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2 KM long Train !! 1st time in Odisha trial run..
FIRST TIME IN ODISHA ! 2000 METER LONG TRAIN RAN ON ECoR FIRST TIME ON EXPERIMENTAL BASIS. With a view to providing less manpower and economic path utilisation, East Coast Railway has run 3 train rakes at a time on an experimental basis for the first time. The length of complete train was about 2000 meter long. The train consisting of 147 Wagons, 03 Brake/Guard Vans and 04 Engines was planned to run on experimental basis between Godbhaga and Balangir Stations in Sambalpur Railway Division. The first rake of 45 Flat Wagons loaded with Containers and the second & third empty rakes of 51 Alumina Containers each are going towards Visakhapatnam Port. Running of this train on experimental basis has utilised less manpower, run on a single Signal and Single Closure of Level Crossings.
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Kinners break Police vehicle. Transgenders face to face.
During eviction of a slum, a Govt officer thrased a Transgender. it all happened. Transgenders(Kinners) Smased a Govt Vehicle and got face to face with police Officials.
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Police & women fight on streets
Odisha Police and women fight..Odisha Bandh on 16th August
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Compilation of Locomotive Horns ( WAP, WAG)
Please watch till the end. Last one is freaking scary.
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SALUTE : Samaritan Police Constable Saves life of a Passenger at Bhubaneswar Railway Station
See how others just watched a man dying of heart attack but the Kind hearted policeman just acted wisely. The man was saved..
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SEE HOW A DRUNK POLICE Inspector of Puri(Odisha) attacks, beats & abused Media persons in Hospital
On 7th December 2018 around 8:30 pm, Puri(Odisha) Taalabania police station Inspector in Charge comes to Capital hospital Bhubaneswar fully drunk. Upon inquiring about his drunk condition he began beating one of the media reporter and abused lady journalists too. It's how our law keepers behave in public. Have a look yourself.
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College Girls beat drunk Teacher in Bhubanewar
Girls beat drunken teacher inside Utkal University Campus Odisha . They accused him for eve teasing and harassing Girl students on Road .He was later arrested by police.
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WHAT A SHAME !! Police Officer Slaps poor Woman.
This is the real face of Odisha police. See how a police officer Slaps a poor mid aged women as she argues against injustice done to her...Video is a latest incident at a local police station of Odisha. Video credit goes to one of my friends working in a regional news channel.
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The Man who fries VADA using his hands !!
Watch ' Rabi Bhai' who is famous in Odisha for frying Vada ( an Indian snack) using his hands. He puts his hands in boiling oil and stir fries it. His Vada is very tasty and people come from far off places to enjoy his unique style of frying Vada. Address :- Rabi Bhai' Tiffin Stall, Near Unit 6 Kali temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
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PM Narendra Modi's Road Show at Bhubaneswar on 16/04/19
NaMo's Road Show near Ganganagar, Airport Road Bhubaneswar. Thousands of people gathered to have a glimpse of Modi ji. As usual he didn't disappoint, he waved at every person possible...
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Amazing Braking Sound of Goods Train in Gradient.( Use Headphones)
A goods train slowing down in Gradient before Bhubaneswar railway station. I feel the screeching and rumbling sounds of braking system of Indian goods train is having a amazing music of its own.
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Lady Dons of Odisha Congress : Odisha Bandh on 16th August 2016,PART 1
Lady Dons Of Odisha Congress. It took 2 hours for Police to control them.PART 2 ...COMING SOON.
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