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JOHANNES VERMEER THE COMPLETE WORKS KARL SCHÜTZ Book Number: 78715 Product format: Hardback His works have prompted a New York Times bestseller, a film starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth, record visitor numbers at art institutions from Amsterdam to Washington, DC, and special crowd-control measures at the Mauritshuis, The Hague, where thousands flock to catch a glimpse of the enigmatic and enchanting Girl with a Pearl Earring, also known as the 'Dutch Mona Lisa'. In his lifetime, however, the fame of Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) barely extended beyond his native Delft and a small circle of patrons. After his death, his name was largely forgotten, except by a few Dutch art collectors and dealers. Outside of Holland, his works were even misattributed to other artists. We can appreciate at leisure here such masterworks as Lady Standing at a Virginal, The Milkmaid, A Girl Reading a Letter by an Open Window, The Girl with a Glass of Wine, Woman with a Pearl Necklace, The Love Letter, The Music Lesson, The Geographer, The Concert and all 35 of his surviving fine art pieces. It was not until the mid-19th century that Vermeer came to the attention of the international art world, which suddenly looked upon his narrative minutiae, meticulous textural detail, and majestic planes of light, spotted a genius, and never looked back. This extra large, super heavy Taschen edition brings together the complete catalogue of Vermeer's work in one monograph of utmost reproduction quality. With brand new photography of many works, Vermeer's restrained but richly evocative repertoire of domestic actions - ranging from letter writing to music making to preparations in the kitchen - unfolds in a generous format, including three fold-out spreads. Close up details show all the supreme talent and skill. Ribbon bookmark, 11.4" x 15.6", 258 pages. Boxed with carry handle. UK delivery only. New from Taschen. Bibliophile price: £100.00
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VELAZQUEZ: THE COMPLETE WORKS JOSÉ LÓPEZ-REY & O. DELENDA Book Number: 76018 Product format: Hardback Light, colour and penetrating portraits from Spain's Golden Age luminary. Velázquez in Seville, Madrid and The Court, Meeting with Rubens and the First Journey to Italy, The Great Hall of the Buen Retiro Palace, Torre De La Parada, Dwarfs and Jesters, His Last Works in the Workshop are among the chapter headings of this ultimate monograph on one of the most admired European painters who ever lived. Manet called him "the greatest painter of all." Picasso was so inspired by his masterpiece Las Meninas that he painted 44 variations of it. Francis Bacon painted a study of his portrait of Pope Innocent X. Monet and Renoir, Corot and Courbet, Degas and Dalí - for so many champions of art history, the ultimate soundboard was, and remains, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez (1599-1660). This updated catalogue raisonné brings together Velázquez's complete works, jaw-droppingly reproduced in extra-large format, with a selection of enlarged details and brand new photography of recently restored paintings, achieved through the joint initiative of publishers Taschen and the Wildenstein Institute. The book's dazzling images are accompanied by insightful commentary from José López-Rey on Velázquez's interest in human life and his equal attention to all subjects, from an old woman frying eggs to a pope or king, as well as his commitment to colour and light, which would influence the Impressionists over two centuries later. The book is a critical biography and includes all his works including a number in relatively poor condition which were enlarged or cut down or folded to fit wall space. Over one third of his extant paintings have been exposed to pollution in the Prado's galleries as for example the Foul Ochre in the background of the portrait of the buffoon Pablo de Valladolid. At this huge size we marvel at the mastery of his portraiture, many with religious themes, eyes glowing and looking directly at us. The centre page fold-out is truly spectacular and features The Surrender of Breda (Las Lanzas) with the lances pointing heavenward and horse turning away. Queen Isobelle on horseback is one of the many reproduced in full page and also close up detail. His depictions of dogs, dwarfs, hunting, beautiful women in traditional dress, moustachioed men and clerics and of course children and clergymen are stunning to behold in detail. Concordance and bibliographies. Hardcover with fold-out, 11.4 x 15.6", 416 pages, satin page marker. Boxed with carry handle. New from Taschen. Product is still available in limited quantities Bibliophile price: £100.00
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CHRONICLE OF THE WORLD 1493 HARTMANN SCHEDEL Book Number: 72407 Product format: Hardback 500 years before Google, Hartmann Schedel's Weltchronik, or Chronicle of the World (better known today as the Nuremberg Chronicle, after the German city in which it was created), was a groundbreaking encyclopedic work and at the time the most lavishly illustrated book ever printed in Europe. Albrecht Dürer was possibly a contributor to the physician and humanist Schedel's massive project. Both a historical reference work and a contemporary inventory of urban culture at the end of the 15th century, and divided into six ages from the Creation to the 'present', the Chronicle was to have a remarkable influence on the cultural, ecclesiastical and intellectual history of the Middle Ages. It was particularly notable for its vast quantity of woodcut illustrations (more than 1,800) depicting events from the Bible, human monstrosities, portraits of kings, queens, saints and martyrs, and allegorical pictures of miracles, natural catastrophes, wars, as well as views of the founding of a great number of "modern" cities many of which had never been documented before. Today, copies of the Chronicle sell for up to 800,000 dollars. Taschen publishers procured a rare hand-coloured copy, true to the original in every respect, and have here created a complete facsimile of the finest quality. In case you don't read Early Modern High German, the beautiful explanatory booklet, with summaries of the book's main stories, provides a user-friendly way to explore this amazing historical masterpiece. Hardcover with colour illustrated 88 page booklet in slipcase, 8" x 11½", 684 pages. New, cloth bound, gold-tooled, 'antiqued' parchment-look paper and exquisite typography and design. Complete and annotated. Bibliophile price: £35.00
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LEONARDO DA VINCI: The Complete Paintings and Drawings
LEONARDO DA VINCI: The Complete Paintings and Drawings FRANK ZÖLLNER & J. NATHAN Book Number: 76148 Product format: Hardback Now available as a two-volume edition at an irresistible price! Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) possessed one of the greatest minds of all time; his importance and influence are inestimable. This two-volume, 8.7" x 11.4" format comprehensive survey is the most complete book ever made on the subject of this Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, scientist and all-around genius. With huge, full-bleed details of Leonardo's masterworks, it allows the reader to inspect the subtlest facets of his brushstrokes. Part I explores Leonardo's life and work in ten chapters. All of his paintings are interpreted in depth, with The Annunciation and The Last Supper featured on large double-spreads. Part II comprises a catalogue raisonné of Leonardo's paintings, which covers all of his surviving and lost painted works and includes texts describing their states of preservation. Part III contains an extensive catalogue of his drawings (numbering in the thousands, they cannot all be reproduced in one book); 663 are presented, arranged by category (architecture, technical, anatomical, figures, proportion, cartography, etc). Softcover, 2 volumes in slipcase, 700 pages. Exceptional value. Bibliophile price: £18.00
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1950s, 60s, 70s 80s GLAMOUR: 20th Century Pin-Ups
1950s GLAMOUR: 20th Century Pin-Ups IAN PENBERTHY Book Number: 76889 Product format: Paperback In delicate lace, slinky satin, frilly lingerie, negligees and sheer organza, with pubic hair airbrushed away, some in soft focus, some the girl-next-door, but mostly extremely glamorous with pearls, jewellery, all of these glamour pusses look alluring, tilting their head over their shoulders and seductively looking straight into the camera. The 1950s saw the coming of the girlie magazines and small studios experimenting with erotica. Pioneering photographers produced beautifully lit, carefully composed and arguably artistic images. Classical poses, film star make up and the odd plaster column persuaded the viewer that he was looking at more than naked women. Fiesta was first published in 1966 and presented a saucy mix of girl-next-door photography and British saucy seaside postcard humour. The upmarket Knave appeared in 1968, and it's from the archive of the publisher of these magazines that the images in this book have been selected. 300 in colour and black and white, big full page glossy softback, 300pp. 1960s GLAMOUR: 20th Century Pin-Ups IAN PENBERTHY Book Number: 76890 Product format: Paperba Two girls playing catch in the nude in the open air, a black beauty, stockings and suspenders, fishnet tights, a striptease from bloomers, bouncing fun in a hammock, in a bath tub, in the living room, or on a haystack, these 1960s girls have heavy make up, floppy hats and kinky boots and were an integral part of Swinging Sixties culture and male pleasure. Once attacked by moralisers as a social evil, these images can now be viewed with objectivity and even affection. Fiesta was first published in 1966 and the more upmarket Knave in 1968, so here are 300 colour and b/w images from the heyday. 300 large page softback. Published price: £14.99 Bibliophile price: £6.00 1970s GLAMOUR: 20th Century Pin-Ups IAN PENBERTHY Book Number: 76891 Product format: Paperback The 1970s saw British glamour publishers reflecting social tastes by testing the boundaries of what was permissible. Innovations included the showing of pubic hair. The female ideal had long, straight hair, soft make up and often wore denim. Despite the occasional pair of legwarmers, the 1970s remains one of Glamour's sexiest decades. There are dusky maidens, a riding crop and sexy jockey on page 220, knickers being pulled down, lingerie on show, strings of pearls, chains, bodices open, bras down, nipples in close up and a bevy of beauties enjoying their bodies as they stare longingly to the camera. 296 pages of colourful glamour and 300 images from the archives of classic girlie magazines. Large softback. Published price: £14.99 Bibliophile price: £6.00 1980s GLAMOUR: 20th Century Pin-Ups IAN PENBERTHY Book Number: 76892 Product format: Paperback Full frontal glamour 80s style with heavily eye lined sultry eyes, big hair, pubic hair, the occasional tattoo, hats, jewellery, cheeky grins, in aerobic leotards wide open, lingerie, a cheeky nurse with her elderly gentleman patient, legs akimbo across a desk, and one or two chunkier ladies towards the end, here are reader's wives, glamour pusses and girls who love the camera and their bodies from the pages of Fiesta and Knave. The 1980s saw a boom in erotic publishing. While politicians called for restraint and censorship, publishers of glamour provided the public with what it wanted which by this time was more explicit photography and girls dressed in more stagy outfits and with the increasing use of fetish gear. 300 images, all in colour and full page in large softback, 296pp. Published price: £14.99 Bibliophile price: £6.00
