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This video is 100% a true story. This is a strange proposal video. When I was 14 years old, my 24 year old teacher asked me to be his "queen." This story time is disturbing, it is creepy, it is about a creepy guy who I thought was an innocent man trying to help me and my family learn an activity. This is meant to help anyone going through a similar situation and to remind everyone that we should always be aware and never make excuses for anyone. A proposal and a wedding is supposed to be fun and exciting and I only wanted to be proposed to once and the way it happened in this video is not exactly what I pictured. But, everything that has happened in our lives has let us to where we are now and I couldn't be happier in my life. I hope you guys learn something from this video. My amazing friend Ryan! ( I said he was a police officer but he is a FIREMAN!!) https://www.facebook.com/ryan.moynihan.98 https://www.instagram.com/nyyfan1996rydawg/
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I was sexually harassed.
In this video I talk about something very personal to me. This story is something I was not sure if I really wanted to share, however, the overall message is important. I thought you guys should hear about the times I went to court and did send someone to prison.
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What I have been hiding from everyone | MY DEPRESSION STORY 2018
This video is unlike any video I have ever posted. I am sharing this and deciding to finally talk about my depression and my story because I have learned over the years how to overcome these feelings and thoughts. This doesn't mean that I never feel sad and that overcoming depressing times are permanent. However, I have been able to successfully pull myself out of depressing periods in my life and I want to share that and encourage you to do the same. I really do care about you guys and I want to connect with you and help you in any way that I can. So, if that means I have to be open and honest about some really difficult times in my life, I will do that. I have so many other videos about makeup, fashion, hauls, beauty, injections, all of that kinda stuff. But this is by far the hardest video I have ever filmed, edited, and uploaded. So, I hope it helps. love you guys! Instagram: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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I DIDN'T WASH MY FACE FOR A MONTH STRAIGHT...and this is what happened (acne journey)
If you guys have been following me for a while now, you would know that I used to suffer from acne. I had acne on my forehead, chin, cheeks...basically all over my face and even on my chest and back. I had to deal with acne scars and my breakouts by trying endless skin care routines, face washes, creams, spot treatments, masks, makeup routines, foundations, concealers, etc...I finally found method that works for me and I want to share it with you guys! I do not wash my face and I believe this is the best way to deal with my acne because it regulates the ph of my skin and doesn't irritate my skin to cause pimples. I hope that if you try this it works for you because I know how hard it is to deal with acne it can make you feel so little and insecure at times. If you are struggling with acne keep pushing and try to remember that you are beautiful no matter what and your looks are not everything. INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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I want to start out by saying this video is not to disrespect the families involved, but to take the experience and memory we have of this night, and share it with others with the intention of raising awareness and preventing this as much as possible from happening again. Tonight is New Year's Eve a night where people all over the world are celebrating and having amazing nights. Hopefully this video will act as a reminder to all, to be safe, and remember to NEVER forget that a car is essentially a weapon that can be the cause of a horrible outcome when not properly controlled.
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scammers get caught! I bought this wig from Instagram, and it was such a waste of money. This wig is wish level quality, for a higher price. I have seen people buy wigs from amazon, and so many other inexpensive stores either online or in person, and the quality was better than the one I am reviewing today! Please do not spend your money on this wig! I have seen makeup bought from wish amazon and all of those types of sites and I feel that the quality of even the makeup isn't as bad as this! Instagram: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci My sunglasses for sale on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D39S9ZB
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How to get rid of CELLULITE & inches of FAT, INSTANTLY!! Before & After CRYO skin treatment 2018
Thank you to Glolux, makers of Smart body fat scale, for sponsoring this video. To check out the scale I used in this video click the link below: http://glolux.shortcm.li/hlWmEe I have searched my whole life for ways to get rid of cellulite and inches of fat. I have cellulite on my thighs, the back of my thighs especially, and my buttocks. I also have extra fat around my waist and stomach. This treatment allowed me to lose an inch around my waist in ONE TREATMENT! I did a total of six treatments for my abdomen area. I only did one for my arms and two for my cellulite I believe. So, if you guys want to see the full result of those the two treatments, leave me a comment! INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci Go check out Liv Aesthetics the place I had this treatment done! @livaestheticsmedspa https://www.instagram.com/livaestheticsmedspa/?hl=en Music by @mp_beatz
