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Marantz 2238b vs Marantz 2252b test
The last series Marantz produced, before the Philips takeover in 1980, had 6 receivers. the 2216b, 2226b, 2238b, 2252b, 2265b, and the 2285b. i put the 2238b and 2252b against each other so you can make a better decision wich one to buy. For me the best looking series but that is personal. One thing is true the younger a unit is the longer you can postponed the recaping.
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edje rust, mark westfa, ulrike kaseko medley (lange versie)
kaseko at his best I did not record this shot, responsible is the 12 years old Mirishna Flu, she did a fine job by recording this historical and unique selection of the finest surinam musicians we had in this period. I did the editting myself. The musicians/singers in this selection are all the best in their section, i still wonder how they get this group togheter, it was I believe the first and last time.
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marantz 5220 vs 5020 review test
marantz 5220 vs marantz 5020. Wich one is better, soundtest....
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How to remove the faceplate marantz model 2238b
A simple instruction video about the face plate removing from the latest marantz vintage series
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infinity sm 152 sound test on pioneer SA-708 - Love Of My Life - George Benson
Love Of My Life - George Benson I picked this 1993 song out because it have everything in it. Superb bass from the bass guitar, superb guitar playing from George, superb sax sound and of course the wonderful voice of mr George Benson himself. Incredible sounding speakers. Bought them for 75 euro They will never leave my house This sound make me really happy My magnats zero 7, magnats msp 120 and kef's Q11 are for sale!!!!!!! In this test i used the pioneer sa-708. I totally forgot i had this one. It was in a corner, together with a matching tuner. My first plan was to use the akai am-2800 and because it have a few dirty switches and potentio meters I thought to do a quick cleaning job, before using it for the test. But I opened the amp and it's looks hard to reach the switches. I left it open to do the job later today and went to see which other amp I could use for the test. I saw this SA-708 and give it a try. Surprisingly it sounded very good, never tested it before this test so i was lucky I found a good amp for the test what didn't need cleaning. I Will make a review from this amp with it matching tuner soon. Once again this is the proof that expensive speakers do not always sound better. I have too meet the B&W who can beat this sound... The kefs are not bad at all, they are just good. these infinity's are perfect, that's the difference. I also love the looks from these speakers, they are not like modern speakers who just looks all the same. This speaker have it's own style. Old fashioned yes. But if you want good perfect bass you can never produce that with small woofers, even if they place 2, 3 ore more smaller woofers, it will never sound as a good gigantic woofer. The sweet mellow sound of a gigantic woofer always win for my ears. The revox symbol b speakers i heard a few weeks ago, sounded better as these ones, true, but hey, those ones cost 1000 euro! And the revox was not that much better sounding. Not every speaker with gigantic woofer have perfect bass, The technics Sb-G910 with it's 42 cm woofer didn't produces that nice mellow bassy sound I was looking for. The technics sb-6000 had a better bass than the g910 but because it is a 2 way system it didn't cover the full sound spectrum, you can hear that very good in the review from those speakers. Both these speakers are no match at all for these infinity's. I am very happy with the sm-152...I keep searching for better ones...... but I doubt if I will find a better sound. I am gonna look for a second pair of the sm-152, just want to have one in each corner and/ore as a reserve, so much I like this sound. I earlier reviewed the infinity kappa 600 and delta 60, both are very big but modern style speakers. I was not so impressed by both, they sounded ok but not the speakers i would fall in love for. The kappa 600 where award winning speakers. Who doesn't know the kappa series. I never heard from the sm-152. Before i went buying these speakers I checked some forums... most of them didn't place these speakers in the top. , some wrote that they lack bass, others say they are sensitive for foam rot. But hey, for 75 euro I could not let them go, so my surprise was huge when I heard the speakers on a marantz pm 80 , I immediately know that these speakers where something different than all the others I had before. Yes true the speakers on paper starts with 44HZ but my ears tells me something quite different. The bass from these speakers is so much better than the kefs and magnat zero 7 although it start on 44 hz... Frequency Response 44Hz - 25kHz (+/-3dB) Crossover Frequencies 500Hz, 5.5kHz Sensitivity 102dB (1 watt/1 meter) Power Rating 10 - 300 watts Nominal Impedance 8 ohms Woofer 15" (381mm) polypropylene coated Midrange Driver TWO - 4.5" (114mm)polypropylene coated Tweeter 1" (25mm) high-output polyce
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Marantz collection vintage
Mr. T send me this footage and I made the spoken comments. Mr. T is not selling, only collecting!
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Happy 2018
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kenwood VS sansui VS akai VS technics ...Vintage super soundtest
Thanks Kevin MacLeod for your royalty free music Which of these 4 vintage receivers sound best: 4 popular receivers from the 70's tested for sound on 4 ohm speakers:. kenwood kr-4200 akai aa-1030 sansui G-401(G-4500) technics SA-5270 Please comment with who is number 1 to 4 in your ears My next VS will be the marantz 2250b vs luxman r-1050, wich one sound better, so subscribe if you want to see the result, coming very soon on this channel.
