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Double strangle by madman
A ferocious bear of a man strangles two lesser men while laughing viciously.
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Coin Whirlpool Mod
I always thought the coin whirlpool needed some more excitement, so I took a free sticker and created the ultimate ramp
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[EXPLICIT] The Good Die Young (Student Play)
Three friends are walking back to their car after a long night at the club. MVP and Meat Stick discuss the night's exploits; designated driver Rook tries to herd them to the car without any conflicts. The stage is set...
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Asians attack crazy kids
Watch as I survey the room, evaluating the situation, only to find it. This video was carefully orchestrated by myself, directing all the actors so we could create the perfect stupid worthless video.
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Fingering pussy talking KRAKITTY
Cat. People. The world is ready. Unleash the KRAKITTY!
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Student Play of Excellence:  Justice Prevails
An epic play of minor proportions. Bonnie has been accused of assaulting Clydee Sparrow. The case has now gone to trial.
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Gray cat gets the spins
The name says it all
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Meows playing together
Two kitties wrestling and slapboxing around a coffee table. Epic.
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Pretty faces crazy kids
Costume party afterparty complete with the crazy asian
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