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Why So Many Dashcams in Russia. "Real Russia" ep.37
"Why There So Many Dashcams in Russia?" This is the questions you asking us all the time, because it seems like YouTube overloaded with the videos from dash cams in Russian cars. So we decided to investigate the main reasons and to make this detailed video response.
Russian Underpass. "Real Russia" Ep.8
Typical Russian Underpass on the example of Underpass in Ufa, Russia. Like and Subscribe! Follow on Facebook - http://facebook.com/RealRussiaBlog --- We are getting the continue of the history of Sergey Pichugin and his new girlfriend Elena. As you know from the Episode #4, he asked her to marry her three days after they met. But the echo of his ex-girlfriend is still in his Life. On this weekend Sergey P. forgot to log out of his account in social network and Elena found a lot of facts about his ex-relationship after reading the past conversations with his ex. It made her real mad and doubt if she still wants to marry him! All the details in the next episode... --- We are Sergey Baklykov and Sergey Pichugin, two Russian video bloggers. Both living in Ufa, Russia and showing you the real life in our country. And we call it the "Real Russia" reality video blog.
Autumn Agricultural Fair. "Real Russia" ep.6:
Autumn is a big time for the Russian farmers. It's the time when they are pick up all their harvest and move to the little towns and big cities for a big sale on agricultural fairs. This is very important time for the farmers because actually they will live for the whole year on the revenue they got from autumn sales. It is also a good time for buyers, because it's a chance to buy everything by the lowest possible price.
How Provincial Girl Katya Living In Moscow, Russia. "Real Russia" ep.43
In previous episode #42 when we travelled to Pushchino science city in Moscow's Oblast, the girl Katya was driving us there. She is a good friend of Maksim Chepkasov, our project manager who now working with all the paperwork and administrative routine. Katya (full name is Ekaterina) came to Moscow, Russia from Orenburg. Orenburg is the capital of Orenburg Oblast of Russia. It's a big city but still kinda provincial in comparision to Moscow. Almost like Ufa. She came to Moscow to work in one of Russian banks as a manager. She works with private (physical) clients and makes $1,400 per month. This is not a big amount by Moscow standard. However, it's enough for her to rent an apartment in Moscow, to pay off her bank loan for the car, buy clothing and food, and even save-up something! In this video we show how she manage that.
Neighborhood Store in Moscow. "Real Russia" ep.75
For contributions - http://realrussiablog.com/donate In the 61st episode of "Real Russia" we have been inside of the big supermarket in Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan Republic of Russia. But in this video we are getting inside of so called "neighborhood store". This is a kind of food and everyday products stores located in a massive living districts for a quick access of it's citizens. We have visited one of DIXY stores at Rustaveli Street in Moscow, not far from "Dmitrovskaya" Metro Station where we live. DIXY is one of Russia's leading retailers of foods and everyday products with almost 200 stores in Moscow. And one special things about DIXY is a full disclosure policy for filming. You don't have to ask anyone to film inside of their stores. In their streets doors they have a stickers with a friendly image of the camera and caption: "You can [film] here". But the main idea of this episode is to show where people in Russia make shopping if they won't go far and up-to-date for March, 2014 prices for the most popular products in Moscow. http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog http://facebook.com/realrussiablog
Blooming Apple Trees and Russian Ladies in Kolomenskoe, Moscow. "Real Russia" ep.50
Only once a year and only for about a week an apple trees in Russia are blooming. It happens in May. Together with Sergey Pichugin we've been lucky this year to appear in a right moment and in a right place to catch that great moment. It happened in Kolomenskoe, Moscow. Kolomenskoe used to be a village in south east of modern Moscow. Since 1960's Kolomenskoe became a part of the city. Kolomenskoe is a very beautiful place. It's the 390 hectare scenic area overlooks the steep banks of the Moskva River. There also a huge apple trees garden which is absolutely fantastic when all of that apple trees are blooming in May. We've been lucky to be there and catch that moment and we also noticed that together with blooming an apple trees there the blooming of the ladies. They start getting out into the streets and walking all over the park in all their beauty! All of that we tried to show in this video. Hope you enjoy! Music by Italian composer Piero Piccioni.
