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Equator Resort swimming pool area
The Equator Resort swimming area; 2 pools and 2 hot tubs are open 24/7. Nudity is allow. This is a clothing optional resort. For your information the pools are not more than 5 feet.
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Equator Resort
The Equator Resort main entrance. The resort is located Fleming Street old town Key West. It is a resort that make you feel you are at home.
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Fleming Street and Simonton Street, Key West
This the corner of Fleming Street and Simonton Street old town, Key West. There is a lot of business around these 2 streets. One more block from Simonton Street is Duval Street, the main street i old town Key West(not showing in this video)
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The Equator Resort
The Equator Resort for men in Key West, Florida. Swimming pool area at nighttime. The resort has 2 swimming pools and 2 Jacuzzi hot tubs.
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Fleming Street and William Street
Houses on Fleming Street and the Southern most prayer center. Also the old William House corner of Fleming & William.
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Equator Resort morning time
This is the Equator Resort morning time. September 12, 2016. The day start it with some rain. The rain didn't last long. After the morning rain a beautiful sunny day and beach day.
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Houses of Fleming St  and Elizabeth St
Walking around Fleming street and Elizabeth street, looking at the beauty of the old houses.
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Landing in Sanford Florida
Allegiant Airlines flying from Greenville, South Carolina to Sanford, Florida November- Friday 23, 2018. Window seat around 8pm.
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Fleming Street Old Town Key West
This is Fleming Street at 5:00am. Very quiet, before all the action start after 6AM. This is one way street with bike lane on the right.
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My Room at the Equator Resort
This is room 22 at the Equator Resort. Nice comfortable room facing Fleming Street and away from the pool.
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Driving to downtown Orlando
Getting off I-4, into downtown Orlando. Taking Anderson St. passing Orange ave. Lots of construction in Orlando, especially I-4.
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I 385 South
Driving back home on 1-385 going south on a raining evening. Lots of construction going on at this major state highway. 7/3/18
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Tiger relaxing on my bed
Tiger just wake up but he still relaxing the corner of the bed.
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Cockatoo and Parrots Duval Square
Stop one day at Duval Square in downtown Key West. The cockatoo and parrots show was at the time going on. Notice in the background a chicken.
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Going to Playalinda Beach
Driving to Playalinda Beach, Merritt Island, Florida. Playalinda is a beach located Florida's east coast at Canaveral Seashore . Before you enter the beach you must drive through the bridge over Banana river.
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I 85 South Highway, South Carolina
6/23/18 evening drive toward south on I-85. Lots of construction on this state major highway.
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Ivan the pet resort
This is Ivan the cat of the Equator Resort house pet. I stop at the house resort lobby to have a nice talk with Ivan. He is very friendly cute cat.
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Eco Discovery Center Part 1
This is Key West new attraction; it is called the Eco-Discovery Center. It is located less than 7 minutes from Fort Taylor Beach/Park. Florida Key Eco-Discovery Center features an exciting array of interactive exhibits, dioramas, and displays highlighting the rich natural environment of the Florida Keys. The Center is a must-see for Keys visitors of all ages. Admission is free!
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Atlanta to Key West
October 15, 2017, Delta Flight 2156, Seat 11F, from Atlanta to Key West. Time: 12:40pm . Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
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First Snow of the year with Tiger watching
This is the first snow of the year 2018 upstate South Carolina. Tiger the cat is around watching the snow.
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Pelham Park Part 2
January 13, 2017 was a warm day in Greenville,South Carolina. This is by the water fall at the park.
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Tiger and the next door cat
The next door cat made a visit at our back porch. Tiger is watching him, but he is not happy. Watch Tiger wagging his tail; a sign of discontent.
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Pellham Mill Park, South Carolina
Riverside park with the remains of historic textile mill. Also area for picnic and tables, plus a dog area.
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Eola Park Daytime
Eola Park downtown-Orlando, Florida. Some white swans and coots at the lake.
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Fort Zachary Taylor Part I
Top view of Fort Taylor in Key West.
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Fort Taylor Part II
Fort Zachary Taylor beach. This beach have picnic tables and bicycle racks. Ample parking lot if you are driving.
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Eola Park Night time
This the Orlando city park; Lake Eola at night time. Beautiful lake with ducks, swans and geeses.
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Tiger and his catnip time
Here is Tiger having a good time with his catnip. This is how cats get high.
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Playalinda Beach Sandpiper
At Playalinda beach November 2018. This Sandpiper got my attention.
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I -385 North South Carolina
Driving during a week afternoon to Greenville, South Carolina on the I-385 going north. Lots of construction going on this major highway.
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Key West landing
This is Delta from Atlanta to Key West October 15, 2017. Flight 2156, comfort zone, seat 11F. Time was; 2pm., Sunday. The video stop at the moment of the landing. I told the pilot good landing for a rough runway at this airport.
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Tiger the cat
Tiger likes to comes to my bedroom every morning to ask for breakfast. This morning no meow, but I know he is hungry.
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Eco Discovery Center Part 2
This another section of the Eco Discovery Center in Key West. Here you experience living underwater in a mock-up Aquarius.
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The chickens of Mallory Square
I went to Mallory Square to feed the chickens. The pigeons join the feeding time. The chickens do not like those pigeons in there. Some of the chickens got to close to my bag of food.
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