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Something Out of the Ordinary by Nicholas Lawrence & SansMinds
Available NOW at http://www.sansminds.com/index.php/sm-proshop/sooto-by-nicholas-lawrence.html Organic looking magic with everyday object is the strongest form of magic people can experience live. Everything appears to be raw, unprepared, and totally unexpected. Something Out of the Ordinary is a collection of extreme visual magic from Nicholas Lawrence’s everyday repertoire. Learn insane visual magic with objects you can find around you. Extreme matchbooks transpo, colour changing rubber bands, straw through borrowed bills, cigarette through eye, and a couple easy to do visual card effects to complete the set. Whether if you are looking for materials to impress your client, or effects to perform for friends in casual setting, you’ll find useful material in Something Out of the Ordinary. Check out the trailer and see it for yourself!
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Silent Assistant by SansMinds Creative Lab
Get it now: https://goo.gl/HEXeud Everyone dreams of having a stealthy ninja do their dirty work. Quiet and effective. Well, SansMinds has been busy working on a device behind the scenes, and is excited to announce that... NOW YOU CAN! Introducing the Silent Assistant! A devious device that achieves all the effects of a PK ring, with the added benefit of being visually deceptive to the human eye. Not only does it stay hidden in plain sight, this device cuts noise and eliminates rings during live performances. The Silent Assistant tackles two crucial factors of traditional magnetic rings, opening up a new world of possibilities! Vanishes, transformations, and more will be within your easy grasp! Watch the trailer and see the amazing effects this will help you achieve! What you get with the Silent Assistant: 1 complete set of the Silent Assistant system Over 1 hour of online instruction, including 5 routines and 9 applications A device hidden in plain sight. Perfect for all working environments.
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Cupid by SansMinds Creative Lab
This product is currently for Pre Order on: http://www.sansminds.com/index.php/sm-proshop/cupid-smlab.html Expected shipping day: Octorer 14, 2015 Cupid is a fun and highly interactive piece of magic created by the SansMinds Creative Lab. Imagine being able to manipulate the ink of a bow and arrow drawing inches away from the spectator’s eyes. Just before the spectators can digest the impossible moment, you shoot out the arrow and it goes through the heart on the spectator’s card. This is the perfect hybrid between visual and interactive magic. Words cannot simply describe it. You need to check out the live performance to see for yourself. TV rights NOT included with purchase. All TV rights reserved and available directly from SansMinds Magic only.
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Pasteboard by SansMinds
Available NOW at http://bit.ly/1BNRsjq Pasteboard from the SansMinds Worker’s Series is a project designed to serve the working magicians. Every piece in this card magic collection is selected with the highest standard considering its commercial value, practicality, angles, and the venue these effects cater to. The effects range from close up, strolling situations, to live feed with a projection system. 1. Tap Change- A full card colour change in the spectators’ open palm! [Close-up / Strolling] 2. Tear - A two card transposition effect designed for direct interaction with the spectator. [Strolling / Close up] 3. Take - A pip moving card effect designed for TV or stage with live feed projection. 4. Mouth - An open prediction with a twist. A joker changes to a signed card all the way up in the magician’s mouth. [Close-up / Strolling] 5. Move - Visually linking two hearts drawn with a sharpie on a SIGNED card right underneath the signature. [TV / Close-up / Strolling ]
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ON OFF by Nicholas Lawrence & SansMinds
Available NOW at http://www.sansminds.com/index.php/on-off-by-nicholas-lawrence.html A modern approach to the classic moving finger trick, making it a highly visual and impactful everyday miracle. Imagine asking your spectator "Have you ever had a ring on your finger for too long and had a difficult time taking it off?" As you try to take the ring off your finger, you accidentally pop the finger off along with the ring!! It is an absolute bizarre moment that gets CRAZY reaction. Multiple versions with single ring, double ring, no ring, and gimmick taught thoroughly in the ON OFF project.