On My Way To The States
Follow for me in the States on Facebook at http://facebook.com/sgbaklykov
The Cheapest Place to Eat. "Canteen №1". St. Petersburg, Russia
"Stolovaya №1" (Canteen №1) is a chain of 12 canteens in the historical city center of St Petersburg, Russia. One of the cheapest places to eat in the city. The mix of Soviet and contemporary interior design, domestic Russian and European cuisine with a self-service for cheapest price. Russian cuisine, Russian food, canteen. For contributions - http://realrussiablog.com/donate
Inside of The Polling Site. Election Day. "Real Russia"
At the 14th of September, 2014 all people of the Republic of Bashkortostan of Russia elected the next President of Bashkortostan. Once we are living in Bashkortostan, Russia and officialy registered there, we also had a right to vote for our next President. In this short video you can see one of the polling sites where people can come and vote for the favorite candidate.
"Burger Heroes". Moscow Burgers in Ufa. "Real Russia"
In this video you can see an interesting example of an influence of the Western burger culture to Russia and it's interpretation of "Burger Heroes". "Burger Heroes" is a Moscow chain of burger bars, now available in Ufa, Russia. //Become a Patron at http://patreon.com/realrussia
Moving to Saint Petersburg, Russia
Well, just began the process of moving to Saint Petersburg, Russia
Got Back From The Hospital
Sergey Baklykov is getting back from the hospital where he has been for 17 days. For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http://ChannelPages.com/realrussiablog
Rented A Room in Saint Petersburg, Russia
With Airbnb site rented a room at Anton Chekhov street of Saint Petersburg. It is a temporary place where I will stay before will rent a complete apartment, where will live before will buy my own.
Russian Parks. "Real Russia" ep.2
In this video we'll visit The Park of Ivan Yakutov and The Victory Park (Ufa, Russia) Like on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/RealRussiaBlog We are Sergey Baklykov and Sergey Pichugin, two Russian video bloggers. Both living in Ufa, Russia and going to show you the real life in our country. And we call it the "Real Russia" reality video blog. We are Sergey Baklykov and Sergey Pichugin, two Russian video bloggers. Both living in Ufa, Russia and showing you the real life in our country. And we call it the "Real Russia" reality video blog. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWY0N5fm1R8 http://www.youtube.com/user/realrussiablog
The Spring At Lenin Street in Ufa. "Real Russia" (4K)
The city of Ufa is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan of Russia. Lenin St. is one of main streets in the historical center of Ufa. It is named for Vladimir Lenin, the creator of USSR. So, the name of the street is historical too. In this video is a quick walk by Lenin Street of Ufa during an early spring in Russia, when the snow is almost gone but the leaves on a trees still not came out. In the beginning of July, 2015, the city of Ufa is getting ready to host the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) and BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Summits. Filmed in 4K with Panasonic Limix DMC-GH4 Music by Henri Mancini http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog http://facebook.com/realrussiablog [email protected]
Sparrow Hills and Moscow State University. "Real Russia" ep.31
Quick looks on Moscow from the observation platform of Sparrow Hills, one of the highest points in the city, and Moscow State University named for famous Russian scientists Mikhail Lomonosov, one of the legendary Stalin's "Seven Sisters". For more episodes, please, don't forget to support our channel, this is one of the sources that keep our channel indepent and running - http://realrussiablog.com/support-us.html
Behind The Scene of 73rd episode of "Real Russia"
Just a little video of us shooting "Real Russia" ep.73. The most interesting thing of this video is that you can see Sergey Grom at work. Filmed by Maksim Chepkasov.
Chain of Fast Casual Restaurants "Teremok". St. Petersburg, Russia. Russian Cuisine.