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sansui G-7500 face-plate cleaning
35 years old vintage gear touched by so many different (dirty) hands.... needs a clean up, watch how you do it.
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marantz 2325 review
A 2 x 125 watt monster receiver for those who have a fat wallet and only love the best.
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Marantz 2225: how to replace the stereo and dial pointer lamp.
Step by step I show you how to replace the stereo and dial pointer lamp from a 1975 marantz 2225 Watch how i replace the 8V/40mA wired bulbs. Subscribe on my channel to get the latest uploads first.
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Yamaha CR-820 and B&W DM2/II - lucky score
Both units where on my scoring list for a long time and I was lucky to buy them in 1 deal
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How to fix the constantly repeating return problem of theTechnics sl-3310,  sl-3300, sl-5300, sl-230
When your technics Sl-3300, Sl-3310 , sl-5300 but also the sl-230, sl-231, sl-235 have the problem that the arm keep repeating while the repeat function is off that means the grease on a certain point in the turntable is completely dry and need to be cleaned. It is a very simple job. After this job when you place the repeat function on 0 the arm will rest as normal after it came back
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Sansui g-8000 overview
Bought this sansui a week ago with the plan to let it recap it and keep it for the rest of my life. This is how plans can change in a week time
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Luxman R-1050 review
One of the best sounding receivers with a super vintage 70's look Thanks Kevin Macleod for the background music Subscribe and also watch my other video's. In my video's I often review vintage stereo amps, receivers, turntables. I also review newer speakers, headphones, 5.1 ore 7.1 receivers and amps. I also have a number of video's where i show you how to fix simple problems you can repair your self when your vintage stereo equipment have the same problems. My sound test between several vintage receivers are unique on youtube, Hear the difference between every amp/receiver is pull in those sound tests.
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Sansui G-401 sansui G-4500 sansui g-4000 review
this beautiful player I also tested against 3 other vintage receivers, watch that video too...
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vintage Akai AA-1175 review -on magnat zero 5 speakers
The Akai AA-1175 is a fantastic receiver and xxxxxrare! buy it now and you will not only make the best investment but also will enjoy the nice sound! You will triple your investment in 20 years time instead of loosing 90% when you buy a new one. Calculate the difference + a better sound Specifications Tuning range: FM, MW Power output: 75 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) 110/240 volt Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω Dimensions: 480 x 165 x 440 mm / 18.9 x 6.5 x 17.3 inch year 1978 logic used price - normal to mint 150/375 euro Prices based on the region (belgium,the Netherlands and Germany). Prices can heavy fluctuate from region to region. Prices on this youtube page are refreshed every year to keep them up to date.
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Akai AP-207 turntable review
akai ap-207 - good sounding turntable
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How to replace the fuse bulbs from a Marantz 2225
stereolamp 8v/40mA dial pointer 8v/40mA Replacing the fuse bulbs from a marantz 2225 is not a very difficult job, see how i did it. See my other video how you replace a stereo and dial pointer lamp in a 2225 marantz Subscribe on my channel.
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My secret scoring spot exposed - Vinylspot records.....rare jazz records & vintage stereo equipment
rare records and a huge vintage stereo collection. specialized in rare jazz records The best record collection in town: http://vinylspot.nl/vinylspot-equipment-vinyl-records-rotterdam/
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Allison six vs IMF ALS 40II and sublime high end speakers ( Ocellia Calliope.21silver )
this movie isn't recorded with my samsung cam(the one with the good microphones) high end speaker test: Ocellia Calliope .21 the silver edition
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Kef Q11 speaker test against magnat zero 7 and Infinity Sm 152
Just discovered that the left infinity speakers mid drivers where out . So that's why they sounded so dull in the test. The potentio meter from the mids was dirty and after I cleaned it it works now. I suddenly heard a big difference between the speakers and when I checked the left speakers 2 mid drivers where out. I took away the 8 screws from the plate where the mid and treble knob are and i discovered also that behind this plate the filter is from the speaker. It is also the reason why the song from george benson i recorded with these speakers had so much disortion, because the mids where going out and on. The reality is that the infinitys souns brighter as the kefs, not to hear in this test...I will record the infintys again and replace this movie as soon as possible. Do the blind test, so close your eyes before the music starts. Which speaker is in your ears the best sounding? I know in speakers the taste is so wide and often different, just curious what your ears tells you. Music youtube audio Library
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How to restore scratchy turntable dustcovers with a polishing machine
Who isn't strong need to be smart, the most simple way to get that old scratchy dust cover as new again. All it need is a bottle cheap (1 euro) abrasive cream you use in the kitchen and a cheap polish machine you can find new in the shop for 25 euro. Want to take away the deeper scratches too? just use first a cream with a stronger abrasive level (a strong car paint polisher)and finish it of with the cream i here used.