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Title: BOOK OF SYMBOLS, REFLECTIONS ON ARCHETYPAL IMAGES Author: ARAS Archive for Research in A Format: Hardback ________________________________________ Details: The Book of Symbols combines original and incisive essays about particular symbols with representative images from all parts of the world and all eras of history. The highly readable texts and almost 800 beautiful full-colour images come together in a unique way to convey hidden dimensions of meaning. Each of the 350 essays examines a given symbol's psychic background and how it evokes psychic processes and dynamics. Etymological roots, the play of opposites, paradox and shadow, the ways in which diverse cultures have engaged a symbolic image-all these factors are taken into consideration. Authored by writers from the fields of psychology, religion, art, literature, and comparative myth, the essays flow into each other in ways that mirror the psyche's unexpected convergences. The Book of Symbols illuminates how to move from the visual experience of a symbolic image in art, religion, life, or dreams, to directly experiencing its personal and psychological resonance. 6½" x 9½", 810 pages. BIBLIOPHILE PRICE: £25.00
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HIERONYMUS BOSCH COMPLETE WORKS STEFAN FISCHER Book Number: 74881 Product format: HARDBACK In the midst of the realist-leaning artistic climate of the Late Gothic and Early Renaissance, Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch (c.1450-1516) was more than an anomaly. Bosch's paintings are populated with grotesque scenes of fantastical creatures succumbing to all manner of human desire, fantasy and angst. One of his greatest inventions was to take the figural and scenic representations known as drolleries, which use the monstrous and the grotesque to illustrate sin and evil, and to transfer them from the marginalia of illuminated manuscripts into large-format panel paintings. Alongside traditional hybrids of man and beast, such as centaurs and mythological creatures such as unicorns, devils, dragons, and griffins, we also encounter countless mixed creatures freely invented by the artist. Many subsidiary scenes illustrate proverbs and figures of speech in common use in Bosch's day. In his Temptation of St Anthony triptych, for example, the artist shows a messenger devil wearing ice skates, evoking the popular expression that the world was "skating on ice" - meaning it had gone astray. In his pictorial translation of proverbs, in particular, Bosch was very much an innovator. Bosch, whose real name was Jheronimus van Aken, was widely copied and imitated. The number of surviving works by Bosch's followers exceeds the master's own production by more than tenfold. Today only 20 paintings and eight drawings are confidently assigned to Bosch's oeuvre. Featuring brand new photography of recently restored paintings, this exhaustive book, published in view of the upcoming 500th anniversary of Bosch's death by Taschen, covers the artist's complete works. Splendid reproductions with copious details and a huge fold-out spread, over 110cm (43") long, of The Garden of Earthly Delights. 11.4" x 15.6", 300 pages inside decorated carry-handled slipcase. Product is still available in limited quantities Bibliophile price: £100.00
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EGON SCHIELE: The Complete Paintings 1909-1918
EGON SCHIELE: The Complete Paintings 1909-1918 EDITED BY TOBIAS NATTER Book Number: 81863 Product format: Hardback Over the course of his short life, Austrian artist Egon Schiele (1890-1918) blazed a turbulent Expressionist trail. A child prodigy, young rebel and chronic provocateur, he caused uproar among the establishment with his contorted lines, distorted bodies, and explicit eroticism and continues to startle to this day with his unflinching images of himself and his nude subjects. In this expansive extra large size format book, we survey the complete catalogue of Schiele paintings from his most innovative and prolific decade between 1909 and 1918. The near 600 featured works reveal how the artist reveled in stylistic freedom and shock, abandoning classical figuration for a distorted and exaggerated physicality that rendered emotional and sexual truth. His subjects are elongated, angular, and twisted. With protruding ribs, contorted limbs, and sickly skin, the body becomes a locus of anguish. The only reprieve is the promise of sex. Like no other early 20th century artist, Schiele laid genitalia bare, bringing some of the most candid renderings of the vagina in Western art history, as well as scenes of masturbation and lesbian sex. These startling works, including over 200 paintings and 150 drawings and watercolors, many of them newly photographed, are presented alongside biographical details, expert insights, as well as Schiele's own writings and poems. They offer intimate access to the ideas behind his work and his extraordinary legacy through countless 20th century masters, from Francis Bacon and Otto Muehl to Julian Schnabel, David Bowie and Tracey Emin. 11.4" x 15.6", 612 pages. Boxed with carry handle. New from Taschen. Product is still available in limited quantities Bibliophile price: £135.00
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SWEETER SIDE OF R. CRUMB ROBERT CRUMB Book Number: 75834 Product format: Paperback Described as a graphic novel, this is an American first edition of kinder drawings 'being a delightful collection of adorable, heart-warming and lovingly rendered drawings which, I promise, will not make you feel threatened in any way, and will put you in a state of all warm and fuzzy and cuddy towards the artist and life in general.' Instead of the usual outrageous sexual grotesqueries, here is a book designed for women, cooked up by the artist's wife Aline. With one huge artwork per page in his own cross hatched pen and ink style of drawing, here are some beautifully rendered portraits, posters and still lifes of people, from 1920s type family members, German entertainers like the Zoot Woman, exotic female musicians, female hockey players, the broken teapot that served them well for many years, pathways, interiors and deep dark forests. What comes across is that Robert Crumb is a truly accomplished artist, and his scenes of European villages are beautifully executed. With some rough American types observed and with his own handwritten captions, this is an unusual import. 110 very large page softback. Published price: £12.99 Bibliophile price: £6.50
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THE BOOK OF MIRACLES TILL-HOLGER BORCHERT Book Number: 74022 Product format: Hardback The Book of Miracles that first surfaced a few years ago and is one of the most spectacular new discoveries in the field of Renaissance art. The nearly complete surviving illustrated manuscript which was created in the Swabian Imperial Free City of Augsburg around 1550, is composed of 169 pages with large-format illustrations in gouache and watercolour depicting wondrous and often eerie celestial phenomena, constellations, conflagrations and floods as well as other catastrophes and occurrences. It deals with events ranging from the creation of the world and incidents drawn from the Old Testament, ancient tradition and medieval chronicles to those that took place in the immediate present of the book's author. With the illustrations of the visionary Book of Revelation, it even includes the future end of the world. The surprisingly modern looking, sometimes hallucinatory illustrations and the cursory descriptions of the Book of Miracles strikingly convey a unique view of the concerns and anxieties of the 16th century, of apocalyptic thinking and eschatological expectation. The present facsimile volume reproduces the Book of Miracles in its entirety for the first time and thus makes one of the most important works of the German Renaissance finally available to art lovers and scholars. The introduction puts the codex in its cultural and historical context, and an extensive description of the manuscript and its miniatures, as well as a complete transcript of the text, accompany the facsimile in an appendix. With booklet in a clamshell box, 12.6" x 8.5", 560 pages. Text in English, French and German. New from Taschen. Product is still available in limited quantities Bibliophile price: £100.00
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PAINTER'S PROGRESS - A PORTRAIT OF LUCIAN FREUD DAVID DAWSON    Book Number: 81325    Product format: Hardback The photographer David Dawson was Lucian Freud's assistant and model in the later years of his life, and this collection is an extraordinary photographic record of Freud at work, including shots of the painter at his easel, his studio walls daubed with paint and messages, surrounded by half-finished canvases. The rest of Freud's 18th century house is furnished in elegant style, with the paintings on the walls providing an indicator of Freud's taste: portraits by Corot and Auerbach and bronzes by Degas and Rodin. Freud was introduced to Frank Auerbach by Francis Bacon and the two became close friends: when Freud was close to finishing a painting he would invite Auerbach round to give his verdict. Freud is seen visiting other people's houses, for instance Grimsthorpe Castle and Badminton House, home of the Duke of Beaufort, a childhood friend. Among his well-known sitters are David Hockney, the Queen, and Andrew Parker-Bowles. Perhaps the most fascinating shots, however, show Freud's work in progress as he paints his models, many of them nude, with the finished product demonstrating Freud's superb mastery of skin tone. "When someone is naked there is in effect nothing to be hidden … In a way I don't want the painting to come from me. I want it to come from them." His garden was also a favourite subject, and his thin, elegant dog Pluto appears in many portraits and photos. Freud had a love of horses and Dawson arranged to him to set up his easel in some nearby stables. A wonderful portrait of a wonderful painter. 274pp, hundreds of photos. Published price: £35 Bibliophile price: £17.50
