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Autonomous ErgoChair 2
Designed to be flexible, ErgoChair 2 can be adjusted at virtually every angle and in all directions to give you full body support in any seated position. Healthy posture improves circulation and keeps your mind sharp.
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ErgoChair (Production) by Autonomous
The ultimate ErgoChair that supports your lower back and promotes good posture. https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chair
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Autonomous ErgoChair 2 - The Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Your Workplace
With its durable construction, extensive customizable features and breathable fabric, ErgoChair is the next level of ergonomics - tailored to you, designed to enhance your productivity. Built to offer 360° degrees of flexible, full-body support in any seated position, Ergonomic Chair can be adjusted in virtually every angle and direction. The ErgoChair makes good posture both healthy and comfortable, improving circulation and keeping your mind sharp. To see more about this Product detail, visit here: https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chairs/ergonomic-chair View more of our chairs: https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chairs #Autonomous_Office_Chair
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How to Reset Your SmartDesk 2 (when it's not moving & the keypad is blinking) | Autonomous FAQ
Dylan Flaks answering a frequently asked question about our Standing Desk and what to do should yours stop moving. You can buy one here: https://www.autonomous.ai/smartdesk-sit-to-stand-height-adjustable-standing-desk
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How to set the Standing Desk presets on an Autonomous SmartDesk | Autonomous FAQ
Dylan Flaks answering a frequently asked question about our Standing Desk. You can buy one here: https://www.autonomous.ai/smartdesk-sit-to-stand-height-adjustable-standing-desk
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Brandon Miller
Product: SmartDesk - Black XL Top, Classic Design - Black, Business Edition Frame Well it took a while to come in. The wait was worth it. Finally done with my setup. Thank you Autonomous. https://www.autonomous.ai/smartdesk-sit-to-stand-height-adjustable-standing-desk
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SmartDesk 2 Stop Animation Assembly
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Smart Desk 3: World's First AI Standing Desk
SmartDesk 3, the world's first AI powered standing desk that anticipates your needs, executes your tasks, and keeps you on top of your game. Shop now for $549 only: http://bit.ly/2hg3Xz6
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Autonomous Ergochair Introduction
Designed for flexibility and adaptation, ErgoChair gives you full body support, which is important to maintaining a healthy body and fresh mind. https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chairs
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OsmoChair - The Chair That Moves With You!
The OsmoChair is our most premium chair yet - an intelligent blend of top tier engineering from all around the world. Creative Italian design meets advanced German textiles, brought to life by intuitive, seamless Korean-built mechanisms.
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Autonomous Smartdesk 3
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Autonomous Oscar - The World’s Smartest Trash Can
The planet has a big ol' trash problem. Currently, the world recycles just 14% of the waste it uses, so the rest ends up choking the seas, the trees, the birds, and the bees. We need to clean up our act. But how? One of the main issues and the common mistake we make is that our trash just isn't being separated properly. At the moment, roughly 1 in every 4 items we put in our recycling bins isn't actually recyclable, so it contaminates what can be recycled, so we send off the whole lot to the landfill, One by one, we can fix this problem ourselves. We don't have to wait for someone else to do it for us, Oscar is here to help. www.autonomous.ai/oscar
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My Autonomous SmartDesk DIY Kit
Are you a tinkerer? Do you customize everything you own to make it truly yours? Apply your creativity to our SmartDesk DIY kit and use its rock-solid frame as a base for the desk of your dreams. review by David's Focus 📸 #diystandingdesk #diysitstanddesk Buy the Smart Desk DIY here: https://www.autonomous.ai/standing-desks/diy-smart-desk-kit
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Brandon Miller standing SmartDesk by Autonomous
Work and play healthier with Autonomous standing SmartDesk. Check it out here https://www.autonomous.ai/smartdesk-sit-to-stand-height-adjustable-standing-desk
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Oscar - An exceptionally clever trash can
Oscar is an eco conscious trash can who takes the legwork out of recycling. Powered by AI, he uses custom neural networks to classify and separate your garbage!