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Touched by Morgan Strebler& SansMinds
Available NOW at: http://www.sansminds.com/index.php/touched-by-morgan-strebler.html Mind and movement, a force that constantly shatters you. What if you can cross the barrier of physical reality? Imagine touching a person without ever laying a finger on them. Touched is a collection of Morgan Strebler's techniques and his approach to the famous Invisible Touch plot. Morgan Strebler shares his secret on real time touches. The spectators have their eyes wide open, staring at their own hand while being 'touched' by invisible force. Various techniques to synchronize spectators' senses and create absolute miracles. Equip yourself with the Touched techniques now and get ready to perform miracles anywhere anytime. Touched.
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Cortana by Felix Bodden
Available at: http://www.sansminds.com/index.php/sm-proshop/cortana.html Felix Bodden, from Dominican Republic, has created the fairest penetration effect with nothing but a playing card and a bill in play. Unlike the traditional fast pace penetration effects, Cortana allows you take a playing card and penetrate any paper object in a slow and graceful manner. With Cortana, there’s no need for fast penetration process to disguise the working. Cortana looks so clean it’s scary. A pocket miracle you can perform on the fly. Cortana, get it now. *Fully customizable with different playing card designs *Gimmick template file included *TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds.com for TV rights.
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Pocket by Julio Montoro and SansMinds
Pocket is an insanely visual card change that doesn't happen in your hands, but in your pocket! All the way from Spain, Julio Montoro shares a brilliant utility system that allows the visual magic to happen in an isolated space that's away from magicians' hands. Hands off color changing deck, blank card to your business card, visual money change, you name it. It leaves plenty of room to adapt your own presentation, definitely a must have system for close-up & stroll-around gigs. Pre-sale NOW at SansMinds.com
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Share the Love by Patrick Kun and SansMinds
Available NOW at: http://www.sansminds.com/index.php/share-the-love-by-patrick-kun.html In Share the Love, Patrick Kun shares his redesigned Valentine routine from his 2012 viral video - Share the LOVE. It is one of his most performed commercial routine from his professional repertoire. A story telling packet effect that makes everyday a Valentine's day. Watch Patrick perform his legendary routine live across the heart of Vancouver, Canada. A cute and practical effect that guarantees to bring a smile to everyone you meet. Included: Special packet produced by USPC. Special designed envelope.
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Contrast by Victor Sanz
Available Now on http://goo.gl/dJ0bxD Contrast is a single card color change that you can do to a SIGNED and TORN card. The change is extremely visual and can be done openly right in front of the spectators. Once the magical moment happens, the card can immediately be handed out for examination. Your spectator can even keep the impossible souvenir. Words cannot explain how impossible this effect is! Check out the trailer NOW! *Hand crafted gimmick included *Two handlings: Full card color change and 3/4 card color change *Fully examinable *TV rights NOT included with purchase. All TV rights reserved and available from SansMinds Magic only.
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We got 1.44 billion views in total - MUST SEE!
2017 was a heck of a year for the SansMinds team. Will Tsai, Sansminds founder and artist, got major exposure on NBC's America's Got Talent, Alibaba Single's Day Shopping Event, CCTV Spring festival show and much more! Check out what we spend time on 2017 as a team! Follow Us: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/sansminds Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sansminds Twitter: https://twitter.com/sansminds Instagram: http://instagram.com/sansminds SansMinds Magic: http://www.sansminds.com/
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Untouched by Ryuhei Nakamura
Get it here: https://www.sansminds.com/product/untouched/ Gain telekinetic abilities that can be used under any circumstance. A telekinetic routine that can be performed even under unsatisfactory conditions. Nothing will be able to stop you from performing this beast of an illusion! We at SansMinds are proud to introduce an effect brought to you from the mind of Ryuhei Nakamura. A master of telekinetic magic, famous for his ability to perform complex actions with the power of his mind. This is not just a simple push or pull. This is Untouched! A weapon that will stop any passerby in their tracks! Create a show unique from the rest, with complicated actions normally not seen in other telekinetic routines. Use everyday objects, and make them dance with the power of your mind. This is truly a performance piece that is sure to gather an audience. A truly special effect that is gaining immense popularity out East. Don't miss out on getting a taste of the insane magic scene in Japan. Grab yourself a copy today! What's in the Box? 1 Untouched Instructional DVD (Please note that this Instructional DVD has English subtitles with Japanese audio.)
