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Oracle Exadata. Are You Ready?
Data volumes are growing and data center costs are increasing. Oracle Exadata Database Machine is ready to handle the challenges of tomorrow -- are you?
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Oracle Exadata: World's Fastest Database Machine
Juan Loaiza, Senior Vice President, Systems Technology, and other members of the Oracle Exadata development team describe the unique features that make Oracle Exadata the World's Fastest Database Machine.
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Andrew McAfee - What is Web/Enterprise 2.0
Andrew McAfee - What is Web/Enterprise 2.0
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Oracle Database Vault
Oracle Database Vault Demo
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Oracle Exadata. Are You Ready?
Data volumes are growing and data center costs are increasing. Oracle Exadata Database Machine is ready to handle the challenges of tomorrow -- are you?
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Oracle Database Maximum Availability Architecture
Oracle Database 11g will protect your business from all common causes of planned and unplanned downtime, including the most common cause of failure - human error. Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture framework provides clear and concise guidance on implementing best practices using Oracle's proven high availability technologies. To learn more, visit: oracle.com/ha
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Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache
Want to know what's so smart about Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache? This three minute video explains how Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache helps solve the random I/O bottleneck challenge and delivers extreme performance for consolidated database applications.
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Oracle Exadata SmartScan
Are you a believer? You will be. This three minute video explains how Oracle Exadata Smart Scan offloads query processing to the storage layer to deliver extreme performance for data warehousing applications.
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Data Warehousing Best Practices Star Schemas
Part two of the best practices for data warehousing series examines the Star Schema model. It explains what a Star Schema looks like and when this model should be used. It also covers the best practices for implementing a Star Schema model in an Oracle Database and how you can leverage Oracle Star Transformation to get optimal performance from your warehouse.
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Announcing Oracle Database 11g
From the launch event from New York City on July 11, 2007, Oracle unveiled Oracle Database 11g -- the next generation of database innovation.
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Exalogic: The One Day Installation Challenge
Oracle product development engineer Ram Sivaram has been unboxing and installing Exalogic machines in rapid time. Today he unboxed a brand new machine and had it running ready for production in just 10 hours.
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Oracle Application Express
Oracle Application Express Demo
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Security & Compliance with Oracle Database 11g
Security & Compliance with Oracle Database 11g
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Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Keynote Highlights - Larry Ellison
Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Keynote Highlights - Larry Ellison
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Oracle & Sun Unveil Exadata Version 2
Larry Ellison, Oracle & John Fowler, Sun unveil Exadata V2. Based on a combination of Oracle software and innovative Sun hardware, including Sun's breakthrough FlashFire technology, Exadata Version 2 is built on a massively parallel architecture that brings together fast servers, and high-bandwidth interconnects between storage and database servers — a design that radically accelerates database processing and delivers exceptional performance. Available in a range of configurations, the new Exadata Version 2combines compute, storage and networking technologies, and features Sun FlashFire Technology to turbocharge applications. This uniquely well-balanced CPU, I/O and memory system yields high throughput networking and performance, designed and tuned for Oracle technology. The result is a quantum leap in performance over Oracle's previous generation Exadata machine, including a 20x increase in random I/O and a 5x I/O bandwidth speedup with FlashFire Technology, as well as a 2x speedup in compute and network performance capacity. In short, the Exadata Version 2 is the world's fastest machine for both data warehousing and online transaction processing.
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Larry Ellison on the Sun-Oracle Close, January 27, 2010
Larry Ellison on the Sun-Oracle Close, January 27, 2010
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Oracle Audit Vault
Oracle Audit Vault Demo
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Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression
Flipchart video explaining new hybrid columnar compression technology available with Oracle Exadata.
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Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Keynote Highlights: Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems
Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Keynote Highlights: Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems
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Storage Management with Oracle Database 11g
Storage Management with Oracle Database 11g
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Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Keynote Highlights: James Gosling, Sun Microsystems
Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Keynote Highlights: James Gosling, Sun Microsystems
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Oracle Exadata: Consolidating Database Applications
Watch our DBAs collaborate to solve a familiar challenge with IT budgets
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Punjab National Bank Runs Oracle RAC for Scalable and Reliable Performance
As Punjab National Bank is expects to see its branch network grow from 4,500 today to over 8,000 in the next few years, it chooses Oracle RAC as its technology platform for scalability and 100% uptime. (C) Oracle Corporation 2008
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Feeling the Storage Squeeze?
Oracle Advanced Compression
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Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Keynote Highlights: Larry Ellison
Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Keynote Highlights: Larry Ellison
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DBA 2.0 - SQL Tuning
When CRM is running slow, Harry panics, but Sally pulls out their secret weapon--Oracle Database SQL Tuning
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LG Electronics Builds Global Single Instance ERP on Oracle EBS R12
LG Electronics At Work: LG Electronics, the world beating consumer electronics brand from South Korea, is bringing all its global business units together on a Global Single Instance Enterprise Resource Planning System. This is probably the largest Global Single Instance ERP project to date and will be replacing 90 distinct and highly customized ERP systems worldwide with a single database and ERP system. To achieve this, LG Electronics chose Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 together with Oracle Database on a 4 node Oracle Real Application Cluster, Oracle SOA Suite and Weblogic portal. As a result, LG Electronics will be paying less to know more. (C) 2009 Oracle Corporation
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VicUrban Builds CRM on a Solid Oracle Foundation
Oracle At Work - VicUrban is the Government of Victoria's sustainable land developement agency. VicUrban has recently implemented Oracle CRM On Demand as its Customer Relationship Management system. It has seen immediate benefits in reduced marketing costs and shorter selling cycles, as well as a fast and easy deployment. For more information: http://www.oracle.com/customers/snapshots/vicurban-case-study.pdf (c) Oracle Corporation 2008
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Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database
See how Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database delivers predictable microsecond response time and rock solid reliability for existing Oracle Database applications and new ones.
