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High Flight
"We now conclude our broadcasting day." Historical film of "High Flight". A poem by John Gillespie McGee, Jr. The local TV station WHIO in Dayton, Ohio used to sign off the air for the night immediately after airing this film clip in the early 1960's. Since there was a USAF SAC bomber B-52 wing based at Wright-Patterson AFB there in Dayton it was truly fitting during the cold war to remind us all that the Air Force never sleeps. Besides, those Starfighter planes were awesome looking, even if their safety record was rather bad. Had a model of one when I was a kid.
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Downtown Dayton Ohio 1970
8mm film shot in 1970 of downtown Dayton Ohio as part of a film project during my Junior year at Chaminade High School. Filmed by Joseph Slonaker, Gus Miklos and Steve Murphy. I remember we showed it in the auditorium set to the music of "Classical Gas". We wanted it to be "quick cuts" just like the famous film shown on the Smothers Brothers show of art work set to the same music. Of course we had no editing equipment, so we had to shoot it that way in the camera. It took weeks of walking around in our spare time to get this 8 1/2 minutes of film. Looks pretty cheesy now, but at the time everyone thought it was pretty far out and groovy, man! You can make out some of the old buildings of Dayton that are since long gone.
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1974 Electric Car
Historical footage
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Westward the Women - Behind the scenes - 1951 Motion Picture
A very short "Behind The Scenes" look from the motion picture "Westward The Women" filmed in 1951 at the Kanab Movie Ranch in Kanab, Utah. Starring: Robert Taylor, Denise Darcel, Hope Emerson, John McIntire and Julie Bishop Directed By: William Wellman Story By: Frank Capra
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Post Tens Cereal Commercial - 1960's
Historical Film of a Post Tens Commercial
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Close Encounters - Family Guy Style
Peters' numerous offspring from his semen donating days come to visit in Quahog. "I've never felt proud of any of my children until now."
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16mm Film Leader Countdown Compilation
Fifteen different 16mm film leader heads.
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Jimmy Swaggart confesses
Channel 5 KXAS-TV Dallas/Fort Worth area news coverage of Jimmy Swaggart's public confession of his moral transgressions. February 21, 1988.
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Video Transfer, Inc. in Houston
Interview with the owner of Video Transfer, Inc. in Houston, Texas. The transfer of old movie film is discussed as well as the loss of film caused by "vinegar syndrome". Contact us at 713-864-7791 to discuss your film transfer needs and for a brochure we can email to you. We do everything from home movies to corporate industrial film transfers, as well as some obsolete formats. LP's, 78's and reel-to-reel audio tapes transferred to CD's.
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Fruit Stripe Gum
Historical Film of a Beechnut Fruit Stripe Gum Commercial from the 1960s.
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Sara Lee Commercials - Three of 'em!
Three Sara Lee Commercials from Australia. Probably from the late 60's, early 70's.
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University of Texas at Austin Longhorns 1969 Football Season Highlights
Historical 16mm film of The University of Texas at Austin 1969 Longhorns football season. Highlights of each game played. Coach Darrell Royal.
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Crystal Rain plays at Rike's
It's 1972 in Dayton, Ohio. These are promotional photos I took of the local band "Crystal Rain" for an ad promoting a live appearance and fashion show that Rike's Department Store ran in the papers and on posters throughout the store. They played at Rike's in the hip teen clothing section, which I also attended and photographed. (Note the shirt one of the models is wearing - I went to grade school with him - that has the word "vote" on it. 1972 is the first year 18 year olds could vote.) I dug these out of my archives and thought others might enjoy them. These were scanned from the original 35mm B&W negatives. Yes, they have some spots and watermarks, sorry.
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"The Astrodome" -  Definitive film documenting the construction of the Astrodome
Filmed over the course of two years, this 16mm sound film was produced by the architectural firm that designed the structure, and the companies that built it. $31,600,000 total cost. Shows scenes spanning from the bare dirt, through construction, to opening day in 1965. Unfortunately the film has "gone red" due to deterioration.
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Ronnie Spector w Frankie Crocker 12 20 1991
Ronnie sings "Sleigh Ride".
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EisenCare! Eisenhower Health Care.
Shocking proposal by a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT to expand affordable health care coverage to all Americans!
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Rape Examination
Educational film produced in 1976 outlining the correct way to collect evidence in rape cases. This is an explicit film. Adults only.
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Vienna Boys Choir 1953 - "Merry Christmas"
The Vienna Boys Choir of 1953 sings Christmas Songs.
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University of Texas at Austin Longhorns 1968 Football Season Highlights
Historical 16mm film of The University of Texas at Austin 1968 football season. Highlights of each game played. They were the 1968 Southwest Conference Champs. Coach Darrell Royal. Narrated by Dan Love.