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Aiden by Ryuhei Nakamura
Get it now : https://www.sansminds.com/product/aiden/ Being able to read your spectator's thoughts by picking their chosen card is quite an amazing feat in itself. Imagine if you could take it a step further though, and incorporate a visually stunning presentation into your mind reading routine. Making its debut in Japan last year, SansMinds has collaborated with Ryuhei Nakamura to bring this special effect to the English speaking community. Introducing Aiden. A flexible routine where your spectator will watch a Sharpie come to life, and draw out the symbol or shape that was on their mind, all hands-free! Whether you present it as telekinetic powers, or the ability to communicate with spirits, this one-two punch will be the combo you need to knock your audience off their feet! What you get: 1 Instructional DVD (Japanese Audio / English Subtitles) 1 Gimmick supply pack TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.
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Impression by Jason Yu & SansMinds
Available NOW at: http://www.sansminds.com/index.php/impression-by-jason-yu.html Your spectator signs a blank card. A photo of spectator holding their own signed blank card is taken on a borrowed phone. The spectator thinks of a playing card. Their own signed blank card turns into a SIGNED thought of card in their OWN phone. This is crazy! Borrow ANY PHONE No special App Prop included Alter the digital reality.
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Praemovo by Alan Rorrison
Get it here: http://bit.ly/praemovo What would you do if you could create a few frames of simple animations on the back of a phone? No fancy technology, just you and a marker. You can make the magic happen with Praemovo. Alan Rorrison has created an moving ink effect that allows you to create a short animation for a brief moment. It is an extreme cute and magical effect for all ages. Everything is included and the effect is 100% customizable to any drawing you like. Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds.com for TV rights.
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Survival Kit : Sansminds Worker's Series
Get it Now: http://bit.ly/SurvivalkitSMWS How do you define a magician’s Survival Kit? This is the definition we concluded after consulting with hundreds of performers worldwide. Survival kit is a set of tool or knowledge that will enable the performer to survive a in unexpected situation. The SansMinds Creative Lab is proud to present you SansMinds Worker’s Series: Survival Kit. We have included brand new approach to 5 iconic magic plots. In this DVD you will obtain a set of knowledge to build a show from daily objects. More importantly, the Items used can be easily obtain from local dollars store worldwide. You will longer need to worry about finding special magic props when you lose your luggage during your travel. This is a must have for every magician. Prepare yourself from the unexpected and get the Survival Kit now. Effects includes: Vanishing Bottle Fork Morph Glass bottle in iPad Water Vanish Production out of empty paper bag
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Extract by Jason Yu & SansMinds
Available NOW at SansMinds.com Putting a 3-dimensional object into something flat already sounds like a miracle. Imprint by Jason Yu did exactly that. But what do you do after performing such an impossible feat? We bring you a follow up effect that beautifully compliments Imprint. Imagine being able bring a printed object on a bill into physical reality, with just a simple flick. It’s a visual gem that’s easy to do.If you want something to complete the imprint concept, and leave a strong impression, you won’t want to miss this. This is Extract. Check it out.
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Deceive by Sansminds Creative Lab
Get it now: www.sansminds.com SansMind Creative Lab team is always pushing boundaries in revolutionary ways to enhance audience experience. We are proud to present you Deceive. An revolution in-spectator’s-hand card change that not only the spectator your are performing for can feel the magic, everyone around can SEE the visual change too! Text description doesn’t justify how powerful this is. Check out the trailer, NOW!*Fully customizable with your favourite playing card designs *Package includes gimmick material. *TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds.com for TV rights.