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Start-up Spotlight: How ActionIQ keep their workspace playful with Autonomous Desks
By connecting all of your sources–disparate and complex, online and offline, email, CRM, and clickstream - ActionIQ the heavy lifting to democratize your data. For our new Start-up Spotlight we went to hear a little more about their vision, how they are striving to work smarter and to get a sneak peek at their beautiful office space in Manhattan.
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Autonomous' Awesome Customers
Thank you for your tremendous support.
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DoChair - Most Affordable Ergonomic Office Chair
The DoChair maximizes comfort, support, and adaptability for an accessible price point. Ergonomically built and rigorously tested for durability, this is a must-have workplace staple. Visit our website to see more: https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chairs/essential-chair #Autonomous_Office_Chair #officechair
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Start-Up Spotlight: Parsec Media featuring Autonomous Standing Desks
Parsec have broken the mould with their game changing approach to digital advertising. For our new Start-up Spotlight we went to hear a little more about their vision, how they are striving to work smarter and to get a sneak peek at their beautiful office space in Manhattan.
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ErgoStool - The Best Office Chair Without Wheels
Autonomous ErgoStool - the best office chair without wheels will help you work better. Without needing to lower your desk, perch on the ErgoStool for a low-impact break from standing. Giving yourself the option to take quick, easy breaks encourages you to stand for longer. The power of posture Poor posture is a leading cause of back pain and degenerative disc diseases. As you acclimatize to sitting on a backless chair and build strength in your core and back through active sitting, your posture naturally improves - not only while using the ErgoStool, but also while sitting in a regular office chair and standing. To see more reviews at this Office chair, visit our webiste: https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chairs/office-chair-stool See all our Office chairs: https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chairs #Autonomous_Office_Chair #ErgoStool
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Autonomous Standing Desk SmartDesk 2 - Business Edition
Autonomous Standing Desk SmartDesk 2 - Business Edition is the best standing desk designed for the business workplace. SmartDesk 2 Business Edition is a fully adjustable, electric standing desk designed for users who value extra power and efficiency. More than 120,000+ companies all around the world choose Autonomous. Visit detail about this amazing product here: https://www.autonomous.ai/product/smartdesk-2-business If you need a smart desk for Home, here is another option: https://www.autonomous.ai/product/standing-desk
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Startup Spotlight: HelloTech
HelloTech provides on-demand consumer tech support straight to your home. Check them out at https://www.hellotech.com/ For more about Autonomous Ergo 2 chairs and how you can work smarter, visit http://autonomous.ai
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Autonomous Smart Desk First Class | Best standing desk
Owning a SmartDesk First Class is an optimized experience from the start. Foundational components come pre-assembled for efficiency, ease and peace of mind. Just bolt the legs to the standing desk frame and top and you’re ready to jump right in. Check it out at: www.autonomous.ai
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λ ErgoChair, How it works?
Designed for flexibility and adaptation, ErgoChair gives you full body support, which is important to maintaining a healthy body and fresh mind. View this Office Chair via our website: https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chairs/ergonomic-chair View more about Autonomous Chairs: https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chairs
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VELO: Race against the world on a stationary bike
Velo is an affordable, beautiful exercise bike that connects you with likeminded competitors all over the world, from the comfort of your own home. • Start a race with anyone, anywhere • Choose from over 50 of the world's best race tracks • On demand exercise stats • Personal audio coach • Streamlined, robust, space-saving design • Ergonomically engineered - adjustable seat, handlebar, and resistance level • 17" touch screen - everything you need at your fingertips https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/velo-race-against-the-world-on-a-stationary-bike/x/7544098#/
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SmartDesk 3 - User Guide
A quick walkthrough of SmartDesk 3's main features. Learn how to adjust and save your ideal sit-to-stand, order food, call a cab, play music and more.
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Smart Desk mini
Now anyone can stand at work. We took what’s at the heart of the original SmartDesk and reengineered it to bring you the first ever electric table-top standing desk. SmartDesk mini turns any desk into an automatic standing desk. Now you can take autonomy over your workspace and enhance your health, focus and productivity at the office. Pre-Order Now at: https://www.autonomous.ai/table-top-standing-desk-smartdesk-mini
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λ Drone Racing Game
Drone racing in a fun, intense and affordable way. Get yours now on Indiegogo.com: https://igg.me/at/drone-racing-game Visit our website: https://www.autonomous.ai/fpv-drone-racing
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Autonomous ErgoStool: Ergonomic Stool for Active Sitting!
