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VERY fast Andre smithing at incredible hihg speed
Whoa! H-He's fast!
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Whatever you do... don't 𝖕𝖔𝖎𝖓𝖙 down...
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Become your very own sun! What is the maximum number of particle effects we can stack together then? USELESS DATA HERE WE GO! HURRAH! --GUIDE-- 1) White ring is core, looks real good with Broken Aurous gear 2) Most ring effects do not stack, red eye and ghost ring work with any rings 3) You can use other rings instead of the Old Sun Ring such as Yorgh's ring, but only one can be seen. 4) As for the spells there is A LOT that add effects, you could use Magic Barrier, but you lose Immolate since both are classed as body buffs. 5) Rather than Trident dance you could use miracles such as heal where you can hold onto them indefinitely for the visual effects of casting. But this does hide the shield. 6) Don't forget your prism stones! Alluring skulls also make an effect, but it doesn't last very long! --MUSIC USED--- Holy Spring - Opoona OST Leopard Print Elevator - incompetech.com Suave Standpipe - incompetech.com --ART USED-- The praising animation is from the Dark Souls x Evangelion video, but hard to find the channel that actually created that. No idea for the arts.
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What is the MAXIMUM SOUL GAIN possible? -Dark Souls 3
What is the HIGHEST amount of souls you can gain in a single instance? What is the MAX amount you can AMPLIFY soul's gained? Why would you even need to know this!? SOUNDS LIKE IT'S TIME FOR SOME USELESS DATA! Many thanks for my wonderful tester Patokia once again, you can find some QUALITY MEMEAGE over here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5fhOVdiJDQ2MI9sqAtzyaA So what did we find out eh? Or a TL:DW summary! - There is many items that boost souls earned, they are the Symbol of Avarice (50% extra), the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring+2 (30% extra), Mendicant's Staff (20% more) and the Shield of Want (20% more). - These all stack multiplicatively, so this means we get "extra bang for your buck". So rather than get a 220% bonus we get a much better 280.8% bonus! - The best boss/mob to make hella souls is the LORD OF CINDER, who drops 100k (his boss soul is only worth 20k). - But in ng+ you can make more souls, so in ng7 and beyond you make 255k! - With Soul boosting gear we can this 716k! Thats 7.16 times better tha before! - How about the overkill mechanic? You get 20% more souls provindg you can deal 150% of the targets FULL health. - And this even stacks multiplicatively once more! So the max soul amp is 337%! - Alright, let's do the real max. Just collect 99 "Soul of a Great Champion". You can only find then in ng+ and beyond and only THREE per playtrough. So you have to do it 33+ times.... -These are worth 50k each, so if you eat 99 of these at once, you make 4950k! Or 4.95 MILLION SOULS! Nice.... - So can anything beat this? Kinda... but first we need to talk about SOUL LEVELS. - The souls you earn from players is based on Soul Level, you earn a % of what it cost them to level up last. - Kill an invader to make 15%, kill a host to make 4%. - Since it costs 12,368,992 (12 mill) for the final level we should be able to make 15% of this, which is 1,855,348 (1.8 mill). - Wow, it actually works perfectly. Killing a max level invader get's you this 1.8 Mil, so does it work with the boosting and overkill? - Aww yissss. With this boosted by 300%+, we have our final high score of 5,209,817 (5.2 MILLION) for a single kill! Well how bout that eh? ----MUSIC CREATIVELY COMMANDEERED---- Myst on the Moor - Chill Wave - Casa Bossa Nova - Martini Sunset All from incompetech.com
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Time for the hugely unrequested MAXIMUM STATUS RESIST possible! So who will win out of BLEED, CURSE, FROST and POISON? Lets see them bars grow (side effects might include useless data). -Waxhead Glitch Dootage- https://youtu.be/vKSONgbdfS8 ---TIMECODES FOR TIME TRAVELERS--- 0:29 - The Lowest Bar/Value Possible 0:55 - Leveling Time 1:36 - Rings n' Bling 2:18 - Best Armor Sets 2:57 - The Spells (all 2 of them) 3:36 - Maximum Bar Length / 4 bars 4:05 - Testing item myths 4:42 - The WaxheadStackGlitch 4:59 - Consumables 5:16 - THE FINAL SCORES Bonus Lore: Did you know OLDMANS hat has the highest Toxic resist of all headgear? Insert toxic gamer meme here
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So what is behind Wolnir & other Nito secrets! - Dark Souls 3
So what does High Lord Wolnir slip n' slide into when he dies? What secrets are back there? There is only one way to find out... DEEPEST LORE HERE WE GO! Just a stupid test, was doing the boss while making a new build and wondered what the hell was really down there... The true monsters are the players who broke into Wolnir's house and pushed the poor defenseless skelly down a cliff after breaking this jewelry. You were 2gud4ThisWurld. --SPOOKY SONGS--- Welcome to HorrorLand -imcompeteh.com Conquer -SilvermanSound.com Professor Umlaut -imcompeteh.com WillOldMan Voice - www.acapela-group.com
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Is there a limit to the Twin Princes REVIVES? ᵃⁿᵈ ᵒᵗʰᵉʳ ᵘˢᵉˡᵉˢˢ ᵈᵃᵗᵃ
Oh! Hello, it's TIME for some really USELESS DATA! Let's test all the myths we can think of for this royal duo! I hope this answers your question whoever asked me this in the past! I'm getting forgetful in my age.... -----BONUS NOTES----- - He is coded to always have 1 HP remaining. But as seen hacking his HP to zero does cause to finally die. But Prince Lothric is no where to be seen. And so the fight becomes unwinnable. - There is no natural means to get his HP down to zero. And excess damage just sets his HP to 1. - Sometimes Lorian will teleport himself off the map, but since he falls into the kill box he and Lothric will both die. Making the fight winnable. - There is no respawn limit. Trust me. This video was almost going to be a 1 hour real time of waiting....
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Maximum Possible POISE in Dark Souls 3?
About time we had some USELESS DATA! So what is the highest poise possible, and does it do anything differently at such amounts? Or will this be more useless that normal? LET'S FIND OUT EH? ----- EXPECTED MAX POISE ------- + 37.5 Poise = Havel's Set Poise (EDIT- With Smoughs Gauntlets) + 45 = Yhorm Shield One + 45 = Yhorm Shield Two + 20 = Wolf Ring+2 + ? = Iron flesh = 147.5 POISE! ----WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS ----- + 32.89 Poise = Havel's Poise (EDIT- With Smoughs Gauntlets) + 30.2 = Yhorm Shield One + 16.61 = Yhorm Shield Two + 4.06 = Wolf Ring +2 = 83.76 POISE! ---WHAT REALLY REALLY HAPPENS--- + what ever you want = ZERO POISE EDIT- My bad, Smough's Gauntlets give 4.1 poise rather than the 3.9 Havel's give. Looking back I had even wrote that down. Could this video get any more useless? Many thanks TheNintendoProducts for pointing this out! EDIT EDIT- After redoing the sums, the Smough Gauntlet gives us an extra 0.03 MORE POISE! kek So what did we find out? Poise suffers from diminishing returns. It would be pretty easy to calculate the decline on a chart if it wasn't for the Poise giving Weapons (since Havel breaks the softcap but a single Yhorm doesn't, unless the 45 from Yhorms takes this into account, who cares either way). But either way I can't be bothered considering "Poise" does not function as Poise as it did in other games. But many brave souls are still looking into what poise might do. I'll leave a link below and in the video to the most up to date source that we have so far. https://www.reddit.com/r/darksouls3/comments/4jdwy6/dark_souls_3_poise_mechanics_im_pretty_damn_sure/ Only equipables influence poise unlike other soul games, where you could use spells AND leveling stats. Pretty odd. ---MUSIC USED IN ORDER OF MUSIC USED--- Chill -imcompeteh.com Thief in the Night -imcompeteh.com Killers -imcompeteh.com At Rest -imcompeteh.com
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Maximum Possible DEFENCE in Dark Souls!
