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Lionel's Top 15 for the Colder Weather
I give my top 15. Miss you guys, thanks to everyone for keeping this great thing going.
Views: 2107 Lionel Woods
10 Mindblowing Cheapies
10 fragrances you can get for $25 or less
Views: 30680 Lionel Woods
Dior Home and Dior Homme Intense
I comapre and tell you to save on the regular
Views: 14937 Lionel Woods
Lionel's Top 20 Spring/Summer 2012
I provide my top 20 a few suprises on there 20 - Guerlain Homme 1 - Jardin Fragrance Swap page http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/293521200678690/ Guru Nation Facebook: Clay, Ray Ortega, Andrew...other great splitters http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/222106934487169/ Watch the video to get the rest ;o)
Views: 1465 Lionel Woods
Top Ten Fragrances I own
I give my top ten list.
Views: 2077 Lionel Woods
Top 20 Niche Fall/Winter Fragrances
I give you my top 20
Views: 1883 Lionel Woods
Rant about Fragrance Swap Crooks!
We have to help each other out!
Views: 1096 Lionel Woods
Musc Ravageur Review
I review my favorite from the house of Frederic Malle
Views: 2030 Lionel Woods
Fragrance Haul: Where to Buy Fragrances
Views: 2948 Lionel Woods
Bleecker Street: Bond No 9. Review
I review probably one of my favorite spring/summer scents
Views: 5443 Lionel Woods
Creed Royal Oud Fragrance Review
I review my favorite fragrance
Views: 5239 Lionel Woods
Issey Miyake Intense
A very underrated fall fragrance
Views: 9926 Lionel Woods
Tabarome Millesime by Creed: A Fragrance Review
I review a nice mature fragrance and very understated from the house of Creed
Views: 4021 Lionel Woods
24 The Fragrance Gold: Fragrance Review
The best Gourmand you can buy for the price, and even if it were 50% higher ;o)
Views: 4464 Lionel Woods
Top 10 Fragrances for the Summer
My Top 10 List for this upcoming Texas summer
Views: 6834 Lionel Woods
Patchouli Leaves: Montale Fragrance Review
I review Patchouli Leaves from the house of Montale
Views: 2829 Lionel Woods
Ambre Russe: A Fragrance Review
I review possibly my favorite cold weather scent!!!
Views: 1168 Lionel Woods
David Yurman Limited Edition Fragrance Review
A wonderful rose/oud/rasberry fragrance that can be had for cheap
Views: 2179 Lionel Woods
The Fragrance House Al-Rehab
I talk about a very inexpensive house
Views: 7950 Lionel Woods
Bond No .9 Riverside Drive: A Fragrance Review
I review possibly my favorite green scent from possibly my favorite house.
Views: 3648 Lionel Woods
L'Instant Guerlain Pour Homme EDT Review
I review an underrated fragrance from the house of Guerlain
Views: 4477 Lionel Woods
Frapin 1270 Fragrance Review
I review a lovely yet disappointing fragrance
Views: 1905 Lionel Woods
Montale Aoud Musk: Fragrance Review
I review from the hosue of Montale
Views: 5378 Lionel Woods
Noir de Noir Review Tom Ford
I review one of two of my favorite fragrances.
Views: 8365 Lionel Woods
Excess by Tokyo Milk: First Impression
I give my first impression of a blind buy from the house of Tokyo Milk
Views: 1949 Lionel Woods
Lomani AB Silver Spirit: Fragrance Review
A lovely Aventus like fragrance
Views: 5821 Lionel Woods
My Top 10 Most complimented
Here we go
Views: 26998 Lionel Woods
Don't Sell Your Fragrances...Try Layering! A Recommendation Video
Layering Rochas and La Nuit De L'Homme
Views: 4542 Lionel Woods
Back to Black By Kilian Fragrance Review
I review a great fragrance from the best Fragrance House
Views: 5217 Lionel Woods
Creed Adventus Split Unboxing from Clay
Plain and simple the best Aventus ever but even more importantly do business with Clay! Dude is a top notch splitter!!!
Views: 1274 Lionel Woods
Hugo Boss Bottled Night Review
I review Hugo Boss Night
Views: 7913 Lionel Woods
Geir Ness Review
I review the greatest fragrance ever :o)
Views: 4581 Lionel Woods
By Kilian Sweet Redemption Review
I review Sweet Redemption from the house of Kilian
Views: 1948 Lionel Woods
Thierry Mugler: Pure Havane
I review what has become my favorite Thierry Mugler
Views: 1627 Lionel Woods
Niche Vs Designer- My Final Thoughts and Ten Reasons Why I don't Need Niche
My final thoughts on Niche Fragrances and Designer
Views: 2374 Lionel Woods
Chanel Allure Homme
My favorite from the Chanel house and one of my favorite all time fragrances.
Views: 2835 Lionel Woods
Atelier's Vetiver Fatal Fragrance Review: Seanscoop Shoutout
I review Atelier's Vetiver Fatal and shoutout Seanscoop
Views: 3440 Lionel Woods
Creed Aventus
I review Creed's Aventus.
Views: 10489 Lionel Woods
Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense Fragrance Review
I review a very underrated signature scent from the Prada Powerhouse
Views: 5020 Lionel Woods
Lomani AB Spirit Silver another Aventus clone? Maybe
via YouTube Capture
Views: 3133 Lionel Woods
Lionel's Top 15 for Spring
Terre D' Hermes Allure Homme Roadster Tabarome Milisimme Riverside Drive GIT Cereus 7 Dolce and Gabbana PH Anucci for men Grey Vetiver Hermes Un Jardin mediterranne Platinum EGOISte Prada Amber Pour Homme Geir Ness Dior Homme
Views: 1841 Lionel Woods
Michael Kors Michael For Men: Fragrance Review
I review a spicy/fuity/woody fragrance, that is a great signature/romantic wear
Views: 4800 Lionel Woods
Chergui by Serge Lutens A Fragrance Review
I review one of my favorite fragrances
Views: 4118 Lionel Woods
Dolce Light Blue Living Stromboli Fragrance Review
I review Dolce Light Blue Stromboli,
Views: 3838 Lionel Woods
First Impression/Cheapie Recommendation: Unbreakable by Khloe and Lamar Odom
I give my first impression of a lovely fragrance very understated
Views: 1186 Lionel Woods
Vince Camuto Homme (2014 Blue Bottle)
I review Vince Camuto's new release. Homme
Views: 5329 Lionel Woods
Tom Ford Plum Japonais
I review a wonderful addition to the Tom Ford house!
Views: 2839 Lionel Woods
Why By Kilian is the Best Fragrance House
My love for the best fragrance house in the game!
Views: 1317 Lionel Woods
Kerosene Unforsaken Fragrance Review
A beautiful gourmandish citrus with hints of coconut and vanialla
Views: 1274 Lionel Woods
Versace Pour Homme Fragrance Review
I review a really nice Summer Frag
Views: 6096 Lionel Woods

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