"Teremok" is an old Russian word for a small wooden house. Nowadays, it is also the brand name for a popular fast-food chain in Russia founded in 1998. Though after the latest re-branding, they say it is not a "fast food" but "fast casual". "Teremok" is based on Russian food such as blini, pelmeni, borscht and kvass. The official concept of Teremok is to offer traditional Russian cuisine as fast food but to be at the same time more natural and healthy. Currently there is 135 "Teremok" locations in St. Petersburg, Russia. For contributions - http://realrussiablog.com/donate
The First Postcards Were Sent. "Real Russia"
http://realrussiablog.com/postcards Thanks to all who ordered the first series of our exclusive "Real Russia" postcards which I released in the beginning of August, 2014. The greatest thing is that even though you can set up your own price for a postcards no one... NO ONE of you set up a low price and never it was lower than the price for producing and sending postcards by mail. This is how we've made a little fundraise and it's already working for making "Real Russia" channel better. Thank you! http://realrussiablog.com/postcards
"Real Russia" ep.54.2: Kir and Yana Wedding. Day 2
The second unofficial day of Kir and Yana wedding. For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http://ChannelPages.com/realrussiablog
"Krasnodar's Guy" Burger Shop. St. Petersburg, Russia. Vlog.
"Krasnodar's Guy" is a burger place located at Poltavskaya st., Saint Petersburg, Russia. Came here to eat their biggest flagman burger which is also called "Krasnodar's Guy". Beef cutlet, cheese cutlet, Bavarian sausages, Mozzarella, tomatoes... is yet not a full list of it's ingredients. Also the guys are recommended me their village garlic potato which I ate with tar-tar sauce. For drink is stout beer "Sonya Marmeladova", named for the sake of character from Fedor Dostoevsky "Crime and Punishment" novel - teen girl who had to become a prostitute to feed her poor family, where her father was a former government official but fallen down to just a freakin' useless alcoholic. http://facebook.com/sgbaklykov http://patreon.com/realrussia http://paypal.me/realrussiablog
Antique Store. "Real Russia" ep.89
An insight into the one of antique stores in Ufa, Russia. The place for collectors interested in collection coins, post stamps, medals, medalions, orders, old watches, icons, silver tableware and just rarity old things. http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog http://facebook.com/realrussiablog [email protected]
About Crimea, Ukraine and Apolitical Position of "Real Russia"
Since the beginning in September 2012, we are making the deepest insights into the real Russian Life with No Fake and No Bullshit. And it is really so. For more than a year and half we've been inside of so many places like the Soviet Union buildings, kinder gardens, malls, markets, grave yards, buses, cinema theaters and shown what you will never see even on Russian channels. But we always stayed out of politics because this is not what our channel about. Today due to many requests from our viewers we are making a little exception because wants to explain WHY. Here is at least three reasons we stay out of politics. First reason is that as the creators of the channel we are personally out of politics. Of course, we follow what happens on the political arena of our country but that's it. So the second reason that goes out of it is that we are not an experts and not professional enough to talk about politics and not to feel that we don't really sure what we are talking about. And the third reason is that political news always require a lot of resources that we don't have. Because we are still independent channel and still getting our revenue only through youtube ads and crowd fund of our subscribers. So we have our own way that we follow from the beginning. But once most of our audience are foreign people with an interest to Russia, no wonder you guys now asking us to tell more about the Russian activity in Ukraine and Crimea. Every single day we are getting as many requests about it as we never had about any other subject. They comes everywhere - in comments to the videos, by email, on Facebook. And we understand why. You trust us and want to know our point of view in searchings for the truth. But the key is that staying our of politics we don't know the truth as well. Let me to explain. You need to know that an INFORMATION have three conditions - FULL information, fragmentary information and partial information. Only when you have a full information and knows everything you can judge what really happens. But what about the situation in Ukraine, I doubt we know full information. Only the people in the top of politics knows. Only they knows what they are really talking about behind their closed doors. Then every side gives to their press centers only fragments of the full information that they have. This fragments goes to the medias and edit them according to the interest of their owners. So finally on air we are getting an edited, sometimes even distorted, information. A part of fragments, a partial information. The worst thing is that after all this information forms mass