What is the HIGHEST DEF? (now available in HIGH DEF). Let's go on a journey through time, space and useless knowledge and finally answer the question that all of us never asked or wanted to know! HERE WE GO! PRAISE THE SUMS! Music Credits: 1st Track- Slumlord by lotagblanco 2nd Track - FunkyElement by Bensound 3rd Track - Pulsing Intensity by freestockmusic.com
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2DARK2HANDED - The PATCHED Dark Hand Build
So it looks like the DARK HAND was buffed! I gotta HAND it to them, it is HANDS down the best low level weapon in the game now. Just follow this HANDY guide to destroy your foes! -BUILD NOTES- -Honestly FROM, this thing is just mad. All this at LV15! -The unique attack is still a bit of a novelty, you might as well just punch them 3 times instead. - No one has survived the Life Drain so far, it still does 1-2 more ticks of damage after too! - I wouldn't be surprised if it actually deals between 800-1000 at level 15. - It still sucks as a shield, but it is the only way to use Life Drain, since it cannot be 2-handed. - I used the Dark Clutch Ring with the Faith and Int increasing rings for this damage. - Iron Flesh is more or less the only way to land LifeDrain, you cannot parry into it. - Since the Dark Hand cannot be upgraded, this means invaders can only use +2 weapons at most providing you don't upgrade anything else. That is quite the advantage! - You can still lose fights, I lost a game or two. The punch move-set is still easy to parry, so if you mess around trying to lifesteal then get parried on low/mid health then it's over. ---THE HANDY MUSIC GUIDE--- "Twinkle Park/Fakery Way" -Sanic Adventure DX OST "End of the Summer" - Sunic Runners OST "Strange Parade" - Blonic Runners OST SPONSORED BY SANIC CORP
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Is it possible to deal ZERO DAMAGE? - DS3
AKA- What is the LOWEST damage possible? Getting 1 damage is easy enough, but can we get to ZERO? It's time for some REALLY USELESS DATA! Many thanks to Patokia, Snowman and Overlord Crispy Cool! My thanks to Patokia for help testing this on players, I'll might make a unlisted video late showing this! But just read ahead to get the jist of it! Many thanks to Snowman for the lock on toggle trick to deal 1 less damage. More thanks to Overlord for showing me this video. Deepest CRABZ lore confirmed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFvhpoWlplk ====STOP POSTING LINKS AND GIVE US MORE DATA!===== Alright, let me share some more thoughts. So what causes this "Natural Armor"? Well it certainly a by product of something else. Looking at the enemy data I can see such values as Poise and Weight. But I cannot see anything that can consistently link them all together. So it's just a band aid term for now. This natural armor reduces damage dramatically, but you can still deal damage with a strong enough failed stats weapon. Why the old handmaiden has this and Andre doesn't I don't know. Andre plz.... This deflection stuff also happens on shields with the same rules. In fact it is the only way to deal ZERO damage to players. Even using Iron Flesh and defense stacking you can't get your defense values high enough for this zero damage. So by using a shield that blocks 95% of damage for example with a broken failed weapon allows you to deal ZERO "Damage". A puzzling question is "is this even damage?". I would say so, you are expecting to deal some sort of damage but it is now so low it is being rounded down to ZERO. This is unlike just hitting a 100% block shield which flat out always mitigates the damage to zero. But feel free to debate! -------------MUSIC CREATIVELY COMMONED--------------- Chill Wave - incompetech.com Casa Bossa Nova -incompetech.com
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Can you turn the WEAKEST attack into a ONE HIT KILL? - DS3
I had to ban "Way of White Corona" since then it would be an impossible task. No professionals allowed. -PATOKIA'S HQ SHITPOST HQ- https://www.youtube.com/user/patokia/ -SCOTT'S BONUS TECHNICALITIES- https://youtu.be/2MKc9ejlUYs?t=2m41s ====TL:DR & EXTRA NOTES==== - First we need the lowest defense and HP possible! This is the SORCERER! He has the lowest physical defense and hp of all classes. - With only 47 physical defense and 381 while unembered. - Stripping down now gives you 0% absorption. DS3 works much like Bloodborne in how it handles defense. Having a empty gear slot will alter your defense by more than you would expect, see Scott's video + reddit thread for more details. - The weakest SINGLE ATTACK in the game is the Crab Jab, dealing just 76 DAMAGE! - We can use the Calamity Ring, Any 2 Clutch Rings and the Carthus Blood Ring for a whopping -214.6 Absorption! - And Absorption actually does work exactly as advertised, so you WILL get a boost by that amount. - We can increase this further with FROSTBITE (-7%) to a max of -236.622 Absorption! (since it all somewhat stacks multiplicatively ) - We can also buff the crab with an red phantom with SACRED OATH or the WAR BANNER BUFF. - Combine these with SUPER COUNTERS (counter states that make that THUNK sound effect) we now have a insta-kill with the lil'crabbo! - However the weakest single damage instance is actually the 1st hit in the 1st hollow's multihit fury swipe attack! - Dealing only 63 damage compared to the crabs 76. - We cannot summon in this area, but if we could, would it be lethal? - Testing with hacked HP (not to alter the defenses) we can make the crab deal a maximum of 377 damage, or a 396% improvement. - But using this number for the hollow fails to let us reach our 323 HP total, since it will only reach approx 312 damage. :(
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Lowest Possible HP in Dark Souls 2?
What is the LOWEST health possible!? Get ready to reach for the limits of pointlessness this time! Useless data here we go~! -NUMBER TIME- This is how it works, numbers might seem off due to dark souls 2 rounds out decimal places in curious places so these values are taken directly via cheat engine, impossible to read them otherwise since hollowing isn't treated as heath loss in the stat screen. 4 Vigor = 742 HP Max Hollowing = 742*0.05 = 38HP RitualRing = 38HP/2 DominoPizzaMask = 19HP * 0.85? SonicUnleash = 17 HP * 0.7 Final Total = 12HP! I had to recheck this a few times when updating this. And I noticed something that I couldn't find in any wikis.... THE GOD DAMN RING OF KNOWLEDGE INCREASES YOUR HP! Why game? Why troll me? Whryyyy!? But as people have mentioned in the comments, it probably behaves as if it has levelled you by 5 stats, hence the increase. So at 4 Vigor with 742 hp you will have +10 HP = 752HP. It also gets decreased as the multipliers come in. And for the peeps who keep asking why I didn't respec lower than 4 Vigor with the Soul Vessel is because you can't lower your stats below your starting class stats. I also think the visuals of the health bar are not linear, and that the last portion contains more health than it would suggest otherwise... you sneaky ol' game! Major thanks to to these peeps for pointing out a better way to do this, my other video that I quickly pulled was off the mark. So thanks to Purple Lamb, Val Stormbreak, RabidSasquatch0, Logan loga for the improved method and JamieDaNerdKing for suggesting this video idea! -Music Used in order of Music used- Cool Vibes - imcompleteTech.com Earth Area - Drakkhen Panama Hat - imcompleteTech.com
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Will Acid Surge break PVP? - ACID SURGE DATA
Is this spell really broken? And what does this mean for the poor unsuspecting community? LET'S FIND OUT! And major thanks to my testers! Thanks Julio and Kingu! This was done in Patch 1.08 Reg 1.20 TL:DR -The Wood Grain Ring +2 reduces durability loss by 40%, which translates to nothing, it does nothing against Acid Surge - i-frames means nothing, you still take the hit - You lose about 50-90 if you stay still but 110ish if you follow the cloud. - Best idea is just get real close, the hit box moves off you right away! - In PVP it doesn't really do much at all, you might get 20 damage per cloud if they briefly touch it. - But it's pretty janky for melee builds.... - It is the best zoning tool by far in the game, a must have for spell casters and ranged builds! Too bad it's going to be patched soon, but I suspect 99% of this data will be accurate. It will just be a number tweak, so it will probably deal less damage, but the rest will stay true hopefully! -MUSIC CREATIVELY COMMONED- "Cool Vibes" - incompetech.com "Overworld" - incompetech.com "Casa Bossa Nova" - incompetech.com "OldManWill" - acapela-group.com
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What is the LONGEST WEAPON NAME possible in DarkSouls 3?