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Title: EGYPT'S SUNKEN TREASURES Author: FRANCK GODDIO & ZAHI HAWASS Format: Hardback Details: In 1984 the author was invited to take part in an underwater investigation of Napoleon's fleet which was sunk in the Bay of Aboukir. The project uncovered an even greater treasure: the submerged cities of Canopus and Heracleion, both important ancient centres located near Alexandria. Among the underwater discoveries was a statue of the fertility god Hapy, a Hermes, the remains of a sphinx and the beautiful statue of a queen portrayed as Isis-Aphrodite. Presenting the sunken treasures to the world involved huge problems of conservation and restoration, and the exhibition "Egypt's Sunken Treasures", which this book was written to accompany, reveals the whole process, from bathymetric maps and photos to the final exhibition, which is catalogued in the final chapter. Among the other artefacts photographed and discussed in detail are a red granite Sphinx from Canopus, the Stele of Ptolemy VIII detailing the ruler's good deeds, the breathtaking gold dedication plaque from Heracleion made in the name of Ptolemy III, statuettes of Horus, Isis, Sekhmet and Thoth, an extraordinary-looking early falcon-headed crocodile-sphinx from Alexandria, and a Roman-era priest carrying an Osiris-Canopus jar, his hands veiled and his brow furrowed with the seriousness of the divine task. A colossal masculine head discovered in a depository for broken statues is probably an effigy of Sarapis. Uniting detailed historical research with glorious photography, this book is a superb record of one of the lesser-known Egyptian archaeological sites. 400pp, colour photographs on most pages and timelines. Published Price: £35.00 BIBLIOPHILE PRICE: £9.00
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DRAWN FROM PARADISE DAVID ATTENBOROUGH & E. FULLER Book Number: 73726 Product format: Hardback Rare archival art, here is the natural history, art, and discovery of the Birds of Paradise, the birds that truly live up to their name. They stand out from other birds not only because of the exquisite appearance, but also because of the sheer extravagance of variety, colour and form. From the moment of their introduction to the European mind in the early 16th century, their unique beauty was recognised and commemorated with their naming and fanciful stories and theories made them quickly acquire mythical status. A major reason for this mystery surely lies in the nature of the birds' main homeland, the great island of New Guinea, shrouded in exotic mystery. More than 40 distinct species are currently recognised. The tiny King Bird of Paradise for instance has an exquisite red plumage, metallic green breast band and peculiar curled ends to the tail feathers. Here too are axe-shaped feather fans and lace-like plumes, of the recognised 16 genera, 11 featured in detail here because they are the most visually spectacular and have more interesting histories. The book showcases these extravagant beauties, the people associated with the discovery, and visual representation of these birds, hybrids, the meaning of dances, the Rifle Birds, the Sicklebills, here are the King and his cousins in all their splendour. With portraits of how the plumage has been used in fashion such as the feathers on the headgear of the Queen of Spain, nearly every page is devoted to a full page detail or entire image of these magnificent birds by famous watercolourists, engravers, works in acrylic and oil, from many of the mid-1800s famous hand-coloured lithographs and prints from American and European ornithologists' collections and rare books. With satin bookmark, apologies for remainder mark. Tremendously heavyweight 254 page tome. Published price: $45 Bibliophile price: £20.00
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ART OF DOUG SNEYD: A Collection of Playboy Cartoons
ART OF DOUG SNEYD: A Collection of Playboy Cartoons DOUG SNEYD Book Number: 76039 Product format: Hardback Doug Sneyd's first cartoon for Playboy was published in the September 1964 issue and since then, as Hef himself explains in his foreword, the magazine has carried over 450 of his distinctive works, mostly in full page colour. Being Hugh Hefner, he knows the perfect "fit" for a magazine like Playboy. The women in Sneyd's cartoons are all undeniably drop-dead gorgeous with a particular blend of naïveté and worldliness, girl-next-door and coquettish minx and exhibit levels of charm and grace that belies the earthiness of the joke or subject matter. Doug served his time as a commercial artist and book and magazine illustrator and syndicated cartoonist until he got his big break. This magnificent collection features almost 300 of the very best, the vast majority printed full-page, the gorgeous scantily-clad, actually, more usually non-clad! Sneyd girls - each one a perfect ten - with their men-skewering one-liners and unique charm are a real treat; highly risqué certainly, but never obscene or crass. "Good news honey! The doctor has cured me of my erectile dysfunction!" yells one man down his mobile - the doctor in question is, of course, a gorgeous girl in a white coat! Two talent agents sit behind a stunning topless girl in an Elvis "Vegas" costume - "Her Elvis impression's never going to fool anybody Maury. But what the hell." "Talk is cheap", says the Las Vegas hooker to a tourist: "Everything else is going to cost you." With commentary from Sneyd and a start-to-finish dissection of the cartoon production process and a full chronological index by gag line, 248pp, 9½"×12¼". Published price: $39.99 Bibliophile price: £15.00
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THE FIRST SIX BOOKS OF THE ELEMENTS OF EUCLID OLIVER BYRNE Book Number: 74025 Product format: Hardback Red, yellow, blue - and of course black - are the colours that Oliver Byrne employs for the figures and diagrams in his most unusual 1847 edition of Euclid, published by William Pickering and printed by Chiswick Press, and which prompt the surprised reader to think of Mondrian. The author makes it clear in his subtitle that this is a didactic measure intended to distinguish his edition from all others: "The Elements of Euclid in which coloured diagrams and symbols are used instead of letters for the greater ease of learners." Byrne is not content to trust solely in the supposed intuitive "logical" structure of Euclid's axioms and theorems - who doesn't know the first famous sentences of Euclid's Elements: "I. A point is that which has no parts. II. A line is length without breadth"? -, but translates them into colourful diagrams and symbols. He thereby thinks in terms of the school classroom: he compares his colours to the dyed chalks in which figures are drawn on the blackboard. Oliver Byrne (c. 1810-c. 1880) was an Irish author and civil engineer. Little is known about his life, though he wrote a considerable number of books. As Surveyor of Her Majesty's Settlements in the Falkland Islands, Byrne had already published mathematical and engineering works, but never anything like his edition on Euclid. This remarkable example of Victorian printing has been described as one of the oddest and most beautiful books of the 19th century. Each proposition is set in Caslon italic, with a four-line initial, while the rest of the page is a unique riot of red, yellow and blue. On some pages, letters and numbers only are printed in colour, sprinkled over the pages like tiny wild flowers and demanding the most meticulous alignment of the different colour plates for printing. Elsewhere, solid squares, triangles and circles are printed in bright colours, expressing a verve not seen again on the pages of a book until the era of Dufy, Matisse and Derain. Hardcover, 396pp. 8.1" x 10.1". Multilingual edition in English, French and German. New from Taschen. Bibliophile price: £25.00
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MICHELANGELO, COMPLETE WORKS FRANK ZÖLLNER Book Number: 75158 Product format: Hardback Before reaching the tender age of 30, Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) had already sculpted David and Pietà, two of the most famous sculptures in the entire history of art. As a sculptor, painter, draftsman, and architect, the achievements of this Italian master are unique - no artist before or after him has ever produced such a vast, multifaceted, and wide-ranging oeuvre. This comprehensive book explores Michelangelo's life and work with a richly illustrated biographical essay, and a complete four-part inventory of his paintings, sculptures, buildings and drawings. Full-page reproductions and enlarged details allow readers to appreciate fine details in the artist's vast repertoire, while the book's biographical insights consider a previously unseen extent to Michelangelo's more personal traits and circumstances, such as his solitary nature, his thirst for money and commissions, his immense wealth and his skill as a property investor. In addition, the book tackles the controversial issue of the attribution of Michelangelo drawings, an area in which decisions continue to be steered by the interests of the art market and the major collections. This is the definitive work about Michelangelo for generations to come, to be delved into and put on display, with its slipcase neatly converting into a book stand. A huge new Taschen fine art publication. Amazing value. 9.6" x 14.6", 736 pages. Bibliophile price: £45.00
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CARRY ME! 1950s Lucite Handbags
CARRY ME! 1950s Lucite Handbags JANICE BERKSON Book Number: 70729 Product format: Hardback The late 1940s in the US was a time for celebration. Women had more in their pockets and a desire for something new and dramatic in the fashion stakes. Leather and suede were still scarce so, when Will Hardy joined his father's firm Handbag (Metals) Specialities, he really had his work cut out for him. Towards the end of World War Two he was able to get his hands on damaged aeroplane noses which were made of Lucite. He enjoyed working with this new acrylic material and the Lucite frames which he started to incorporate were well received. He then designed a Lucite jewellery box and brought it to the buyers at Saks Fifth Avenue, the famous New York department store. They loved it and told him that if he put a handle on it they would sell it as a handbag. The rest, as they say, is history. The hat box, accordion, tortoiseshell with rhinestone trim, translucent topaz with topaz rhinestones, black diamond-carved bucket covered in rhinestone with the signature clear handles, crushed seashell, confetti and threads, and our Annie's favourite, the translucent tortoiseshell body with translucent amber carved sides and clear carved lid are among the ornamental, transcending fashion, high quality designs to pore over again and again in this exquisitely photographed collection. There are even two glow-in-the-dark clutch bags with gold shell clasp and multicoloured rhinestones, a butterscotch hexagonal pyramid bag, hat box bags, cylindrical shapes, cranberry red satin Lucite bag, the Myles Original Black Pearl Duet and hundreds more extraordinary shapes, beautiful designs and ornamentation. 208 large pages, full page colour photos, one for each design on nearly every page. Carry me home! 170 colour photos. Published price: £29.95 Bibliophile price: £16.50
