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John Ross Bowie Interview Comikaze 2013
I met John Ross Bowie while in the convention lobby eating. He was very kind and allowed me to do an interview..
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Mandalorian Army @Star Wars Celebration 2015
This video runs for almost 3 minutes showing unique Mandalorians in single file as they show up for the meet up on Friday at Star Wars Celebration 2015.
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Scarlet Spider Cosplay Wondercon 2013
This Spider Man like costume was very well done. I ran into this guy late Saturday at Wondercon 2013...
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Keir Dullea iInterview @Comikaze Expo 2015
Keir Dullea of 2001 A Space Odyssey fame was kind enough to allow me to interview him. He said he would be interested in making the sequel based on the book of the same name 3001 A Space Odyssey.
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Chloe Bennet Meets with Los Angeles Girl Scouts
Chloe Bennet meet with the Los Angeles Girl Scouts at Long Beach Comic Con 2015. I didn't get to interview her but i did get some close video shortage of the event...
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Goblin Engineer Comikaze Expo 2012
this costume was impressive with some very good make up...
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Nerdy Stripper Interview
This was my interview with the lovely Nerdy Stripper..
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Starship Trooper Girl at E3 2012
I interviewed this girl dressed up as Starship Troopers with a real movie prop gun.
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Captain Rex Costume Toronto Comic Con 2012
This was one of the best costumes at Toronto Comic Con 2012. It was very amusing that he stayed in character the whole time.
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David Quinn Creator of the Faust Comic Interview
David Quinn was kind enough to take time out for me at Toronto Comic Con 2012 and do a short interview. We about the possibility of another Faust movie and his new project called the littlest Bitch...
Wolverine Cosplay @Anime Expo 2013
This was a very nice Wolverine cosplay. He looks 90 percent like Hugh Jackman...
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James Randi talks Carl Sagan at Dragon Con 2012
I met the wonderful James Randi of Randi.org. He was kind enough to do an interview with me about Carl Sagan...
Overly Attached Girlfriend Poses with Fans @Vidcon 2014
Overly Attached was seen wondering around Friday at Vidcon 2014 posing with fans for pics. Her real name is Laina Morris...
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Steampunk Harley Quinn Long Beach Comic Con 2013
This was a nice steampunk Harley Quinn cosplay. It's always great to see a girl who loves steampunk. This was from Brazil...
Interview with Madison Dylan from Femme Fatales Wondercon 2012
She was dressed as an Orion near the Femme Fatales table and nice enough to let me do an interview with her...
Vidcon 2012 Steve Greene & Ceciley Talk about Lisa Nova
I ran into at random leaving the Expo room at closing at Vidcon 2012 on Staurday. They were nice enough to let me video them. Steve Greene had some interesting things to say about Lisa Nova and why she is not making videos any more...
Penny Press Machine at Gulf Shores Souvenirs & Gifts
This is the penny press machine at Gulf Shores Souvenirs & Gifts next door to Souvenir City. This machine has a mechanical hand pulley.
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Lady Sith Cosplay @Star Wars Celebration 2015
This was a unique character that the cosplayer created. Very nice original Sith cosplay...
Wild Child at the Wave Party
This is a video of Wild Child AKA Ms. Anorexia performing at the Wave Party May 24th Memorial Day weekend. Footage used with permission.
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Female Spock & Kirk Cosplay @Anime Expo 2013
This was a very impressive and well done cosplay. I'm always a sucker for attractive women in star trek coplay...
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Iron Man 3 Sucks Rant  (Spoilers)
This is my Iron Man 3 movie review and why it sucks. Warning this contains many spoilers if you haven't seen this polished glossy piece of crap called Iron Man 3 (ITony Stark: Super Assassin.)
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Maitland Ward Interview @Long Beach Comic Con 2015
I ran into the lovely Maitland Ward at Long Beach Comic Con 2015 on Sunday. She was kind enough to do an interview about her cosplay. We about comic books , Star Trek & Star Wars...
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Jessica Nigri gets Leg Hugged by a Baby Wondercon 2013 (HD)
This is the HD version of the video I uploaded at Wondercon 2013. Jessica Nigri was dressed as Mad Moxxi of Borderlands 2 on Friday at the convention. She was posing for photos and she got leg hugged by a baby...