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How to replace the Marantz 2230 fuse lamps
this receiver needs the lamps: 6x fuse bulbs 29mm 8v 250 ma ore led 8v 1w 5x bipin 8v 40ma 2x bipin 6.3v 40ma (6v 40ma) t1 1/4(for the stereo indicacator) 1x dial pointer 8v/40ma 4.5mm and the normal fuse bilbs Things to know when you have one of these superb sounding machines. Subscribe on my channel.
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Akai AA-1150 review test
original lamps are 8V150mA, I used 6V-200mA, it's the same thing. like 4V-300mA would be A nice strong performer with good build quality.
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How a professional tested my speakers.... how to test speakers
This guy know what he do. His website: www.omte.nl He make and sell amps He repair speakers, tube and transistor amps
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Scoring Technics SE-A5 Technics SU-A6 Technics Sl-PS70 Technics RS-B 965
i hope they sound as good as they are looking
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Marantz 1250 & Marantz 150 review- the best investment is to buy these rare items
the best investment is to buy these rare items because collectors will not sell and how scarce they are the more expensive they will be This set is so rare that you will not even find one who is for sale at the moment, be prepared to open that fat wallet if you want to have one and take a long time to find one. Both peaces are very hard to find. I was so lucky this owner/collector give me the green light to film it. I hope that he likes the result.
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Kenwood KR-6200 review test
heavy strong sweet sounding receiver from 1973
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Pioneer PD-S504 Stable Platter Mechanism VS Pioneer PD-7100 test
The advantage is that even little damaged cd's played good while the pd-7100 skipped them. This cd player also read cd-r. The sound is a bit harsh when compared with the pd-7100 Pioneer PD-S504 Specifications: Digital converter: PD2029A CD Mechanism: PEA1179 Frequency response: 2Hz to 20kHz Dynamic range: 96dB Signal to Noise Ratio: 106dB Total harmonic distortion: 0.003% Line output: 2V Digital outputs: optical Dimensions: 420 x 286 x 110mm Weight: 3.8kg Accessories: remote control Year: 1995
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Marantz 2226b stereo lamp replacement without using an solder iron
You can also use your lighter to shrink the heat shrink Best for the stereo indicator lamp is a 8v 40mA, 8v 60mA is no advice! All these receivers use a 8v 40mA stereo indicator lamp: Receiver 2200 - 2210 - 2215B - 2216 - 2216B - 2218 - 2225 - 2226 - 2226B - 2230B - 2235 - 2238B - 2252 - 2252B - 2265B - 2285B - 2330B 2385 - 2500 - 2600 Tuner 2100 - 2110 - 2120 - 2130 - ST7 - ST8 In my other video I show you how to solder a stereo and dial pointer lamp with a solder iron. In this movie i show you how to do the same without using an solder iron. Even when you have an solder iron it 's safer to use this method for safety of the dial wire.... the lamp used in this movie is a 8V/40mA 4 mm, the original is 4.2mm. Never use a different voltage/watt for a stereo lamp! subscribe on my channel
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I am still alive
Didn't upload new video's for 15 weeks
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Pickering  xlz-7500 unique cartridge /  stylus collection
great pickering collection
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how to assembling the avasco shelving unit
nice, strong and cheap shelving units when you have many stereo units
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Technics SL-1200MK2 review
Technics sl-1200mk2 one of the best turntables ever made Also watch my video of the technics sl-1200G my nephew found this same turntable for free, watch how he demolish the thing by cleaning it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qkeb8hJYgk he just used the green side of a sponge to clean it, got tears in my eyes
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KEF carlton III review on Sansui G-7000
1984, high end speakers from kef
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Best budget turntables 2017/2018 /LENCO L-3808/ Rega Planar 1/ Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB
LENCO L-3808 Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB Rega Planar 1
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sansui G-7500 review- the best investment is to buy these rare items
Even when you don't have the money to buy this thing, go to the bank and take a loan, because it is the best investment you can make to buy this thing, the value will increase much in a short time This is not a sansui G-8000 ore sansui G-9000 but it almost sounds as good as the sansui G-22000 coming soon on this channel reviews of: marantz 2265b denon pma 925r kenwood kr-6050 jvc rx 1001V jvc rx-1010vtn technics sa-5270 kenwood ka-555 marantz 1050 onkyo tx-sr706 mc quart 890 mcs Sony STR-DN840 i Onkyo's TX-NR626 denon AVR-X1000 harman kardon AVR-1710 onkyo TX-NR525 pioneer VSX-1023-K yamaha RX-V575 technics sa-5600x quadro receiver kenwood krf 7773d monster spitzenklasse
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Vintage stereo Pioneer sx-1500TD review on mb quart 590 mcs
From all vintage stereo devices this mint vintage stereo Pioneer sx-1500td surprised me the most - tested heavy on mb quart 590mcs
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how to score vintage stereo
watch and share When there is enough interest of my viewers in how to edit in this magix edit pro editing program , I can make a movie where I learn you editing with this program. Just comment and say yes, make the movie...with enough interest, i will make this movie...
