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How to Clean and Make a Pigsa Bleed
This video shows the many improper ways of cleaning an open wound. Do not try this without medical coverage from your employer.
Views: 46906 Mariano Juancho
Aling Maring the Ukulele Master
My mom knows her ukulele so well, I even go to her whenever it needs tuning. Luv u, mom
Views: 140 Mariano Juancho
Fingering the Pussy
Please excuse the crotch shot.
Views: 706972 Mariano Juancho
Doding Daga goes for a swim~
A rat fell into our drinking water, and now I feel funny.
Views: 902 Mariano Juancho
Chie - Damdam Grenade
Sadly, the shot was not finished :(
Views: 77 Mariano Juancho
Alay Lakad 2K14
Bidyo from inside the jeep~
Views: 123 Mariano Juancho
The Toilet Voice
Heard this sound while peeing in the other cubicle. It does sound like some Transformer-ish/robotic alien language of some sort. Kinda. Like, similar to it, or something. IDK.
Views: 2989 Mariano Juancho
The Ant Bully
I am sorry, animal rights/insect rights advocates :(
Views: 340 Mariano Juancho
Rotten the Rat
I don't know why I did this, srsly.
Views: 178 Mariano Juancho
The Flash Pilot Ep
Wait. No. Sorry :(
Views: 138 Mariano Juancho

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