So what weapon has the most LETTERS? Why would you even test this? All I know it's time for some truly USELESS DATA! And just in case anyone asks, I included spaces as characters, I used the website below to count it accuratly and even tried to be a smart ass and see if certain letters took up more space, just in case that you could have a LONGER word with LESS LETTERS! You can't.... :( So PAINTING GUARDIAN'S LIGHTNING SWORD+10 is the Maximum! I hope this satisfies your question whoever you are! I forgot to write down who asked this... I'M SORRY! --OFFICAL LETTER COUNTER--- www.lettercount.com/ --TL:DR-- Why did I do this? --MUSIC CREATIVELY COMMUNED-- Fretless - incompetech.com - Running in The 90s - Initial D Cold Funk - incompetech.com
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DS3- Top 6.5 useless FACTS you didn't know
Useless data... Deepest Lore... & Crab Facts... by by your power combined I present 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐋𝐘 𝐒𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐂𝐋𝐄𝐀𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐕𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐎! Or just a bunch of little mini-video ideas that I can bundle together. -𝗧𝗶𝗺𝗲 𝗖𝗼𝗱𝗲𝘀 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲 𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘃𝗲𝗹𝗲𝗿𝘀- 0:34- ONE- Amazing Chest Ahead 1:58- TWO- Bloodlust is bugged 2:49- THREE- Tongue but whole 3:37- FOUR- The Baddie Banner Buff? 5:06- FIVE- Church Lore Bundle 7:07- SIX- Crab Facts 8:11 SIX POINT FIVE?- Monster names
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Just follow this handy guide on how to arm yourself for high level wizard PvP! You'll soon have them in the palm of your hands! 💪👴👌 -----------BUILD NOTES & LIFE STORY--------- - Prepare for a long ass preachin' about the Preacher's right Arm. - Now this build really took some time to make work alright.... - You'd think it would be simple, the damage and speed is great! - It really is a beast in PvE, you can simply pump out the damage! - Might be Dark Hand levels of abuse for low levels. Since the scaling is very interesting. - Damage is boosted by the Magic clutch Ring, Flynn's and the Leo Ring, it deals THRUST damage. - As for weapon scaling, it does NOT scale of int, so you can leave your INT at 14. - It scales somewhat from STR, with the following numbers tested on hollows with no rings. - With 99STR you deal 217 damage, 50STR does 211, 40STR does 209, 30STR does 203, 20STR does 195 and minimal STR does 191. - With this knowledge, I settled on 28 STR so I could also use large shield. - So it works at better at lower Soul Levels. I did it at SL95, 80 would be better. - Now the bad part, it has NO hyper armor of any kind. You had better hope you hit first. - And even worse, it lacks a true combo/hitstun. It is very odd. It is REALLY inconsistent. They can often roll out after being hit 1-2 times. - I even tried this with magic shield with shields that let you use the weapon art. Even then it had troubles. But then I found a better idea. - I eventually messed around with Iron Flesh, and of course that makes anything viable. - The problem is no one falls for that, I have no idea why people are so unfamiliar with the Havel Buff. But I ain't complaining. - Now the problem is that smart players won't go anywhere close to you now. - So after using the havel buff rather than unequiping the shield swap it for the Caestus, we need the weapon art. - The weapon art Perseverance gives you hyper armor for 2-6 seconds, depending on the weapon you cast it with. -Also reduces damage by about 50% according to the wiki! - Use this for portable poise! It even lingers after you swap out your weapon. - A final tip for the arms, do NOT lock on when they roll around you. The tracking is TERRIBLE. Free aim it. It's cheap to spam so you will clip them eventually. So after all this work... It really is just more effective to use the Dragon Shield or conventional weaponry. A odd weapon these arms, it has so much going for it, but has a critical flaw. Makes me like it though. ======MUSIC CREATIVELY COMMONED======== Cold Funk & Fretless -incompetech.com For Master Kurokage & Sprouts of Fire - Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus OST Main Theme - Condemned Criminal Origins OST Trembling City of Aris - Namco x Capcom
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What is the MAXIMUM AR possible with GLITCHES? - DS3
Let's take a trip back in time to Patch 1.14 to test the FORCE CASTING glitch. Can it beat our old record? Let's find out! -TIMECODES FOR TIME TRAVELERS- 0:11 - Foce Casting 0:49 - The MAX AR with G̵̮̮͍̬͕͚̟L̖̺ÌȚ̡̜̱̖C̡͖̗̲̺̦̯͍H̝̻̱̤̦̣̘ĘS҉̝ 2:10- Thanks boi's EMAD'S VIDEO AND REDDIT BREAD https://www.reddit.com/r/darksouls3/comments/6ufzjw/3080_is_highest_ar_picture_and_setup/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlqyFwmeavc&feature=youtu.be Thanks again to Patokia & Nasthesy for the help on such short notice! I shouldn't leave things until the night where things are patched... -MUSIC ᶦᶰ ᵒʳᵈᵉʳ- Casa Bossa Nova - Kevin MacLeod VoyageOfDiscovery - SilvermanSound Compy Jazz - Kevin MacLeod Ending Theme - Super Mario World
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DS1- The FASTEST and SLOWEST Stamina Regen Possible?
*⁽ⁿᵒ ᵍˡᶦᵗᶜʰ ʳᵘⁿ⁾ Your gonna need some serious STAMINA for this one. Time to discover the max & min stamina recovery possible! *ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴄᴏɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇᴅ Many thanks to Patokia for helping with the testing, ty bae https://www.youtube.com/user/patokia And here is a link to a EVEN SLOWER regen in DS1, VERY GOOD CapitaineToinon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Bhd4LGfg6c&feature=youtu.be There was a couple of things I had to remove since it was getting pretty long, such as Bonfires do NOT restore stamina, any who, timecodes eh? ------- TIME CODES ------ 0:35- All the stamina boosting sources 1:19- FASTEST STAMINA REGEN POSSIBLE 2:10- All the Stamina Slowing sources 4:02- Beyond the wiki. Testing Stamina Myths 6:30- SLOWEST STAMINA REGEN POSSIBLE 7:49- Congrats! Now go to Round 2!
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Twas the night before Crabmas...
All I want for Christmas is... CRABS! I'll fill this shizzle later. MERRY CRABMAS TO ALL! sorry it's late, and I am so slow. Wanted to rewatch when not so sleepy incase of typos.
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What is the MAXIMUM ABSORPTION possible? - DS3
Get ready to soak up some useless real useless data: What is the maximum ABSORPTION possible? - NO TL:DW THS TIME, USE THESE TIME CODES TO HELP ABSORB THIS DATA- 0:36- So what is Absorption eh? 1:08- How absorption works 2:18- The complete list of absorption sources and how much they provide 3:30- The COMPLETE list of absorption sources ᵇᵘᵗ ᶦᵗ'ˢ ʷᵉᵃᵖᵒⁿ ᵃʳᵗˢ 5:21- the trick to getting max absorption at last! 6:19- What is the best though? Physical, Slash, Strike or Thrust? 7:00 - The MAXIMUM absorption run (ᵇᵘᵗ ᶦᵗ'ˢ ᵖʰʸˢᶦᶜᵃˡ) 7:30- Oldman has memory problems, what about the elemental damage types? 7:55- What is the best? Magic, Fire, Lightning or Dark? 9:00- What is the TRUE maximum absorption possible? 9:19- The only real use of this data and thanks humans 10:00- Related videos pop up here - LINKS TO RELEVANT DATA THREADS / SOURCES FOR FORMULAS! https://www.reddit.com/r/darksouls3/comments/4f8yy8/how_defense_and_absorption_really_work/ https://www.reddit.com/r/darksouls3/comments/4dsvfa/guide_how_defense_works_and_how_damage_is/ --- A LINK TO DRAGONBORN_007 EVEN HIGHER ABSORPTION---https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHfuiFHwcqg -MUSIC ᵇᵘᵗ ᶦᵗ'ˢ ᵃˡˡ ʳᵒʸᵃˡᵗʸ ᶠʳᵉᵉ ʸᵒᵘᵗᵘᵇᵉ ᵖˡᶻ ˢᵗᵒᵖ ᶠˡᵃᵍᵍᶦⁿ' ᵐᵉ- Modern Jazz Samba / String Impromptu Number 1 / Electro Chill C / Bossa Antigua - All by Kevin MacLeod VoyageOfDiscovery - SilvermanSound
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It's FIGHT or FLIGHT! The perfectly* engineered lifeform returns... now never ask me for anything ever again. I'll put a texture link here SOON™ -like right here- -Detailed Guide on how2spin- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL_AnJ8RUyY - BUILD & BONUS NOTES- - For stats go STR, then HEALTH. Make a HEAVY ROTARY BLADE for max damage! - You don't need endurance or vit at all. Even when at 100%+ encumberment you will still spinwalk at the same speed. - This will probably work better at levels 30-50. No rings are core, so use the stat boosting ones. - Do max poise. Getting knocked out of a spin is pretty much a death sentence. - good luck... *ᴱᵛᵉʳʸ ᶜʰᶦˡᵈ ᶦˢ ᵖᵉʳᶠᵉᶜᵗ ᶦⁿ ᵗʰᵉᶦʳ ᵐᵒᵗʰᵉʳˢ ᵉʸᵉˢ. ᴿᵉˢᵗ ᶦⁿ F ᶜʰᵘᵖᵖᵉʳᵐᵒⁿ
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Did you know that there are USED but UNUSED animations in Dark Souls 3? Feat. OLDMAN
This is a question you can answer. Well did you know? Did ya? YOU WOULDN'T LIE TO AN OLD MAN NOW WOULD YOU?