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So my family and I went to see "It" the movie this past weekend. We had a great day leading up to the movie, however, after we got to the theater, got our popcorn pizza and drinks, we went to get our seats. My sister and I sat down while our parents were still outside waiting for the food, and it took us a while to find these seats because it was crowded since the movie only came out a few days prior. Anyway i notice after we get settled that my sister is sitting far forward. I realize some girl is aggressively pushing her seat so I turn and say can you put your feet down? Instead of the girl seeing us sit in a chair that her feet is on and removing them before I said anything, she kept her feet there. After I asked her to remove them, she replied by saying I had to say excuse me before asking her to remove her nasty feet from my little sisters chair. I walked out of the theater, got the manager, marched right back into the movie and the manager told the rude lady to remove her feet. Not so crazy of a story but the lack of respect that this girl showed was enough for me to make a video about it and hopefully anyone watching learns from what happened here. If you guys don't like these kinds of videos, (it is a little negative but there is a positive message overall) I have a lot of fashion hauls from aliexpress, fashion nova, forever 21, and so on so deff check those out and don't forget to subscribe!! Love you guys
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Non-Surgical Nose Job Vlog | I got my nose done *NOT CLICKBAIT*
I got a nose job. I blog the entire experience and show you guys the before and after. This procedure is known as the five minute nose job. it is a non surgical rhinoplasty or nose job. It is similar to a plastic surgery procedure but there is no surgery, no recovery time, and virtually no pain. I know these kinds of procedures are very controversial, however, I want you all to know that if this procedure wasn't possible I would still love myself and feel confident. I do bot need this just like anyone watching doesn't need it. A lot of people get braces for cosmetic reasons and aren't shamed for it. This is a very similar concept. I hope you understand this video is to help those looking into this procedure and not to persuade others to get it. I did this for me and only me and I am very happy with my new nose, just as I was with the old one. Social media links: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/?hl=en Snapchat: alana.arbucci The place I went to: Beauty Fix MedSpa https://www.beautyfixmedspa.com LET THEM KNOW WHO SENT YOU! =) use my name for $50 off any treatment
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A few weeks ago I posted a video called, "READING TINDER MESSAGES! I made a tinder for 20 minutes and this is what happened..." A lot of you guys requested that I do a number two and I might. However, for now I have my boyfriend reacting to the video I made! Boyfriend "reaction" videos are so fun to watch. I have seen some girls have their boyfriend react to fashion nova or their outfits and I thought it would be fun for you guys to see mine react to something! I have actually read my instagram dms and snapchat messages to you guys in the past and now Steven got to read my tinder messages! I did delete the app but I might have Steven download it to film his own, READING TINDER MESSAGES! I made a tinder for 20 minutes and this is what happened..." Let me know if you guys would be interested in seeing that! INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ INSTAGRAM: @steveomichell22 https://www.instagram.com/steveomichell22/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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I'M GOING TO BE ON A MAJOR TV SHOW!! | How to get casted in a tv show 2018!
I am going to be on a major TV show and I cannot wait to share this journey with all of you guys! In this video I am going to explain the process of getting casted in a TV show, and share some very valuable information or any of you who have a desire to be in the entertainment industry. I absolutely cannot wait to tell you what major network and show this is (which I will be able to do in a few months after the show airs)! I have worked extremely hard so far to build my YouTube channel and Instagram, regales of all of the people in my personal life trying to put me down and discourage me from achieving my dream. I am not only posting this video to share with you how I was cast, but to also inspire you to never give up and to always keep striving to meet your full potential. I hope this video makes you energetic and excited for your own careers! I do want to take a moment today thank you to everyone who responded so positively to my depression video. I have gotten so many breathtaking messages that have honestly changed my life. Knowing that my story strengthens you guys and lifts you up, makes me feel better than I can even explain. Thank you guys again, I love you! Instagram: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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UNDER EYE FILLER INJECTION for dark circles and bags!! Before & After