people opinion regarding the problem. People are listening to the partial information and thinking they knows enough about the subject and definitely knows who is right and who is not. But they are not. Same about me... I understand that I still not sure who organized Maidan, who stands for those people, who prepared them and who pay for it, I don't know who are those snipers who killed people in Ukraine, I can't to know for sure what Putin and Obama really talking about by phone, and it's hard to say if the countries that judge Russia really care about Ukrainian people or just stands for their own geopolitical interests. There no the single opinion regarding it around the citizens of Crimea. Some wants to join Russia and some wants to stay with Ukraine. But what I can say for sure, this is a big political game that I don't want to play and stand the «Real Russia» channel in the role of unprofessional media puppet. That's why we stay out of politics and follow our own way of making the best for the Peace between Russia and the whole World because we said before and still saying that we all are the children of the same World because when the Universe, the God, or the Nature (call it however you want) created our Planet it was created as a one big World and we were it's children. If to look at our Planet from the Space it is still the same big blue planet as it was millions of years ago. Our opinion is that in current Ukraine conflict there no winners and no matter how it will ends, we hope it will end faster and with as less victims as possible. And final thing don't judge the whole national by the acts of it's government. Make Love No War! Peace! "Real Russia" is the first independent English-speaking Russian channel about the real life in Russia! The project was based in September, 2012 by former TV presenter Sergey Baklykov and his colleague by TV Sergey Grom. The main idea of the show is making the deepest insights into the real life in Russia with No Fake and No Bullshit! http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog http://facebook.com/realrussiablog http://realrussia2014.com
Russian Supermarket. "Real Russia" ep.61
One of common supermarkets in Russia. We have visited the "Matrix" supermarket. Matrix is one of the most popular and biggest chain of supermarkets in Ufa, Russia. As always in this video we are making the deepest insight there and looking at the prices for the most common products for you to compare them with the prices in your locations worldwide. "Real Russia" YouTube channel - http://YouTube.com/user/realrussiablog Our Facebook - http://facebook.com/realrussiablog
The Election Night In Angels Camp, CA. "Real Russia In The US" ep.19
After visiting the Yosemite National Park, we returned to Angels Camp, CA where Paul and Gem Anderson are living. It is happened at the 8th of November, 2016. Right during an apogee of the US Presidential Elections when millions of Americans never knew who will win yet - Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. However, we just had our time in the backyard - pork loin barbeque, dark beer, segway, motorcycle and fireplace! Watch all videos from the road trip to the US in this playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL46tNPw4JvEguAezI2PJdLtbOiJ1M9AO- In any questions - [email protected] Donations here - http://realrussiablog.com/crowdfund
Catcafe "Cat's Republic". Alternative Cat Shelter. St Petersburg, Russia
"Cat's Republic" is the first catcafe not only in St Petersburg, Russia but in all Europe. Catcafe is like a kind of cat shelter. There is a cat's shelter with up to 60 kittens and cats combined with a cafe in "Cat's Republic". Place to meat for cat lovers and tourists. The main goal is to help to find a hosts for all of those cats, to share the problem of homeless pets and form a humane attitude towards them. As the result, about 700 cats are getting adopted through two locations of "Cat's Republic" every year. It is also an art-space for different events dedicated to cat culture - exhibitions, live music concerts (which they call catcerts), workshops for felinologists, World Spay Day and more. "Cat's Republic" works for charity and funded with donations from visitors. The donation fee is not fixed - donate as much as you want. The time of visit is not limited. Everybody is allowed to touch, pet and photograph the cats. All kittens and cats are going through the full medical examination and quarantine. Enough to say, the founder of the "Cat's Republic" is a professional veterinarian. cat, kittens, pet, petfinder, cat games, kitty, animal shelter, cat shelter, adopt a pet, adopt a cat, funny cats, cat video, cat videos, cute kittens, free kittens, cat adoption
GUM Department Store in Moscow. "Real Russia" ep.29
GUM is Russian abbreviation for "Glavniy Universalniy Magazin". In English it's the Main Department Store. "GUM" is the name of the main department store in many cities of the former Soviet Union, known as State Department Store during the Soviet times In this video you will see the biggest and most famous GUM in Russia, that's the GUM Departments Store on Red Square in Moscow.
Soviet Cafe "Kvartirka". St. Petersburg, Russia. Russian Cuisine.