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MAGIC 1400s-1950s
MAGIC 1400s-1950s MIKE CAVENEY, JIM STEINMEYER Book Number: 76147 Product format: Hardback This impressive heavyweight book celebrates more than 500 years of the stunning visual culture of the world's greatest magicians. Once persecuted as heretics and sorcerers, magicians have always been conduits to a parallel universe of limitless possibility - whether invoking spirits, reading minds, or inverting the laws of nature by sleight of hand. Once upon a time, the craft of magic was the most powerful fantasy world man had ever known. Featuring more than 850 spectacular colour and monochrome rarely-seen vintage posters, photographs, postcards, ghostly images, handbills, and engravings as well as paintings by Hieronymus Bosch and Caravaggio among others, The Big Book of Magic traces the history of magic as a performing art from the 1400s to the 1950s. Floating and chopped ladies, Ionia the Enchantress, Kalang and his beautiful wife/assistant, the book explores medieval street performers to the brilliant stage magicians who gave rise to cinematic special effects; from the 19th century's Golden Age of Magic to groundbreaking daredevils like Houdini, Valadon at Egyptian Hall, Lafayette at the Hippodrome and Le Roy at Oxford, Fawkes, Pinetti, Robert-Houdin, Hermann the Great, Chung Ling Soo, Okito, Downs and Thurston and the early 20th century's vaudevillians. Hardback in slipcase, 9.9" x 15", 544 pages. Text in English, French and German. Bibliophile price: £45.00
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DAPHNE DU MAURIER AT HOME HILARY MACASKILL Book Number: 77619 Product format: Hardback Long after her death, Daphne du Maurier's novels and short stories continue to thrill readers worldwide. Many of them, such as Frenchman's Creek, Rebecca and Jamaica Inn, as well as short stories like Don't Look Now and The Birds, have been made into successful films. The daughter of Sir Gerald du Maurier - the leading actor-manager of his day - she grew up in a wildly imaginative 'Peter Pan' world, peopled by London's most eminent writers and actors. When she was 19, she moved to Cornwall. She loved the place and its people, and they inspired her to write her first novel, The Loving Spirit, a work which so affected a young major in the Grenadier Guards (later Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick Browning) that he sailed to Fowey in his boat Ygdrasil to meet, and eventually to marry the author. Could any fictional story be more romantic than that? A bewitching evocation of place was to remain a feature of the acclaimed author's writing, and the reason for much of her enduring popularity. In a sensitive appraisal of that quality, Hilary Macaskill explores the homes and landscapes of the celebrated writer's life, and how these relate to her work - sometimes in unexpected ways. Generously illustrated with little-seen material from the family archive, as well as new colour photographs, this is a book which will transport anyone who has ever lost themselves between the covers of a Daphne du Maurier novel. 144 pages 25.5cm x 25.5cm lavishly illustrated with colour and b/w archive photos. Published price: £25 Bibliophile price: £6.00
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TRADITIONAL WOODEN TOYS: Their History and How to Make Them
TRADITIONAL WOODEN TOYS: Their History and How to Make Them CYRIL HOBBINS Book Number: 74421 Product format: Hardback The author was a carpenter by trade and between joinery jobs designed, built and painted scenery for local theatres. When he semi-retired in 1988 he dedicated himself to one of his favourite pastimes, the research and re-creation of traditional wooden toys, and in this book he shares his passion with us. They are toys that are created from the heart, not for money; they are made by adapting and improving old designs and thus have stood the test of time and have proven their appeal over centuries. On the rare occasions they wear out, they are simply fixed. Cyril first discusses the history of toys and toymaking, and then gives us a list of the basic tools, materials and skills you will need to make your own. Then come the toys themselves, divided up into categories such as animated, balancing, climbing, spinning, wheeled, elastic band-powered, whistles, rattles and noisemakers, optical, flying, catching, dolls, puppets and the particularly wonderful "toys that amaze and puzzle" section which includes the ingenious magic propeller, the only voice-operated wooden toy in the world, and the cheeky snake in a box. Over 150 toys fully illustrated, described and explained, with extensive instructions upon their construction and popular variations. Over 40 nostalgically timeless toys! 180pp, 8½"×10¼". Published price: £20 Bibliophile price: £8.00
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THE ART OF PIN UP EDITED BY DIAN HANSON Book Number: 76015 Product format: Hardback With a carry case for added protection, 'The Art of Pin Up' is a truly spectacular publication, designed to the highest quality with a raised lipstick-red title embossed on the cover, a peephole with stockinged legs and high heel shoes to get you interested, and a classic Gil Elvgren see-through negligée-clad blonde beauty inviting you inside. Each chapter opens with a tipped-in colour reproduction of an original calendar or magazine cover by that artist. Deliciously erotic, clothed, semi-clad, in sheer stockings, teasingly kneeling down or cross-legged, always provocatively posed and inviting, these stylised beauties have great artistic and erotic appeal not only for the nostalgia of the era they evoke but the fun attitude to sex and their femininity and sexuality. A volume to be prized just for the tipped in illustrations alone among the hundreds and hundreds featured in this magnificent collection. Formidably sized, this comprehensive collector's edition is an impressive book. The top 10 artists are profiled in depth include Peter Driben, Arthur 'Art' Frahm, William 'Bill' Bedcalf, Earl Moran, Zoë Mozert, George Petty IV, Alberto Vargas and others. Gil Elvgren painted 700 iconic images alone! The reproduction quality of the paintings, pastels, and preparatory sketches that follow, largely sourced from the original art, invites the viewer to trace the brush strokes, while the exquisite period calendars, vintage prints, and original model photos document the artists' creative process. Much of these ephemera were photographed on-site at the historic Brown & Bigelow Company, home to the world's largest archive of vintage pin-up calendars. Pin up drawings, paintings and pastels of an idealised female face and figure intended for public display, was produced between 1920 and 1970, for use on calendars, magazine covers and centrefolds. The majority of original paintings were discarded by publishers and calendar companies after printing, making the surviving art that much more precious. Includes thumbnail bios and representative art of 85 additional artists. 11.4" x 15.6", 546 pages. Four spectacular gatefolds. Text in English, French and German. Product is still available in limited quantities Bibliophile price: £135.00
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GUSTAV KLIMT: Complete Paintings
GUSTAV KLIMT: Complete Paintings TOBIAS NATTER Book Number: 81868 Product format: Hardback A century after his death, Viennese artist Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) still startles with his unabashed eroticism, dazzling surfaces, and artistic experimentation. This monograph gathers all of Klimt's major works alongside authoritative art historical commentary and privileged access to the artist's archive. With top quality illustration, including new photography of the celebrated Stoclet Frieze, the book follows Klimt through his prominent role in the Secessionist movement of 1897, his candid rendering of the female body, and his lustrous "golden phase" when gold leaf brought a shimmering tone and texture to such beloved works as The Kiss and Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, also known as The Woman in Gold. Through luminous spreads and carefully curated details, the monograph traces the repertoire of Japanese, Byzantine and allegorical stimuli that informed Klimt's flattened perspectives, his symbolic vocabulary and his mosaic-like textures. Drawing upon contemporary critics and voices, the book also examines the art world's polarized reception to Klimt's pictures as much as his own stylistic trajectory. From his landscape painting to erotic works to the controversial ceiling for the Great Hall of the University of Vienna, we see how Klimt's mixture of tradition and daring divided the press and public - becried by some as a pornographer, hailed by others as a modern maestro. 9.8" x 13.4", 604 pages. New from Taschen. Bibliophile price: £50.00
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ATLAS OF HUMAN ANATOMY JORDI VIGUÉ ET AL Book Number: 80100 Product format: Paperback Anatomy is the science that describes the macroscopic structures of the human body and complements cytology (the microscopic study of cells) and histology (the study of bodily tissues). Collapsing civilisations, warfare and religious beliefs saw the Western study of anatomy effectively stagnate for over 1,200 years until the Renaissance period and the invention of printing and then the microscope saw the first widely available books describing the human body, the ancestors of this magnificent volume. This is the 2015 734pp 8¼"×10¾"softback edition and is as comprehensive a volume as you will ever see. It is arranged into 15 main sections, colour coded on the page edges for quick selection, these being Overview, Skin, Joints, the Muscular, Skeletal, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Respiratory, Nephro-Urinary, Genital, Immune, Endocrine and Nervous Systems, Sense Organs and finally a comprehensive index and bibliography. The quality of illustration is of the highest order, astounding in its quality and clarity, and fully annotated. Where appropriate (e.g. to distinguish veins and arteries) colour coding is used and where there are notable differences between the sexes in any aspect both male and female anatomy is shown. There are boxes adjacent to the illus. that explain things further and each section also has its own overview explaining main functions of the system described. The diagrams etc are excellent, but the translation of the text from the original Spanish is frequently terrible. The blurb on the back cover is almost unintelligible! Apologies. Diagrams are amazing. Published price: £49.95 Bibliophile price: £20.00
