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Bauhaus - Telegram Sam
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Echo and The Bunnymen • Nothing Lasts Forever
Echo and the Bunnymen - Nothing Lasts Forever From Evergreen. Support Vortex and Subscribe! www.paralisisnyc.com
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House Of Love • Destroy The Heart (Official Video)
Original Clip taken from Creation Records VHS Comp. www,paralisisnyc.com
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Cocteau Twins • Tishbite
Official Video - www.paralisisnyc.com
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DIF JUZ - No Motion
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Taste Of Sugar ‎- Hmm Hmm (1988) [HQ]
Morton (Jo Casters), Sherman (Herman Gillis) and Belluci (Roland Beelen) were among the founders of the New Beat musical trend that started in Belgium and expanded to elsewhere in Western Europe in 1987. Combined, they released over 100 recordings under various names in less than a year during the peak of the movement. Aliases: The Acid Kids, The Airplane Crashers, Balearic Beach, Beat Professor, Berliner Meisterschaft, Boys & Girls At The University, The Brotherhood Of Sleep, The Brothers, Bulgarka, Chinese Ways, The Crumbsuckers, Danse Macabre, Ei Mori, Erotic Dissidents, Explorers Of The Nile, Freak Brothers, Fruit Of Life, The Hippies On LSD, J.E.T., Kings Of Agreppo, Mission Impossible, The Moneymakers, Mr. Horse, New Beat Generation, New Beat Sensation, Opium Monks, Probably The Best Band In The World, Secrets Of China, Super Nova, Taste Of Sugar, The Techno Bastards, TNT Clan, Trio Balkana, The Vacuum Cleaners, The nickname "Morton-Sherman-Belucci" is allegedly a parody on the prolific 1980s Hi-NRG producer team of Stock, Aitken & Waterman.
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His Name Is Alive • Can't Go Wrong Without You
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Peter Murphy • Final Solution (Extended 12" Mix)
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Balaam And The Angel ‎- She Knows (1986) [HQ]
Balaam and the Angel is a rock band formed in Cannock, England, during 1984. The three founding members of the band, the Morris brothers, are Scottish. As children in Motherwell, they worked in the entertainment industry as part of a cabaret act. They moved south to England to Cannock, Staffordshire, where they formed Balaam and the Angel.[1] Initially the band self-released a series of EP's via their own Chapter 22 label and played some tour dates opening for The Cult.[1] This saw Balaam and the Angel catch the attention of Virgin Records, who signed them and released their debut album, The Greatest Story Ever Told.[1] It peaked at No. 67 in the UK Albums Chart in August 1986.[2] They toured in the United States with The Mission, Kiss and label mate Iggy Pop. A second guitarist, and the first non-sibling, Ian McKean, was added to the band in 1988.[1] The band began to move away from gothic rock music styles into a sound that had more in common with hard rock. With their new-found style, they recorded the album Live Free or Die. This was soon followed up in similar style when they recorded Days of Madness, before being dropped by Virgin Records.[1] Their song "I'll Show You Something Special" appeared on the soundtrack for the film, Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Since 1994, Balaam have used keyboard player Chris Williams (also known as Chris P Notes) in their live shows. Chris also plays keyboards on Jason Bonham's first band Airrace's second album, Back to the Start, released in 2011.
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End Of Data • Sahrah (Original Video)
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Red Llorry Yellow Lorry ‎- Nothing Wrong (1988) [HQ] Rare Video..!