The ultimate ErgoStool that helps you to take a healthy break from standing. A 30-day free trial, 3-year warranty. Without needing to lower your desk, perch on the ErgoStool for a low-impact break from standing. Giving yourself the option to take quick, easy breaks encourages you to stand for long. Visit our website to see more detail: https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chairs/office-chair-stool
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Autonomous Office Filing Cabinet
Our filing cabinet is fully adjustable for smart storage. Movable drawer dividers allow you to tailor the space to suit your needs and on wheels, it is easy to maneuver and equally easy to lock into place. See more detail here : https://www.autonomous.ai/product/filing-cabinet
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Autonomous Office Bike
Introducing Autonomous Office Bike which allow you to be active while at the office to combat a sedentary lifestyle and the health problems that it can cause.
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SmartDesk 3 startup guideline
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Velo Bike - Official Launch
Register to experience at Early-Bird price with only $199: https://www.autonomous.ai/velo-stationary-bike Are you ready to get off the couch, race against your friends - from any corner of the globe? With Velo bike by Autonomous, the gami-fitness experience is brought right at your home. ► More fun to get fit: Download Velo app, get on Velo bike and compete. Now getting fit is more fun than ever. How exciting - burning lots of calories while enjoying the race. ► Simpler way to get fit: Is getting fit supposed to be hard? With Velo app, the answer is NO. Bring more joy in your exercise by training while racing with friends. Motivation is all we need to make 60-minute workout no longer tough. ► Connecting to worldwide in virtual race: Yes, it’s no joke - you can invite anyone to your race. Make new friends who share the same interests in cycling, getting fit and healthy lifestyle. The game is more exciting now. ----------------------- VELO BIKE - GAMIFY YOUR FITNESS EXPERIENCE ► Visit our website: https://www.autonomous.ai/velo-stationary-bike ► Call us: +1 844-208-6205
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Smart Offices: Initialized Capital
Initialized Capital's beautiful workspace is full of Autonomous SmartDesk 2 standing desks! Learn more about Initialized at: http://initialized.com/ For more information about creating a smart, ergonomic office space, visit us at http://autonomous.ai
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Autonomous SmartDesk 3 water-resistance testing
Our brand new product SmartDesk 3 is here: https://www.autonomous.ai/?slug=smartdesk-3&modal=11 Is the touchscreen waterproof or water resistant? Yes! We’re really proud of this. Just concentrate on what you do best, your SmartDesk 3 is splash-proof, spill-proof and shower-proof! Music by bensound.com
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Autonomous Flow Board
The balance board that enhances energy, productivity and muscle memory. Change it up. Make variety the core of your day
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Experience the future of Drone Racing
The competition is about to get intense. Now with every win, you’ll earn points to help you climb to the top of your leaderboard. Challenge your friends. Book a date and get ready to race. Watch the best drone racing footage from drone racers all over the world. All in one simple, fun, and beautiful mobile app.
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Autonomous Standing Desk Smartdesk 2 - Home Edition
Our height adjustable standing desk - SmartDesk 2 Home Edition was designed to make both standing and sitting natural parts of your day. Gone is the age of the sedentary lifestyle and its associated health risks. A properly adjusted sit-stand desk encourages good posture and regular movement, so you look and feel better all day, every day. Visit detail about this amazing product here: https://www.autonomous.ai/product/standing-desk
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Alan Quah
Woot... It is awesome! the build quality is very good!
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DailyTekk Bamboo Standing Desk by Autonomous
I love this desk because it is exactly what I'm looking for. I really like the options to sit or stand, and the control panel makes it really easy to dial in some presets. Overall, this is a really sturdy, high quality desk which is really smooth and quiet when it's rised or lowered. It's the most affordable standing desk out there. More details can be found here: https://www.autonomous.ai/smartdesk-sit-to-stand-height-adjustable-standing-desk
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