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Welcome To My Channel ❤️ || LPSRainbow Katz {Read Description}
Welcome to my channel! I hope you enjoyed that video! The only thing o wanna say is Thanks for the 3 subbies!! That was fast! 🤗 Let’s make a goal for 10 subs in the next 2 months! Love you guys 💕 Comment a nickname I should call you guys! It has to be for boys and girls!
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Sunday Lps Vlog
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Show Her Some Love ❤️ | Reaction To Tayler Mist
OMG OMG 😮 WHAT THE HECK! Excuse my launguge but.. Taylor’s mom is making her quit lps!! IM SO MAD!! It’s all because of her age!?! MY COUSIN IS 16 LADY!! AND SHE STILL PLAYS WITH LPS!! Go check her out! Maybe give her some love too?! Bye guys ☹️ BTW HERE’S THE LINK TO HER CHANNEL Taylor Mist: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqUG78VwvUL2Jr6gJvu8Obg
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Singing Random Songs | Comment If You Want More
Idk what I did. I sang. And I recorded it. Watch it you want.. 😝
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Lps Rivals: Episode 1: A New Beginning
Happy LPSTube Day!! 🤗🤗🤗
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