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‘I do belong in this world!’ Part 2 // Emma’s POV
Hi! Dis is part 2 of the “I Don’t Belong in this World! Sorry if Andrew wasnt in a scene in the beginning =o= ((And other mistakes)) More info єllíє wσuld hαvє ѕurvívєd thє ѕtαв вut duє tσ ѕtrєѕѕ αnd ínjurєѕ ((αвuѕє)) ѕhє díєd єvєn íf ѕhє ѕurvívєd ѕhє wσuld вє αвuѕєd αnd wσuld díє σf ѕtrєѕѕ thαt чєαr kím turnєd hímѕєlf ín вєcαuѕє hє ѕtíll вullíєd єllíє ín thє вєgínníng σk вчє👋🏽
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Nobody reads the description but if you are put #MSFam ((MelodySpirit Family)) Get a heart, like, mew subscriber ((If you have a channel)) and you get PINNED! THIS ONLY HAPPENS FOR THE FIRST PERSON THAT DOES THIS!! If you dont make it, dont worry! This will happen every video :D
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“I dont belong in this world!’ Sad Gachaverse mini movie // Ellie’s POV
Hi! This is why I haven't been online for a while...yeahhhhh This is a video to make everyone thin positive, and that there a someone, that cares for you. Ellie smiled everyday, a sign to show Emma that she was happy because she was happy, but Emma just didn't get it. But she still kept going on, no matter how hard it was. More info on the movie: .-*Kaliah was a demon because suicide is a bad thing*-. .-*Kim was forced to bully due to her sister, Lilith .-*The mom only wanted the fathers money and she only liked Emma ever since the day they were born*-. Hope you guys enjoy and sorry for the mistakes... Peace!
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“I dont belong in this world!” In a nutshell ll 13k Special
Thank you guys for 13k💜 Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video! 😍 -Clarebear
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Hairy Utters and the Legendary Scar // YTP #1 // Harry Potter VS Fortnite
Ahh...my first YTP video.. Welp, hope you subscribe, share, and like this vid! Thanks!
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Cubic Castles: Cubit Giveaway!
Awesome giveaway in Cubic castles! It was a 500c one. RIPPP Anyway, make sure to subscribe!
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