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WILLIAM BLAKE: THE DRAWINGS FOR DANTE'S DIVINE COMEDY SEBASTIAN SCHÜTZE Book Number: 76010 Product format: Hardback A spectacularly heavyweight catalogue of the line engravings, colour drawings and illustrations for the magnum opus, Homer bearing the sword and his companions, with the ancient poets, Minos, Dante running from the three beasts plus other drawings to illustrate and introduce the connection between Blake and Dante. One of our favourites is Dante and Virgil in Hell, page 45 and the fold-out of The Circle of Gluttons, with Serberus. Celebrated around the world as a literary monument, The Divine Comedy, completed in 1321 and written by Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), is widely considered the greatest work ever composed in the Italian language. The epic poem describes Dante's journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven, representing, on a deeper level, the soul's path towards salvation. In the last few years of his life, Romantic poet and artist William Blake (1757-1827) produced 102 illustrations for Dante's masterwork, from pencil sketches to finished watercolours. Like Dante's sweeping poem, Blake's drawings range from scenes of infernal suffering to celestial light, from horrifying human disfigurement to the perfection of physical form. While faithful to the text, Blake also brought his own perspective to some of Dante's central themes. Today, Blake's illustrations, left in various stages of completion at the time of his death, are dispersed among seven different institutions. This edition brings these works together again, alongside key excerpts from Dante's masterpiece. Two introductory essays consider Dante and Blake, as well as other major artists who have been inspired by The Divine Comedy, including Sandro Botticelli, Michelangelo, Eugène Delacroix, Gustave Doré and Auguste Rodin. With a close reading of Blake's illustrations, and 14 fold-out spreads to allow the most delicate of details to dazzle, this is a breathtaking encounter with two of the finest artistic talents in history, as well as with such universal themes as love, guilt, punishment, revenge and redemption. Cloth-bound hardcover with fold-outs, 11.2 x 15.6", 324 pages, with satin bookmark. Boxed with carry handle. New from Taschen. Product is still available in limited quantities Bibliophile price: £100.00
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GOAT: GREATEST OF ALL TIME: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali
GOAT: GREATEST OF ALL TIME: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali BENEDIKT TASCHEN Book Number: 76673 Product format: Hardback Four years in the making and the most comprehensive study of Muhammad Ali to date, GOAT chronicles six decades of his life in stunning detail. The project took place with the participation of Ali himself and those members of his inner circle who have been closest to him over the years, from managers and key corner men to friends, family and children, from spiritual and other advisors to broadcasters and journalists. A tome as heavyweight as the great man himself, Taschen's epic book is a phenomenal artefact that reflects the scale of Ali's many achievements. The coverage, depth, creativity and dazzling energy of its extraordinary subject is captured in over 1000 images, photography, art and memorabilia, as well as the best interviews and writing of the last five decades. It is a complete picture of the Champ. Originally published in 2003 in a limited edition signed by Muhammad Ali, it is here available in an updated and revised edition, October 2010, and now in a finite supply of which Bibliophile is permitted to discount. The current Amazon price is 79.98 pounds. Measuring 39.6 x 9.7 x 49cm and weighing many kilos, it has 652 pages in glorious colour and comes in a special carry case for safe mailing and protection. See the glistening skin in the ring, that face of determination, the words of wisdom, the generosity of the humble sportsman, the Gorilla in Manila grinning broadly and many of his fantastic sayings and thoughts: 'White people are good thinkers, man, but they are crazy.' Get under the skin with this, the biggest, heaviest and most radiant book ever printed on the man who could float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. UK mainland despatch only due to weight of 6.85kg. Product is still available in limited quantities Published price: £99.99 Bibliophile price: £65.00
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From The Book of Kells to Boccaccio's Decameron and from the Vienna Genesis to Dante's Divine Comedy, to open the world's most famous illuminated manuscript Codices Illustres is to open the door into a precious, private world. This radiant book brings you face to face with 167 of the most exquisite and important manuscripts of the medieval age. From Vergilius Vaticanus, the Vienna Genesis, the Book of Durrow and the Lindisfarne Gospels, the Utrecht Psalter, Aratea, the Vivian Bible, the Joshua Roll, the Paris Psalter, the Gospels of Otto III, Winchester Bible, Book of Antidotes, Bestiary all appear. Of course there is also the Duc Jean de Berry, Books of Hours, Boccaccio, The Black Prayer Book, the Flemish Calendar, the History of Akbar and oh, so many more. To convey the sheer wealth of colours used in the original books, 212 pages were printed with gold as a fifth colour. Our edition contains a total of 66 double page illustrations and a further 20 important manuscripts not treated in the main text like Ptolemy's Cosmography and Terence of the Dukes. Hundreds and hundreds of examples presented in brilliant reproductions, these paradigms of miniature painting and illumination from the 4th century to 1600 were once the property of some of the greatest power players in history. Although the focus of this collection is on European manuscripts, 23 examples are from Mexican, Persian, Ottoman and Indian tradition illustrate the refinement and intricacy of manuscript illumination in non-European cultures. An informative synopsis for each manuscript orients the reader at a glance, while a 36 page appendix contains biographies of the artists. Index and a glossary of technical terms. An expert text, 17.2 x 24 cm, 504 heavy, glossy, richly coloured pages, satin pagemarker, cloth bound. Previously published by Taschen as 'Masterpieces of Illumination'. ORDER A COPY HERE:- https://www.bibliophilebooks.com/epages/Bibliophile.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Bibliophile/Products/84168
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PASSION FOR MEISSEN ULRICH PIETSCH Book Number: 73868 Product format: Hardback Early Meissen porcelain is much esteemed among collectors. Established on 6th June 1710, Meissen, with all its technical and artistic achievements and innovations, set trends in both design and decorative painting on porcelain. An upper class consisting of newly rich merchants and shipping magnets and bankers built magnificently showy villas in the European greenbelt circling the great cities and it is they who had the great desire for these works of art in porcelain. The publication of the Said and Roswitha Marouf Collection focuses the viewer's eye on the magnificent artwork on the Meissen porcelain manufactory. It is a feast for the senses and the collection documented here provides a representative survey of the early period especially in the area of painting. There are outstanding works by Johann Gregorious Höroldt and his workshop and also the small sculptural work of Johann Joachim Kaendler. 600 reproductions including numerous large format close ups of 200 artworks showing Chinese figures in bold colours decorating plates, coffee and teapots, cups and saucers, chocolate cups, ladles, spoons and bowels, tureens and of course figures, some mounted on splendiferous gilded candelabras. 352 pages, 24.7 x 32.7cm. Delicious colour throughout. Published price: £55 Bibliophile price: £30.00
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HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY FROM 1839 TO THE PRESENT GEORGE EASTMAN HOUSE COLL. Book Number: 77240 Product format: Hardback An outstanding art collection of hundreds of images. From a delivery boy to one of the most important industrialists in American history, George Eastman's career developed in a particularly American way. The founder of Kodak died in 1932 and left his house to the University of Rochester. Since 1949 the site has operated as an international museum of photography and film and today holds the largest collection of its kind in the world. The continually expanding photography collection contains over 400,000 images and negatives, among them the work of Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen, Ansel Adams and others, as well as 23,000 cinema films, five million film stills, one of the most important silent film collections, technical equipment and a library with 40,000 books on photography and film. The George Eastman House is a pilgrimage site and a place of worship for researchers, photographers and collectors from all over the world. This volume shows in chronological order the most impressive images and the most important developments in the art of light that is photography. It provides in its huge collection and themes a unique survey of the medium from its origins until now. Great value. Pagemarker, 768 pages, new from Taschen. Bibliophile price: £13.00
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HIGHLANDERS: A History of the Highland Clans
HIGHLANDERS: A History of the Highland Clans FITZROY MACLEAN Book Number: 71487 Product format: Paperback There are very few people who are not bowled over by the colourful history and the apparel of Scotland. Surely there can be no sexier outfit for a man than the kilt, long socks and jacket of the traditional costume, all in the complicated tartan weaves that have been worn for hundreds of years? Queen Victoria herself was mad about tartan, and decorated Balmoral Castle with a wealth of it. In this extraordinary and romantic account of the Highlanders, from their earliest Celtic origins to the modern day, Sir Fitzroy MacLean - himself a Knight of the Thistle, Scotland's highest chivalric order - sheds light on the character and motivation of the clans and brings vividly to life their highly dramatic stories. The reproduction of early Scottish artefacts is exquisite. We especially love the Book of Deer, from the 9th century, an early example of a Gaelic manuscript which contains the complete gospel of St John and a number of fragments from other Gospels. Another favourite of ours is the chessmen, carved from walrus ivory in the mid-13th century and probably originating in Skye. Each mail-clad figure holds a sword in his right hand and a shield over his left. The volume omits nothing, from Robert the Bruce and Bannockburn, through the Lords of the Isles and the Clan Wars, on to the early Stuarts, the doomed Mary Queen of Scots, the Jacobite Risings of the 18th century, the tragic 19th century Clearances which so nearly meant the end of Scotland, and so to the present day. 276 softback pages, 23cm x 29cm, lavishly illustrated in brilliant colour, with Clan Glossary and Examples of Tartans. Published price: $35 Bibliophile price: £16.00
