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A Unique Way to Add Fractions  The Slide Method.......................A Video by Kevin Elzinga
This method of adding fractions should help students keep their papers organized while adding fractions. Created and Distributed by Kevin Elzinga
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Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
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BirdFold: A Stop Motion Video Uploaded by Kevin Elzinga
This video shows an origami bird being created seemingly by magic. Created by Kevin Elzinga
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Conic Section: Parabola  Uploaded by Kevin Elzinga
Slicing a cone parallel to the face of the cone nets a parabola.
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A hummingbird feeding on milkweed flowers
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Teaching Algebra 2:  A Video by Kevin Elzinga
This video is designed to teach the commutative property, the distributive property and the identity property in a unique manner. Kevin Elzinga is a substitute teacher in Michigan
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Tame Deer a video shot by Kevin Elzinga (United States)
I am passing this video along at the request of the person who created it. Similar to a chain letter, only with a video.
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The Point of Satire
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Teaching Algebra:  A video by Kevin Elzinga
This video is designed to demonstrate algebraic concepts in a unique way. Kevin Elzinga is a substitute teacher in the state of Michigan
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