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Cat fight dog interrupted
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You need to grow a pair and rip her a new one!
Probably the funniest line from the funniest sitcom around!
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A Gay Couple Beats Up Homophobic Man
Apparently the man called the the word 'fags' and they beat him up.
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Bike Thief Nailed! But He Gets Away!
Crazy vid of a bike thief who doesn't get the bike!
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Drunk Guy Is Knocked Out Outside Of A Liquor Store!
Don't be a jerk when drunk
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An Inside Look at a Chinese Click Farm - 10,000 Smart Phones
This is a short video of what a click farm can look like in the developing world. Smart phones are programmed to repeat tasks of rating mobile apps across multiple platforms in an effort to boost scores and increase optics.
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Truck Wheel Hits Car, Forces It To Spin Out!
That's gotta hurt!
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Newborn Piglets To Cheer You Up!
Next time you see a pig rolling in slop try to remember that they started off like this.
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Firefighter Attempts to Rescue a Suicidal Schoolgirl on Railing
It's not an uncommon practice for rescue services to try to swing from a top balcony down to kick in and rescue someone who is considering attempting suicide. Here is a recent rescue that took place in South Korea.
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Deer Tries To Jump Over Bridge And Fails!
Poor animal didn't survive :(
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5 Dramatic Views of Chemical Explosion Sending Satellite Flying
A huge chemical factory explosion in South Korea caused buildings to crumble and a satellite dish soaring hundreds of feet in the air. Sadly one person was killed and 4 people injured in this horrific event,
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Idiots React To Wrestlemania Final By Smashing Television!
This is how some really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really smart people react to sports.
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Stuck on a Rollercoaster
Had to get the momentum!
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Preacher Get's Slapped!
Guy standing up and preaching at a school.
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Cat Falls Asleep. Looks Dead!
Poor little kitty!
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Jose Canseco Yells At An Idiot!
During a signing? How unprofessional
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Howard Stern's Reaction To 'Gangnam Style' by Psy!
Recorded on October 15th Howard did the top 5 songs in the country and admitting to liking 'Gangnam Style' however he got a lot of facts incorrect about Psy. Later in the show notes were given to Howard that corrected some of his misconceptions such as who wrote the song and some history of Psy's career.
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Drunk Lady Falls Under Parked Train!
How did she manage that?
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Foot Locker Employee Robs A Bank In Uniform!
Why would he do this?
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Kid Tries To Outrun Police By Jumping On A Car!
He thought he could get away!
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CCTV: House Explosion Nearly Kills Two Firefighters!
Crews had been called to reports of a small kitchen fire, but when they arrived found a string of small fires in a row of six terraced houses. Firefighters quickly rescued the occupants from all the houses, including two people from upstairs bedrooms using ladders. As the film shows, only seconds later an explosion tore through the row of homes. The explosion was caused by interference with an overhead electricity line by thieves attempting to steal the copper conductor.
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Lee O'Donnell Lands The First Ever Monster Truck Front-Flip!
Lee O'Donnell landed the first-ever front flip at the Monster Jam World Finals Sunday in front of a stunned crowd in Las Vegas. O'Donnell started the flip by driving on his two back wheels with the front of his car suspended in the air, and then the unthinkable happened.
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What One Million Dollars in a Piggy Bank Looks Like
These days everyone is putting their money in investments, cryptocurrencies and banks. But its nice to see this guy had been keeping his million dollars in savings in a close by place ... his piggy bank.
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Preacher Get's Slapped!
Guy standing up and preaching at a school.
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Purse Snatching By Car Goes Wrong!
A Purse snatcher drags a women when robbing her
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Passenger punches cyclist
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Train Vs Semi!
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Horrific. Car Hits Person
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Amateur Dancer Gets His Big 'Break', Fails Twice!
First he ends up smacking his back on the stage floor whilst attempting to do a flip and then he closes of his set but spinning in circles until he flies off the stage! What a performance!
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Amazing Reaction!
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Old Man Is Hit By Car While Walking Children Across The Street
He should have looked both ways
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Chinese Bar Playing Anti-Korean Propaganda Video
During a night out in China you might come across the Anti-korean propaganda videos playing in bars. This is likely in response to the THAAD defence system being implemented in Korea by the US
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Shocking - Horrific Car Crash!
Somewhere in Russia. Example of how dangerous it can be to drive a high speeds.
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The Greatest Penalty Shot Ever Kicked!
He has some serious balls!
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Christmas Eve Fight At Jets Game!
Two guys fight in the stands at the Jets game
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Idiot Biker Tries Some Trick On The Highway ... In The Rain!
Yeah! Of course that didn't work. This biker thought it would be interesting to try speeding up in front of cars and pass them. But as it turns out he is just really good at scraping his body on the pavement!
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Raft Goes under!
These guys need to know how to swim
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Horrible T-Bone Crash Could Have Been Prevented By A Stop Sign!
The passenger in the black van is somehow thrown right out of the truck and jumps to his feet before realizing what has happened. Shame this busy intersections didn't have proper
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Truck Randomly Flips Over After Hitting Nothing!
This truck just started to skid out of control and smacked itself upside down, loosing all it's cargo, randomly as if it had hit some ghost railing!
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Moose Drops a Cinder Block On His Balls!
Why would moose do this?!
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Sequence 01
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man arrested
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Murder Suspect Takes Police on Pursuit Through Downtown L.A.
The suspect allegedly shot and killed a woman before leading police on a 30 minute pursuit. March 2 2011
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Sweet high school football catch.
Is this even legal in the NFL?
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