Kvartirka is a Russian cuisine restaurant designed as the Soviet Union flat - interior, furniture, things and music. One of my favorite places to eat Russian food in St. Petersburg, Russia. Olivier salad with doctor sausage (aka "winter salad"), dressed herring, borscht, solyanka, home-style chicken noodle soup, ukha fish soup, pelmeni, vareniki, mushroom and chicken julienne, pirozhok pie, passtegai pie with fish, draniki potato patties, granny-style pancakes or blini, stroganoff with buckwheat, NAVY-style macaroni with minced marbled beef and many more different dishes. For contributions - http://realrussiablog.com/donate
Takeaway Shop. "Real Russia" ep.93 (4K)
What can you do in Russia, if you want to eat but have no time for cooking or just lazy. And in the same time you don't want to go to restraunt and pay extra for your lunch or dinner. One of great solutions is to order a food from so called "takeaway" or "takeout" shop. These are the kind of shops that getting more and more popular in Russia. In takeaway shops you can order a food for a way cheaper price than in restraunts. Because mostly takeaway shops have a small areas and don't have a waitress service. That's where they can save up and thankful to this dump the price for a menu. In this video we came to one of such takeaway shops. This is a "Sushi Shop". One of the rapidly growing takeaway shops network which is active already in more than 50 cities of Russia, including the city of Ufa, the capital of The Republic of Bashkortostan of Russia. And concretely this one, located right in the historical center of Ufa at Lenin street, house 9/11. "Sushi Shop" is a takeaway shop for Japanese sushi and rolls, Chinese wok noodle and Italian pizza. Inside of the "Sushi Shop" there a small but comfortable space which is made in minimalistic style which looks kinda close to something Japanese. Even though, mostly people buy the food for "take out" in this shop, there still a little place for those ones who will want to eat right there. Above the table there a tv panel which people can watch and enjoy the master classes of "Sushi Shop" cooks. In the contrary corner, there a showcase with a raw ingridients and accessories for people who wants to cook sushi and rolls themselves. It's special sorts of rice, mat for cooking, nori, soy sauce and ginger. And right in the center a cashier where you can communicate with Administrator who can help you to make a right choice. You can pay as by cash, as by bank card. An average time of waiting is about 10-15 minutes. Depend on what kind of rolls you've ordered. As a rule, baked rolls are cooked a little longer than fresh rolls. If you don't want to wait, you can make an order about 15-20 minutes before you've get to the shop personally. After making an order for at least $10 you've getting a discount card of "Sushi Shop" where you can save up your discount persentage. It was be raised up to 20%. http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog http://facebook.com/realrussiablog [email protected] "Real Russia" is the deepest insight into the real Russian life with No Fake and No Bullshit. The first Russian English-language channel that is started producing in 4K.
On The Way to Cleveland, OH. "Real Russia In The US" ep.8
On our way from Philadelphia, PA to Cleveland, OH. Most of our route went through I-80 W avoiving tolls. Support my channel at https://goo.gl/AaMRHt http://facebook.com/sgbaklykov http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog
Scrambled Eggs Charged With Positive Energy. "Real Russia" ep.25
http://realrussiablog.com/tshirts/p1.html Since we've started making our channel we've got overloaded with the requests to show how to cook Russian food and what Russians just eat on a regular basis. We promised all the time to start film about it, but the trouble is that I personally can normally cook only a few things, and one of them is Scrambled Eggs. :) This is definitely not the traditional Russian food but for sure the thing ALL Russians eat from time to time! And that's at least what I can do myself. So this episode is more like just a start point, like a kick in my ass after which I will continue making more of them featuring more skilled cooks from the crowd of my friends. :)
McDonalds in Russia. "Real Russia" ep.15
"McDonalds is the same everywhere"? It's time to check it out! We have visited the typical McDonald's restraunt in Russia, the one that was opened just some days ago in 4 minutes by walk from the pink house where I (Sergey Baklykov) live in Ufa, Russia. It was not easy to film this episode because we have no idea why but McDonalds workers was trying to prevent us to film all the time! They said it is FORBIDDEN to film inside and even outside of McDonalds. Finally, they was going to call the Security. But when that happened we already filmed everything we wanted and we've gone. To get it done we was pressured to be kinda umpudent - in response to all of their requirements to stop filming we was affirmatively nod our heads but in real kept filming again as soon as they disattract their attention out of us. It was a real big surprise for us! Because there the whole virtual 3D-tour available in the Russian version of McDonalds where you can look at any place in the restraunt under any angle, to get literally to any hole of it! Also, all the time they advertise theirselves as the ones who doesn't even have the walls in their restraunts because they have nothing to hide off their visitors! But in real they never let us to film there! Even in the street when we was filming the MacAuto! But, no matter what, we did our deal, because we've announced it to you! and, finally, you can watch it! Freedom for videobloggers!
