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Jasper two tone with crystal quartz
All show -Lots of crystal and nice shape out of this preform. Paleo diamond shaped at a large quarry site near Lehigh County.
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"Lightning Strike" jasper stone Preform
Really nice stone here high quality PA Jasper with blue Variegations and quartz crystal veins. Pronounced tang and shape characteristic of several Paleo types. Can see a possible Agate Basin, Clovis or Folsom in the making here from PA.
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Paleo preform with large impact flaking and crystal quartz
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Variegated Tri color Jasper preform
Great piece of stone a nice preform with Blue red and brown variegated Jasper. Has micro crystal quartz pockets and deposits and shape from impacts intended for lithic formation. Found near a prehistoric Jasper quarry site in Berks County.
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Jasper "Dragon's Egg" Core
Neat , Round Jasper Core
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