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Secret Santa | Christmas Skit | Gacha Life
I was unconscious for 4 days, how was i supposed to remember? Songs i used in the making of this monstrosity (in order): Beebo - “Bongo Cat - Christmas Songs Kahoot Lobby Music Kahoot 20 second Countdown 2/3 Hell nah vine Fresh Toast - Thomas the Kazoo Engine Nani?? (Original) What did i use to edit? Cute cut pro Imovie Picsart (For thumbnail) I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC, ALL RIGHTS TO THE OWNERS
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Maybe I’m back?
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Fashion Week Meme | Gacha Life
I’m sorry i am almost 3 days late for uploading this. I was hanging out a lot with family and friends this week, so i didn’t have much time. I was supposed to upload this yesterday, but i was too tired to upload it. I am really tired of coming with excuses every time i am late, so anytime i take 1-2 days to upload something my excuse will be “i was busy/something came up”. The reason is because i don’t want to always have to excuse the reason videos are late. I hope you understand. This week I’ll most likely make a tutorial, so make sure to wait for Friday for that. ~Music~ Original song: Blackbear - Fashion week (it’s different remix) : https://youtu.be/JmSIQd6_dpg Original meme by Ny00m: https://youtu.be/ScSgEAmvFSg ~Apps~ Gacha Life IbisPaint CuteCutPro Picsart I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIOS IN THIS VIDEO, PROPER CREDITS GO TO THE OWNERS
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The hated child but the hated child actually does logical things a functioning human being would do.
This video doesn’t really make any common sense. This video intended to be a joke but it went a little too far oof. I might delete this later lol
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Cotton Candy Skies Meme | Gacha Life
I guess i just needed one more day to finish it xd. I’m pretty satisfied with the final product, although i could improve a couple of things. Original: https://youtu.be/mNFmZkQ4pN0 song: https://youtu.be/Nm7qbVU1HmU Inspired by: https://youtu.be/vQ9pAX-7Jro What did i use for this??? -Cute cut pro -background eraser -Gacha Life I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIO IN THIS VIDEO, PROPER CREDITS GO TO THE CREATOR.
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cAiLlOu iNtRo (Plus I’m Back)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes I’m Back And Plan To Do Videos On Plotagon Because I’m Feeling Unmotivated
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Gucci Ni Prada Meme | Gacha Life
Oh look, my first mediocre meme! (And of course, it had to be original). If you can’t understand the Spanish turn on your subtitles. :P I don’t own this song, this song is “Ni Gucci Ni Prada” by Kenny man. (And yes, i am aware that i changed the name of the song “Ni Gucci Ni Prada” to “Gucci Ni Prada”. You can also make this meme in your own version, just make sure to use proper credits. Apps: Gacha Life, Cute Cut Pro, IMovie, PocketVideo
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How to edit audios for edits in GarageBand | Tutorial | ft. My voice
I was originally gonna make this video with my voice, but with a chipmunk effect. It ended up sounding super cringy (cringey..?) and annoying, so I simply used my voice. I guess it’s decent. Also if you noticed, i did change my outro. The whole “BabyWeirdo” thing was annoying me and making me cringe, so i changed it. ^Music (Not in order)^ Intro music: Queen - Radio Ga Ga (instrumental) Outro music: Kimpossible theme remix Joakim Karud - Longing Joakim Karud - Canals Secret crates - mine Secret crates - springtime roll Outgoing Hikikomori - Dancing on my own I used the audio from this video: https://youtu.be/KUQ_xm3zcFE , credits to vodka issues Anyways, the original creator of the song is Stefflon Don - 16 shots, and here is the link: https://youtu.be/m5TIDDx57-0 ~Apps~ Gacha Life IbisPaint CuteCutPro Picsart Phonto I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIOS IN THIS VIDEO, PROPER CREDITS GO TO THE OWNERS
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Pain and Death | Mini Movie | Gacha Life | (Plus new intro+outro)
I’m sorry if this movie is kind of dumb. I probably should’ve thought more about it. Oh well ;-; Criticize it if you want :P ~Music~ Intro music: Queen - Radio Ga Ga (instrumental) Outro music: Kimpossible theme remix Lund - Broken (instrumental) Jocelyn flores - XXXTENTACION (slowed down) Timmies - soft skin Dj quads - darling (And then some random music i found in ccp) ~Apps~ Gacha Life PocketVideo CuteCutPro InShot Picsart Phonto I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIOS IN THIS VIDEO, PROPER CREDITS GO TO THE OWNERS
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Meteorite meme | Gacha Life
Hey! So i actually made a meme, wOw. {Apps} Cute Cut Pro InShot IbisPaint Background eraser Gacha Life
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Lets just say i tried to draw... || FlipaClip
Eh idk why my drawings turn out weird Music: Intro/outro song: ? (By Jef) First song: Pancakes (By Jef) Second song: Make me feel (By Not The King) Third song: Shave (By Sleepless Night)
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Jin Jin Jingle Bells | Gacha Life | #TaliaPlayzMep | Part 8,9 | Rushed
These parts of the mep were rushed because i had forgotten to do them, i am really sorry ;-; I do not own the moving background I do not own the music Proper credits go to the creators
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Lazy and Late ShedPost
I’m sorry i did not post yesterday, i was lazy. K so i used da song fifth avenue stroll by imovie and a random cute cut pro song. And i obviously used cute cut pro, phonto, and gacha life. Hopefully i see you next week with a meme.
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It’s beginning to NOT look a lot like Christmas 🎄 | Gacha Life
Oh shiz waddup. I hope you’re doing fine sweety ;D K so i used Scheming Weasel by The one and only Kevin Macleod And Used Neon from the iMovie gallery ;0
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#fallens7ringsmep parts 23-24 | Gacha Life
I’m not sure if i’ll get my video up today, just to let you know.
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I’d Rather be Me | Mep | Part 26-27 | #AshIdRatherBeMeMep
Oof, ok, I hope it looks fine. This Mep is hosted by Ashstetic Gacha :P I don’t own that moving background, credits go to the creator The song is “I’d Rather be Me” from the mean girls musical.
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Anna’s Dreams [] Plotagon Skit
Being bored and wanting to upload :P I use InShot to edit And Make meh thumbnails
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New Year’s Edit | Rushed | Gacha Life
Sorry for not even posting a short video saying merry Christmas, i was spending time with the fam. So here’s the rebuttal..? ~Music~ Intro music: Queen - Radio Ga Ga (instrumental) Outro music: Kimpossible theme remix Perspectives long - Imovie Fifth avenue stroll - Imovie ~Apps~ Gacha Life IbisPaint Cute Cut Pro InShot Picsart Phonto I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIOS IN THIS VIDEO, PROPER CREDITS GO TO THE OWNERS
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New intro (hopefully for a while)
I AM BACK! I’m so sorry for being gone for SO freaking long. I always have to do stuff in school, but I’ll try to make videos when ever i can. ——————————————————- Song: ? Artist: Jef
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A Falling Game o: | Helix Jump|
Today I am playing this random game, full of ads ;) And Wanting To Put Personal Information ;-; o well hope you enjoyed this boring video xD
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Sweet But psycho | Mep | Part 21
Oof another one, this one is for Gacha _ Panda. The song is Sweet But psycho. And like, yeah, das it, i hope it’s ok. ;-;
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