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TIMES COMPREHENSIVE ATLAS OF THE WORLD: 13th Edition TIMES BOOKS Book Number: 78511 Product format: Hardback This 13th edition is the latest publication of what has evolved since The Times first published a world atlas in 1895. Commissioned from John Bartholomew & Son, the renowned Edinburgh cartographers, production took 15 years and had 112 map plates. With many revisions between 1955 and 1960, this present 2011 edition has 123 plates, all redesigned to give a less Euro-centric view and a more balanced view of the world, and revised to reflect the latest geopolitical changes. The introductory section combines unique continental satellite images, dramatic views of the universe, thematic maps, photographs, graphics and contributions from experts in many fields to illustrate a range of important geographical topics. New material on the highly topical issues of climate change and the global economy are included and statistical information fully revised. The publication itself is simply beautiful. Slipcased and published at £150, here first time discounted, this massive tome measures 12" across by 18" tall, a true heavyweight at 224 pages. With extensive index in small but extremely clear print, plus a very useful A-Z glossary, the maps themselves are simply stunning. In colour with varying scales, island insets, city plans, abbreviations explained, administrative divisions numbered for Libya and Egypt for example, Swiss Cantons and Italian provinces numbered, there is a huge page marker to use. We discover the Earth of today, stars and planets and the atlas is arranged by continents plus Antarctica and the oceans. You will spend hours just gazing at the satellite images at the beginning alone! 'Easily the best atlas there is' according to Bill Bryson and 'The ultimate starting point for planning any adventure or expedition… By far and away the greatest book on earth' according to Ranulph Fiennes. A truly stunning publication. Save £100. Published price: £150 Bibliophile price: £50.00
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INVENTIONS, RESEARCHES AND WRITINGS OF NIKOLA TESLA Unknown    Book Number: 82269    Product format: Hardback Today the Tesla motor car is the most well known electric car, highly desired but still expensive. His technology is used in new solar panels currently being marketed in California to create energy for the home. There is no doubt of the enduring legacy of this American genius who said, 'Each day we go to our work in the hope of discovering.' Written in his own words, these papers are fully supported by diagrams and other technical material and have been bound by the famous New York publisher Barnes & Noble into a handsome bronze leather binding with silver tooling, silver gilded page edges and satin bookmarker. Some original advertising has been used on the endpapers. 497 collectable pages in this new publication. From the 1893 foreword, 'The present volume is a simple record of the pioneer work done in such departments up to date, by Mr Nikola Tesla, in whom the world has already recognised one of the foremost of modern electrical investigators and inventors. No attempt whatever has been made here to emphasise the importance of his researches and discoveries. Great ideas and real inventions win their own way, determining their own place by intrinsic merit. But with the conviction that Mr Tesla is blazing a path that if electrical development must follow for many years to come...it is worthy of preservation.' His new systems of alternating current motors and transformers, the Tesla rotating magnetic field, motors with closed conductors, synchronising motors, rotating field transformers, modifications and expansions of the Polyphase systems, generators and current, self-starting synchronising motors, transformation from a torque to a synchronising motor, 'magnetic lag' motor, the induction motor are all covered in just part one of this magnificent volume. The full scope of the Tesla Lectures in New York 1891 and London 1892 and Philadelphia 1893, here are all the miscellaneous inventions and writings, early phase motors and the Tesla oscillators. 16.8 x 24 x 4cm. Bibliophile price: £30.00
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THE BEATLES: The BBC Archives 1962-1970
THE BEATLES: The BBC Archives 1962-1970 KEVIN HOWLETT Book Number: 77876 Product format: Hardback The Beatles arrived at the BBC for a radio audition in February 1962, and none of the four lads from Liverpool was older than 21. Pretty soon they were acting like they owned the place! No fewer than 275 unique musical performances by the Beatles were broadcast of which 36 of the songs were never issued on record while the group was in existence. Many of the original tapes and unreleased tracks and cover versions on tape were lost until 1982. Pop Goes The Beatles had been a treasure trove of unreleased songs. Among the collectable paraphernalia in the box set is a lovely 9" square publicity photographic print of the fab four on quality paper, a BBC Audience Research Report and an extraordinary letter to the Chairman of EMI explaining 'most courteously' why the BBC had decided not to play the track 'A Day In The Life' because of the words 'I'd love to turn you on'. The 336 page hardcover book draws on rare photographs and previously unpublished BBC interviews, transcripts from exclusive access to archival material. From the excitement of Beatlemania to the mature reflections of the last interviews, it was all seen and heard on the BBC. A luxury production, 10" square, boxed with facsimile of historic archival documents. Published price: $60 Bibliophile price: £15.00
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PIRELLI - THE CALENDAR 50 YEARS AND MORE PHILIPPE DAVERIO Book Number: 77249 Product format: Hardback The notoriously exclusive Pirelli Calendar, featuring glamorous shots of topless, nude or semi-clad beautiful women in swimwear, was first published in 1964. Reserved for important clients and VIPs, the calendar has since grown into a legend of its own, showcasing the beauty of models such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Gisele Bündchen, a very young Naomi Campbell Dec 1987, Laetitia Casta, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christiensen, Pene?lope Cruz, Milla Jovovich, Heidi Klum, Angela Lindvall, Sophia Loren and Kate Moss. The beaches and seaside locations are as inviting as the lips, lollies, fags, curves and draped clothes. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the now-legendary institution that is the Pirelli Calendar, Taschen brings you a retrospective volume through the decades right up to 2015 reproducing the complete calendars, photographed by Richard Avedon, Peter Beard, Terence Donovan, Patrick Demarchelier, Nick Knight, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Annie Leibovitz, Peter Lindbergh, Sarah Moon, Helmut Newton, Uwe Ommer, Terry Richardson, Herb Ritts, Mario Sorrenti, Bert Stern, Mario Testino, Bruce Weber and many others. Bonus features include rarely and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes and relaxed images of the shoots, the unpublished 1963 calendar, and a selection of "censored" images deemed too risqué by the editors of the time. With an interview with art directors Derek Forsyth and Martyn Walsh. Text in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. Colour. Lavishly produced landscape hardback with glossy quality paper, satin cloth cover, silver tooling. All the glamour shots are beautifully staged with costumes, hairstyles, jewellery and undoubtedly the most beautiful young women. Herb Ritts' 1984 calendar is packed with the most well-known models! 11.8" x 11.8", 576 pages, gatefold pp.270-276 and 477-484. Bibliophile price: £45.00
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A CHRONICLE OF THE CRUSADES SÉBASTIEN MAMEROT Book Number: 77255 Product format: Hardback Own your own beautifully illuminated codices of the Late Middle Ages. Completed circa 1474, Sébastien Mamerot's lavishly illustrated manuscript is the only contemporary document to describe several centuries of French crusades, when successive kings tried to seize the Holy Land. Jean Colombe, the medieval illuminator best known for his work on the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, is the principal artist. Les Passages d'Outremer (The Expeditions to Overseas) comprises 277 parchment folios, illustrated by Colombe and the finest calligraphers of the medieval era, and now resides in the French national library. This new edition comprises a complete translation of the manuscript text, illustrated with 66 exquisite colourful miniatures by Jean Colombe, and their explanations. The battles, burials, coronations and processions depicted in the illustrations come to life before our eyes and recreate this centuries-long campaign of religious fervor and epic journey. It traces the wars between the Christians and Muslims as they fought to control Jerusalem. Europe was united as men and women became soldiers of the cross. See the great city of Damascus in Syria Minor (aka Phoenicia of Lebanon) founded by Damas and the arrivals of the Crusaders in 1148. 5.5" x 7.7", 760 pages. Colour. New from Taschen. Bibliophile price: £13.00
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Order yours here:- http://www.bibliophilebooks.com/epages/Bibliophile.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Bibliophile/Products/83001 French flower painter Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) devoted himself exclusively to capturing the diversity of flowering plants in watercolour paintings which were then published as copper engravings, with careful botanical descriptions. The darling of wealthy Parisian patrons including Napoleon's wife Josephine, he was dubbed "the Raphael of flowers", and is regarded to this day as a master of botanical illustration. This huge and elegant catalogue brings together all engravings from Redouté's illustrations of Roses and Choix des plus belles fleurs (Selection of the Most Beautiful Flowers) and the most astounding images from The Lilies 1802-1816. Offering a vibrant overview of Redouté's mixture of accuracy and beauty, it is also a privileged glimpse into the magnificent gardens and greenhouses of a bygone Paris. 25 x 34.5cm, 608 pages. His illustrations of the Botanical Alphabets of D. N. Guillamain were a landmark in flower painting and he was an innovator in the techniques of printing including 'stipple-engraving'. This glorious and completely faithful reproduction includes the entire three volumes of Roses from 1817-1824 following The Lilies 1802-1816 and Selection of the Most Beautiful Flowers, each exquisite botanical illustration afforded one huge full page in colour. Quality heavyweight paper, stitched binding, one for all lovers of nature and art. With text in English, French and German. Beautiful colour artworks, new from Taschen, superheavyweight luxury hardback.