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USELESS UPDATE - Testing your ideas for a even lower AR!
Time for a quick USELESS UPDATE! So can broken Chimes make a lower AR than even the REFINED PARRYING DAGGER? Time to test out these suggestions! I was pretty shocked to see the faith scaling has no effect on AR. But if you look at 1:30 you can see what DOES increase! SPELL BUFF has increased dramatically despite there being no shown increase! You would think this would be shown with blue numbers eh? Oh well, thank you all for your suggestions! I think in the future I'll save up these mini-retests and compile a few into a single video! ---MUSIC CREATIVELY COMMONED---- Casa Bossa Nova - incompetech.com/ Sparring Intro - Dark Souls 2
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What is the MAXIMUM AR possible? -DS3
*Without Glitches! (That's the next video, this video is long enough). So what is the MAXIMUM ATTACK RATING POSSIBLE! Settle down kiddos for a long ass lecturing! -NO TL:DW THIS TIME, USE THESE TIMECODES TO SKIP SCHOOL- 0:37 - Data begins! 1:14 - All the AR buffs and how they can stack 3:15- What is the best weapon eh? 5:09- the MAXIMUM ᵘˢᵉᵃᵇᶫᵉ AR possible! 6:24- the TRUE MAXIMUM AR possible! 7:07- Things involving rings / Ring Stacking 101 9:46- Conclusion ᵃᶰᵈ ʰᵃᶰᵈ ᶦᶰ ʸᵒᵘʳ ʰᵒᵐᵉʷᵒʳᵏ ᵇᵒᶦ Many thanks to Patokia for helping me test all sorts of useless data, much not making it into this video (and being the first to graduate OLDMAN ACADEMY). -MUSIC ᶦᶰ ᵒʳᵈᵉʳ ᵖʳᵉᵗᵗʸ ᵐᵘᶜʰ- Donkey Kong Country 2 OST- In a Snowbound Land Casa Bossa Nova - Kevin MacLeod NiGHTS into Dreams OST - Dreams Dreams Bass Meant Jazz - Kevin MacLeod VoyageOfDiscovery - SilvermanSound Compy Jazz - Kevin MacLeod Skies of Arcadia OST- Ruins Dungeon
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Unarmed Bare Fist Data! - Bloodborne
Is being unarmed a viable weapon? How is the scaling if it even has any? Tired of farming gems and just wanna fist punch ya way to victory? USELESS DATA HERE WE GO! Additional notes- - Unarmed visceral attacks damage really is equal to normal weapons, unless they are gemmed up. I've heard the weapon damage type does add modifiers though such as strike etc. - You only get points in melee/unarmed/fistycuffs AFTER you hit 19 points in STR or SKILL. This suprised me the most! So the value points are 19-30 in both. Ignoring one means you miss out on the juciy 2 damage per point/level up. - However when you reach the softcap at 30, so can split the points as you wish for scaling (eg - putting 2 points in one stat will give you one extra damage, but you can also put 1 point in both stats to also get the one extra damage, unlike the stat gain until you reach 30 points) - I'd really like to see how the scaling works with 99 STR and SKILL, it's gonna be a while before I reach those kinda levels! - I can't confirm it has the fastest charge attack of all weapons since I'm lacking many. But it is pretty quick. - I've seen some posts on de web talking about Visceral attack scaling, I get the feeling it isn't all about SKILL, I get the feeling it is both STR and SKILL, but that's just me ramblin'. - The bare fist punch moveset looks stylish as hell.... - Weaponless is best weapon! Sidenote: Equipping a new weapon shows the current weapon scaling compared to new weapon scaling. Trading out unarmed shows that it has S scaling in both Strength and Skill. Thanks ScrubSweeper. MUSIC LIST - The Cannery -incompetech.com - 8bit Dungeon Boss -incompetech.com
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Maximum Weight Possible in Dark Souls 2?
*And Equipment load % too! Ready for some useless data? Here we go! So essentially weight does nothing except for increase equipment load and equipment load % is what determines roll type breakpoints, roll distance, fall damage and stamina regeneration. EDIT - My bad, fat roll break point is 70%, not 60%. Also I noticed when showing how far rolling at 0% equip load is the player performs 3 rolls before running out of stamina, and when suited up it becomes 2 rolls. But it seems % burden is not a factor since you can still wear a piece or 2 of heavy armour to fatroll BUT it still lets you roll 3 times before running out of stamina. Who knows, perhaps the number of armour pieces impacts this? Oddly enough both Iron Flesh and Promised Walk of Peace BOTH stack together. Expected I guess otherwise Walk of Peace would be beastly in PvP just as a tool to remove buffs! At max weight and equip load the stamina regeneration isn't impacted much, it more or less caps at 120% too so I left that out or this would be even longer. So the gear used is in case you missed it; - Havel's Gauntlets + 11.5 -Havel's Leggings + 11.5 - Minotaur Helm + 9.8 -Iron Clad Armor + 29.8 - Dispellig Ring(+1) +4 -Ring of Giants(+2) + 5 -Gower's Ring of Protection +10 -Ivory Warrior Ring + 5 -Smelter Hammer + 35!!! Do this 6 times! -Promised Walk of Peace +40% to weight. As for fall weight here is a link to the formulas and other cool information. Although the calculations seems a bit odd/off when actually testing this on paper. It's suggesting that fall damage is reduced when over 120%? http://darksouls2.wikidot.com/falling-damage -SONG LIST IN ORDER OF LISTENED SONGS- DDGrove - incompetech.com Bump in the Night - incompetech.com Space 1990-B - incompetech.com
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So how do you make low level mages viable? Simple, first find a really BIG STICK... -----BUILD NOTES---- - You NEED an Izalith Staff. It is found at Smouldering Lake behind 2 hidden walls. I'd recommend having a friend dropping you one. - Once you have the staff you are PvP ready. Just grab Flyn's ring and a life ring and that's all the gear you need! I only used the 2 rings, you really don't need any other ones. - The staff I used was not upgraded at all and it packs a good punch! It needs 12 STR, 14 INT and 10 FAITH to use. - It probably is the hardest hitting weapon for stat requirements in the whole game and it uses barely any stamina to bonk things with! - Invasions take into consideration your highest weapon level, so it's handy it has high base strength. - Oddly enough, leveling INT does NOT increase bash damage or your weapon art damage boost. - Steady Chant is the weapon art, it increases spell damage, and BONK damage by about 20%. - Here I had 25 VIG, but you could level more effectively and have 27 VIG which is the final softcap amount. That's over a 1000HP easy. - Iron Flesh is nuts, it is found in farron woods swamp. It also increases your physical resistances too! - For whatever reason, it is REALLY hard to parry. I have no idea why. Lot's of people tried, it was only parried twice in all. This build was a lot of fun. Obviously you can be simply outnumbered, and they can simply walk away. It's far from broken but it's a fun way to play a tank mage. Oh, and a link to a improved build if you wanna see dem stats. https://mugenmonkey.com/darksouls3/14085 -MUSIC USED BUT CAN'T BE HEARD DUE TO OLD MAN- Cold Funk - incompetech.com Sentinel - Magna Carta 2 OST Romancing Saga OST - A Challenge to God Clash Defiant - incompetech.com Persona 4 - Reach out to the Truth Wild Arms 4 - For the Sake of One Flower Carefree - incompetech.com
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What is the MAX HP HEALED in a SINGLE ATTACK? -DarkSouls 3 Data
But what is the most we can heal in a single ACTION? Now this is what I call REALLY USELESS DATA! Also many thanks to Patokia to helping out with the data! Feel free to check out his channel here! https://www.youtube.com/user/patokia So what the hell did we actually learn? TL:DW GUIDE! - The Lifehunt Scythe heals with a perfect build for it heals 137 per target it hits! - So with the Evil Eye Ring and Astor's Spear heals +65 more, for a total of 202HP Healed! - We could do what we did last time, but using lifestealing weapon arts on critical attacks DOESN'T give us the wep art bonus. So only +4HP.... - But how about the DARK HAND? It has a weapon art called LIFEDRAIN! - This lifedrain is very promisng already! On a low SL of 20ish it heals 228! VERY GOOD! - It even heals the full amount regardless of how much health you actually drain, even if they have 1HP you receive the full heal! - So how about maxing our stats? With 99INT,99STR,99DEX and 99FTH it heals 444! - Also for some reason, this LIFEDRAIN is considered a critical attack! How odd, so that's 85HP extra healed! - However the HORNET RING does not boost this damage further, despite claiming to boost critical attacks.... - This combined with everything else, gives us the max of 594HP healed! - Let's double check this for PVP! - Oh god...plz no - Alright... so it heals more, not sure WHAT makes it heal more, but it's something... - Oh, and EVIL EYE effects also don't work on players... - I don't even, does this scale of Soul Level? - After spending a good hour of the both of us leveling to the MAX we see no difference in HP healed... - We'll leave this mystery to the druids, we have a MAX to finish! - So with the max lifedrain of 564 + 85ruby gives us the MAXIMUM HP HEALED IN A SINGLE ATTACK OF 649! PHEW! ---MUSIC CREATIVELY COMMONED--- Cool Vibes - Kevin MacLeod Myst on the Moor- Kevin MacLeod Casa Bossa Nova- Kevin MacLeod Volcanic Panic - Kirby and the Rainbow Curse OST
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Maximum Possible FP GAIN & REGEN in Dark Souls 3!
