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Hotel Side Mare Resort & Spa - 2009
Clubsong in the background, I got it on my computer if anyone want it. This is some pictures from our great holiday, we meet lots of nice & lovely people when we lived on the hotel - Side Mare Resort & Spa. The music that you can listen to in the background is the dance friendly Club Music that we dance to. Sit down and relax - don`t forget to turn on the music and remember back...
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Sungarden Sea World Resort & Spa, Side, Turkey 2011
This hotel can you find in Side - Turkey, have all inclusive, close to the beach. If you want some information - please ask me.
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Hotel Side Mare Resort & Spa - 2009   Part II
More pictures from Turkey, sit down and enjoy. Här kommer lite mer bilder från vår härliga resa som gjorde i slutet av maj till början av juni.
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Sommar bilder
Härliga sommarbilder från Sverige till musiken av Balsam Boys.
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Jack Russell - Dixie
This our dog Dixie who like to eat water from our water sprinkle.
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Beutiful Gotland
If you like sunsets - look at this movie. I have take some pictures at sunsets when we where at holiday last year - 2008. I fell in love . sunsets are so beutiful.
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Järvsö - "The Winter Movie Part 2" - 2009
Here is some more pictures from the lovely Järvsö
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Järvsö - "The Winter Movie" - 2009
This is a great place in Sweden, lots of snow and friendly people. The house is near the ski mountain.Me and my family like this place, we were before the big winter holiday and it wasn`t so much people so you have great time to skii.
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