"Real Russia" ep.26.2: Trip in Moscow for Interview to RT channel
Thank you all for your interest and watching! Stay tuned and keep supporting us - http://realrussiablog.com/support-us.html 2nd part of 26th episode about our trip in Moscow for interview to RT channel. In this video we'll show you breakfast time in Kir's aparment in Moscow, then we'll see a piece of his work for Moscow's TV channel "Moscow 24". He making social reportages for it. After all we'll go to RT channel in Moscow. Unfortunately, we came to RT studio a little late and hadn't possibility to film how it works from inside but we agreed with Administration of RT that next time we are welcome to make a big episode about how RT works. We will looking forward for that because RT is a real big and professional channel with a lot of studios and interesting stuff. It's really look how the "face of Russia" at the international arena of the World must look like. I was amazed and impressed with the sizes and quality. And some words about the last scene. I was thinking if I really have to place that take to this video, because here everybody knows that "Moscow Do Not Believe In Tears", but finally did understand that I have to follow our fundamental rule "showing everything as is" and leaved it "as is". It's Real Russia! Thank you all for watching, commenting, liking, subscribing, reposting, buying our t-shirts and donations! If not you and your unstoppable interest this video would never be filmed.
Barbershop in Russia. "Real Russia" ep.60
Barbershops or hairdressing salons are very popular kind of small business in Russia. It's something what people always need and something what easy to set up as a business. All you need is to rent a place, buy the tools and hire the personnel. Most of barber shops in Russia are located on the first floors of living buildings. An owners buying a living apartments on the first floors, tranfer them to the commercial estate and opens barbershops or grocery stores. In this episode you will see one of such typical barbershops located in Ufa, Russia. This is a salon where Sergey Grom shaves his head for many years.
"Baggins Coffee" To Go. St. Petersburg, Russia
In my neighborhood on Nevsky Prospect of Saint Petersburg, Russia, I have a place for coffee to go which is called "Baggins Coffee". I've got really addicted to this chain of coffee shops thankful to it's deep and awesome taste and now recommend it in this video. http://facebook.com/sgbaklykov http://patreon.com/realrussia http://paypal.me/realrussiablog
Glamorous Birthday Party Of Eugenia Mashko. "Real Russia" ep.59
In this episode you will see glamorous birthda party of Eugenia Mashko, CEO of M Television channel that broadcast all over in Bashkortostan Republic Of Russia. It's also the place where our cameraman Sergey Grom have his primary job. If you remember, we've made our deep insight into M Television in 45th episode of "Real Russia" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk9dEuJEzhU For her birthday party, Eugenia Mashko invited a lot of famous people on Bashkortostan and Russia, such as, successful businessmen, sportsmen, actors and singers. The Party itself was managed in a best combination of the modern event mixed with the perfomances of 18th-19th century. It's obvious that in this episode you will not see a part of routine daily life of common Russians but it's still a part of real Russian life. Just another view on the life in the biggest country in the World. Hope you enjoy!
