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Peter Vetsch - Earth Houses
Earth houses are houses built using soil or natural terrain features to help form the walls. Such buildings are partly or completely embedded into the ground. Architect Peter Vetsch is a major advocate for earth houses, and has built over 90 such homes over the course of his career. One of the main advantage of earth houses is insulation : the thermal inertia of the walls and absence of air leaks makes for naturally energy efficient buildings.
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Marimekko - A finnish printed fabric and fashion brand
Marimekko is a finnish fashion brand that introduced pioneering printed fabric patterns, created fashion shows to promote these patterns and gained worldwide presence and influence.
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Freitag - Zurich
Freitag is a brand creating bags from recycled truck tarps.
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Indian Block Printing
Pankesh Kumar takes us on a tour of one of India's most celebrated hand block printing studios.
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Jeff Leatham - Floral Arrangements
"I've always had a special place for flowers in my life" Artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, Jeff Leatham has created and is creating truly inspiring floral displays. As we interviewed him in Seoul when he was setting up a floral arrangement for a wedding venue, he shared with us how he feels about his work and passion. Jeff Leatham's website : http://jeffleatham.com/
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Tom Kundig - Rolling Huts
Tom Kundig's architecture is renowned for having moving parts - literally. For this project, it is not a part of the building that can move, but the whole. The rolling huts are located in the Methow Valley, located in the North Cascades, Washington.
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James Law - Technosphere
The Technosphere is a round building, earth shaped and earth inspired. Through technology and design, it replicates some of our planet's functions. This helps make the Technosphere a more sustainable building than what is currently existing in the world, and is a step towards the future. The technosphere is a cybertecture project. Cybertecture is the interweaving of technology and urban fabric. The integration of technology happens at all levels. : from the macro scale, altering the building structure, to the micro scale, creating custom hardware and software to integrate seamlessly into the overall experience and provide greater connectivity. This symbiotic relationship allows to adapt tomorrow's buildings to adapt to the changing demands of life, and to create more environmentally considerate environments. You can access the page about this project on James Law's Cybertecture website by clicking on this link: http://www.jameslawcybertecture.com/index.php?section=ProjectDetails&project_id=11
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Teague - Radioball
The radioball has no button, yet can be tuned and the sound volume can be adjusted. Tad Toulis, from the design agency Teague, showcases the radioball and explains why it was created. Designed by Ben Collette, with the help of Adam Kumpf, the radioball is an experiment whose goal is to demonstrate alternative ways to interact with our environment, to spur a dialog about better, richer designs that use more spatial interactions. You can find blueprints and more details on Ben Collette's website : http://bencollette.com/portfolio/archives/474
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Designer Travel - Zurich
From a company whose offices are in recycled container to freelance architect pioneering round houses buried in soil, the design landscape of Zürich is full of innovative designers. This is an episode from the Designer Travel TV show. Highlights : 07:05 Trendy bags made of recycled truck tarps 09:52 High end fashion by Tran Hin Phu 12:48 Robots empowering architecture 20:20 Soil covered eco-friendly houses Video produced by Creative Content Media http://www.creativecontent.media
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