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Day in the Life of a Product Manager
Do you love design? Are you motivated by utilizing technical skills and analytics to solve problems? Meet Brittany Cheng, a 5-star Product Manager at Yelp and get a behind the scenes look at her day in the office. Like what you see? Heck yes! Head to https://www.yelp.com/careers to learn more.
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Kinect + Garry's Mod
A project to control characters in Valve's Source game engine using the Kinect. Uses OpenNI to process skeletal data which is sent to Lua scripts running in Garry's Mod. By John Boiles. Video edited by Patrick Dunnam. Code is available on Github at: https://github.com/johnboiles/JBKinectHacks See the corresponding blog post here: http://engineeringblog.yelp.com/2011/03/after-hours-project-kinect-hacking.html
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Inside Yelp: How The Company Got Its Name
CEO Jeremy Stoppelman discusses the origin of Yelp. Created by Darnell Holloway and Bryan Porter
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What is the Yelp Elite Squad? Meet The Squad.
https://www.yelp.com/elite What is the Yelp Elite Squad? YES! is a community of writers, photographers, and adventurer and one of the most awesome parts of joining the Yelp community. Sharing reviews and photos is just the beginning: YES! isn’t just about writing reviews, it’s about sharing local hot spots, discovering the latest openings… and getting invites to some of your city’s raddest events. Want invites to new spots in town? Sampling sessions at local restaurants? Cocktail making lessons? We’ve even held an axe-throwing event, y’know, to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. (You get the idea.) To learn more about how to get involved, check out the videos in this playlist and hop over to our fresh new landing page. https://www.yelp.com/elite
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Small Business Stories: Peaches Smokehouse
Diana and her husband won a food truck but had no idea how much work was involved in running a successful restaurant on wheels. http://www.yelp.com/biz/peaches-smokehouse-and-southern-kitchen-los-angeles
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Advertising with Yelp
The goal of Yelp Ads is to drive you more leads and revenue. Yelp offers simple and effective ways to promote your business to consumers. For more information, go to www.biz.yelp.ie
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Yelp KegMate
What happens at the Yelp Hackathon, winds up on YouTube (and our blog! http://officialblog.yelp.com/2010/08/yelps-2nd-hackathon-ipad-kegbots-coding-and-guido-van-rossum.html) Watch John B., Gabe H., Alex D., and Jeff M. on their creation: the KegMate. An iPad-powered beer monitor. Thanks to kegbot.org for their excellent Arduino KegBot firmware. See our engineering blog post for a more technical writeup: http://engineeringblog.yelp.com/2010/08/yelp-makes-beer-more-fun.html Think working at Yelp would be cool? Check out our jobs page. http://www.yelp.com/careers
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Yelp For Restaurants
Yelp offers a suite of products for restaurants that help drive customers and increase loyalty. Take a look at how Yelp can help grow your restaurants.
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Yelp In Your Words: Why Yelp is our best source of advertising
A Yelp Studios production. Produced and Directed by Adam McChane Shot and Edited by Bryan Porter
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Small Business Stories: Aces Town Car Service
Tim discusses the path that lead him to start and build a very successful town car service in Seattle. http://www.yelp.com/biz/aces-town-car-service-seattle
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Yelp Sales Team - San Francisco
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Yelp Kyoto Event -%Arabica
Yelp Kyoto hosts a "Taste of Beans" at % Arabica Coffee
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Small Business Stories: Calozzi's Cheesesteaks
Al Calozzi of Calozzi's Cheesesteaks tells the story of how it all began for his business. www.yelp.com/biz/calozzis-cheesesteaks-seattle
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Yelp 2013 Hackathon
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Frank and Paul Tell Their Story
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Business Success Story: Fantastic Cleaners
The owner of Fantastic Cleaners in London discusses their success with Yelp Advertising.