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"Check Out" - 68th FIS, Itazuke, Japan, 1960
A humorous look at the 68th Fighter Interceptor Squadron based in Itazuke, Japan. It's the "check out" flight of the new Delta Dagger F-102 All-Weather Interceptor. Slapstick comedy. Hilarity ensues. Starring Captain William "Reginald" Morse. Produced and Directed by Major Bill L. Disbrow.
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Maverick Theme Song
Maverick Theme Song
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Stivers High Fundraiser at Frisch's on Brown Street 1972
I was hired to shoot some candid photos by Frisch's of a fundraiser they were holding for Stivers High School in Dayton, Ohio in 1972.
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Soundie: Fly On The Wall
Soundie from 1944. Freddie Fisher and his Schnickelfritz Band perform "Fly On The Wall".
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50's Cigarette Ad
30 seconds of smoking pleasure
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KHOU-TV Promo Video #2 - 50th Anniversary 2003
One of the finest promotional videos ever produced for KHOU-TV in Houston, Texas.
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Ronnie Spector on Rick Dees 12-20-1991
Rock-n-roll legend Ronnie Spector performs Christmas songs on The Rick Dees Show in December 1991. Historical television footage.
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The Story of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge 1938-1940
The Story of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Some film of the construction as well as the collapse.
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Freddie King in concert
Rare ½ inch EIAJ recording of Freddie King.
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John Brown's Body - Part 1 - Audio Only - Columbia Masterworks
The 1953 Broadway production of Pulitzer Prize winning American poet Stephen Vincent Benét's book-length narrative poem about the American Civil War, "John Brown's Body", produced by Paul Gregory and featuring the voices of Tyrone Power, Judith Anderson, and Raymond Massey. Adapted and directed by Charles Laughton.
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Soundie: Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me
Soundie from unknown year. Missing the complete title sequence. A Coslow / Berne production. Jazzy instrumental of "Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me". Is that a young Liberace at the piano? Even a drag sequence!
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Soundie: Skip To My Lou
Soundie from 1941. Minoco Productions present The Martins performing "Skip To My Lou".
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Soundie: Otto Zilch - From The Indies To The Andes In His Undies
Soundie from 1942. Performed by The Hoosier Hotshots. "From The Indies To The Andes In His Undies ('Twas A Very, Very, Daring Thing To Do)". Title sequence is missing.
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Star Trek Tree Ornaments
Wow! They are making these very realistic now! The transporter seems a bit buggy, though.
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Soundie: The Old Appletree
Soundie from 1941. Esmereldy with Frank Novak's Rootin' Tooters perform "The Old Appletree".
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Johnny Fair Syrup Commercial - 1950's
Historical Film of a Johnny Fair Syrup Commercial
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Naughty Mrs Santa Claus
Mrs Claus has a naughty side!
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Giuliani & O'Leary Pt 1
Rudy Giuliani and Kevin O'Leary at the Megatel Homes Grand Opening of Mercer Crossing in Dallas Texas. This occurred on May 8, 2018.
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John Brown's Body - Part 2 - Audio Only - Columbia Masterworks
The 1953 Broadway production of Pulitzer Prize winning American poet Stephen Vincent Benét's book-length narrative poem about the American Civil War, "John Brown's Body", produced by Paul Gregory and featuring the voices of Tyrone Power, Judith Anderson, and Raymond Massey. Adapted and directed by Charles Laughton.
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Soundie: What Do You Do In The Infantry
Soundie from 1945. David Brooks performs "What Do You Do In The Infantry".
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Soundie: Stardust
A 1946 Castle Film presents The Music Album, Songs of Romance. "Stardust" performed by Harry Cool.
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World of Computers
Nuns learn computers! Wow!
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Imco Services
Drilling fluids sales film from Imco Services. Probably from late 60s or early 70s I would say from the clothes.
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Soundie: Where The Sweet Mamas Grow
Soundie from 1941. The Korn Kobblers perform "Where The Sweet Mamas Grow".
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Soundie: I Wish I Died In My Cradle
Soundie from 1943. Art Dixon sings "I Wish I Died In My Cradle". With the Emerson Mountaineers.
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WSFA News Early 60s Kinescope January 18, 1961
News program from WSFA-TV 12 in Montgomery, Alabama in 1961. Reports on Lumumba's death in the Congo.
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Emergency Obstetrics - Real Live Birth - Explicit Film
Real life drama unfolds. Emergency childbirth. Educational film. Explicit. Produced in 1979.
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Cartoon: Gandy Goose
Castle Films 1940 cartoon, "The Magic Pencil". With Gandy Goose & Sourpuss.
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Vancouver Bell Ringers - Part 2
A documentary film about campanology, or the art of bell ringing at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver, BC. Produced in 1960.
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Soundie: Why Did I Kiss That Girl
Soundie from 1945. The Beaver Boys perform "Why Did I Kiss That Girl".
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Soundie: Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Soundie from 1941. André Baruch presents The Eton Boys. They perform "Old MacDonald Had A Farm".
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