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Disney Goodbye
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Ashlyn eats candy
Ashlyn eats candy
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When you bring a squshy to school this is what happens when you bring a squshy to school
Thankyou for watching uf you try this at school to many times and you get caught i think this will happen so dont trie to bring you toys to school ans sceek it in your desk thankyou for spending your time reading this πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
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I pooped my pants at my friends house omg
This is sooo gross but hope you loved the video
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Ashlyn and Anabel are handcuffed
Ahhhhhhhhh πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
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No tears left to cry ( remix )
I will sing no tears left to cry remix
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Pranking gabby with wiped cream fail πŸ‘Ž
Sorry fans this was a
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5 things you don't know about tom DeMasi
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Ashlyn and anabel go swimming in there pjs
This is was so much fun you should go swimming im your pjs if you have a pool
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We the legends ( Norris nuts )
Like the video if you liked it and don't forget to subscribe to make me happy I love you all maybe you guys can be my legends πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” see you in my next awesome video This video is responders by bea fun and she got a lot of haters in that song because she wasn't singing but she was but good thing I loved that video here is that video #wethelegends I will be having a squishy and slime go away on February 6 threw February 26 if you want to win then subscribe to the channel and like and press that little bell ding ding ding love y'all all
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Making slime and when you bring slime to school
I've been wanting to do this video forever
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Hot cross buns on the flute
Thanks for whaching
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Ashlyn dances and gets scared
I will dance my heart away
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Truth or dare
I will tell you three truths and three dares
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Surf boarding on floats at Kate's house
This was so fun
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Hide and clap
This video is based of the movie conjuring
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I saw a cruise ship for the first time
This is my first time seeing a cruse ship
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Slime fail 😑😑😑
Uhg im sooo mad
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Ashlyn gets stuck in real handcuffs ( omg😱😱😱 )
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I'm going to a party
I will go to a party
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Oops I peed my pants
This wass really fun to film I love you guys
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Doing gymnastics and paper squshies
I love you guys that you for waiting impatiently sooo happy that I have a you tube channle if I didn't have a YouTube channle you widened know me and I wodent know you gys I'm so glad to have a YouTube channle
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Amarican ninja warrior at the park
Im at the park on the swinging bars
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Slime pet peeves
Sorry I was getting destracted
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Slime time and american girl dolls
Play with slime and American girl dolls
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Elsa and Anna dolls
Theses are my Elsa and Anna dolls ps they are new
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Anabel room tour
Room tour
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Today is anabels  surprise birthday
This was a great day
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How to make slime
Did you like my super slime
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Slime making part 1
Slime making
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Hide and go seek part 1
Hide and go seek
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Eating snow cones part 2
These where sooooo good yummy
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My twisty petz!
Playing with my twist petz.
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Dancing time
I will dance to two songs
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My five awesome slime
I hope you love all of my amazing slime I will be making a lot more videos love you all
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My lottery ticket did it win
I can't bel eave I won omg
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My paper squshies and shoutouts
Hope you really liked this video and once agian I'm so sorry for not posting but I still love you guys
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My Barbie house tour
Hiii guys I'm sooooooooooo sorry for not posting it has Benn such a long time but I can't tell you why because I is a long long story but I still love you guys
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Bop it and earings
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Anabel will dance and go to six flags
I will dance to awesome music
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Getting ready to make snow cones
I couldn't wait to eat this yum yum yum
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Ashlyn's room tour
This is my room don't forget to like
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