Ever since I was around 13 or 14 years old, I have turned to youtube videos with titles like "how to get rid of bags, how to get rid of under eye circles, how to lighten under eye area" and so many more in hopes of improving my under eye area. I have come to a point where I have almost completed my no makeup flawless look. I have a routine for my lashes, brows, and skin. All I had left were my dark circles and bags! Now I can wake up in the morning and on no makeup days, and feel even more confident because I do not have to waste time concealing! I am so happy I did this and I would deff recommend! Instagram: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci My super cute sunglasses for sale on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D39S9ZB The place I went: Beauty Fix MedSpa https://www.beautyfixmedspa.com LET THEM KNOW WHO SENT YOU! =) use code AlanaXO for $50 off any treatment Face peel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2eY1lPcaNk&t=73s First time getting lip injections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KTTcYhw-bY Microdermabrasion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwyz8kKwhjM&t=148s Check filler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z8u2fr7pcM Non-Surgical Nose Job vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDdlBtVTiMU
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I’M GOING TO BE A SURROGATE!  *not clickbait*
I want to be a surrogate...my answer to one of the many questions that you guys asked me. Surrogacy is something I have seriously been thinking about which is why I decided to make it the title of this video. If I do accomplish this goal I will probably make a documentary out of it in hopes of educating you guys on the subject and sharing my experience. One day I may actually be a surrogate mother! on another note I do want to say thank you to everyone who asked me a question for this video. I opened up a little bit, I sing for you guys, and I share a very personal story. I hope you guys enjoy: CHARITY: Recently a charity called Relief United reached out to me. Their mission this year, in partnership with Companions for Heroes, is to raise money to match shelter dogs with those actively suffering from PTSD and other related disorders. EVENT: They are hosting an event at Kingsland Point Park in my hometown, Sleepy Hollow, next Friday April 27th! Go check them out on Instagram for more info! https://www.instagram.com/reliefunited/ Instagram: @aarbucci Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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A lot of you guys have been asking about my nose job! I got a non-surgical nose job, and cheek fillers put in about a month or two ago, and since then you guys have been wondering about my experience, before and after, cost, the type of filler, the pain, and a lot more! I made this video simply to answer any questions you guys might have about my nose. Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are a good thing, as long as you are doing it for the right reasons! We are all beautiful and none of us need these kinds of things but if we want them to improve our look a bit, or even if we want to look completely different, at the end of the day that is up to us. Never let anyone make or influence this extremely person decision! The place I went to: Beauty Fix MedSpa https://www.beautyfixmedspa.com LET THEM KNOW WHO SENT YOU! =)
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MY SECOND NON SURGICAL NOSE JOB! NO surgery NO needle! *not clickbait*
Last year I got my first non surgical nose job. I made a video showing you the before and after and sharing my experience, I updated you guys several months later, and now I am showing you what my nose looked like a year after my initial treatment and what it looks like after my second nose job. I love to sharing these procedures I have so many videos on my channel about filler like under eye filler, cheek filler, lip filler, and nose filler. These are great non permanent options to slightly alter your appearance with little to no downtime. I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you have any questions feel free to ask me here or on my socials listed below: INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci The place I went: Beauty Fix MedSpa https://www.beautyfixmedspa.com FOR A DISCOUNT: USE MY NAME WHEN YOU CALL TO BOOK! =)
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I made a tinder using my boyfriend's pictures and this is what happened....
Todays video is all about the infamous tinder app.We have another tinder experiment for y'all. I took a bunch of my boyfriends photos from Instagram and my library, and posted them on tinder. My idea was to see how many matches and messages I could get on his profile and compare them to my profile. However, Steven's profile did not get any matches so I was unable to message any girls. If you guys like this video, I will do a part two where I see what message gets the most responses (the message I come up with to send the girls, or the very first message Steven sent me that hooked me). INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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Non-Surgical Nose Job 8 Months Later + Permanent Filler | Before and After
My non surgical nose job took place 8 months ago to hide a small bump and make my nose more symmetrical. Todays video is an update. I talk about price / cost, show before and after pictures, talk about different types of fillers like the permanent filler, how my nose looks now, if I would get this done again, and my overall experience having this procedure done. Before you think about getting this done, make sure to go and get a consultation. Some people who want this done have a wide nose, some want to hide a bump, some want to add some volume to the tip of their nose, and so on! This could be a great procedure for you but always make sure to do your research! And make sure to watch the full intro because there are a few key points that I wanted to mention when it comes to the state of mind that I believe is the healthiest when going into any procedure, this one included. INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci Go get some cute sunglasses! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D39S9ZB The place I went: Beauty Fix MedSpa https://www.beautyfixmedspa.com LET THEM KNOW WHO SENT YOU! =) use my name for $50 off any treatment Face peel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2eY1lPcaNk&t=73s First time getting lip injections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KTTcYhw-bY Microdermabrasion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwyz8kKwhjM&t=148s Check filler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z8u2fr7pcM Non-Surgical Nose Job vlog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDdlBtVTiMU Responding to hate =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn3ptTr4z9E&t=108s