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Ice Cold by Morgan Strebler & SansMinds (LIMITED EDITION)
Available NOW at: http://www.sansminds.com/index.php/ice-cold-by-morgan-strebler.html This new DVD set is Morgan Strebler's latest and most unique work to date. The release is meant to set a record and not intended to be owned by everyone. Only 700 sets will ever be produced worldwide. Imagine walking up to anyone with no prop, no pre-show, spectator writes nothing down. You look directly in someone's eyes and start revealing details in her life, about her past, and reveals the darkest side that one keeps it sealed deep in her heart. This is extremely powerful. Here are how respected masters in the field say about Ice Cold. “…I’d recommend [Morgan’s Ice Cold] to the serious practitioner. While you may not agree with everything, there is no doubt that his readings are very powerful and effective.” -Bob Cassidy “…Anyone who is serious about cold reading should certainly take the time to look at and absorb [the ice cold techniques].”] -Mark Salem “…This rates as first class. [The Ice Cold Techniques] allow you to demonstrate the uncanny ability to enter one’s mind. This is not mere mentalism, it is cold reading on steroids…: -Luca Volpe
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Unlock by Morgan Strebler
Learn it here: https://www.sansminds.com/product/unlock/ Unlock any phone like a master hacker. The mobile phone has become such an integrated part of our society, that many of us cannot go a day without it. Our entire lives are in our phone, and what makes us feel safe is its security features. Passwords and PIN’s prevent strangers from accessing your phone, but what if you had a way to bypass that? We at SansMinds are excited to bring you the latest contribution to the magic community by one of our Star Artist’s, Morgan Strebler. From the mind that brought you Touched and Never There, here is another effect you can add to your repertoire. This is not just a simple magic trick. This is not just a simple mentalism trick. This is unlike anything you have yet to see. We here at the lab are extremely excited to introduce this very special SansMinds Exclusive! This is Unlock! A set of 3 specially crafted techniques to unlock any phone like a master hacker, including a very special fingerprint unlock technique! Even devices with the latest fingerprint scanners will be no match for you! Borrow any unsuspecting passerby’s phone, and unlock it right in front of them! Freak out your audience by bypassing security to their most intimate secrets, and leave them wondering how it was done! What do you get? 1 Unlock Instructional Download DVD format coming soon! Be sure to Like, Comment, and Share the video if you like it!. Follow Us: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/sansminds Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sansminds Twitter: https://twitter.com/sansminds Instagram: http://instagram.com/sansminds Sans Minds Magic: http://www.sansminds.com/
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:: SansMinds Magic :: Cash In by Will Tsai
http://www.smproductionz.com/index.php/new-arrivals/cash-in-by-will-tsai-sansminds-magic-pre-order.html Imagine you can produce real money in spectator's hands. Your spectator not only sees the money appear, but FEELS the money appear as well. Directly from Will Tsai's working repertoire.
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Sonic Stab by Loki Kross
Get it now: https://www.sansminds.com/product/sonic-stab-digital/ Back in the day, magician's would carry a sword or dagger and use it to pierce a spectator's chosen card, creating an aura of mystery and danger. Of course carrying a sword in today's society is not a good idea, but don't fret, because Loki Kross has come up with a modern twist to a classic routine! Introducing Sonic Stab! Throw a deck of cards into the air, grab your headphones, crack it like a whip, and stab right through your spectator's card! It is easy to setup, easy to perform, and you can pretend to be a magical Indianna Jones while your at it! What you get: 1 Streamable/Downloadable Instructional Video TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.
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The Case by SansMinds
Get IT NOW at: http://bit.ly/2cuZGcp A precisely engineered device that vanishes your phone in the most impossible way. Designed for 4” iPhone models such as 5, 5s, and SE series Three years in perfecting the gimmick, SansMinds Creative Lab proudly presents you “The Case.” A precisely engineered device that allows you to vanish a phone in the cleanest way possible. It’s designed to disguise as a regular iPhone case so it will always be on you and ready to amaze. The SansMinds Creative Lab team has tested this device in every setting possible. It packs small and plays big. It is easy to use so you can focus on your presentation. The Case comes in an elegant matte black finish. Please note you need to select a color model that matches your phone. Available models as follows. 1) Space Grey 2) Gold 3) Silver FAQ Does The Case protect my phone? It absolutely does! It’s made to be an everyday phone case. Does it fit the new iPhone SE? Yes, Absolutely! Does The Case come in different colors aside from black? The Case only comes in an elegant matte finish black. It is the perfect color to disguise as an everyday phone case. Why do I need to pick a color? In order to complete the illusion, the gimmick comes in two parts. One is the black case and the other part is where the choice comes into play. It is needed to match your phone or your spectator’s phone. Why only the 4” series? Will other size models be available? The 4” model holds the highest market share out of all iPhone users at the moment. Due to the complicated manufacture process, we are only able to make the most commonly owned model available. If a specific model reaches a certain percentage of market share, we might consider making it available in the future. *Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV
