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Our Dobermann Puppy Brock waking up my Son
I found a great new alarm clock for the 12 hour a day sleeping teenager, works better than the real thing.
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Vishnu Temple Grand Canyon
Video of the Vishnu Temple from scenic overlook, it's amazing that it is 9 miles away, yet appears to be so close. Just shows how "grand" the Grand Canyon really is.
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Chuck Gerthberg eating a baby habanero (green)
Fresh from the garden at Gbears pad, eating a green habanero, and it was hottttttt
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Jumping off Bakers Bridge
Durango Colorado
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Yanabah Navajo tea
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Tu Nombre Comienza Con "A"
Relaxing in Old Town Scottsdale listening to Tu Nombre Comienza con A by Andes Cosmos.
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Doberman Pinscher Brock getting Back Scratched
Brock getting his back scratched and an afternoon treat
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Free Lives Candy Crush - Great for Desktop and Laptop
Check out this video on how to get extra lives, works great when you have 1 life left, make sure to open all the tabs first before playing or they will show 0 lives after that.
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Bonzai Pipeline Waves in Summer
Some waves at Bonzai Beach in June.
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Masquerade Tower Rio Las Vegas
We got a beast upgrade because they had no other rooms available. Their mistake was our gain!
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Polka Montgomery mn(3)
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Polka Montgomery mn(2)
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Polka Montgomery mn(1)
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Driving up Middle mountain
Cows along side the road at around 10,000 feet at middle mountain, Vallecito, Colorado.
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Doberman bulldog attack
Playful fence chasing with brock, bailey, and blitz
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Sweet Child of Mine - Celebrity Theatre Phoenix 9/5/2012
Slash w/ Myles Kennedy doing Sweet Child of Mine. Video taken with HTC One S cell phone, audio a bit scratchy, apologies for that (HTC)
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Minnesota Heat a big deal in Phoenix
Midwest hot weather makes the news in the valley of the sun.
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Fat girl and a big old butt
Jolie singing her version of Chris Farley and ripping ass.
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Oktoberfest from atop St Paul Church in Munich
Oktoberfest 2013 in Munich
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American Express Delta Skymiles Cover Fantom G8
My rendition of the music in the American Express Delta Skymiles commercial using various instruments on my Roland Fantom G8 Workstation. Couldn't find any sheet music, so it's all by ear. The instruments I used were HM Grand 3, Crossed Bows, Concert BD, Bass Drum, Oil Drum Bass, Small Str and the G Standard Kit Drums in the Rhythm Set.
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Khao Phra Tam Nak or Khao Phra Bat เขาพระตำหนัก
Atop the Hill in Pattaya, Locals and visitors come here to pay homage to Wat Khao Phra Bat atop the hill and the monument of Kromluang Chomphonkhetudomsak, who is regared the "founding father of the modern Thai navy." and Suan Chaloemphrakiat Khao Phra Tam Nak Road
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Robert Flores says Stephan "Dicks" gets Awkward Silence
Seems like Flores isn't happy with fantasy numbers from the week before and makes comment about it. Silences the rest of the crew.
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From Desert to Paradise
Hiking up Pillboxes Trail in Lanikai, Views of Lanikai Beach, Kailua, Oahu. The transition from a desert like trail to the vistas of Lanikai Beach.
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Doberman eats kitten
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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CJ skating the pool
CJ doing an alley into the swimming pool
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Paradise City Celebrity Theatre Phoenix 9/5/2012
Slash w/ Myles Kennedy performing Paradise City @ Celebrity Theatre. Filmed with HTC One S
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camelback mtn
Hiking Camelback Mountain, Echo Canyon
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Brock at the Dog Park
Brock at the Chaparral dog park off of Hayden and McDonald Rd playing with all the other dogs. 6 months old here.
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Orient Bay St Martin
Views of the Orient Bay at St Martin, just outside of Bikini Bar
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Brock doing tricks
Sit, speak, shake and jump up
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Sweet and Sour Singing
My son singing a sad, dramatic song with an explosive ending. http://www.creditimes.com
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Grandview Point Grand Canyon
Video of the different views from Grandview Point, Grand Canyon South Rim.
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Hiking Mesquite Wash Tonto National Forest
Beautiful mid Feb day hiking the rocks where the snow melts and runs down.
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The storm from 8/23/2012 caused flooding just north of McDowell rd in Scottsdale at the Wedge skatepark.
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My Doberman Brock Chasing the Laser Beam
Took out the laser pointer and let Brock chase it around the house.
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Views Driving Into Zion National Park
Driving in from 89-A to Hwy 9 capturing some of the views before entering the park.
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Record rainfall in Phoenix 9/8/2014
3 inches at Sky Harbor airport, over 5 inches in Chandler.
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Rush Poker Video Bonus Code tube600
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Rob and Desiree in AZ
Camelback, Zipps Bar Scottsdale, Sedona
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CJ doing a Varial Kickflip
Cj practicing a varial kickflip at Newport Beach, Cali
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Another Hot Habanero Session
This one felt hotter than the rest
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Angels Landing
Zion's National Park Hiking Trail
Views: 62 nordberg25

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