The band was formed by guitarist/songwriter Chris Reed and vocalist Mark Sweeney, along with bassist Steve Smith and drummer Mick Brown (who would later join The Mission). Sweeney left the band in late 1981 and Reed permanently took over as vocalist, with Martin Fagan joining as a second guitarist. The group's sound, featuring a numbing guitar drone, powerfully throbbing bass, pounding drum machine, and Reed's cavernous vocal tones, caused the Lorries (as their fans came to call them) to be quickly lumped into the then-developing gothic rock scene by pop journalists, although the band themselves preferred to cite Wire as an influence.[1] In 1982, the Lorries' manager Dave Hall provided independent record label Red Rhino with a cassette of the group's demos.[2] Impressed by the quality of the songs, Red Rhino label head "Tony K" (Tony Kostrzewa)[3] signed the band and immediately released "Beating My Head" unchanged from the demo as the band's debut single.[4] The song made a strong appearance on the influential NME independent record chart. Fagan and Smith soon departed the band, to be replaced by Dave Wolfenden and Paul Southern respectively. While numerous additional personnel changes would occur in the history of the band, Wolfenden became a mainstay and a frequent songwriting partner of Reed's during the band's most productive period. In 1983 and 1984, the band released several more singles (including "He's Read" and "Monkeys On Juice", which reached No. 9 on the NME indie chart[5]). John Peel was an early supporter, and the band recorded two radio sessions for him in March and November 1983.[2][6] In 1985, the band's debut album, Talk about the Weather, was released and peaked at No. 3 on the NME indie rock albums chart.[7] The album, which most fans consider to be the band's best, received generally positive reviews and sold extremely well for a small label offering.[4] "Hollow Eyes", a single taken from the album, attained good sales as well,[8] as did follow-up non-LP singles "Chance" and "Spinning Round",[9] the latter of which is generally felt to be the Lorries's strongest song. The band released one more album on Red Rhino (Paint Your Wagon, which reached No. 3 on the NME indie chart[10]) in 1986, a single ("Cut Down") and a four track EP ("Crawling Mantra", utilizing the one-time band name change to "The Lorries"), before signing to Situation Two, an off-shoot of Beggars Banquet Records. Two albums followed, 1988's Nothing Wrong and 1989's Blow. Neither of the Beggars Banquet albums appeared on any mainstream pop charts. Singles, including "Only Dreaming (Wide Awake)" and "Open Up" (which upon its release was chosen as NME's Single of the Week[11]), also failed to chart, and the band was subsequently dropped by the label. In 1991, the band released a further single, "Talking Back", and then the Blasting Off album on the tiny Sparkhead label, after which Reed broke up what was left of the band.
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This Mortal Coil • Late Night (2ndUpload)
This one was sourced from "All Virgos are Mad" VHS comp. www.paralisisnyc.com
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T42 - Desire (1992) [HQ] Rare video clip..!
Originally a Dallas area duo, with members Jay Gillian and Jimron Goff. Vocalist Will Loconto replaced Goff in 1989. The band released a cassette EP, Hot on Top, to local acclaim and airplay on local station The Edge 94.5, which also included a version of the song "Ecstasy" on the first Tales From the Edge compilation. Oak Lawn Records picked up the band for a 12" single edition of "Don't Let My Love (Push You Away)", which did well enough to attract the attention of Columbia Records, who signed the group. Columbia sent them into the studio with Information Society's Paul Robb handling production duties, releasing Intruder in 1992. Loconto quit the band in 1993, setting out to work with Information Society, leaving Gillian to bring in other players for tours with Information Society and Anything Box. T42 faded into the background after 1993, with two songs appearing on compilations, and only a handful of Dallas-area live gigs since. The band has no affiliation with the Luxembourg-based band of the same name.
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Echo And The Bunnymen • Porcupine [The Videos]
Filmed in Liverpool & Iceland between November & December 1982. 01. IN BLUER SKIES 02. THE CUTTER 03. MY WHITE DEVIL 04. PORCUPINE 05. HEADS WILL ROLL 06. BACK OF LOVE
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Tears For Fears • In My Mind's Eye (Full Concert)
Ripped by www.paralisisnyc.com Running Time: 58 minutes Live at The Hammersmith Odeon in the UK (no date). An original PMV Production. Music Media VHS Hi-Fi Stereo SetList 1 Start Of The Breakdown 2 Mothers Talk 3 Pale Shelter 4 The Working Hour 5 The Prisoner 6 Ideas As Opiates 7 Mad World 8 We Are Broken 9 Head Over Heels 10 Suffer The Children 11 The Hurting 12 Memories Fade 13 Change
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Little Nemo - You Again (1990) [HQ]
Little Nemo is a French rock band formed in 1983 and originating from the region of Paris (Vallée de Chevreuse). The name of the band was directly inspired by the comic Little Nemo in Slumberland. They and fellow coldwave bands Mary Goes Round and Asylum Party were part of the "Touching Pop" movement. The band was originally composed of Olivier Champeau (vocals, keyboards) and Vincent Le Gallo (vocals, guitar, bass). Their first releases were two cassettes, La Cassette Froide (1986) and Past and Future (1987). Before the recording of their first EP, 1988's Private Life, the pair added Nicolas Dufaure, also known as "Bill" (bass, guitar, vocals). On stage (and in the studio, starting in 1990), the group expanded to include Yves Charreire (drums), Ronan Le Sergent (keyboards, piano, organ) and Georges Remiet (guitar). Little Nemo disbanded in 1992 but reformed in 2008 with a lineup of Le Gallo, Dufaure, Charreire and Le Sergent, releasing the Out of the Blue comeback album on 21 September 2013.[1] Former member Champeau has released several techno-oriented albums under the alias "Doctorolive".