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Change by SansMinds Magic
Change is an easy-to-do multiple phase packet effect. All cards turn into her selected card in the spectators hands. Available NOW at SansMinds Magic
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Paper Cuts by Armando Lucero
For More Info and Pre Order: https://www.sansminds.com/armando/
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Vapr Watch by Will Tsai official trailer
Pledge Now: http://bit.ly/vaprwatchbywilltsai
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We stepped up a notch for Cardistry! NEON packets! Be the focus at the party!! Learn more by following us! ● SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/TheSMClubz ● FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SansMinds ● TWITTER OFFICIAL: https://twitter.com/sansminds ● INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/sansminds ● OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.sansminds.com/
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Propel by Rizki Nanda & SansMinds
Available NOW at SansMinds.com SansMinds Magic brings you Propel - a crazy visual effect all the way from Indonesia. Draw a simple dot or symbol on your finger with a Sharpie marker. Watch the ink crawls up and down across your fingers and even on to the other hand. A moving ink effect with nothing but the ink and your skin. It happens inches away from your spectator with no cover or other funny business. You'll be leaving your spectator completely astonished. A perfect companion effect for SansMinds Sharpie routine.
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Flashy by SansMinds Creative Lab
Order It Now: http://bit.ly/FlashybySMLab Estimated shipping date: MARCH 7, 2016 Just image how cool it is to have a phone vanish into the light right in between your hands. Flashy is safe and silent system to vanish your phone. The system has been tested by the SansMinds Creative Lab team all around the world. Once it is set up and your are ready to amaze anytime at anywhere. The system is created for fast reset which is perfect for strolling around. Once you know the method you can change the phone into other any small objects. Borrowed phone Gimmick included Compatible for any smart phone *Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.
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Devour by SansMinds Creative Lab
Pre Order Now: http://bit.ly/devourbySMCL One of the most important aspects of magic is connecting to the spectator. Magic should be for all age group, and we are proud to present you the effect that can connect to everyone. Devour is a fun and interactive card revelation effect that can connect with all age group. Imagine your playing card box comes alive and destroys all the cards in the box except for the signed card. The selection is complete free choice and the presentation is 100% customizable to cater to your personal design. Check out the trailer to see how you can connect with your audience with this effect. *Gimmick supplies included *Customize to your favourite playing card *Customize the design to fit your style TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds.com for TV inquiry.
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Chapswitch by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds
AVAILABLE NOW at: http://bit.ly/1AfcQzW Imagine rolling up a bill into a little tube, changing it into a small chapstick with just a little shake. Visual magic happens inches away from your spectator’s eyes. - Borrowed bill - Borrowed chapstick - Works with any currency - Use any brand of chapstick - Gimmick included Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.
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Imprint Live Performance
** TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights. Available NOW at: http://bit.ly/1ywJoVh What’s it like to go beyond our dimension and sneak into another? Sounds like Hollywood type of special effect, except now you get to show people LIVE IN PERSON. Jason Yu from SansMinds' in-house designer team has designed Imprint to challenge the boundary of what visual magic could be. Imagine being able to toss any small object INTO a bill and immediately hand the bill out. This is the ultimate form of organic magic. The seemingly impromptu nature leaves the spectators no room to disbelieve but drop their jaws. No words can deliver what this effect is like. You need to see the trailer NOW.
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L.O.V.E by SansMinds
Want to ask a girl out? Or maybe do something cute and visual for that special someone? This is the trick for you. L.O.V.E is a quick and visual piece of magic that's straight to the point. You'll be taking away a great multiple card change utility more that lets you end completely clean. Available NOW at: http://bit.ly/1qAbck7
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SansMinds Wallet by SansMinds
Available NOW at SansMinds.com Everyone needs a wallet; that’s why we created one that’s thin, durable, and provides multiple functionalities. The SansMinds wallet comes in a classic leather look with multiple pockets and a private compartment so you can easily keep things organized. Two different styles 1. One Piece Street Style (4mm thin) for those on the go. It comes with a strap for easy access. 2. Two Piece Modern Style - Formal Wallet (6mm thin) for the suit up professional. It is designed for you to carry your daily essentials without the extra clutter. We have also designed the wallet so that you can easily set up for: * No palm signed card to wallet * Devious peek * Borrowed object to wallet Get your SansMinds Wallet now. This is the All In ONE wallet for the everyday magician. *TV rights NOT included with purchase. All TV rights reserved and available directly from SansMinds Magic only.