U.S.S. Cod Submarine Memorial. Cleveland, OH. "Real Russia In The US" ep.10
The deepest insight into the U.S.S. 224 Cod Submarine Memorial. It is located on a shore of Lake Erie at 1201 N Marginal Rd, Cleveland, OH. Next stop is Chicago, IL. http://facebook.com/sgbaklykov
Authentic 2-Level Apartment For Rent in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Vlog
I moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia and keep searching for an apartment to buy. In the same time, already started meeting my viewers who are coming to Saint Petersburg and wants to see me as a guide. Recently Ron from Texas came to visit Saint Petersburg. He asked me to find a good authentic apartment in the historical city center of StP. So I have found a great 2-level apartment for him in the 150 years old building where used to live Mikhail Glinka, the world famous composer. This is a great place in only 5 minutes by walk from Saint Isaacs Cathedral, Admiralty, Palace Square, Hermitage and Nevsky Prospect. And that's only for $45.00 per night. For my tours email me at [email protected]
"Podorozhnik" Public Transportation Card in St. Petersburg, Russia
"Podorozhnik" is a universal payment card for all public transportation (metro, bus, trolley bus, tram) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. You can buy it in any metro station of Saint Petersburg for cash or bank card. The card is rechargeable, you can always re-fill it with different methods, including an online payment. Also with "Podorozhnik" card you can use different tariff plans which will make your rides cheaper than if you will pay off single rides. http://patreon.com/realrussia http://facebook.com/sgbaklykov http://paypal.me/realrussiablog
The Deepest Metro Station in St Petersburg, Russia. "Admiralteyskaya"
"Admiralteyskaya" is one of the deepest metro stations in the World and the deepest in St. Petersburg, Russia. The depth is 86 meters (282ft) underground. Opened at the 28th of December, 2011. Also it is the closest subway station such a significant places of St. Petersburg, like The State Hermitage (Winter Palace), St Isaacs Cathedral and Admiralty. Being located nearby the metro station is named after The Admiralty. As the most of metro stations in Russia, is it named in adjective form (responds to the Russian question "which one (KAKAYA?) - AdmiralteysKAYA. The artistic design dedicated to the marine theme. There are four mosaic panels - The Admiralty, Neva, The Neptune and The Foundation of The Admiralty and one stained glass window. The platform of the station has a column-wall three arched structure. There are an images of famous Russian Admirals on those walls like Ushakov, Nakhimov, Sveshnikov, Bellingshausen.
Museum of Soviet Arcade Game Machines. St. Petersburg, Russia
The Museum with about 40 authentic USSR/Russia arcade machines which were released in 1980's-90's. Most of them are still working and available for visitors to play the games. There is also the Soviet soda water machines for pear and apple soda water. Interesting exposition of the spirits called "What Did Soviet Childhood Smells Like". Atmospheric themed place for Russians to recall the Soviet childhood, for foreigners to get to know and touch the history of the USSR arcade games. http://facebook.com/sgbaklykov http://patreon.com/realrussia http://paypal.me/realrussiablog
Victoria's Morning Before Grammar School. "Real Russia"
Just one morning of Victoria before her new grammar school. The school number 209 of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Founded as an Institute of Noble Maidens by tsar Paul The First in 1798. This year the school will celebrate 220th birthday. *Music Кино - Последний Герой (Kino - Posledniy Geroy) Кино - Дальше Действовать Будем Мы (Kino - Dalshe Deystvovat Budem Myi) The Beatles - Getting Better
Street Fair. "Real Russia" ep.96 (4K)
The deepest insight into one of the Street Fairs in Ufa, Bashkortostan. From time to time, usually on a weekends, in many places of many cities of Russia, works so called "street fairs". This is an improvised fair organized right in the street where mostly farmers from the nearest villages are coming to sell their harvest and stuff. Meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs, honey, candies and some other stuff like a wool things, blankets, pillows, sweaters, socks and even the layers for a shoes. A fairs like this attract many people because the prices there are usually lower than in the stores. Also, many people believe that the stuff raised by local farmers in a local land are more healthy and fresh than an imported stuff. Filmed with Panasonic DMC-GH4 in 4K. "Real Russia" is the first English-language Russian channel about a daily life of the country. The deepest insight into the real Russia life with No Fake and No Bullshit. http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog http://facebook.com/realrussiablog [email protected]