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WHAT PAINTINGS SAY: 100 Masterpieces in Detail
WHAT PAINTINGS SAY: 100 Masterpieces in Detail ROSE-MARIE & RAINER HAGEN Book Number: 79582 Product format: Hardback Enjoy in detail Christ Among The Doctors by Dürer, The Marriage at Cana, Hunters in the Snow (Bruegel), The Massacre of the Triumvirate (Caron), The Origin of the Milky Way (Tintoretto), Judith and Her Maia (Gentileschi), The Love Garden (Rubens) to The Balcony (Manet) and Female Textile Workers, 1927 (Deineka). This important addition to our understanding of art history's masterworks puts some of the world's most famous paintings under a magnifying glass to uncover their most small and subtle elements and all they reveal about a bygone time, place and culture. Guiding our eye to the minutiae of subject and symbolism, the authors allow even the most familiar of pictures to come alive anew through their intricacies and intrigues. Is the bride pregnant? Why does the man wear a beret? How does the shadow of war hang over a scene of dancing? Along the way, we travel in the art world from Ancient Egypt through to modern Europe, from the Renaissance to the Roaring Twenties. These celebrated canvases captivate not only in their sheer wealth of details but also in the witness they bear to the fashions and trends, people and politics, loves and lifestyles of their time. 5.5" x 7.7", 788 pages, new budget edition from Taschen. Bibliophile price: £13.00
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HOLY BIBLE WITH ILLUSTRATIONS FROM THE VATICAN LIBRARY TURNER PUBLISHING Book Number: 79025 Product format: Hardback Based on one of the supreme masterpieces of 15th century art and bookmaking, this spectacular volume presents The Holy Scriptures reproduced from a one-of-a-kind handcrafted world treasure completed by a Florentine book dealer in 1478, the text having taken the scribe Ugo Comminelli of Mézières four years to write by hand. The numerous illuminations gracing the original parchment papers of the Urbino Bible were hand painted by such masters as Domenico and Davide Ghirlandaio. The present volume makes use of all the major illustrations from that bible and includes countless other artistic details such as decorative borders, column dividers, and illuminated and historiated initial capitals. This extraordinary family heirloom Bible also draws illustrations from 30 additional manuscript volumes in the Vatican Library featuring painters such as Pietro Perugino and Bernardino Pinturicchio. By commissioning special formulations of metallic-gold ink and applying them to the printed pages in detailed hand-silhouetted from the original gold, Turner Publishing in this first edition has created a modern bible with all the special qualities of an historic facsimile. 700 full colour illustrations, 1312 pages, satin bookmarker, maroon watermarked silk binding, gilt-edged pages, matching silk bound slipcase and colour wrapper, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy the most beautiful family heirloom bible we have ever seen. With masterpieces of Renaissance art with the modern text of the Bible most widely accepted by all religious denominations, the New Standard Revised Version. Super heavyweight, 10½" x 14½". Only UK delivery. Note our copy had some tiny glue problem in opening first pages. No returns. Published price: $599.99 Bibliophile price: £150.00
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NICHOLAS HILLIARD KAREN HEARN Book Number: 72508 Product format: Hardback As the leading Elizabethan miniaturist, Hilliard painted many notable characters of the era, including the Queen's favourites: Sir Walter Ralegh, Sir Christopher Hatton, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and the ill-fated and rebellious Earl of Essex. Above all, Hilliard created several powerful portraits of Queen Elizabeth herself. The "Phoenix" portrait reproduced here shows a confident woman in her early forties who looks straight ahead. By contrast, the locket of 1600, a year before she died, shows an idealised portrait with flowing golden hair, symbolic of her continuing vitality but also designed to mislead. Other royal sitters include Elizabeth's successor James VI and her rival Mary Queen of Scots, while a portrait of Henry VIII is copied from Holbein's celebrated study. Costumes indicate status and wealth, but Hilliard's images also convey personality. Among many unknown women is an elegant lady who may be Essex's sister, Lady Penelope Rich, celebrated in the poetry of Sir Philip Sidney. Hilliard's importance rests partly on a treatise about his working methods, covering both theory and practice and including some personal biography. Born into a Protestant family in 1547, he was sent abroad during the reign of Catholic Queen Mary and trained as a goldsmith on his return, probably learning techniques of painting at the same time. Small format, 93pp, 30 colour reproductions. Published price: £19.95 Bibliophile price: £10.00
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Slipcased, scarlet clothbound gold tooled 'gift' edition richly illustrated with more than 50 facsimile images from Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks and several of his most famous works of art including The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa. Leonardo's notebooks contained a plethora of his thoughts on art, general opinions as well as practical advice on topics ranging from technical detail on how to use sfumato shading and perspective to creating lifelike painting. The translations for his notebooks include sections on judging your own picture and on the way to fix in your mind the form of a face. There are preparatory sketches reproduced here and an explanation of The Last Supper, who was drinking and left the cup in his place and turned his head towards the speaker, the twists of fingers, hands open showing palms, raising shoulders towards ears and gapes in astonishment - every movement noted. Following the art chapter is the science chapter on anatomy and physical sciences where his manuscripts show his study of anatomy, astronomy, optics, geology, engineering and aerodynamics. His drawings cover the skeleton, internal organs, nervous system and musculature and his work could have transformed early modern medicine if published earlier. He also used mathematics and empirical observation to work on bird flight. He was effectively the founder of modern science. The final section looks at Designs which range from architectural plans and down-to-earth dredges and hydraulic machines for Milan's canal system to fanciful flying machines. Each was based on a combination of theory, rigorous observation and testing and he scrawled down in his notebooks thousands of ideas - designs for weapons and elaborate war machines along with notes on tactics and strategy. British Museum drawings and manuscripts are reproduced in facsimile on these 160 glossy quality pages. Slipcased, first time reduced by special arrangement direct with the publisher ORDER YOUR COPY HERE:- http://www.bibliophilebooks.com/epages/Bibliophile.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Bibliophile/Products/83588
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TOM OF FINLAND XXL EDWARD LUCIE-SMITH & D. HANSON Book Number: 68472 Product format: Hardback Let us introduce you to the masterful art of Touko Laaksonen. Laaksonen, better known as Tom of Finland, enjoyed an intense cult following in the international gay community but was largely unknown to the broader audience. The huge XXL tome contains over 1,000 images, covering six decades of the artist's career and features many drawings, paintings and sketches never previously reproduced. These are macho males who enjoy each other's company. Bulging leather trousers, huge pecks, pecks on cheeks - Touko thrills with defined beautiful bodies and faces of sailors, California bikers, prisoners and ordinary Joes in bold colour artworks and drawings. Other images have only been seen out of context and are presented here in the sequential order Tom intended for full artistic appreciation and erotic impact. From sensitive portraits to frank sexual pleasure to tender expressions of love and haunting tributes to young men struck down by AIDS. Completing this collector's edition are eight specially commissioned essays on Tom's social and personal impact by Camille Paglia, John Waters, Armistead Maupin, Todd Oldham and others, plus a scholarly analysis of individual drawings by art historian Edward Lucie-Smith. 29 x 40.5 cm, 666 pages. New from Taschen. UK delivery only. Product is still available in limited quantities Bibliophile price: £135.00
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MAGNETIC STORM: Roger Dean MARTYN DEAN & COLIN GREENLAND Book Number: 69441 Product format: Hardback First published to great critical acclaim in 1984, we are thrilled to have this US reprint which we have imported. Magnetic Storm followed in the groundbreaking footsteps of the million selling 'Views' of 1975. Once again using a large format and lavish colour production to showcase the unique art and design of Roger Dean, this iconic book is a retrospective of the astonishing breadth of work accomplished since the publication of its predecessor. Embracing designs for record sleeves, rock stages, movie projects, architecture, games consoles, landscapes and books, this volume features everything from innovative aircraft livery to the Yes logo. This edition streamlines the original format and retains the combination of concept sketches and the finished artworks, many full page and in really glowing, otherworldly colour, revised design and typography and a new foreword plus a newly finished painting that Roger supplied especially for the front cover. It is a wonderful showcase and celebration of an art form that defined an era with names such as The Flights of Icarus, The War of the Worlds, The Mabinogion and The Adventures of Tinker the Hole-Eating Duck. Unbelievably beautiful design. Large format. Published price: $29.99 Bibliophile price: £6.50
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GRAMMAR OF ORNAMENT OWEN JONES Book Number: 69621 Product format: Paperback This classic Victorian compendium of decorative art was produced in 1856, long before the 20th century theories of functionalism called into question the necessity of adorning buildings with lavish decoration. The author, Owen Jones, voyaged throughout the Mediterranean as a young man and in 1850 joined a group of architects working on the Crystal Palace, creating displays in the styles of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Alhambra. This book is divided into 20 chapters, each covering a particular historical style and including Jones's analysis of the structural and aesthetic qualities of examples from each culture. Although he starts with "savage tribes" he recognises the beauty and skill of such artefacts as an ancient Maori paddle which "would rival works of the highest civilisation". The ancient world is followed by Byzantine, Turkish, Moorish, Indian, Hindu, Chinese and Celtic ornament. In the Medieval section, beautiful line-drawings of Romanesque capitals are accompanied by ten pages of colour motifs from stained glass and illuminated manuscripts, and this is followed by the Renaissance ornament developed in Italy by masters such as Donatello and Ghiberti. The author concludes with drawings from nature identifying the geometrical structure of leaves, flowers and fruit as the universal basis for ornament. This fascinating history gives an insight not only into the decorative arts of the world but also the viewpoint of a Victorian designer at a particular moment in British history. 228pp, softback, 112 colour pages and numerous line drawings. Bibliophile price: £15.00
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TREASURES OF LED ZEPPELIN BOX SET CHRIS WELCH Book Number: 79949 Product format: Hardback Album cover-sized box set with tactile black velvet lettering on the slipcase, here is an unofficial publication by the Melody Maker journalist who was there to witness firsthand throughout 1970s life, touring and music as he interviewed all members of the band many times. Led Zeppelin were rock 'n' roll. Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John 'Bonzo' Bonham are legends. The band set records for albums sold, concert attendance and their chemistry on stage and in the studio still amazes new generations of rock fans all these years later. They created magical music and the story of the band is a whirlwind ride. Fascinating and rare facsimile memorabilia, full size colour tour posters, ticket stubs, programmes, flyers, souvenirs, a Polaroid photo, press advertising poster for a concert in Birmingham Town Hall 1971, a rare flyer for Tokyo 1972, a ticket for the premier of 'The Song Remains the Same' 1977, these and many more are items you would never normally get your hands on. Full discography, a chronicle of their times told in words and rare pictures in both colour and black and white in 11" x 10" approx 62 page first edition. Published price: £25 Bibliophile price: £18.50