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Space Shifter by Nicholas Lawrence & SansMinds
Available NOW at http://bit.ly/1EM8o9G Space Shifter is a piece of extremely visual eye candy. The visual is so strong, even perform with no presentation, spectators freak out every single time! Imagine getting your spectator to select a card and sign it. A corner of the card is torn off for the spectator to keep in one hand. Your spectator holds onto the card in the other hand. With a snap of the finger, the 'space' of the missing corner visually jumps to the center of the signed card. The corner your spectator is holding, also changes to fit into the 'space'. A strong card effect that talks to your audience across language barriers. Perfect for close up, strolling, or loud environments where you need to capture audience attention in the matter of seconds. Look no further, this is Space Shifter.
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Unboxing by Nicholas Lawrence & SansMinds
Available NOW at http://www.sansminds.com/index.php/sm-proshop/unboxing-by-nicholas-lawrence-sansminds.html Still looking for the perfect opener? Look no further. THIS IS IT! From the mind of Nicholas Lawrence, Unboxing is the ultimate visual box vanishing effect that leads right into your card effects. Start your magic with a bang. Wow you audience even BEFORE your routine starts. Words can't describe how magical this looks. You don't want to miss this. Check it out.
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The Vanishing Ring by SansMinds Creative Lab
Pre Order Now: http://bit.ly/thevanishingring "I'm trying to hold back my excitement a little here but this thing looks like TV magic and you do none of the work to make it vanish. Let's just say this is now in my live show." - Alan Rorrison "Will Tsai has produced the cleanest and most impossible ring vanish of ALL TIME! Even Q from James Bond couldn't have devised a better way to vanish a finger ring." - Paul Romahny As a performer, we are always searching for the right tool to create real miracles. A magical effect that can mystify and enchant the audience. What if you can vanish a borrowed ring, without ever touching it or even going near the spectator? Imagine this, your spectator takes the ring off her own finger, she puts the ring into the box herself, touches it to make sure that everything is real, and closes the box. And that's it. She opens the ring box again, and the ring is already gone. Wherever and however you make her ring reappear, is up to your own imagination. The Vanishing Ring was specially engineered for a TV program by master designers from SansMinds Creative Lab. SansMinds loved this so much it took them two and a half years to 3D simulate and fine-tune all the details of the device. SansMinds has finally decided to share this with the magic world. The carefully crafted, and intricate design of the Vanishing Ring does 100% of the work for you while keeping the ring completely safe. Join the top celebrities around the world and allow this tool to enhance your next ring routine. A professional device designed to serve the top professionals. Limited release, so get yours TODAY. FAQ What exactly is the Vanishing Ring? The Vanishing Ring is a self-working versatile tool that allows you to cater the magic to your own routine. It's an elegant, yet powerful device that allows you to vanish the ring and make it reappear any way you wish. How easy is the operation? It takes zero effort to operate the ring box. The Vanishing Ring allows your spectator to do all the work for you so you can focus on your presentation. Before you even get anywhere close to the spectator, the ring has already vanished. What about the reappearance of the ring? What if I don't have a routine? The online instruction has included multiple routines to get you started right away. Such as ring to impossible sealed envelope, ring to tomato or kiwi, etc. What color does it come in? The Vanishing Ring Box comes in 3 different colors: * Crimson Red (limited edition and limited quantity, global release limits to 100 worldwide) * Onyx Black * Royal Blue What exactly does The Vanishing Ring comes with? You will receive... * One (1) specially engineered ring box * One (1) customized training ring * An online access code to detail instructions on how to use the Vanishing Ring, tips & troubleshooting, and routines Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights
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Imprint by Jason Yu & SansMinds
** TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights. Available NOW at: http://bit.ly/1ywJoVh What’s it like to go beyond our dimension and sneak into another? Sounds like Hollywood type of special effect, except now you get to show people LIVE IN PERSON. Jason Yu from SansMinds' in-house designer team has designed Imprint to challenge the boundary of what visual magic could be. Imagine being able to toss any small object INTO a bill and immediately hand the bill out. This is the ultimate form of organic magic. The seemingly impromptu nature leaves the spectators no room to disbelieve but drop their jaws. No words can deliver what this effect is like. You need to see the trailer NOW.
