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Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa
20mins away from the New 7 Wonders of Nature 2012 - Puerto Princesa Underground River Indulge endlessly where greens flourish and where excitement becomes an experience... Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa inspires life filled with comfort and convenience as facilities are expressed through a balance of simplicity and luxury... Amidst the beauty of nature, witness a landscape of enchantment, a setting of beauty and natural wonder as surrounded by a stunning beach...
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Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa
A Luxurious, Beachfront Jewel Among Palawan Resorts Against a backdrop of majestic mountains, lush rainforests, and the beautiful blue waters of Honda Bay, the Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa is quietly poised like an exotic tropical jewel. The 96 spacious guestrooms and suites of this Palawan resort feature contemporary Asian décor with a touch of local culture, creating a sophisticated aesthetic unique to the region. Guests will also enjoy a wide range of facilities, including a 340-foot swimming pool, fitness center, the tranquil Sheridan Nature Spa, and the South Side Restaurant and Bar, which serves local and international specialties within a romantic outdoor setting. Prevailing throughout is an ambiance of world-class luxury and exemplary personal service, which has made Sheridan a leading destination among Palawan hotels. The Magic Of The Philippines, Embodied Within This Palawan Hotel Discover the natural wonders of the Philippines from Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa, an exquisite Palawan beach resort bordering the beauty of South China Sea. contact email: [email protected]
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What's new in Palawan...
Palawan Island is a home of lofty mountains, rainforests, and the World's Longest St. Paul Subterranean Underground River . Palawan is nestled between Mindoro island and North Borneo. Covering 1.5 hectares that makes Palawan the largest province in the Philippines. Palawan rainforests extend to the seashore, miles upon miles of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water that abound with multihued fish and corals in its sea floor, overwhelming natural scenic wonders and historical and archeological treasures. Its thousands of Islands and Islets are the home of various Tropical Flora, Fauna, various Palawan Orchid species and Palawan Cherry Blossoms. Palawan is the home of Palawan Monkeys, Palawan Parrots, Palawan Bear cats, Palawan Peacock, Mongoose, Scaly AntEater, Porcupine, and Mouse Deer. The presence of 323 species of Wild Life in Palawan, gained the Province the title "HAVEN of the PHILIPPINE WILDLIFE".
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When animals attack
Savage beast🤣
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