It's about time we turned our focus to FOCUS POINTS! Now this is what I call useless! Here is the earliest example of the banner glitch being used that I can find, if this is incorrect feel free to say and I'll correct it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUc1ZE95rck Had to make this video before this get's patched out! Mind you they missed it once already. So enjoy while you can! ------TL:DW----- - The FP cap is 450 with 99 Attunement. - A lv 0 ASHEN FLASK heals 80FP, while a +10 flask heals 200FP. - The ASHEN ESTUS RING increases the healing from the ashen flask by 20%, to now heal for 96 & 240FP. - However a HIDDEN BLESSING fully restores all FP, you can only carry one at a time though. - There is also 3 FP healing equipment! - The HANDMAID'S DAGGER heals 1 fp per target hit, or 3 fp per target hit when used in the offhand. - The EXECUTIONERS GREATSWORD has an evil-eye like effect, if anything dies you will restore 6FP. You cannot stack this effect and it is easily confused when multiple creatures die. - The ALDRICH'S SAPPHIRE heals 15FP per CRITICAL attack! So a backstab, respote or the dark hand's life drain all work here! - You can stack all these together, so if you backstab with the dagger with an offhand executoners & the sapphire equipped you heal a whopping 22FP! Wow! - You can infuse most weapons with a SIMPLE GEM, this gives it split magic damage and slow FP regen! - And I do mean slow, a lv0 simple weapon heals an average of 0.2FP per second, while a +10 one heals 1FP every 2.85 seconds. So if you use 2 max rank simple weapons you can heal 0.7FP per second! - But luckly for us, for the past month there has been a glitch we can exploit! - Use the LOTHRIC WAR BANNER and it's buff, now attack with the HANDMAID'S DAGGER! The banner/dagger should now glow purple! - You are now restoring FP at a rate of 1.42 FP per second! - Now we can also infuse the banner for the max FP regen of 1.77FP regen per second! - But we cannot swap out either weapon or we lose this effect.... - So what is this good for? - Absoutley nothing? - :( ------THE MOST ROYAL OF ALL ROYALTY FREE MUSIC------ Chill Cool NIght - Frank Nora Chill Urban - Frank Nora Chill Soft- Frank Nora ZenGarden- Silverman Sound Casa Bossa Nova- Kevin MacLeod
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Sekiro Skills: Expectations vs Reality
A profound spoiler free reflection on the duality of man... or you know... a Sekiro meme montage I made after getting double KONGED.
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Has your armor ever broken? Has ANYONE'S armor ever broken? Come take a break with this casual data talk/excuse to test this new mic. If only my old mic was nearly as durable! ----TLDW SUMMARY---- - I wonder if armor still looks fashionable when broken? - Let's go break the default Knight Set! - Oh man, that took a while.... - Actually... it would take close to an hour to break! - What about Acid Surge? - Nope, that's also crap -Has anyone EVER broken armor? - Time to CHEAT so I can break my armor... - Oh, just the absorption and resistances get halved for broken armor - That's not very harsh at all - FASHION SOULZ CONFIRMED! - Zoom onto dog ---MUZAK USED--- Airport Lounge/One-eyed Maestro/Leopard Print Elevator - incompetech.com
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Is it possible to LIVE in LAVA? - The HOTTEST Dark Souls 3 Data
Have you ever gotten a burning desire to make a build to survive the LAVA'S SCOLDING INTENSITY? Can it even be done!? Time to put that heated debate to rest as we find out! So what did we find out eh? - The lava damage is weird. Flat fire defense works wonders against it, but fire absorption is really weak. - At first I mistook this as perhaps the fire dealt split damage, some fire and some physical. - Fire damage ticks like mad, about 4-5 times a second. - The lowest we can mitigate this damage is about 22 damage per tick, so that is still 100+ damage we lose per second! - Like most stats in dark souls 3, fire resistance/absorption seems to get diminishing returns, but since the final result is a percentage of damage reduced it effectively SHOULD actually give you that % improvement. - But no, I have no idea when absorption is being used in environments, the lava pools AND bonfires do not respond to a 76% decrease in damage, heck, I doubt it even comes close to 40%. - Dark Souls 2 it worked additively , exceeding 900 fire resist (since there is a hidden 100 too) would mean fire immunity (works like a percentage, so 400+100 resist would HALVE fire damage). This would just be rounded up to 1% damage if 1000+ total resist. - I also tested the fireball using mobs in the smoldering lake, who cast the giant fire balls. I cut that part out but if you look at 3:40 you can see what good MAXIMUM FIRE RESIST does, absorption is REALLY weak. - But it's alright, you can block one of the lava pools. No spells or buffs needed. Just a Black Iron Greatshield and a Sun Princess Ring! The shield reduces the lava damage by 99.6%! HURRAH! - Iron flesh when used in lava stops the hurt sound effect, it's just oddly silent. - The dragon tooth does not stack with itself, so one only. If I remember right in DS2 you could use 2! So basically.... when the hell is absorption used? It sure as hell isn't PvP or environmental damage. Most defenses/rings get trashed in PvP mode. Some mobs I fought with fire damage didn't use the full fire absorption amount either. So I got no idea... ====THE ESSENTIAL LAVA CORPSE MAN OST===== "Goron Mines" - The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess OST "Magma Mine" - Mario Party 9 OST "Suave Standpipe" - incompetech.com "One-eyed Maestro" - incompetech.com "Volcanic Panic" - Kirby and the Rainbow Curse OST "Never Ending Sadness" - Shadow Hearts 2 OST - "The Cannery" - incompetech.com "Will Old Man" - acapela-group.com ======= DAT SMEXY SMOUGH MOD============ http://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1056/? by Poimandres
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Here lies Dark Souls 2, RIP in peace big guy. Welcome Dark Souls 3, long live the king. Gimme oscar plz. -DEPRESSING DIRGE- Eternal Sonata OST - Pyroxene of the heart
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Lowest Possible AR in Dark Souls 3?
So what is the minimum AR possible? How much damage does it deal? How about the lowest AR ranged weapon as well! It's time for some USELESS DATA! Thanks for this suggestion BelialApollyon! So how about a recap? EDIT- Whoops, the lowest STR + DEX is actually the sorcerer, with a total of 19. Fortunately this doesn't change the final amount, since the Sorcerer has 12 dex compared to the Cleric's 8. So the parrying dagger AR is MUCH lower on the Cleric! Sadly most STR weapons with low requirements have some pretty high AR, so even after failed stats they often fail to even reach the Parring daggers normal AR. Thanks for pointing that mistake though. ----TL:DW--- - We need low stats in STR and DEX - Both the CLERIC and DEPRIVED total STR+DEX totals 20 - If you use NO weapon, but use your fists you will have 44 AR! - Now we need some LOW AR weapons with HIGH STAT REQUIREMENTS - When you fail the attribute requiremnt you will get a damage penalty - Bows/Crossbows are pretty good, many have low AR since much of the damage actually comes from the arrow itself - BREAKING weapons lowers AR as you would expect, this is also true for "at risk" weapons, although it is not as severe - Now after looking around for a long time, I think I found the perfect weapon... THE PARRYING DAGGER - It has 55AR by deafult, 33AR with failed stats, 16AR when broken and finally... - a BROKEN REFINED PARRYING DAGGER has 14AR! That's over 3 times weaker than using fists! - You can riposte for about 10 damage... wut --MUSIC CREATIVLY COMMONED-- Lobby Time - incompetech.com Chill Wave - incompetech.com
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HERE COMES THE PAIN TRAIN! - Broken Sword Duels - DarkSouls II
CHOO CHOO! Broken Swords he we go! Damn these are fun. It ain't called a TANK engine for nothin'. HOW TO PAIN TRAIN GUIDE - 1) Press R1/RB 2) Press L1/LB 3) Repeat Songs used: 1) "Here Comes the Pain Train" - Banshee Music, produced by Jay Harper? Hard to tell. 2) Thomas the Tank Engine Theme Song EDIT- OH LORDY! Welcome new subs! Hopefully I'll have some cool builds coming soon, thanks and hope to see you around.