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Siouxsie And The Banshees • Christine (Live in Germany 1980)
Form "Girls Bite Back". www,paralisisnyc,com
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Lords of the New Church • Holy War (Live at the Marquee Club - Full Show)
Notes on the Tape's Box: "The Lords of the New Church perform with almost religious zeal in their new 'Live From London' concert video. Their exciting new style combines the raw essence of rock n'roll with the metal intensity of the 80's. The Lords sing 15 great songs from their 3 albums: Lords of the New Church, Is Nothing Sacred, and the newest release Method to Our madness. This video captures the essence of the Lords: a raucous bunch of radical outlaws preaching a musical message of decadence and pleasure". This Live Performance by The Lords of the New Church is known by two different names, I believe. Holy War (1984. VHS. Hendring. HEN 2 196) or Live From London (DVD, Warner Music Vision, 2004). But I transferred this concert from a VHS tape, officially released by RCA Columbia Pictures (MUSIC VISION) in 1984. Set List New Church Eat your heart out Living on Living Dance with me Johnny Too Bad Russian Roulette Bad Timing Live For Today Open Your Eyes Black Girl, White Girl Partner in Crime Going Down Town You Really Got Me Little Boys Play with Dolls Holy War Running Time: 60 Mins www.paralisisnyc.com
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Cocteau Twins • Rilkean Heart & Half Gifts
Directed By Dirk Van Dooren + Graham Wood. Length: 8:43 mins | 03.29.96 | Capitol Records Promo VHS Tape www.paralisisnyc.com
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Moskwa Tv - Generator 7/8
Originally Moskwa TV was intended as an entirely instrumental project by its initiators Andreas Tomalla as (Talla 2XLC), Alexander Henninger (Dynaton Studio), Ralf Henrich and Kurt Ader. In light of their success in the beginning and in order to reach a bigger audience, they started looking for a characteristic voice in spring '85. Through a recommendation of CBS (today Sony) the collaboration with Ion Javelin began. Shortly after their joined venture they landed a permanent European Independent Hit: "Generator 7/8". Its lyrics dealt with the MCA (Maximum Credible Accident) at a nuclear power station/plant. Not even 3/4 of a year after its publication this Techno-Pop-Classic achieved sad actuality through Chernobyl. Ralf Henrich and Kurt Ader left, probably due to differences in opinion with Talla 2XLC, after the first LP "Dynamics & Discipline". "Blue Planet", the second album, was already much more song-orientated than its predecessor. Since Talla 2XLC felt that Javelin's influence was little by little becoming too dominant he left at the end of 1987 without further ado. He had already tried to be replaced by Ion Javelin in 1986, in spite of their surprisingly successful collaboration, but had changed his mind in the end. Due to considerable differences with the management of their label "Westside Music", Alexander Henninger also left Moskwa TV. That same year Javelin's collaboration with Volker Barber (former keyboardist of the "Hired Help Band" and "Tokyo", meanwhile owner of the "Fast Forward Music" Studio) started. As a result Moskwa TV's orientation towards Electro Pop (Information Society, Heaven 17) became even stronger with their 3rd album "Javelin". Ion Javelin's voice finally moved into the centre, and purely instrumental tracks didn't appear no more which is a strong contrast to the beginnings of Moskwa TV.