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I got a $2,000 BOOB JOB! Official Before and After video | cost, size, recovery 2018
I got a boob job, breast augmentation, plastic surgery, breast implants, breast enhancement.. whatever you want to call it. This is my before and after but I also talk about price, cost, pain, recovery, and more. I will go into more detail in the future. I have gotten a non surgical nose job, under eye filler injection, cheek filler, lip injections, and now I had my boobs done. All of the things I have done before this were not permanent but this is! None of these procedures are ever needed and I hope that it is clear I did not believe I needed any of these things done. You do not either. However, the reality is that the looks we are trying to achieve with filler or surgery, are very similar to the looks we want to achieve using makeup or a push up bra! I hope you guys enjoy, I love you guys, and I will talk to you soon! Family friendly pg clean INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci Dr. Fallek’s website: https://www.fallekplasticsurgery.com
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DROPPING OUT OF COLLEGE!! real reason why I left school 2018
Today's video is all about why I am dropping out of college, what my plans are for the future, and how I am going to make money to support myself without continuing my education. I encourage all of you do think about school, college, university, and really ponder if going will benefit you personally and in your desired career. There are so many ways to make money without going to school. You can make money online, as a YouTuber..You can get your realtor license, become a monographer, CNA, PCT, etc...There are a lot of high paying jobs that don't require a degree! This choice was one of the hardest I have ever made, yet one of the most critical I have ever made. Because of my situation (explained in my depression vide linked below), I was never asked what I wanted to do as a career. Therefore, I never really thought about what I wanted. At this point in my life I finally have the courage to stand up for myself and fight for the career and life that I want, and stop listening to how other people want to see my life pan out. INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ INSTAGRAM: @steveomichell22 https://www.instagram.com/steveomichell22/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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How I LOST MY BUTT IN 1 WEEK...and how I got it back! | butt before and after  2018
I have watched so many videos on how to get a bigger butt, how to grow your butt and thighs, how to grow your butt without growing your thighs, how to get rid of hip dips, non surgical butt lift...and so on! We all work hard for our butts, but sometimes life gets in the way and we lose the progress we have made. In this video I discuss one way to lose your butt that may not be something that you would realize. I also discuss how my body was able to gain the fat I lost in this area, once again to restore the look that I want. I hope you guys enjoy this I know it is kind of random but I thought it would be an interesting video to share! INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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FALL TRY ON HAUL | Thrift haul, cheap and affordable fashion! 2018
Guys! I am obsessed with this thrift store and I am happy to share all of my cheap and affordable finds with you guys in the form of a try on haul! Thank you so much for 76k! I love you guys so much. Some makeup, hair and skin videos coming soon! Also the Q and A with Hannah! In this video I show a vintage jean jacket, a long sleeve ribbed white v neck cross body crop top, a cropped turtle neck, a shall, and a cropped distressed Burgundy hoody! I hope you enjoy! MY SOCIALS: INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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MY BIGGEST SECRET EXPOSED | Laser hair removal journey 2018
I have done things to change my body like getting my non surgical nose job, under eye filler, microdermabrasion, and more, but this is something I am changing that I was actually very insecure about. This video is one that I was very scared and reluctant to post. I have a beard, and I am a woman. This video is showing you guys my laser hair removal journey on my face, my legs, my underarms, and my side burns. This is a hard video to post because obviously hair on your face as a girl is not the ideal, it is not something that is glorified in the media it is actually horrified in our society because it is not the norm. I don't know why I have so much hair on my face. I have had my hormone levels checked and they are all normal. I do not have PCOS, I do have endometriosis but I don't know if that is the case. I have been to so many doctors yet still have no answers. I love you guys and I ultimately decided to share this because I want any of you guys struggling with