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Mosaic Magic
The minds of your little ones are developing quickly and they need games that nurture their creativity, curiosity and their need to be independent. Mosaic Magic provides them with all of these things plus so much more! Your child will be thrilled at the amazing pictures they can make, each one coming right from their own imagination. They simply choose a color from the color picker and place it on the playfield. Tap an empty space and watch it fill with brilliant color! Make a puppy dog or kitten or even one of your favorite cartoon characters! Play in puzzle mode for an even bigger challenge! Children love to see their art hanging on the fridge and with Mosaic Magic they can have just what they want. Send their art creation to your email or Skype so it can be printed out and proudly displayed! This helps to boost your child's self-esteem and fills them with pride which is something we all want for our children. The interface is super simple and child friendly. Children of all ages can enjoy Mosaic Magic, even those who are not at reading level yet. There are 135 unique patterns installed, so between the patterns and the "free play" board that allows your child to make their own designs, this game will keep them busy for a long time. This leaves more time for mom and dad to do the things that they need to do.
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