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Chameleons • Resurrection Live [Manchester, 2000]
A Life Performance Filmed at Manchester Academy, June 3rd 2000. Taken for original VHS tape. www.paralisisnyc.com
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Public Image Ltd • Anarchy Movie '85 | Live at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo
Transfered by Paralisisnyc Source: Original VHS Tape Duration 75mins Tracklist: 01. Intro / Order of Death 02.Badlife 03.Lowlife 04.Memories 05. 1981 06.Tie me to the length of that 07.Bodies 08.Public Image 09.Annalisa 10.Flowers of romance 11.This is not a love song 12.Under the house 13.Religion 14.Attack 15.Anarchy in the UK www.paralisisnyc.com
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Kings Of Independence feat. Nick Cave • SWANS • Crime and the City Solution
Produced by Studio K7! Recorded Live @ Knopf's Music Hall, Hamburg, Germany on August, 15th 1987 www.paralisisnyc.com Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 1. Stranger Than Kindness 2. St. Huck Crime and the City Solution 3. All Must Be Love 4. Steal To The Sea 5. Grain Will Bear Grain SWANS 6. Beautiful Child 7. Like a Drug
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The Breeders • Saints
First Clip on "All Virgos Are Mad". A video compilation released 1994. I left the intro so you can see and recognize the source of this video and the others, which will be uploaded soon. Enjoy! www.paralisisnyc.com
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John Foxx - The Videos
www.paralisisnyc.com 01. He's a Liquid 02. Underpass 03. No-One Driving 04. Miles Away 05. Dancing Like a Gun 06. Endlessly 07. Stars On Fire 08. Lose All Sense of Time
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New Order • Pumped Full of Drugs (Live in Tokyo | 1985)
VHS Transfer. www.paralisisnyc.com
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Wire: On The Box (Rockpalast 1979)
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Heidi Berry • The Moon and The Sun.
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Clan of Xymox Interview on DumpTV, Amsterdam, Feb. 2001
Video Interview with Ronny Moorings and Mojca Zugna of Clan of Xymox for DumpTV on February of 2001.
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Kontravoid // Hold Nothing // Nothing Changes // NYC
Kontravoid performs Hold Nothing live at Nothing Changes // St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY (08.01.18) Recorded by Carlos Huby
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Kontravoid / Native State / Nothing Changes / St. Vitus
Kontravoid - "Native State" live at Nothing Changes St. Vitus Bar // Brooklyn // NY // 08.02.18) Full Show Stream at UNARTIGNYC Link Below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftaFo4BISBQ
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Electronic - Getting Away With It (Rockamerica Remix) (1989) [HQ]
Electronic were an alternative dance supergroup formed by New Order singer and guitarist Bernard Sumner and ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. They co-wrote the majority of their output between 1989 and 1998,[a] collaborating with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, of the Pet Shop Boys, on three tracks in their early years, and former Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos on nine songs in 1995.
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Don't miss the chance to get this compilation NOW IN DVD. The Audio is totally remastered. So you can enjoy the best quality sound and video. More info in: www.paralisisnyc.com
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Some Wear Leather Some Wear Lace | NYC Discussion Panel [Rough Trade, Brooklyn 09.14]
A discussion panel on the 1980s goth subculture in the United States (specifically in NYC). Held at Rough Trade, Brooklyn 9/6/14). Moderator: Kate Eichhorn: Assistant Professor, Culture and Media & Director First Year Writing Program at the New School in NYC. Panelists: Andi Harriman - As the author of The Postpunk Project: Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace and holds an MFA in design, she hopes to continue researching, writing and documenting as an 1980s music anthropologist. Currently, she is a prolific DJ and runs a monthly event called SYNTHICIDE. Athan Maroulis - Vocalist of Fahrenheit 451 (1984-1986), the Executive Slacks (1987-1990), and Spahn Ranch (1993-2000) of the seminal Goth and Industrial label Cleopatra where Maroulis compiled and produced countless compilations including The Goth Box, The Black Bible and many others. In 2009 Maroulis returned to performing with Black Tape for a Blue Girl (Project Records) and, most recently, Noir Band (Metropolis). Greg Fasolino - This NYC native has been playing and writing about post-punk since 1984, when he started his fanzine Heaven Down Here. As a journalist, he served as an editor at Reflex, CMJ New Music Monthly and Drop Dead Magazine and wrote for publications such as Creem, Rockpool, New York's Nightlife, and New York Review of Records, as well as over 40 entries in The Trouser Press Record Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Alternative Music (1991) and the liner notes to Peter Murphy's Wild Birds: 1985-1995 album. As a musician, he has played guitar for bands including The Naked and the Dead, Bell Hollow and current project The Harrow. For more info visit: http://www.postpunkproject.com Purchase the book at: http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/books/view-Book,id=5099/ Filmed and Edited by The Brotherhood. www.paralisisnyc.com Sources: From Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace - "Tori Smoking". Front Cover. - "London Postard". Karen Kay. Pg. 83 - "Mid-to-Late 1980's". Stefan Alt. Pg. 93 - "Outside The Voltereta Disco". Miguel Trillo. Pg. 137 - "The Naked and the Dead". Sue Fasolino. Pg. 42 Other Greg Fasolino Playing Guitar by Christopher Wheeling. Athan Maroulis. Portrait in Black and White by Sam Rosenthal. Farenheit 451 - House of Morals' LP Front Cover. Synthicide Flyer.
