magic Gang
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When you accidentally become the CEO of Apple
Jaxon goes for a walk and accidentally becomes the head of Apple. It's a bitta fun. You can support us to make more frequent videos if you want - https://www.patreon.com/fairbairnfilms
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If Fortnite was in Australia
This is what it would look like if Fortnite took place in Rural Australia.
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Buying snacks at the movies
movie theatres these days geez
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I'm already tracer but in Australia
sometimes that how it be See us live in Melbourne - https://www.fairbairnfilms.com/tickets/ Music by Mako Road - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBvVwnvli4s
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Selling our Barina
This video is a legitimate ad for the sale of our barina. If it ends up with you please treat it well, it'll do you good.
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When your Uber driver has had enough
This is what happens when you push your Uber driver over the edge. See us live in Melbourne! - https://www.fairbairnfilms.com/tickets/ Music by Lime Cordiale.
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When the volume has to be an even number
You either know someone or you are someone that can't handle the volume at anything other than an even number. This is for all of you. Buy tickets to our show in your city - https://www.fairbairnfilms.com/shop
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The Internet in Australia
This is exactly what it's like to use the internet in Australia. Music ' The Green Superintendent' by Mako Road - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDJFeG5uweA
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Talking to someone from a different country - ft. Gus Johnson
When someone’s got a hella T H I C C accent and just can’t figure out whatta hell they are saying. Gus Johnson - https://www.youtube.com/user/gustoonz Support us - https://www.patreon.com/fairbairnfilms
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How to be a pro Soccer player
Jaxon trains as a soccer player for a day. He is premiering at the world cup next week.
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Terrible Inventions
With the company needing to lose money fast, there's only one way to do it. Come up with some of the worst product ideas known to man. Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/fairbairnfilms Sydney Tickets - https://www.fairbairnfilms.com/tickets
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Shit Ideas
Ideas that make you go 'hah, wait no, fuck thats a shit idea don't do that ever'
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How to get out of a speeding fine
If you get pulled over for speeding, and you aren't a pretty girl, you gotta have some back up plans to get out of trouble. Support us if you want to - https://www.patreon.com/fairbairnfilms
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Our Favourite Plants
This is the most wild video we have ever done. Buckle up for absolute mayhem.
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A Bag of $100,000
Jaxon finds a bag of $100,000.
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Sauce in the fridge
When someone puts sauce in the fridge. Who is correct tell me in the comments I still read all that stuff. If you'd like to help us improve our camera you can give us a dollar, and we will love you - https://www.gofundme.com/74nht-new-camera-gear&rcid=r01-154190358073-a8a8aee8bbbe44d6&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w
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How to train for the Winter Olympics in Rural Australia
Australia too hot to train for winter sports? WRONG. This is how to train for sports most of us only realise exist every 4 years, in the middle of Australia.
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That one mate that doesn't play Fortnite
Erryones got that one mate that doesn't play Fortnite but reckons they do. Shoutout to Dangerous Darcy for the film job, check him out on YouTube!
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How to Catch a Kangaroo
This video will teach you how to catch a Kangaroo.
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Shed for Sale
G'day we got a shed for sale come buy it please. Support us - https://www.patreon.com/fairbairnfilms
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When your mate can't talk to girls
Ya know when your mate not only has no game, but is literally retarded in how he talks to girls.
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The temperature in Australia
bloody hot ay See us live in Melbourne - https://www.fairbairnfilms.com/tickets/
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How to break up with a girl
If your stuck for ideas on how cut ties with the miss then look no further Sign up to our mailing list to find out when tour first! - fairbairnfilms.com
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When someone unplugs your cables
and they have no idea how important that cable was, what an idiot geez
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People who like indie bands
people that like all those obscure bands that no one knows (this video is satire, I am one of these people)
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How to be Australian
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Does Australia Exist: The truth
This video has the answers See us live in Melbourne! - https://www.fairbairnfilms.com/tickets/
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When someone tells you to do the dishes
you know when u are about to do the dishes and then someone tells you to do them. This is that. Music by Lime Cordiale
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Things that Suck
These are some things that suck.
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Convincing your friend to go out
You know when your mate won't come out so you gotta pull all the stops to get their ass drinking vodka and having a good time, ya know If you'd like to help us improve our camera you can give us a few dollars, and we will love you - https://www.gofundme.com/74nht-new-camera-gear
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When someone forgets your name ft. Idubbbz
Watch our ep of the Cold Ones podcast - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVIWx6PuSOs&t=1862s Guest staring Anything4views and Maxmoefoe
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Farm Boy Runs Away From Home
An Australian farm boy is sick of his house and decides to run away.
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If Pokémon were in Australia
This is what it would be like if Australia had Pokémon running around biting people. See us live in Melbourne - https://www.fairbairnfilms.com/tickets/
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A NEW board game
Get the game here - https://battleofthebogans.com.au
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Great Ideas
Here are some great ideas you're welcome.
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How to build a desk
Listen up you lil bitches. This is exactly how to build a desk. Do not try any other method.
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Delicious Food Combinations
These are some foods that are amazing together. Yum.
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Mechanics that are Blind
This is the story of Dipper and Dusto, two blind mechanics. Song - Kitty by Rich Brian
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When a girl calls you a legend
This is what it means when a girl calls you a legend
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