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COSMOS GILES SPARROW & DAVA SOBEL Book Number: 79269 Product format: Hardback Measuring 19½" x 16¼" in its carry-handle slipcase, this deluxe edition contains over 450 of the most spectacular and up-to-date space images. It features the very latest developments in cosmic exploration - the Curiosity Rover on Mars and the Huygens Probe that has reached Saturn's moons, as well as the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Telescope showing the furthest reaches of our galaxy. Printed on high-quality archival paper, the slipcase has a silver glitter effect on black, just like a night sky, the title COSMOS in silver foil, a satin bookmark and the book itself bound in black satin. Even the book has enhanced new technology, allowing you to unlock moving video footage from images in this book by opening the free app and hovering over the special icon with your Smartphone to watch it come to life. The moons of Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, the further reaches of Pluto, Eris, Quaoar, Sedna, comets, star life and supernovae, extreme remnants, the Milky Way and galactic core, large and small Magellanic clouds, Barnard's galaxy, spiral and elliptical galaxies, irregular and active galaxies, clusters, dark matters, the Big Bang and further dark matter. These massive pages are almost artworks in themselves, the glowing colours shaped so otherworldly; the text and fact boxes and timelines printed on the black paper explain as we explore deep into outer space. 224 giant pages published by Quercus. Published price: $99 Bibliophile price: £25.00
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Title: ANDRE DE DIENES, MARILYN: 2 Volumes Slipcased Author: STEVE CRIST Format: Hardback Details: Fashion photographer Andre de Dienes's life was changed forever one day in 1945 when he met a lovely young aspiring model named Norma Jeane Dougherty. He instantly fell in love with her innocence and charm and the two were briefly engaged to be married. They took many adventurous road trips together in those early years, de Dienes shooting Norma Jeane in every possible natural setting in his original, inspired style. He soon built up a huge portfolio of stunning photographs of the smiling brunette which helped to launch her model career and, a few years later, a film career that was to make her a legend as Marilyn Monroe. His entire relationship with the star, including many private moments shared only between the two, is detailed in de Dienes's secret typescript memoirs, which were discovered when Monroe fans ravaged his home after his death in 1988. They are reproduced in facsimile, complete with handwritten amendments. The memoirs tell a beautiful story of love and friendship from the point of view of someone who knew Marilyn intimately. From their trip to see Norma Jeane's mother in a mental hospital to Marilyn's visit to his home a few days before her death, de Dienes recounts all of the emotional moments they shared. The combination of de Dienes's memoirs and an extensive selection of his Monroe photographs (which numbered in the thousands) makes for an unprecedented, personal exploration into the psychology, history, and iconography of one of the world's favourite movie stars. Two volumes in a slipcase, one black one white, cloth bound, 848 pages. New from Taschen. BIBLIOPHILE PRICE: £25.00
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SECRET LANGUAGE OF CHURCHES AND CATHEDRALS RICHARD STEMP Book Number: 69534 Product format: Hardback Subtitled Decoding the Sacred Symbolism of Christianity's Holy Buildings, here a lecturer at the National Gallery takes us from basilicas through Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic and beyond. Who is depicted in that stained glass window? Why are there beasts carved amidst all that beauty? Is there a deeper purpose underlying the exploitation of height and light in the nave? Why is there a pelican on the lectern and ornate foliage on the pillars? The largely illiterate medieval audience could 'read' the symbols of churches and cathedrals and recognise the meanings and stories deliberately encoded into them. Today, in an age less attuned to iconography, such places of worship are often seen merely as magnificent works of architecture. This special and richly adorned book restores the lost spiritual meaning of these fine and fascinating buildings. The book provides an illustrated key by which modern visitors can understand the layout, fabric and decorative symbolism of Christian sacred structures. The book has three parts - from walls to ceilings, with a theme by theme guide identifying significant figures, scenes, stories, animals, flowers and the use of numbers, letters and patterns in paintings, carvings and sculpture. The final part is a historical decoder, tracing the evolution of styles and the layers of meaning. 30 x 24cm with many plans and layouts including Salisbury Cathedral and Durham Cathedral, the Tree of Jesse from St Michael's Hildeshein, Germany, an explanation of water, the cleanser and purifier, a casket from the V&A, the altar, angels and demons, the ecclesiastical calendar, the Ghent altarpiece and much more. Among the colour photographs is a superb double page spread of the Apotheosis of St Ignatius in Rome, and the following pages highlight nine individual scenes to explain the imagery. A truly sumptuous volume of 225pp, colour photos throughout. Published price: £25 Bibliophile price: £12.00
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JOURNEYS OF A LIFETIME NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Book Number: 70708 Product format: Hardback Subtitled 500 of the World's Greatest Trips, for more than a century, National Geographic has journeyed the world, bringing back intriguing stories of far away places. With stunning colour photographs, colour maps and expert advice for making each trip a reality, here is the ultimate adventure book. You will find in it an Alaskan polar bear safari, trekking in Nepal or for those in want of luxury, board the Orient Express and travel from Venice to London. Zoom down the world's longest ski run in Chamonix or follow in the footsteps of Jack Kerouac across America. From truffle-hunting in Italy to Sushi-shopping in Japan, along the way we can explore ancient Egypt, classical Greece, Moorish Spain or Renaissance Italy. Follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great or Charles Darwin and enjoy the fun top ten lists highlighting quirky travel options like the world's top elevator rides, bridges to walk across, steam trains, ancient highways and much, much more and advice from where to sit on a train to what to wear and what to order. Gourmet heaven, culture vultures satisfied, hands-on action adventures, bird's eye views, pilgrimages for readers and dreamers and history fans, this is a book to dip into 500 times over taking us right to Illinois and the Frank Lloyd Wright Oak Park and Amish country to England's most beautiful garden. Plus more than 20 top ten lists in categories ranging from sailing cruises to underground walks and long distance cycle routes. Beautifully laid out and presented and on glossy paper, 400pp 9" x 12". Published price: £25 Bibliophile price: £15.00
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HAMMOND WORLD ATLAS: Book and CD-Rom LANGENSCHEIDT PUBLISHING GROUP Book Number: 69204 Product format: Hardback A rare opportunity to invest in an excellent quality printed world atlas in a special executive edition with CD-Rom by the famous mapmakers for the 21st century. The tome measures 11" x 14½" and contains more than 180 pages with digitised world maps with striking physical relief and 68 detailed inset maps of major metropolitan areas. This gorgeous edition has been enclosed in an attractive slipcase to hold and protect it and is accompanied by a digital version conveniently held in its own protective sleeve. There are striking colour tints and shaded relief to achieve a spectacular three dimensional effect. The edition is padded with a bonded leather cover, silver edged pages, silver foil stamping and a satin ribbon place marker. Updated in this fourth edition to reflect new names and renamed cities and the most current political boundaries, with an easy-to-use 100,000 entry master index, quick reference guide, world locator and time zone maps plus a 64 page thematic section covering deforestation, ozone depletion, the protection of our natural and cultural heritage and more. Plus 48 pages of satellite images to offer stunning views of the Earth - from Mt. Saint Helens to Australia's Great Barrier Reef -, from the perspective of space. Published price: £79.95 Bibliophile price: £40.00
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STANLEY KUBRICK'S NAPOLEON: The Greatest Movie Never Made
Title: STANLEY KUBRICK'S NAPOLEON: The Greatest Movie Never Made Author: ALISON CASTLE Format: Hardback ________________________________________ Details: All special ten books bound in green cloth with gilt embossing for all military enthusiasts. Costumes photographed in colour, interiors, locations and historical figures all very carefully researched. For 40 years, Kubrick fans and film buffs have wondered about the director's mysterious unmade film on Napoleon Bonaparte. Slated for production immediately following the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Kubrick's "Napoleon" was to be at once a character study and a sweeping epic, replete with grandiose battle scenes featuring thousands of extras. To write his original screenplay, Kubrick embarked on two years of intensive research; with the help of dozens of assistants and an Oxford Napoleon specialist, he amassed an unparalleled trove of research and preproduction material, including approximately 15,000 location scouting photographs and 17,000 slides of Napoleonic imagery. No stone was left unturned in Kubrick's nearly-obsessive quest to uncover every piece of information history had to offer about Napoleon. But alas, Kubrick's movie was not destined to be: the film studios, first M.G.M. and then United Artists, decided such an undertaking was too risky at a time when historical epics were out of fashion. Taschen's tribute to this unmade masterpiece makes Kubrick's valiant work available for the first time. Based on the original 2009 limited edition which featured ten books hidden inside of a carved out reproduction of a Napoleon history book, this publication brings together all of the ten books from the original edition reproduced in facsimile: correspondence, costume studies, location scouting photographs, research material, script drafts, and more. Kubrick's final draft is reproduced in its entirety. There is an essay by Jean Tulard on Napoleon in cinema, and a transcript of interviews Kubrick conducted with Oxford professor Felix Markham. Includes keycard access to searchable/downloadable online research database: Kubrick's complete picture file of nearly 17,000 Napoleonic images. Hardback in mock leather, gilt embossed, marble endpapers. Plus keycard, 8" x 13½" tall, 1112 pages BIBLIOPHILE PRICE: £45.00
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In dark, blood-red bonded leather binding with gold and silver tooling and a tipped-in illustration of the Nightingale, colourful decorated endpapers, 697 gilt edged pages and golden satin bookmarker, this is indeed a luxury edition for your library. Begins with The Emperor's New Clothes, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Little Mermaid, The Little Match Girl, A Leaf from Heaven, The Princess and the Pea, Children's Prattle, The Puppet Showman, The Goblin and the Huckster, The Marsh King's Daughter, The Ice Maiden are among the 100 classic tales. In addition to the dozens of exquisite black and white atmospheric line art there are a dozen colour plates, each full page and with a caption from the related tale. 'Everything was burdock, and among it all lived the two last ancient snails. The old white snails were the grandest in the world, that they knew. The forest was on their account, and the Castle too, so that they might be boiled and laid upon a silver dish. They lived very retired and happy, and as they themselves were childless, they had adopted a common little snail, which they brought up as heir own child..." Enter a dream world enjoyed by generations. 697 gilt edged pages. ORDER YOUR COPY HERE:- https://www.bibliophilebooks.com/epages/Bibliophile.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Bibliophile/Products/84607
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