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Crabs and Crucifixes - Dark Souls 3 Documentary
Professor Breaker documents the unique relationship between the lesser crab and crucifixes of Crucifixion Woods.
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Can you SURVIVE the strongest attack in Dark Souls 3?
It's time for some useless data! So what is the strongest attack in the game & is it possible to survive it? LET'S FIND OUT! Many thanks to Nondas Gousoplousus on twitter who suggested "Can you survive a barrage of ruin archers without blocking?". Got me thinking if this WAS the strongest attack. Now we know! -----------------TL:DW & BONUS NOTES----------------- - The first step is simply identifying the strongest attack. There are some good contenders. Midir's lazor beams, Old Demon King final explosion, Aldrich's 1000 arrows. - But the strongest is the Judicators summons! (if you do consider the screech as an "attack", inb4 semantic debates) The strongest being approx 10 archer phantoms who fire 3 arrows each. Even at SL125 + HP rings it easily can cut you down in a few arrows. - But standing at the 1st bonfire, close the the bridge he will summon 25ish ARCHER's instead! Oh dear... - For this we need the MAX THRUST DEFENSE, which comprises of Morne's Helm, Executioners Leggings, Havel's Gauntlets and Cathedral knight armor. - The rings you want are the LIFE RING+3, RING OF FAVOR+3, RING OF STEEL PROTECTION+3 & BLUE TEARSTONE RING. - You now have the choice of the Havel's shield STONESKIN buff or IRONFLESH. They are indentical and don't stack. - You cannot stack the miracle DEEP PROTECTION for bonus defense. - Finally you can spam the weapon art PERSEVERANCE. The weapons defense values are NOT considered and the only difference being how long the buff lasts. But spamming means we don't need to account for this window. - With ALL of this together WITH the max soul level of 802. We have a whopping 250 thrust defense & 85.827 THRUST ABSORPTION! ] - We also have the max HP of 2122! - With this set up you can block ALL the arrows. - But trying this again in NG7 onwards it becomes impossible. You can't even BLOCK the arrows with the highest stability shield anymore! - Unless you simply use GREAT MAGIC SHIELD. Then you can block whatever you damn please! ------MUSIC CREATIVELY COMMONED----- Chill Wave - incompetech.com Single Dream-Barbie Fashion Show OST Disaster Theme 2 -Disaster Day of Crisis OST Sentinel - Magna Carta 2 OST
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The Most Skeletal Build Possible! - Spooky Souls 2
R̯̔̾͋ͬ͒ͤͅE̡̾̒̀̋͛A̱̪ͅD̪͔͔̣̳Y̘̙̤̊ ̜̞̮̈́ͨͯͤF̈́̌̈ͭ҉̙͕̰̪Ō͈̦̲͎̍͐Ȑ͔̯̞̠̎͂̒̊͌ ̑͐̑̾͌ͅṢ̛͓̤͍̪̥͛ͮ͌͐ͪÔ͓̘͚̈̿̀M̢̌͆̓́̅̀̆Ḙ̗͓͉̳̣̋͡ ͍̦̣͙̦̘͇̇͟Sͫ̀P͈̼͒̑O̒ͮͬ͊ͧͦ͏̯̭͙O̡͙̙̮̾̃̓͊̌K͙͚̖̖ͯ͐̑̑̆̾̽͡Ý̺̻͉̂̂͐ ̸͉͍ͦͦS̝̱̻̫̜͙̓ͬ̑̀C̭̤ͦͫ͛̿̂͡I̢̤͇͕̼͉ͯ͌ͤE͆ͧ̍̒ͪ҉̼̯̲̗͕̦̘N̗͋͗̓͂ͣ̓C̴͌E̋ͪͥ?̤̪̞ͧ ̬̗̮͍̲̀̚U̱̖̮̜̟̰͗ͪ̏͗͞S͎̱̹̩̿͒͋́͆̾̄E͈̙̲͇͆͑̓̂͗ͯͅĽ̲͍̞̹͉̐ͩ̄̋̃̓ͅͅẺ̥̗̻̪̰̦̘̈ͦ̑̄́S̤̻̥̣̒͂̒͐̅̋̌͡ͅS̖͓̹̝̞̖ ̵̻̯̠͍̿͊̿̃D̻̘͙ͦͨ͛͒͑ͩͣA̠̥̺͔̺͈͡T̟͕̑̍̃̓́̂Ạ̭ͦ͌̑̇̆ͅ ̝̯͓͍͎ͥͮ͛H̫͐͛E̫̟̬̖̣R̼͈̮̗̞ͤͤͩ̃͂ͪ̾E͔̓̄ͩ̄ͤ̎̉͝ ͨ̈́̒ͬ͝W̠͚͖̖̙͓͙̃̇̒̄ͤ̔E̖̯̠̘͍̩ͅ ̺̼̣̗͋G̩̹̝̩̝͓̊͡O̵̱̪̣͊!͔̑̈͜ I̟̺͚͌͌͐͜ͅ ̗̝̹̗ͨ͢M͇̖̭ͭ̓͟Ị̹̞̅̽ͫG̩̗͞H̰ͥ̒̆̌̚͜Tͭ ̴̳͚̩͔̾Ů͈͉̟ͤ̐͌͒ͩ̊͢N͖̮̬̯̥̪͈L̯̙̭ͨ̄ͅÌ̺͕S̹̮͎͟T̜ͫ̎̇͛̏ͫ ̱̃ͣ̃̋̚T̼̱̮̾̃̅͐̎Hͫ̇I͙̩̳͇̼̻̎͗̊ͬ͂ͥ̿͝S̨̗̠͍͈ ͩͭͥͦ̅ͭḼ͈̦͈̰̾ͭ̂ͭͥ̂Ạ̻̹͓̩ͧ̄̓̓̚͜Ṫ̻͚͍͕̖̓̈͋Ẹ̲̦̐ͫ̓̄͑R̥̯̭̮̳̅̄̓̈́̓,̜̳̥̏̈̓̍͆ͦ̚ ͩ̃̅̉̌͜T̩͉̘̺̲̻̄̓̒͛ͬͦ͟H̠̳̘̪̠ͣ̑̍̋͒̕I͇͓̞̰̖̹͖͊ͫͤ̍ͤ̕S͙ͣ͂ͮ͛͗̽ͫ ̓̅͆̽̈́͊̒҉͓̭I̮͔̙͓̬̾͝S͍̻̝ͧͤͦ ̪͖̲̟͖̼̣̽ͪ̆̚2͖̗̫̟͓̇́S̱̟̟̦̦͇ͧ͂ͥ̋̅͠Ṕ̺̤̗͗̆̔͘O̬̲̲̱̹̼͚ͥ̐Ơͯͣͭͨ͌P͕͕̻͈̰̱̰̄͟Y̪̻͈̻͔̳̜ͫ͋̃́̌4̖̣̥̺̬͕ͣ͒̆͗̏͌̕M̸̮̭͚̊̋ͦ̌͋̈Ȇͤ̈́͏̬͈̙.̰͓̝̫̺̬͚͗͌̈̓̾̄̎͡ ̟̱͇̼̪̐.҉̞̺̭͈ -Ugh! Sorry it's late and only 720p... computer has a nasty habit of exploding during renders... plz don't RIP on me PC. In other news here is a full list of skele-gear! -Malformed Skull - Bonefists (not featured, skeletons already have fists) - Roaring Halberd - Bone Scythe - Bone Staff - Cursed Bone Shiled (Only bone in name) - Watchers Shield (Metal Skull Face) - Dark Set (Armor) - White Hollow Mask (Has Top half of a spooky face) - Warlock Mask (the one with horns) and finally the Bone Crown, which sickens me for it has no bones or even made of bones. Music in order of spookyness - Castlevania, Lament of Innocence - Prelude to the Black Abyss - Friday The 13th (NES)- Cabin - Suikoden II - Boss Theme - Xenosaga - Albedo's Theme Robo-Old-Man-Voice http://www.acapela-group.com/ (and pick WillOldMan)
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Millwood BOWZOOKA PvP - Dark Souls 3
Let's make a bow easily GREATER than all the others... and give it EXPLOSIONS too. Sounds good to me! ᴵᴺᴮ⁴ ᴾᴬʸ²ᵂᴵᴺ ---------BUILD NOTES---------- - The Millwood Greatbow is a beast, it weighs less than the DragonSlayer Greatbow, better scaling & outdamages it too and has the best weapon art by far! - "Pierce Earth" is the weapon art and with it you can lay down some cheeky traps! This effect is also boosted by effects such as the red tearstone ring! - Previously I had to use Iron Flesh for the first trade, but it isn't even needed anymore! - The Millwood Axe is a beastly STR scaling sidearm and can have A scaling too! Light enough as well! - The rings are up to preference, the only core one I feel is the Cholranthy Ring +2 - You could use the Leo Ring for stronger counters, but most of the time you will be placing traps rather than trading! - As for items the only core one is rope bombs, good for finishing off opponents! -Overall it's a pretty beastly duo! And special thanks for all the puns you peeps submitted on the twitter! --- MUSIC USED------ TheFallOfHeroes - SilvermanSound.com GITS OST - Track A-B-C-D WillOldMan - acapela-group.com
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So I gave the Sanctum Crossbow a shot... and shot again... and again... and shed a silent tear for the poor brave souls of Iron Bridge. This might be the most powerful build ever... it is pretty damn easy to win. You could even add weapons or spells to this... I might make a simple counter build guide if this ever becomes a problem... better stack up on that dark resistance! -Build Notes- -30 int and faith at least is needed for this sort of damage. Stick with 27 and wear the Kings Crown for a bonus +3/+3, all bow to the king baby! - From what I remember, infusing it with Dark increases the damage, I need to retest this. - Dark Clutch ring is a must! Easily adds +300 damage. -Use the Bracing Knuckle Ring +2. You have 45 durability and each shot costs 10 normally, and only 5 with the ring. - Other rings are up to preference, although anything that helps stamina is good for evasion. -Sanctum Shield is a great side-arm. Great damage, can function as a buffing spell casting tool prefight (a bit slow for spells in battle) and has decent block values. - Lots of spells are open to you, I would say try Walk of Peace but it isn't even needed. You can be a big dirty cheat and use it on dragon bros who spawn in but you would dishonour King Sanctum's name. -The Disc chime has even better damage and has great lightning resistances too! - Engraved gauntlets can let you crit for mad damage, although rare. -Sanctum Crossbow Tips- -Normally you cannot move while the shot readies up, do any of the suggestions below to bypass this! - STRAFE SHOT = Tap the aim button while charging and you can move freely while readying the shot! Go give em a 360 no-scope! - PIVOT SHOT = Toggling the lock on will quickly snap your character around, great for first shot of the match since you can hide your animation when facing away. - ROLL CANCEL = Are they getting to close? Simply roll away, you can roll/backstep freely as it charges providing you do it somewhat early. Can be combined with the Strafe Shot for maximum movement. -Also note that using the pivotshot/toggle can make the bullets fly off in weird directions and arcs. So it may miss if left too late. So what is better between the Sanctum Crossbow and Sanctum Repeating Crossbow for PVP? I'd say the non-repeating crossbow is much better. Consistent damage, great range and very light to carry. Also major thanks to Ulux again for recommending that I try out the Sanctum! Feel free to check out his channel here! https://www.youtube.com/user/UluxVideos -MUSIC CREDITS- Gods bound by Rules & Yonah - NIER. Seriously give this game a play, or at the very least a good listening too.