Visit to Russian Ballerina's Class in Moscow. "Real Russia" ep.30
If you remember, in Moscow we stayed at Kir's apartment he rent. There he lives with his girlfriend Yana, she's professional ballerina for already 12 years. So we asked her to take us to Ballet School with her and to look at Russian ballerina's daily routine! It was impressive! Don't forget to support our channel - http://realrussiablog.com/support-us.html
Christmas Lights of St. Petersburg, Russia (Music by Sergei Rachmaninoff)
Christmas lights in the historical city center of St. Petersburg, Russia before the New Year 2019. The video based on shots from Palace Square, Palace Bridge and Nevsky Prospect of Saint Petersburg at the 21st of December, 2018. Music by one of the greatest Russian composers ever, Sergei Rachmaninoff. Fragment from his "Piano Concerto No. 2 (Op.18)" performed by Vladimir Ashkenazy. Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! #newyear #christmas #stpetersburg
Your Catch Is A Main Dish. "Russian Fishing" Premium Restaurant. Russian Food. St Petersburg, Russia
"Russian Fishing" is a premium restaurant at Krestovsky Island of St Petersburg, Russia. Since 1999. For 20 years it is never lost it's popularity. Many times it is awarded as the best restaurant in St Petersburg. In 2014, NY Times listed "Russian Fishing" as one of the most unusual restaurants in the World. "Russian Fishing" restaurant has it's own pond with different kids of fish - starlet, sturgeon, trout, carp, whitefish. Every guest may take a fishing rod and catch the fish he wants. This catch goes to the kitchen right away. The restaurant is actually a two-storied wooden house made of uncalibrated cedar and larch logs. In the summer time it is considered more like an outdoor terrace of the South Pond of Krestovsky Island. A motto of restaurant is "Your Catch is The Main Dish". However, there is not only a fish menu, but a wide variety of Russian cuisine, including meat dishes. For contributions - http://realrussiablog.com/donate
Hospital Room In Russia. "Real Russia" ep.53
Sergey Baklykov still staying in hospital where he recover from cholelithiasis (stones in his bile duct). However, even in this situation we did everything we could to film the new episode about the real Russian life with no fake and no bullshit! In this video you will see a typical hospital room in typical Russian state hospital.
Vosstaniya St. (Revolt St.), Saint Petersburg, Russia. Quiet City Center.
Walking through Vosstaniya Street (улица Восстания) of St Petersburg, Russia. ("Vosstanie" is Russian for "Revolt"). It is a part of so called "quiet historical city center". Nevsky Prospect as the main street of Saint Petersburg that goes from the Admiralty and Winter Palace through the enbankments of Moyka river, Griboedov canal, Fontanka River, Kazan Cathedral, House of Singer, Church of The Savior on Spilled Blood and Guest Yard is absolutely great. But it's always crowdy. For full picture of the historical city center of Saint Petersburg, also walk some blocks no matter from the left or right from Nevsky. There is also same beautiful architecture, restaurants and bars but with more quiet atmosphere and traffic. Many crosswalks don't even have the traffic lights, enough just a zebra on the road. #travel #stpetersburg #russia http://realrussiablog.com http://patreon.com/realrussia
"Real Russia" ep.54: Kir and Yana Wedding. Day 1
Sergey Baklykov is getting better and better but still staying in the hospital. So he had to miss Kir and Yana's wedding day. However Sergey Pichugin been there and filmed all the most interesting moments of their wedding for you. Once Sergey Baklykov been in hospital, this video goes in "no comments" regime, but we think most of things are understandable there even without comments and translation. For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http://ChannelPages.com/realrussiablog
Handmade Market. "Real Russia" ep.98 (4K)
The deepest insight into the market of handmade stuff created by people of Ufa, Russia. Handmade Market in Ufa, Russia unite the brands of creative masters of handmade of the city. This is a place where they can exhibit their stuff on public. The stuff that they create themselves and inspires other people. Handmade Market happens several time during the year on a territories of local cafe or restraunt. It is opened for all masters who wants to participate. The only thing is the stuff have to be real good. Unique handmade stuff, friendly atmosphere of creative people, live music perfomances, quality dj sets and contests with a good prizes. That's what you can expect at such an events. Filmed in 4K with Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4. http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog http://facebook.com/realrussiablog [email protected]