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Egyptian Ink by Abdullah Mahmoud and SansMinds Creative Lab
Pre Order NOW with FREE shipping: http://bit.ly/egyptianink Quite often a transpo effect requires a duplicate object to complete the effect. What if you can take away that restriction? Abdullah Mahmoud, from Egypt, has created a way to vanish the spectator's signature on their coin and appear it on another. This package comes with everything you need and works with any currency. This is more than just a moving ink effect. Egyptian Ink allows you to create an impossible moment and souvenir between you and your spectators. You have to check out the trailer to experience the impossible! Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights
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Capsoul by D'PUCK M'SHRA & SansMinds
Available NOW at SansMinds.com SansMinds Magic brings you an incredibly visual effects that you can do with your everyday cap! All the way from India, our friend D'PUCK M'SHRA has developed some amazing stuff you would see on TV with nothing but your cap. It's perfect for casual and stylish wears and everyday social moment. Catching a card like the traditional card sword with your everyday cap, or have the card visually change by the edge of the cap, or more! A modern tool for classic magic. Check it out for yourself! *Gimmick / material included
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Project Z by Zee
Learn it here:https://www.sansminds.com/product/project-z/ One move, endless possibilities! Hailed as the next classic CGI level coin magic, this is a no gimmick, no fuss routine that only requires a coin! From the everyday repertoire of Zee, we at SansMinds are excited to introduce our latest worker series... Behold the power of Project Z! An in-depth tutorial that covers everything you need to know to get started with this coin technique! Not only does Zee go through various tips and techniques to help you improve your coin sleight, he also includes 8 high impact routine from his very own personal arsenal, which of course can be altered to suit your personal style! What you received? 1 Downloadable/ Online streaming video 1 Exclusive bonus section from Zee available only from Sansminds.com TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds Magic for TV rights.
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Self Flipping Notepad by Victor Sanz
Get it now: https://www.sansminds.com/product/self-flipping-notepad/ A mentalism effect combined with a very visual and ghostly display! Mind-reading routines are as old as magic itself. While there is no need to fix something that isn't broken, you can always push boundaries. That is exactly what Victor Sanz has done with his very own variation of an age-old classic. Introducing the Self-Flipping Notepad! Have your spectator write down the name of a deceased celebrity on your notepad, and use your mind-reading ability to tell them which person's name they wrote down. The spectator is stunned. Then contact that celebrity from beyond the grave, and get this other-wordly entity to flip through the notepad right to their name! The spectator's jaw will drop - be prepared for screams! An impactful routine that will make any crowd flip out with awe! What you get: 1 instructional DVD 1 gimmick TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.
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Token by SansMinds Creative Lab
Order here: http://bit.ly/TokenbySMLab Magic is not just about what your spectators can see, it is also about what they can feel. Imagine having a straw magically folds itself bit by bit into a origami heart. Your spectator can see it up close and they get to keep it in the end. The SansMinds Creative Lab team brings you "Token." The routine has been tested on the streets of Vancouver, Canada (arguably the most diverse crowd in the world). It has been proven to be the perfect routine to touch anyone's heart. *Gimmick Included *Two handling: Borrowed Straw & Prepared Straw *Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.
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In a Flash by Felix Bodden
Get it here: DVD (DIY or Full Gimmick option): https://www.sansminds.com/product/in-a-flash/ Digital https://www.sansminds.com/product/in-a-flash-id/ A transposition is one of the most powerful and notable effects in all of magic. It’s uniqueness is so prominent that Dariel Ftizkee referred to it as one of the fundamental effects. From being featured in acts around the world, and even Hollywood films, a transposition is a worthwhile addition to any repertoire. But usually, the methods for these effects are cumbersome and often call for elaborate special props. With In a Flash, your troubles are over. Imagine a simple, powerful, visual transposition of 2 cards that can occur right in front of your spectators’ eyes. It’s easy to do, easy to reset, and ready to go whenever you’re ready to blow some minds.
