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Lps Skit: The Banana Lord 🍌
Sorry there is no music! I forgot heheh 😅 Also there might be some ear rape during this video so no headphones plz!
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Welcome To My Channel!
If this is bad to anyone sorry it’s my first video so it’s going to be kinda bad!
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Papa Louie Pals Shorts
This may become a series on dis channel.
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Introducing all the members 2018 of Puggle :3
I hope you guys enjoyed this little video, I once again apologize for yesterdays crummy video. I probably wasn’t thinking straight :/
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Target Haul! (Read Description)
TBH *to be honest* this was a very disappointing haul because one of my Moj Moj had half of there face painted off!
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Q & A ( read description)
Sorry it got cut off I don’t know but do you think I should keep using my phone or use my ipad?
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LPS Story time| Children Bullying Teachers?!
Yes I finally painted my nails! Sorry I haven’t recorded in a while I was going through some laziness and never felt like recording so yeh :/ . Hope you guys don’t mind and don’t forget to Stay Snazzy 😎
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Animal jams
Hi I got a new mascot
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Life Updates
Please comment down below what YOU want to be my mascot. If you do comment I might reply, also at 1:00 p.m today I am going to watch THE MEG (aka the best movie of all time!) And when I can I will make a video about it saying my opinion. Spoiler alert!
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November 2018 Q&A (read description)
Sorry for all the bloopers! I will be doing another Q&A on June 7th 2019! Stay tuned for that and Stay Snazzy Kids 👽
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Random video idk why I made
I’m actually French in real life (jk) so idk my friend chose it
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Lps Community News ( Lps Skit )
Heheh sorry it’s a little short! I don’t want to waste my storage so I want to make my videos slightly shorter. Don’t worry soon I will make regularly long videos soon! Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Goodbye
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Channel updates + more!
Lol sorry a lot of my videos are short I don’t have much time bc of homework,life and bc Im hungry 😋
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OCEANS| package openings #1 🐋🐢
Omg these pets are so freaking cute!!! I love sea turtles and whales so this is right for me!
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R.I.P nail ( May 12 2018 )
With my good ol friend Sammy
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Kylee’s Kawaii shop
Part 2 coming out next week!
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Important Announcements! Please watch!
Sorry the music in the background is really low. In real life it sounded slightly loud and I didn’t know it was like that. Sorry all of this is going to fast I’m no longer in 4th grade so things are changing vastly
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Andrea being an idiot for 11 minuets and 55 seconds straight
lol sorry I posted this really late I had my parent teacher conference and yeah it was super long and boring but hey I got a new book from the book fair :D. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and Stay Snazzy 😎
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Papa Louie Shorts Pt.2
Enjoy da video!
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Me playing animal jam
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StoryTimes with Lily| E1 S1 How Puggle’s :3 tooth came out!
I hope you all enjoy this lovely series! Sorry I haven’t recorded in a while it’s just that I’ve been going through some tough times and I highly, highly apologize for that :( I’m feeling better and I hope to record more! Don’t forget hopefully tomorrow I will make that video with my parents. Stay Snazzy 😎
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Pokémon Interview *lps Skit*
Sorry my fly is still stuck in the main window I use for perfect lighting 😂 Also there Is a spider *Daddy Long Legs* next to my door 🚪 By the way daddy longs are very common to come in your house in Illinois
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Michaels Haul! + DIY Collars
Sorry about the bad lighting, It may be like that until we EXTERMINATE that dumb fly! And I’ll try to make videos more often! 😁
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I’m going to be gone for a little 😊 + me scrolling looking at lps while talking 😂
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Super cringy funny video ft. My cousin
Sorry this is crappy and he keeps saying sweet honeys lol 😂
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Life Updates #1 | Puggle :3
Sorry for the cringe I am a cringy potato 🥔. Hope you guys enjoyed the video! 😁
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Me screaming in anger
Don’t watch if doesn’t like anger
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