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Yelp Nowait for Restaurants
Yelp Nowait is here to make your restaurant more efficient and your life a whole lot easier. The Yelp app puts you in front of hungry diners near you seeking somewhere to eat, while our host app streamlines your entire front of house and brings you more guests and more revenue. So much more than just an app, you also get a dedicated team of hospitality experts that are committed to helping you grow your business and provide the best guest experience before, during, and after every meal. Learn more at nowait.com/restaurants or call us at 1.844.296.6671
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Yelp Reservations for Restaurants
Yelp Reservations is an easy-to-use online system for restaurant reservations, waitlists and floor management that is accessible anytime, anywhere for restaurants big and small. Yelp reservations connects restaurants to millions of Yelp users, helping them fill tables while delivering an exceptional customer experience for their guests. Every month, Yelp Reservations seats more than 8 million diners in 4,000 restaurants throughout the US and Canada, with more joining the platform each day. Yelp Reservations provides transparent pricing and customer support for one, flat monthly rate.
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Yelp Advertising works for Morgan Miller Plumbing
Jeff Morgan, owner of Morgan Miller Plumbing, describes his success with Yelp Advertising.
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Pipe Dreams
Frank Z. discusses his path from poverty to successful business owner. Made in Everdream Directed by: Pasqual Gutierrez & Ben Mullinkosson Executive Produced by: James Khabushani & RJ Collins Produced by: Nick Erickson
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Yelp's Snack Stadium
Watch the Yelp Snack Stadium come to life inside Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall with help from partner Bar Napkin Productions. Sponsors include Dole, Mike & Ikes, Harkins, PRO EM, Boulder Canyon, Rotel, Velveeta, Hot Tamales, GoDaddy and Paypal.
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¡Descubre Yelp para empresas!
Este vídeo es una introducción a Yelp para empresas y explica las características, beneficios y utilidad de la cuenta gratuita de Yelp para empresas. Más información en http://www.biz.yelp.es
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Yelp's Coast-to-Coast 2015 Connects Business Owners
Coast-to-Coast: Coming Together Because We Mean Business brought together the people behind 100 top-rated businesses in cities across North America for a historic event at Yelp's San Francisco headquarters. We proudly recognized the achievements of local business leaders, armed them with rich resources to help them continue to grow, and gained valuable insights as to how Yelp can improve our business owner offerings and enhance the experience business owners have on the site.
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Table Management Made Easy With Yelp Reservations
Learn how to manage your reservations, wait list, and server sections using the Yelp Reservations iPad app.
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Why I Love Yelp Reservations: Amelie Wine Bar
Sammie, owner of Amelie Wine Bar in San Francisco and New York, talks about why he loves Yelp Reservations and how it helps him and his restaurant.
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Intro to Yelp for Business Owners
An introduction to Yelp for Businesses Owners. This video explains the features and benefits of the free Yelp for Business Owners account. Find out more at http://www.biz.yelp.com
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Engineering Intern Program at Yelp
Mike Stoppleman, our SVP of Engineering, and interns talk about what the experience is like interning at Yelp in our engineering department.
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Publicitarse en Yelp
El objetivo de la publicidad en Yelp es conseguir más clientes e ingresos. Yelp ofrece formas sencillas y eficientes para promocionar tu negocio a los consumidores. Para más información, visita www.biz.yelp.es
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Yelp Sales Development Program
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Introduzione a Yelp per Proprietari di attività
Un video introduttivo che illustra le funzionalità e i vantaggi dell'account gratuito su Yelp per Proprietari di attività. Scopri di più su http://www.biz.yelp.it
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Historia de éxito con Yelp: Messié Pizza
El propietario de Messie Pizza en Barcelona comparte su éxito gracias a la Publicidad de Yelp
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The Kid's Business
TKB Bakery & Deli in Indio, CA is owned and operated by the Sipple Family. They’ve been ranked in the top 5 of Yelp Top 100 Places To Eat for three years in a row. So when we found out the Sipples would be in San Francisco, we knew we wanted to meet with them and learn the secret to their success.
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Yelp Pops Up In Jackson @ Deep South Pops!
