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Biafra: all this little girl only needs a hug from dad.
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Biafra IPOB Infos: [WATCH👀] WEEKEND OGENE ENTERTAINMENT! Igbo-BIAFRA, Igwu Ogene Igbo , One Of The Best Igbo Music Entertainment 👍#LIKE OUR PAGE.......
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When you have the best squad you can steal anything..
I love this part of the movie
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Igbo weekend Ogene entertainments, Igbo culture all the way! King jaja at it again.
Ogene king jaja. A master who knows how to handle the metal gongs. Don’t forget to subscribe✅ and like 👍our channel for more updates ... Do you think he nailed it? What do you think about the moves? Share your thoughts below👇
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Breaking News: Nigerian Army shooting sporadically in Mazi Nnamdi kalu's compound, happening now
Today 14th Sept. 2017, Nigerian army broke into the house of the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kalu. shooting everybody and trying to him kill him. please shre this video to let the world know what we the biafrans are suffering... and please subscribe..
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Angela Nwosu. Speaks on women not cumin during sex Lol
Any man that has s*x with a woman and cannot make her 'cum' is worse than Evans the kidnapper. Women must 'cum'...says Nigerian girl
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Tragedy rocks Ozubulu In Anambra state Nigeria, as unknown gun men invaded a church.
The Shootings That Happened Inside The Anambra Church Today was as a result of an Ongoing Drug war Between 2 Igbo Drug Lords based in south africa, the killers came to avenge the death of one of their Gang members who was killed by a popular Rival drug dealer in Ozubulu known as Alloy Ebubechukwuzo Aka Bishop, Ebubechukwuzo is also the person Who single handedly built that church (St. Philip), So the attackers went to his house this morning to kill him and when they couldn't find him they drove into the Catholic church he built and when they still couldnt find him they went on rampage going on a shooting spree Opening fire at the Church members killing many including Ebubechukwuzo's father and even a new born baby - Please share to Spread the Acurate Version Of The News
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Yet another thief caught on live came Nigeria. #cctv
this big berry man was caught stealing this innocent guy mobile phone in a cyber caffee
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A must watch, a biafran lady has a strong message to IGBOS
Biafran Lady Name NGOZI CHUKWUKA, has a message for those who said IGBO people hate themselves....Listen to what she said
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Cowboy escapes death as his cow goes angry and tries to kill him in sokoto state.
Cowboy escapes death as his cow goes angry and tries to kill him in sokoto state. tvc Nigeria
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Unizik student, Dies indoors and Rots for 4 Days guess what was found when her Door was broke down
A Student of the Prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, who was always known to mind her business, who always come in and go out of her Lodge at her own discretion has been found dead in her room after four days. The incident occurred within the first week of August 2017 and no one including her neighbors knew of the incident until after 4 days.
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Man causes another mans penis to disappear.
Man causes another mans penis to disappear. Demands for bread and water to make it reappear, but could not after being provided with those materials. The victim is the man on blue faz-cap..
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Nigerian Pastor Chidi Okafor Commands Old Evil Woman To Go Blind
Nigerian Pastor Chidi Okafor Commands Old Evil Woman To Go Blind On The Spot For Bewitching Her Daughter And Making Her Bleed Continuously For Years Unable To Bare Any Child
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BREAKING NEWS: Nigerian Army Attacks The Residence Of The Leader Of  IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.
BREAKING: Nigerian Army Reportedly Attacks The Residence Of The Leader Of The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, At Ibeku Umuahia Abia State. - 3 reportedly dead, several others injured.
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Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool Hightlights  HD  Champions League final 2018-KYIV
A very interesting final this year! Real Madrid against Liverpool. Which club is the strongest? STATISTICS: Liverpool scored goals: SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL FOR MORE UPDATES.
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Role Play In a Restaurant for Bahasa Malay Assignment | Group 10
This is a project based learning assignment. Role play on Bahasa Malay at a Restaurant. An Assignment for group 10 at UPM faculty of Modern Language and communication. Malaysia
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Poverty in NIGERIA. Too many homeless kids in my community. Set to make a difference
Please share to inspire! Change is possible! A true story of 12 boys who lived on the streets in Benin city, Airport road for over 4 years before I found a home for them. They currently have a home, a teacher, social worker and a cook. This is change but I can't do it alone. I need partners!
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ALL #BIAFRA MUST SEE THIS. another pastor caught with JUJU (charms
Hahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂wonders shall never end 😂😂😂another pastor caught with JUJU (charms)😈Pastor of a church & his family being evicted from a town
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Breaking News: Real videos of Nigerian army brutally punishing and  killing IPOB members
This is why the Nigerian Military does not want to be filmed. See what The Nigerian Army is doing to unarmed civilians, Everyone is innocent till proven guilty in a law court in a democratic society. This is nothing but jungle justice. This is nothing but lawlessness. The UN and The world human rights organisations and the world are watching this crime against humanity
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must watch, phcn man hanged on the pole by Area boys
Area boys hanged and almost electrocuted PHCN Official who came to disconnect their light. Very funny. Must share
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#Biafra  A young  talented biafran did this
A young talented biafran boy spotted showing off his talent
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Rochas okorocha new 🎶 IMO lites must watch.. Akpuoragi?😀
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The Yoruba has declared its independence from Nigeria
The Yoruba has declared its independence from Nigeria and also set it's borders straight,demanding that all Northerners should leave all Yoruba land before October 1
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Nigerian Soldiers maltreating civilians..
A group of Ajah Omonile’s boys Went to collect ''N65, 000’’ from a house being developed. WATCH WHAT HAPPENED.
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Elderly Man Receives Beating Of His Life After Been Caught Red Handed Stealing CD's
Elderly Man Receives Beating Of His Life After Been Caught Red Handed Stealing CD's
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Nigerian Ritualist Burnt To Death
Nigerian Ritualist Burnt To Death As Eyewitness Recounts First Hand Account Of How The Underground Ritualist Den Was Exposed Along Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway
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Biafrans must see this
Nigerian girls fighting in Italy over a man.
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