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Does 200% absorption heal / The only damage type that matters / WhaT evEn iS Lava DaMaGEAɴᴅᴍᴜᴄʜᴍᴏʀᴇ
Sadly I can't make the video title longer than this... so let's catch up and talk about some Dark Souls oddities. ( ᵗʰᶦⁿᵏ ʸᵒᵘ ⁿᵉᵉᵈ ᵃᵗ ˡᵉᵃˢᵗ ⁵⁰ ᶦⁿˢᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗᵒ ᵘⁿᵈᵉʳˢᵗᵃⁿᵈ ʷʰʸ ᵗʰᵉʸ ᵈᵉˢᶦᵍⁿᵉᵈ ᶦᵗ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ). - TIMECODES- 0:00 - Does 200% Absorb heal? 0:38 - Introduction 0:57 - What is the most common damage type? 2:22- Physical proof 3:28- A few exceptions 4:00- Does split damage exist in PvE? 5:14- Player damage 5:43- Backstabs are werid 7:38- Player split damage is fine 8:06- Envromental damage -MUSIC CREATIVELY COMMONED- Mystery Sax / Deuces - Kevin MacLeod OpeningMove - SIlverman Sound One Problem Solved / Fleeting Life - FFIX OST Another Medium - Undertale OST
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How many KINGS can you spawn in the 4 Kings Boss Battle? -DS1
Let's answer one of the age old useless questions of the Dark Souls series... just how many kings can you make spawn in the 4 kings boss fight? ᴵ'ᶫᶫ ᵍᶦᵛᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵃ ʰᶦᶰᵗ⋅ ᴵᵗ'ˢ ᶰᵒᵗ ᶠᵒᵘʳ⋅ Oh! And thank you for the suggestion on twitter Gupple! ----TL:DW & BONUS NOTES---- -At first it seems like a simple mathematical problem. 4 kings is the max allowed on screen, 1 will spawn every 40 seconds & each have a perfect 1/4 of the total HP. - This means we can only kill 3 allowing for 7 total. Well that's not nearly enough! - After a bit of testing, it seems each king has SLIGHTLY less than 1/4 HP each (I'm surprised ALL the wiki's are wrong about this). This means we can let 4 spawn, kill 4 to allow 4 more to spawn for a total of 8! - BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Some weapons deal bonus damage to the kings but NOT the shared total. These are the weapons with "Stumble" animations. Counter damage and sweetspot damage also follow this trend. - Abusing leo ring counters, stumble weapons and sweetspots the best weapon we can use is the Black Knights Halberd! For every 11 damage we do to a solo king, the boss will lose only 5 HP! - With this trick we can kill 8 kings for a total of 12 encountered! - The boss also knows "lifedrain", however sadly in Dark Souls 1 it NEVER heals health, but steals 1 humanity. Shame really. - You might be thinking of casting WARMTH? Well to bad, it doesn't exist in DS1. There is no projectile heal we can abuse either. - So 12 is the cap unless someone else finds a better weapon! ------MUSIC AND VIDEO CREDITS------- Chill Urban by Frank Nora Chill Wave by Frank Nora SuspendedAnimation by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com Casa Bossa Nova by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com One King Boss Example by TheBenderArchives at https://youtu.be/XItIfMqey-M
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🐉 TRUE DRAGON - The Glitched Dragon Stone Build? - DS3
It's like playing with the normal Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone... but it's can actually HIT PLAYERS! I don't even... ----- WATCH THESE VIDEOS TO UNDERSTAND HOW IT WAS DONE SINCE IT HAS NOW BEEN PATCHED OUT! RIP---- I would like to give my sincere thanks to Aether Veilborne who told me all about this glitch. You can find his channel and VERY GOOD detailed video here on how to FULLY use this glitch, (not just my dragon spamming for fun) It's pretty damn ingenious: https://youtu.be/2ZWefVZ2sLw Also credit to A Channel for Junk and Junkies, for being the 1st to discover this glitch, channel and a pretty damn good tutorial here: https://youtu.be/BOpBGWjqKX0 -------------------------------------------------------------- So let's talk bidness eh? - The glitch takes a good deal of practice before you can do it reliably! - No I'm srs... it took me A LOT of matches to figure it all out. - I feel sorry for the people I invaded/dueld and I just kinda shuffled around and burnt them for like 30 damage before being crushed. gotta get dat practise though. NPC's ain't enough. - A good tip is to NOT MOVE until you see the shock wave come out, trust me. Or you will just cancel it all the damn time... - I wouldn't say it's overpowered by any means, but it is a pretty good roll catcher! - To reiterate, it isn't that strong. You get the first 2 hits in due to the surprise factor. When they back of it's time to use those spells again! - When using the glitch, you bypass the animaton AND the stamina requirement! - You can do ALL sorts of other things too, such as thowing items, using buffs AND even the Twinkling Head Stone! It cuts down the animation AND lowers the stamina usage too! - I tried this at SL120, but it isn't too effective there so all these fights are at SL95. About SL80 should be perfect! - The DMG scaling is odd, didn't test it fully but I thought it scaled of INT/FTH. But my character with high strength did similar damage. I really should of tested this all first... but was in a hurry. - Speaking of damage, what the fuck is up with Harkwood's mad damage and sky high defense? I died a few times before I was able to combo his FALSE DRAGON ass. -Loathe me all you like, but I am the true dragon 🐉 ----------MUSICAL CREDITS----------------- Dank Halloween - silvermansound.com Living with Determination - Persona 3 OST Carefree - incompetech.com Mission 2 - Master Spy OST Casa Bossa Nova - incompetech.com GNAAAAAAAH SoundBite - Stolen and kidnapped from the Pruld - https://youtu.be/MvYApd_X3aU
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SHIV-A  -  Church Guardian Shiv Build
As long as we have FP we can deal damage, this build can regenerate FP significantly. Mathematically speaking this build is UNSTOPPABLE! The Eternal Vanguard - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDHrCWPU76Q79MdupR7EQXA Also thank you all for the Shiva submissions! If I ever need to make a boi-band of Shiva impersonators I know who to call! It was also great to try something new! ------ TL:DW & BUILD NOTES------- - The idea is to combine the handmaid's dagger and Lothric banner glitch for INFINITE FP REGEN! - INFINITE FP = UNLIMITED DAMAGE! - Other members on your team (co-op or reds) ALSO receive the damage and regen buff! - Shame that these Shiv's really are weak... - They scale with STR and DEX, after testing some breakpoints I settled with 55 STR and 55 DEX... hard to believe this was a SL125 build right? - There is several items that can help improve this damage! Power Within, Red Tearstone Ring, the Hawk Ring (less damage falloff so it retains a bigger punch), Flyns Ring and the Lothric Banner Buff. - These however DON'T WORK: The Magic Clutch Ring and the Dragon Torso stone. The Morrian Blades do work but do interrupt the regen glitch. - I actually retested the Leo ring just before I rendered this, it wasn't conclusive if it actually DID improve damage. - The damage is still better with normal daggers... the slight homing is kinda nice I guess. - I think in the end I didn't help anyone I co-oped much besides some free regen, and only "won" one invasion... - Then it was patched outta existence. RIP SHIV's :'( Looks like I messed up the audio at 1minish. But I'll be damned than rather spend another 4.8 hours rendering this again. -----MUSIC CREATIVELY COMMONED------ Neo Bowser Castle's Illusion Mario & Luigi Dream Team OST Game Over - Sonic 1 OST Opening - Ys Memories of Celceta OST Bass Meant Jazz by Kevin MacLeod Last Day - Majora's Mask OST Winged Hope - Brothers:A Tale of Two Sons OST