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Soundtest- Sansui G-901DB VS Tandberg 3003 VS Akai AM-93 VS Harman Kardon 730 twin
Sansui G-901db vs akai am-93 vs harman kardon 730 vs tandberg 3003, just a soundtest over my canton ergo's RC-L music youtube sound libary
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Marantz 2250b and 5020 review test
This receiver is amazing, not just the looks but the deep sound blow me away. Compared with the 2252b this one have more bass but less mids end highs. Both are nice but so different sounding units. coming soon on this channel reviews of: marantz 2265b denon pma 925r kenwood kr-6050 jvc rx 1001V jvc rx-1010vtn technics sa-5270 kenwood ka-555 marantz 1050 onkyo tx-sr706 mc quart 890 mcs Sony STR-DN840 i Onkyo's TX-NR626 denon AVR-X1000 harman kardon AVR-1710 onkyo TX-NR525 pioneer VSX-1023-K yamaha RX-V575 technics sa-5600x quadro receiver kenwood krf 7773d monster spitzenklasse
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scoring akai AA-1175
scoring akai aa-1175
Views: 3177 vintage stereo
Yamaha CR-2040 review on magnat zero 7 - best investment ever
Yamaha CR-2040 superb monster receiver Background music you can find on youtube: channel48
Views: 12920 vintage stereo
JVC JR S401 test
Watch my other video of this jvc where I do the soundtest ......JVC JR S401, the alien monster under the vintage receivers
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XFI premium audio show 2018 - part 8 - Tannoy Autograph Mini - Tannoy GRF GR - Luxman L-550AXII
Tannoy prestige GRF: Performance: Amp: 20-280W RMS (recommended) Cont Power: 140 RMS Peak Power: 560W Sensitivity: 95dB (2.83V @1m) Nominal Impedance: 8 ohm Minimum Impedance: 5 ohm Freq Resp: 24Hz - 27kHz (-6dB) Dispersion: 90 degrees conical Dual Concentric Drive Unit Low Frequency 300 mm (12”) with paper pulp cone and twin roll impregnated fabric surround. 52 mm (2”) round wire voice coil High Frequency 52 mm (2”) aluminium/ magnesium alloy dome with round wire voice coil Tannoy Autograph mini: Recommended amplifier power 20 - 100 Watts Continuous power handling 50/200 Watts RMS Cont/Peak Frequency response 60Hz - 20kHz -10dB Sensitivity 85dB (2.83 Volts @ 1 metre) Nominal impedance 8 Ohms DRIVE UNITS Dual Concentric™ high frequency 19mm (0.75”) titanium dome with Tulip WaveGuide™ Dual Concentric™ low frequency 100mm (4.50”) treated paper pulp cone with rubber surround. 33mm (1.33”) edge wound voice coil Dispersion 90 degrees conical CROSSOVER Frequency 2.3kHz Type Passive low loss 2nd order compensated LF, 1st order compensated HF CONSTRUCTION Enclosure type Rear ported Volume 3.5L (213.5 cu.ins”) Dimensions 356 x 209 x 156mm Weight 4.4kg Finish Oiled Walnut
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JVC RX-505VL and JVC XL-Z441 review
Nice and good sounding JVC setup
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Kenwood kr-6050 review sound test
Kenwood kr-6050 review, watch and comment. It does not sound like the kenwood kr-9050 but it looks good. Watch my other video: kenwood kr-7050 review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQgwbKuvTPY All the music is from Kevin MacLeod, Thank you Kevin. Subscribe and also watch my other video's. In my video's I often review vintage stereo amps, receivers, turntables. I also review newer speakers, headphones, 5.1 ore 7.1 receivers and amps. I also have a number of video's where i show you how to fix simple problems you can repair your self when your vintage stereo equipment have the same problems. My sound test between several vintage receivers are unique on youtube, Hear the difference between every amp/receiver is pull in those sound tests. coming soon on this channel reviews of: Kenwood KRF-7773d jvc rx 1001V mc quart 890 mcs onkyo tx/sr606 onkyo tx-sr606 hdmi board repair onkyo tx-sr706 hdmi board repair kenwood kr-7600 realistic lab-270 realistic lab-400 technics sl-1510 sony ta-f 630esd Philips shd8600 unboxing 2.4 headphone How to polish your turntable dust cover how to replace lamps luxman r-1050
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