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Porvenir Oscuro \ Live en "El Sótano" 2018
Porvenir Oscuro playing live at "El Sótano". https://porveniroscuro.bandcamp.com/ Filmed live at Capybara, Ridgewood, NY 12/2018 Camera: Carlos Huby
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For English Captions press CC. Paralisis Nyc, se complace en presentar su programa VORTEX, el mismo que ha sido creado para difundir, propalar y promocionar musica rock independiente o de generos musicales que tuvieron poca promocion en medios de comunicacion masiva en decadas pasadas. Los generos que veras en este programa son: New Wave, Minimal Wave, Post-punk, Gothic Rock, Synthpop, Electronic Body Music (EBM), Musica Industrial, Shoegazing y tendencias afines. Muchas Gracias por sus subscripciones. www.paralisisnyc.com
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Snub TV Vol. 2
Tracklist The Fall - Bill Is Dead Tackhead - Mind and Control Movement Kid Congo Powers - La Historia de un Amour Happy Mondays - Wrote For Luck Ted Chippington - Pull Up A Certain Ratio - Tribeca Ride - Drive Blind Ancient Beatbox - Raining Loop - From Centre to Wave The Blue Aeroplanes - ... And Stones The Breeders - Iris The Cramps - All Women are Bad James - Government Walls Big Hard Excellent Fish - Imperfect List Sources from Original VHS Tape released in 1991.
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VORTEX 003 | FAD GADGET | VISAGE | GARY NUMAN (English Captions)
Paralisis Nyc, se complace en presentar su programa VORTEX, el mismo que ha sido creado para difundir, propalar y promocionar musica rock independiente o de generos musicales que tuvieron poca promocion en medios de comunicacion masiva en decadas pasadas. Los generos que veras en este programa son: New Wave, Minimal Wave, Post-punk, Gothic Rock, Synthpop, Electronic Body Music (EBM), Musica Industrial, Shoegazing y tendencias afines. Muchas Gracias por sus subscripciones.
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Kontravoid / Forgotten / Live at Nothing Changes
Kontravoide performing "Forgotten" live at Nothing Changes. St. Vitus Bar / 08.01.18 Watch Kontravoid's Full Set with link down below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftaFo4BISBQ
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Olor A Muerte / Live at Latinx Punk Fest (2018)
Olor A Muerte Live Set at Brooklyn Bazaar for Latinx Punk Festival on August, 11th 2018. Tracklist: Intro Askeados Fuck Homophobia American Nightmare Prision Depresion y Dolor Execution Fuck your macho behavior Evoluciona Tumba -------- Encore: Track 7 -------- www.oloramuerte.bandcamp.com -------- camara: carlos huby
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PLACK BLAGUE \ Saint Vitus Bar \ 09.14.18 \ Live
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And Also The Trees (Live 89-98)
Tracklist: Naked (Video) Lady d' Arbanville (Video) ----- Live Lyon - Le Truck (1989) Prince Rupert A Room Lives in Lucy ----------- Live Chicago - Cabaret Metro (1991) Gone... like the swallows Scarlet Arch Virus Meadow ---------- Live Grenoble - l'Entrepet (1992) The Street Organ Shantell ------------ Live Paris - Divan du Monde (1996) Fighting in a lighthouse Slow Pulse Boy The suffering of the stream ------------- Live Dortmund - FZW Rosemarie's leaving Paradiso This was originally released on VHS tape by the band in 1998
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Hante / Living in a French Movie (Live at St. Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY 2018)
Hante. performing "Living in a French Movie" live at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY. Bandcamp https://hante.bandcamp.com/ Watch Hante's full live set via UnartigNYC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydLfV0u8GKQ&t=12s
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Death in June \ Live in Amiens \ Full Set
Poor Quality. Sourced from Bootlegged VHS Tape.
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Wire: Interview (02.14.79)
From Wire: On the Box DVD www.paralisisnyc,com
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Un Hombre Solo   Live in El Sotano Full Set 2018
Un Hombre Solo performing at El Sótano. Recorded live at Capybara, Ridgewood, New York 2018 https://soundcloud.com/unhombresolo Camera: Carlos Huby
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Unrest • Cath Carroll
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WETWARE \ St. Vitus Bar \ Full Set \ 9.14.18
Wetware performs live at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY. 9.14.18 A visually experimental version of this footage can be found via Unartig following the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRO2skGbsi4
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