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NANA ISN'T OP but lets give her a montage anyways || Smash Bros. Ultimate Montage
You better believe best waifu also gets a montage video... because I have lost all control of my life... Tips for playing Solo IceClimber /Sopo / Sona- Don't (or just spam D-tilt for those without op recoveries, also pick Nana over Popo. Popo is low tier) Credits- Ice Climber - Brawl Version Freezing Fields - Wario Land Shake It Happiness - Capcom vs. SNK 2 Frozen Heel - Tales of Graces Waifu Nana Picture- Akairiot
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Just remember kiddos, you can't lose if they can't kill you. My main gripe with SL50+ Regen builds, sure you can regen approx 23 HP. But you have 1000+ HP to heal. Better to have 14HP regen with a tiny health pool. So let's go in depth eh? ---BUILD NOTES RECAP--- -Providing you have a bud this is a very easy low level build to make. - Get the Red Eye Orb for invasions, so kill Mr.Skeletal. It is much easier to get than the red soap stone (Found in near Rosaira's chamber) and there is always someone to invade at low level. Not many will duel you. - Kill Vordt, travel to the undead settlement and free Irina, she sells the Replenishment miracle. - Feel free to kill the treeand tranpose Vordt's soul into the Pontiff's Left Eye. It will proc an occasional heal. - You can also take the lift down and kill Anri for her sword too. This may be a bit tricky with +0 weapons. - Now have someone gift you a sun princess ring, Ethereal Oak Shield, Anri's Sword and the Sacred Chime of Filianore. This is a unique chime where you still revive health regen even when the item is removed. - I'd also want a Prisoner's Chain ring. The 15 bonus stats makes up for the non-embered health while invading and does help even the gap somewhat when out numbered. - Convert ALL your flasks to ashen flasks. As long as you have FP you can heal your health several times over. Plus level 0 Estus flasks are depressing. - I would NOT recommend the Blessed Weapon Miracle. Bundles give high flat damage, of approx 110 fire damage! Blessed weapon gives 7.5% more AR, which is terrible in comparison, only 2HP regen per second, needs to be cast wasting Regen time, atunnment slots & mana. - You can buy bundles after collecting the Mortician's Ashes, this is located where the giant shoots arrows at you before the tree boss and Irina. - And now your done! I'd really recommend using bundles. You will lack damage with out it! The great advantage this has over other low level builds is some serious staying power. However if you ever invade someone with more than 1 scaled down phantom then you made what would of been a 30 seconds loss into a 3 hour defeat. ---MUSIC CREDITS--- "Cathedral" - Opoona OST "Cardia II"- Trauma Center New Blood OST Chrono Trigger Theme Remix - Flite (https://soundcloud.com/flite) Dat's some good stuff Flite.
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PUSHING the Greatshield META even further... - DS3
I don't mean to push this idea but... it's pretty legit. So how does this all work then? More details below! And Iron Pineapple Vid Link in case you have annotions turned off - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQOUNx387aM So pushing is pretty great, it's faster than a kick, comes with boat loads of blocking frames, low stam cost and can stagger. Now couple with any somewhat fast offhand for dem free hits. For whatever reason 1-handed pushes are much faster, and while one handed you can still use your shield moveset, so running attacks. You cannot push any move that is in a stance, you will get block frames but you can't interupt. So when this happens just 2-hand your shield and do the ol' Havel Shield Meta and ram em until they stop! -MUSIC USED- Gaslamp Funworks - incompetech.com Dirty & Beauty - Kirby Triple Deluxe OST Airport Lounge - incompetech.com -MUSIC NOT USED- PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT - Scarface Soundtrack PUSH ME TO THE LIMIT -Celvin Rotane PUSH IT- Rick Ross
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🔥 DUEL DRAGON - The Double Dragonshield Build - DS3
The age of Dragonstones has ended... now only cinders remain... but that might be enough! Many thanks to Patokia for helping me with the intro! Thanks famalam. ---------------------BUILD NOTES------------------------ - The lower SL the better, I was SL95 here. 80 would be much better though! - The lil' Dragonhead shield has a cheap wep art, low stamina cost and is pretty spammable. To dodge the flames and NOT be clipped by them is a bit tricky. Just roll directly backwards, no funny angles! - Fights really do drag-ON a bit. The damage is low but consistent. The flames hit box even lingers for quite the while too! - The big dragon head was just for pushing, the ROAR weapon art doesn't do much. Gives some poise for a time. Looks STYLISH though. - The scaling on the fire shield is all messed up, I tested it will all sorts of configurations. Just use the minimal stats for it and don't bother trying to maximize the fire damage, waste of stats. - I'm still surpised I couldn't block that weapon art while TWO-HANDING that shield... I think all shields have been nerfed? -----MUSIC CREATIVITY COMMONED & STOLEN--- The Meteor - Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - Impulse to Victory - Dragonball Z Budokai 2 Noble Sacrifice - Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 SwingHasSwung - SilvermanSound.com GNAAAAAA - The Pruld Dragon Forms
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How high does the water rise in the Flexile Sentry Fight? -DarkSouls2
Ready for some useless data? I know I am! So how high, fast and what determines the flooding/water level? Let's find out! From what I can tell, from doing a little test (no cheat / fly scripts since that might not trigger the event) it seems to be a very simple timer! It only really begins to rise after about a min, and reaches maximum height at about 2mins. Pretty simple. Also if it was intended or not, in the music track "Flexile Sentry" about 50 seconds in the song takes a rather sudden turn, perhaps it begins at 50 seconds. And what happens to the water level when you return later on after killing the boss? Sadly it returns to it's lowest default level. EDIT -But then again, it could of been done by the boss losing a certain % of health... I doubt it though. It's a shame I killed him.
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