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Witchblade Cosplay Wondercon 2013
This was a very cool costume. She was promoting Witchblade and Top Cow comics. She was kind enough to do an interview with me... Wondercon 2014 Interview her here: http://youtu.be/nJz0St9mz1o
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Post Steampunk Clothing Style
Post Steampunk is based on classic steampunk but worn and or adapted for everyday use or wear. It is also more of a mixture of steampunk and modern styles of dress...
Illyria Costume Toronto Comic Con 2012
I loved this girl's costume. At first I thought it might be cyber goth...
Cammy White Cosplay Long Beach Comic Con 2013
This was a very nice Cammy White from Street Fighter video game cosplay. The very attractive girl modeling it was kind enough to do an interview...
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Gillian Anderson Stealth Photgraphy
I was at Dragoncon 2012 and I met Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame. She was pretty nice in person...
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Yaya Han Interview @Comikaze Expo 2014
Yaya Han star of "King of the Nerds" takes time out to do an interview with me...
Izabel from Saga Cosplay Wondercon 2013
On Friday I ran into this interesting costume based on a comic book called Saga...
Scarlet Witch Costume Dragon Con 2012
I met this girl before at Anime Expo and didn't know it at the time. I did another interview with her back in July at Anime Expo. She was dressed then as Officer Jenny...
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Steampunk Poison Ivy Dragon Con 2012
I loved this costume. It had many steampunk elements in it and she looked very hot...
Interview with Nikki Griffin from Femme Fatales
This is my interview with the lovely Nikki Griffin from the new show on cable Femme Fatales. They had a table at Wondercon 2012 and she was nice enough to let me interview her...
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Elongated Penny Machine at The Pensacola Museum of Naval Aviation
This was my brief trip to visit the Pensacola Museum of Naval Aviation. They had a nice electric automatic penny press machine there. This was the first machine had 3 push buttons to pick to your pattern token.
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imperius Cosplay @Wondercon 2016
This was a very nice Imperius from Diablo 3 cosplay at Wondercon 2016. I first saw this guy at Blizzcon 2015 but this was the first time I got to interview him.
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Summer Glau @Comikaze Expo 2015
I got some good video of Summer Glau signing autographs with fans on Saturday at Comikaze Expo 2015.
Awkward Gigi Edgley Interview @Wondercon 2016
I run into Gigi Edgley at Wondercon 2016. Famous for acting in Farscape...
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Kimberly Freeman Witches Interview
I ran into Kimberly Freeman of One Eyed Doll again for the second time. We talk about Witches and how she was surpassed to see me again at Sam Ash at Hollywood the day before.
Anime Expo 2012 Yoko Littner Costume
This was a very attractive costume...
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Lady Deadpool Cosplay Wondercon 2013
I run into this great Lady Deadpool costume. She was kind enough to do an interview with me only 10 minutes before closing...
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Jaclyn Swedberg Muck Movie Interview @Comikaze Expo 2013
I met Jaclyn Swedberg at the Muck movie booth after seeing the 12 minute sneak preview. She was kind enough to do an interview.
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Hatsune Miku Cosplay @Anime Expo 2013
This was an interesting and a very attractive cosplay at Anime Expo 2013. It is base on a voice synthesizer program that looks like an anime character...
Chocolate Rain Guy Interview @Vidcon 2014
I was lucky to run into Taye Zonday of "Chocolate Rain" fame. I was even more lucky he had the time to do an interview...
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Marli Renfro Interview @Wondercon 2015
Marli Renfro talks about her time with Hitchcock and being a Playboy bunny...
Anime Expo 2012 Yoko Littner 2
This was the second girl I interviewed in the Yoko Littner costume... Her Cosplay fan page is here: http://www.facebook.com/brinnicos
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Captain America Clone Trooper @Star Wars Celebration 2015
This was a very funny and creative Captain America Clone Trooper at Star Wars Celebration 2015 on Sunday.
Rosanna Rocha interview as Starfire Wondercon 2012
This is my interview with the lovely Rosanna Rocha...
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Lady Death Comikaze Expo 2012
This Lady Death costume was right on and the model was very attractive too...
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Ellie Church Interview @Dragoncon 2017
Ellie Church the star of Space Babe from Outer Space sat down and did an interview for Amberstreet.com
E3 2013  Sherman Tank (World of Tanks Display)
This was a very nice display with a painted up a ww2 Sherman tank from World War Two. This was a display paid for by World of Tanks video game...