Finally...Yelp has arrived to Jackson, MS in the form of the first ever official Yelp event in the entire state of Missisippi! Yelpers gathered for a sneak peek of the all new Deep South Pops - days before they opened to the public- and sampled various parings of craft beer and popsicles! Feels good to be in Jackson, ya'll!
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Eisdiele Luicella's - Umgang mit Online-Bewertungen auf Yelp
Der Inhaber der Eisdiele Luicella's in Hamburg berichtet, wie er mit Bewertungen auf Yelp umgeht.
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What is the Yelp Elite Squad? Meet The Squad.
https://www.yelp.com/elite Join the Yelp Elite Squad to discover everything you never even knew about your city. Want to join? Nominate yourself or a friend who you think should be in the Squad.
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Yelp Sales Team - New York
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Yelp advertiser success story: Starbright Floral Design
Nic Faitos, owner of Starbright Floral Design, shares the impact of Yelp advertising on his business.
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Part 1: 3 Smartphone Tips For Taking Tasty Photos 2018
We’re here with three tips and tricks for shooting better photos with your iPhone or Android mobile phone. This episode is all about food, food, food photography, and more food. We’ll use some delicious chocolate dessert to talk about landscape versus portrait, the best camera distance for capturing food, and the basics of photo composition. Inspire your community. Taken a great photo? We think it #belongsonyelp!
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Yelp Helps - Bay Area
Nique F. (East Bay) and Abby S. (South Bay) helped lead Yelp Helps Bay Area. Over 500 Yelpers volunteered, contributing over 1,500 hours in the month of January.
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Yelp advertiser success story: Direct Carpet Unlimited
Rebecca Laspada, co-owner of Direct Carpet Unlimited, shares her experience about advertising on Yelp.
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ACRONYM stands for the Advisory Council for Really Outstanding National Yelp Members. It is comprised of a group of Yelp Elites from different cities, who assist Yelp in gaining a better understanding of their experience both on and off the site as a Yelp Elite. Council members serve for a one-year term and they share their feedback and thoughts on different aspects of the site in a monthly call with Yelp's Product Team and other council members. Visit www.yelp.com/elite for more information.
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Welcome to the Elite Squad!
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Yelp In Your Words: Why You Should Respond To Reviews
Create a Positive Feedback Loop! By Darnell Holloway, Patrick Dunnam, and Bryan Porter. A Yelp Studios Production.
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Part 2: 3 Smartphone Tips For Taking Adventurous Photos 2018
Presenting part 2 of Yelp’s five part how-to series on smartphone photography. Here come three more pro tips and tricks for shooting better photos with your iPhone or Android mobile phone. This time around we’ve gone out and about to capture the great outdoors! We headed to a gorgeous park to learn about the rule of thirds, background and foreground, and why digital zoom is no match for optical zoom. Inspire your community. Taken a great photo? We think it #belongsonyelp!
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Who’s Yelp is it anyway?
Yelp Elite Event: Improv night at Unscrewed Theater in Tucson, AZ
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Evento Elite: Vamos Jantar na Tomatzo? / Elite Event: Let's Dinner in Tomatzo?
The first Elite Event in Brasilia was in January 25th, 2015 at Tomatzo - Sabor de Casa at the Conjunto Nacional Shopping Mall. The guests had the opportunity to try for free their speciality, the Arroz Cremoso - a kind of rice with toppings. O primeiro evento Elite de Brasília foi realizado no dia 25 de janeiro de 2015 na Tomatzo - Sabor de Casa, no Shopping Conjunto Nacional. Os convidados tiveram a oportunidade de um jantar 100% gratuito com bebidas incluídas para experimentarem o Arroz Cremoso, uma espécie de risoto feito na hora e com mais alguns ingredientes à escolha do cliente da loja.
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Faire de la publicité sur Yelp
Le but des annonces Yelp est de générer plus de clients potentiels et de revenus. Yelp offre une manière simple et efficace pour promouvoir votre commerce auprès des consommateurs. Pour plus d'informations, rendez-vous sur www.biz.yelp.fr
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