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Prince in Disguise by SansMinds
This effect is discontinued. For detail reason check this video: http://youtu.be/vk-HhgyiW1s Prince in Disguise is a cute and commercial effect that brings the classic fairy tale into your presentation. You'll receive everything you need to start performing Prince in Disguise including 12 unique gimmicked cards made by USPCC, and the DVD. It's fun, easy to do, and gets you a kiss at the end; maybe even something more... Product Details here at: http://bit.ly/1kPzJAO
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Liquid Killer by Morgan Strebler
Get it here:sansminds.com/product/liquid-killer/ Morgan Strebler is back with the most creative and artistic metal bending routine ever created. You must check out the video to experience this master piece. This is what the pros have to say about Liquid Killer. “…he bends cutlery better than I do” -Uri Geller (Metal Bending Legend) “…it literally does what it says on the tin - kills.” -Peter Turner (Master Mentalist & Creative Consultant) “…he’s taken the fork destruction concept further than ever before…” -Dee Christopher (BBC’s Killer Magic) “…Morgan is back with his unique metal bending style but this time on steroids!…” -Luca Volpe (The Italian Mentalist) “…all I can say is Liquid Killer…is killer! -Fraser Parker (Master Mentalist) TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds about TV rights.
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Moving Home by SansMinds Creative Lab
Get it with Free Shipping at: http://bit.ly/MovingHomebySMCL Almost everyone carries a mobile phone these days. Most people probably knows more about their phone than their family. What if you can manipulate the beloved phone for a brief moment? SansMinds Creative Lab is proud to present you the first of its kind. A phone manipulation effect that has never been done before. Moving Home allows you to move the location of a working home button. Each phase the routine crushes your spectator’s reality more and more. You have to check out the live demo to experience the full three-phase routine! Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds Magic for TV performance rights.
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Prospect by SansMinds
Imagine introducing a single playing card from your pocket without showing anyone the face of the card. Have the spectator call out any card through a process of their imagination. When your spectator reveals the card they're thinking of, you turn the card over to show that the prediction hits. Works EVERY TIME! Available NOW at SansMinds.com
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Mind Invasion by Morgan Strebler
Get it here: https://www.sansminds.com/product/mind-invasion/ ‎ No restrictions to Lighting, Positioning, or Tearing! Some say peeking is the mother of Mentalism. While many peeking techniques have restrictions tied to them, this one has been refined to allow for the most versatile performances possible! From the mind of Mentalist Morgan Strebler, this is a creation he has developed for himself, and after over a decade is now ready to share with the world! This is Mind Invasion! Have someone write or draw anything they want on a piece of paper, whether a symbol or a word, read their minds, and reveal what was written down! A peeking technique like no other! Learn all the techniques necessary and freak out even the toughest most skeptical audiences! What's in the Box? 1 Mind Invasion Instructional DVD TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds Magic for TV rights.
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The President's Choice by SansMinds Creative Lab
Get it now: http://www.sansminds.com/product/the-presidents-choice/ A good assistant can make any good magicians act appear great. With this trick, we have created an illusion that incorporates one of the founding fathers of the United States into your card routine! George Washington himself will come to life, and together you will create a performance that will amaze any audience! We are proud to introduce another addition to our Worker Series brought to you by our very own SansMinds Creative Lab. This is The President’s Choice! A mind-blowing card trick that only requires a deck of cards, and a United States 1 dollar bill. Get your audience to select a card, and watch the first president of the United States slip into the deck, and emerge with the correct card in his mouth! Leave your audience bewildered, and make their day even better by allowing them to keep the bill as a token of this very special moment! What’s in the Box 1 The President’s Choice Instructional DVD 1 Gimmick Set (Please note this set includes 16 stickers, with 4 different variations.) TV rights not included with purchased. Please contact Sansminds for TV rights.
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