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SQLite Founder Talks About Berkeley Database 11g R2
Hear how BDB 11g R2 is a drop-in replacement for SQLite that implements a self contained, zero configuration, transactional SQL database engine.
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STX Shipbuilding Launches Poseidon Process Innovation on Oracle E-Business Suite
STX Shipbuilding at Work: South Korea's STX Shipbuilding, one of the world's top five shipbuilders, has undertaken a major Process Innovation project using Oracle E-Business Suite to redefine all major business processes. The success of this project has resulted in the discovery that Bill of Materials (BOM) applied to shipbuilding and a full stack of E-Business Suite modules including, Oracle Financials, Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management and others, have brought positive change to this well established business built on tradition. (C) Oracle Corporation 2009
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Oracle Tuxedo: Modern. Mission Critical. SOA-Ready
Hasan Rizvi, Senior Vice President Oracle Fusion Middleware, discusses Oracle Tuxedo, a key offering within Oracles Fusion Middleware Portfolio. Hasan highlights key Tuxedo focus areas, why Oracle and customers are excited about Tuxedo, and Tuxedos future
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Eliminate Idle Redundancy in Your Data Center
Everyone needs a disaster recovery plan. The challenge with typical DR plans is that investments in your standby databases sit idle waiting for disaster to strike. John Brust, of Oracle, takes us through how to provide disaster recovery and eliminate idle redundancy in your data center using Oracle Active Data Guard.
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Oracle Offshore Sales Consulting Overview
A day in the life of an offshore Oracle Sales Consultant in Bangalore, India supporting the North American Market
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Daum Runs Oracle Apps on Linux
Oracle At Work: Daum Communications, one of South Korea's largest internet content delivery and services provider runs Oracle FIN & HRMS on Linux to maximise business efficiency. (c) Oracle Corporation 2007
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SOA and Applications Grid: Using Service Result Cache
In a whiteboard demonstration, Oracle's Dave Chappell discusses how to use the Service Result Cache in SOA and applications grids.
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Groundhog Software: Empowering the Business User Through Oracle BPM
Oracle Partner discusses the benefits of Oracle Fusion Middleware with a focus on BPM. (C) Oracle Corporation 2009
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Philippine National Bank Migrates Core Banking to FLEXCUBE for Cost Benefits
Philippine National Bank moves core banking system from mainframe to Oracle FLEXCUBE to gain a 70% cost saving © 2010 Oracle Corporation
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Spreadsheets or Simplicity?
Fed up with keeping multiple spreadsheets up to date? Check out how Oracle Application Express securely consolidates information using your favorite browser.
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Team Oracle
Team Oracle
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Oracle Database 11g Release 2
Oracle Senior VP, Andy Mendelsohn introduces Oracle Database 11g Release 2.
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Australian Finance Group's "Oracle First" Policy Produces Profit
Australian Finance Group At Work: Australia's largest mortgage broker aggregator has built its customer relationship management system (CRM) using Oracle's Siebel Customer Relationship Management. By building its entire technology platform on an "Oracle First" policy, AFG has been able to add technology with minimal integration issues, but above all, can scale its business to maximize its profits quickly in good times, and to protect its margin thus retaining profitability in a more difficult economic climate. (C) Oracle Corporation 2009
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Oracle Offshore Sales Consulting Executive Discussion
Sales Consulting Executives from Oracle USA describe the value and importance of their offshore team in Bangalore, India.
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HPCL Conquers Volatility with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Hindustan Petroleum At Work: Fortune 500 enterprise HPCL is India's leading petroleum refiner and distributor. With the volatile oil market, where the price of a barrel of oil can go from $60 per barrel to over $140 and then back down again, inventory control is critical. HPCL uses Oracle's JD Edwards EntrpriseOne to manage and reduce inventory overhang freeing up to $150,000,000 in working capital. JDE also helps in many other business areas from HR to distribution. (C) 2008 Oracle Corporation.
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DBA 2.0 - Managing Change
Harry wants to drink eggnog, but the boss has other ideas. Sally points out that Oracle Real Application Testing can be the life of the party.
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Stanwell Corporation Streamlines Electricity Trading Process using Oracle Service Bus
Queensland State electricity provider, Stanwell Corporation, uses a range of Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions including Oracle Service Bus to provide generation supply and trading system information continuously 24 x 7. (C) Oracle Corportation 2009
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Sinosteel Strengthens Business Management with Oracle Apps
Oracle At Work: China's state owned strategic resources enterprise SinoSteel Corporation uses Oracle Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) to strengthen its business management. (c) Oracle Corporation 2007 (more)
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OOCL Streamlines Enterprise IT Architecture With Oracle SOA
Steve Siu, CIO of Orient Overseas Container Line gives valuable insights into Service Oriented Architecture and how OOCL is benefitting from Oracle SOA Suite. (c) 2008 Oracle Corporation
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The Enterprise Manager Episode 4 -- Data Masking
Agents from Internal Audit stalk the halls looking for vulnerable data used in a test environment, but are foiled by Ed Muntz and Enterprise Manager's Application Quality Management.
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Sacramento 311
Through integration and innovation the City of Sacramento offers citizens a "one stop shop" for city services.
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