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Cyclone Boys 5x5 First Impressions and 2:57 solve
I MEANT LIGHTTAKE HAS IT FOR $9 (Lighttake now sells the puzzle for $7, and 10% off with "Cubeologist" code)! This cube is amazing. I hope everyone who gets it enjoys it as much as I do. Buy it here for $15: http://bit.ly/1Hvchlt Buy it here for $9: http://bit.ly/1HvcdSC
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1:15.64 4x4 ao5, US Nationals 2015
My PB average and a PB 1:07 single! Wasn't even expecting to make cutoff, overall very happy with these solves! 1:13.52 1:20.41 1:06.45 1:15.46 1:17.94
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20.48 3x3 single
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8.01  2x2 ao5, US Nationals 2015
Lost some of my solves but they weren't that good anyway. Wasn't very happy with this average. 10.24 5.65 8.18 7.05 8.80
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Fun V3 and Triangle Rock Club!
This was a really fun V3. Felt like a V2 to me, but I am a very long person so the reachy parts weren't that bad. Loved it! There is a citizens competition next Saturday after the Youth comp. If you're in the area you should definitely sign up!
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