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No Country For Old Men - Coin Toss Scene [HD]
I do not own anything in this video, it is merely for entertainment purposes. I recently watched this movie and thought it was quite amazing and suspenseful. I really enjoyed this scene (among many others) but wasn't able to find an HD version with subtitles on YouTube, so I thought it would be nice to share it with the community.
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Bejeweled Blitz PC Gameplay - 208k
i just got this game today and i know i suck at it, but when i got this score i was pretty happy. like it if you liked it! BTW, sorry about the black border... i don't know how to get rid of it from sony vegas 9, so if you know how please comment.
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The Hangover - Sped up with high-pitched voices
nothing special, just for teh lols :D
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Alien Swarm HD Gameplay (Landing Bay)
some gameplay from the new free shooter by Valve this game combines elements from many games like left 4 dead, mass effect 2, and much more. it's pretty awesome the gameplay was recorded yesterday, a few hours after the game was released for download
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TF2 Halloween Update 2010 HD Gameplay
recorded about half an hour after the update went live, servers went full fast like hell :/ recorded using the built-in source recorder
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Alien Swarm - Cargo Elevator (Hard)
a runthrough of cargo elevator from alien swarm on hard difficulty using Wildcat. the reason why the cursor isn't where i'm actually aiming is because i used the source recorder to playback the gameplay, and it got bugged :/ and YES, that music on the elevator is trololo. you can change the combat music for alien swarm from options - audio - change combat music, and you can select an .mp3 file from there
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TF2: Wreaking Havoc on Badwater as Spy
inspired by OMFGNinja clips were taken from 3 back-to-back games on the TorontoDarkly 24/7 Payload server ( fortunately, these people had NO IDEA what the word "spycheck" was, so they were easy backstabs for me :D the reason why you're not seeing the backstab animation is because the server i played on was running NO RANDOM CRITS, so it just used the animation of a normal stab (at the end of the round when our team wins, the backstab crit is allowed) WATCH IN 720p!
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COD4 - Domination on Chinatown [AK74u, 70-15]
a recorded domination game from about a month ago, kept on forgetting to upload it lol. i'm not really sure what the exact final score was, but it was somewhere around 70 kills and 15 deaths (i recorded this with COD4 player, which doesn't show the scoreboard when i press tab) this was played on PC, which is why there are twice as many people and the score limit is increased to 300
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Call of Duty 4 PC Gameplay - 26 Killstreak
A quality test on COD4 PC! I get kicked at the end of the video because the server admin accused me of multihacking -.-
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Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved PC Gameplay - 200k
another update video of me getting a higher score than my previous game (183k)
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so i thought it would be interesting if i used the overpowered 74u nonstop on nuketown for 20 ranks straight... i'm never gonna use this gun again it's just not fun :C
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Undermounted Shotty is FTW
another reason why this game is so broken, although this exploit is pretty fun play around with.
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Spawnkilling FTW
nothing like getting a pred missile in the first 19 seconds of a match.
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Portal Advanced Test Chamber 18 Walkthrough
NOT A SPEED RUN! just a walkthrough of how i do this level
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puffity puff puff
haven't uploaded anything in a while cause i'm a lazy ass
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AK74u vol. 2
second part of the 74u madness
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zombie citizen
TF2 in black ops zombies? AWWW YEAHHHHHHH
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Who needs skills when you hit 100k
NOT AT ALL ASHAMED I still believe that it was my landing on pzak that killed it. ps I just noticed that when pzak uses skills it turns brown wtf neckson u lazy bum
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Audiosurf - Showdown by Pendulum (Pusher)
i just hope it doesn't lag. final score: 159k (i'm not that good -__-)
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Modern Warfare 2 Class Setup
just a setup video. I DO NOT use the OMA noobtube class all the time, i only use it when i join a game where everyone else is tubing, and then i'll use it. i never use this class the first time i jump into a game
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Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved PC Gameplay - 183k
i'm not that good at this game lol, but this is more of a quality test! my score is 183 950! if you liked the quality of this video, make sure to comment+like!
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