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Cap Export
Reporter: Hirjun Mira It's a series Report on Export Market of Bangladesh. Cap Export is a promising field for the economy of Bangladesh. Last 5 year cap export have increased by10% to 12%.
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Housing Business in Bangladesh
This report has been broadcasted by Maasranga TV in the special business segment - "ব্যবসাপাতির ষোল আনা" . The report has addressed the current crisis of housing business in Bangladesh and ins & outs to overcome the situation.
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Processed Meat Industry BD
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This is a special on current trend of CAR selling business and the impact of price fall in the international market (due to the fall of Yen). The report tried to capture both the major segments of brand new cars as well as reconditioned cars.
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RTGS is an advanced technology that facilitates inter bank fund transfers on real time basis, for both local and foreign currency transactions. Bangladesh Bank launch the program on 29 October, 2015. this will applicable for high value transaction (minimum 1lac tk).
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SHIPBUILDING Industry of Bangldesh (part- 01).mpg
Shipbuilding Industry of Bangladesh, Ocean Going Ship, Maasranga Television, Hirjun Mira, BD Shipbuilding part 01
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Fashion Brand of Bangladesh
After conquering the global apparel market, the country's garment makers have now turned their attention to the domestic market, hoping to repeat their success.
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Suspension of GSP- impact on Ceramic Industury of Bangladesh
It seems obvious that under pressure from AFL-CIO, the US administration found a loophole in the safety and working conditions of workers and the deaths of thousands of workers following the collapse of Rana Plaza and fire at Tazrin garment factory have highlighted the poor safety record and working conditions of workers all over the world. The powerful trade union of the US-- AFL-CIO --favours protectionism in trade. Since US products cannot compete with products from abroad, they want to protect the jobs in US factories for members of the trade unions by restricting the entry of foreign products in the American market. The stance of AFL-CIO is against the trade policy under WTO. As a result they deny the American consumers the best and cheapest foreign goods as they are generally unconcerned where they come from when they buy products. At the hearings at the office of the US Trade Representative concluded in early June, Bangladesh government senior officials stated that the government was taking all appropriate steps including a new labor law to address all the issues relating to workers. Given this back ground, many analysts question whether the poor safety record of workers appears to be the real reason for the suspension of GSP by the US.
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SHIPBUILDING Industry of Bangladesh (part 02).mpg
Local Shipyard of Bangladesh
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LP Gas Business
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vegetable export
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BD Fashion Brand
After conquering the global apparel market, the country's garment makers have now turned their attention to the domestic market, hoping to repeat their success.
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Business of foreign pet birds
পাখি পোষা মানুষের আদিমতম একটি সখ। একসময় বন থেকে ধরে এনে পোশ মানানো হতো পাখিদের। এখন আর তার প্রয়োজন হয় না। পোষার জন্য আছে খাচার পাখি। পাওয়া যায় রাজধানীসহ দেশের বিভিন্ন জায়গায়। আর এর বাণিজ্যিক পরিধিও বাড়ছে দিনদিন। পোষা পাখির বাজার নিয়েই মাছরাঙা টেলিভিশনের বিশেষ আয়োজন 'কেনাবেচার পাখি"।
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SHIPBUILDING Industry of Bangladesh (part 03).mpg
Employment Generation from Shipbuilding industry
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Furniture Industry in Bangladesh
This report has been made for special business segment " ব্যবসাপাতির ষোলআনা" of Maasranga TV. The report basically focuses on the existing scenario of supply chain of Furniture Market in Bangladesh, it's growth over the last couple of years, opportunity and barriers.
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green industry
Bangladesh’s ready made garment (RMG) sector has stepped into making factories Green. Its not only Eco friendly but also workers friendly.
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Blocked Economy of Bangladesh
The effect of continuous blockade on economy of Bangladesh.
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Branding Bangladesh
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Parlour Business on Eid
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Latex Mask Export
Reporter: Hirjun Mira It's a series Report on Export Market of Bangladesh. Latex Mask is a diversified product exported from Bangladesh. The Factory Kryolan is situated at Dhaka EPZ. It's a branch of international make-up brand Kryolan. Entertainment World like Hollywood, Bollywood and Opera house are the main customers of these products. The demand of latex mask are increasing day by day.
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Financial Inclusion
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Sharee on Eid
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OTC Market (part 1)
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Eid Spice Market 2015
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Green shopping
This is a special business report on growing market of jute products and its perspective in Bangladesh. The report has also covered an exceptional initiative engaging the survived victims of Rana Plaza tragedy.
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Calender 2015 Bngladeah
Calendar business during new year.
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Business @ Book Fair 2014 (maasranga special)
this is a special report on business from book fair 2014. not only selling book, the fair has some side business also. in one month the fair contribute more than 10 million tk to the economy.
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SME Budget
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Bird Fair
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tax fair 2015
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Rehab Award 2016
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Housing Loan
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Boisakhi Business
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World's Toughest Phone
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music of wind
Bagan, Myanmar
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ADP Budget 2012-13
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May Day
May Day Special Report on labor Safety
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Stock Market Situation
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Winter Tax Fair 2015
The National Board of Revenue (NBR) organized the fair in this season for the first time to provide tax-related assistance and motivate people to contribute to the national exchequer.
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