this to know you are not alone and there ARE treatment options for you. BEAUTYFIX: IF YOU GUYS WANT TO GO TO BEAUTYFIX FOR ANY TREATMENT, EMAIL ME FOR A DISCOUNT! Email: [email protected] Check out Koji White: https://www.kojiwhite.com Discount code: ALANA658 INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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Guys! I absolutely love this lash perm / lift kit. However, it is a luttle but tricky to to use with the rods that they give you. So, it is important to know to how fix you lash perm if your lashes are double looped, sticking up in all different directions, or just overall look terrible! In this video I show you guys how to use the $10 lash perm kit I got from Amazon, and I also show you guys what I do to get my lashes to stick up straight in the same direction, be evenly spaced, and overall look nice and fluffy! GET A SCARF FOR $9.99 PINK AND GREY SCARF: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0789TG69F/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=A2V7QOACDMFLLU BLACK AND WHITE SCARF: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0789STPK9
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In this video, I explain the meaning behind both my tattoo on my forearm and my new tattoo on my ribs! Ahh I am so excited I wanted this tattoo for so long and I am so happy I finally did it! If you need some inspiration for a meaningful tattoo for girls, if you need any ideas, feel free to use mine. I haven't seen anyone else with these tattoos, which doesn't mean other people don't have them but I do think they are very unique. It did hurt a lot on the ribs I cant lie but it was so quick and I do not regret a thing. I love these tattoos regardless of what people will say. Always remember that getting a tattoo is personal and it is your choice. DO NOT let anyone persuade you out or into it! Rock what you decided to put on your body, and never feel ashamed for you decisions.
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How to: FLAWLESS FACE WITHOUT MAKEUP  | non-surgical nose job, under eye filler, & more! 2018
When I was in fifth grade, I started to develop acne. Ever since then, it has always been a goal of mine to achieve perfect skin. That desire led me to getting a non-surgical nose job, lip fillers, under eye filler, and perfecting my, "no makeup skin care routine." In this video, kI will be showing you how I achieve a "flawless" makeup free face, without using makeup! My secret is to use filler as a substitute for makeup. If you would use makeup to alter your face, filler is a longer lasting solution that will leave you feeling amazing! I used to be so insecure about my acne and honestly having acne and acne scars was the reason I got into makeup. I never wanted to change my face in the beginning, I just wanted to hide my blemishes. Once I finally cleared my skin, I started noticing other things I could improve on like getting rid of my under eye bags. I am extremely happy with the subtle and natural results that I have now and I am so happy to share my knowledge and experiences with you all! INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci The place I went: Beauty Fix MedSpa https://www.beautyfixmedspa.com LET THEM KNOW WHO SENT YOU! =) use my name for $50 off any treatment
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LET'S BAKE AND GET WEIRD! | cooking with my boyfriend couple vlog 2018
Bake with me...and my boyfriend lol This video is kind of random my boyfriend and I are just causally going about our day and I decided to vlog it. I love watching Emma Chamberlain's cooking with Emma videos and I also like Amy Slatons cooking vids so those are my inspiration for this video. It was a rainy day and we wanted to either go to the gym or make some cookies so naturally we chose food. I have a lot of videos on my channel with my boyfriend. I have pranks, tinder videos, makeup videos, and more featuring Stevey so if you like him go check those out! I hope y'all r going well and I promise I'll have a better video on Sunday LOL INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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trying on bikinis, dancing around, & everyday makeup routine =)
In this vlog, I am hanging out with my friends and my sister. We are trying on bikinis, dancing around, eating, and showing an everyday makeup routine. My sister and I have so much fun when we are together and I wanted to share some of that with yall. This is not like the typical videos I post. Usually I am sitting down infant of the camera, I guess this is more of a blog style. This video is kind of all over the place lol but hopefully you guys don’t mind that too much! I am sure some of you can relate to this getting ready ritual and the struggles of picking a bikini out. It is hard being a girl, what can I say lol INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci NSTAGRAM: @k_arbucci https://www.instagram.com/k_arbucci/ NSTAGRAM: @hannah_slats https://www.instagram.com/hannah_slats/ Jamies channel! Go check it out: https://youtu.be/VbkwUev9uoA Jamies Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/liljaylo
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Dealing with extremely depressing thoughts | My Mental Health & Depression Story 2018
In my depression story video, I talked a lot about some of my struggles with my mental health. In some ways things have improved from that video. However, I am now facing a whole new set of struggles. I think that videos like these talking about depression, signs of depression, and especially how to deal with depression in a healthy way are the most important and helpful videos to make. I want you guys to feel like you can rely on me, relate to me, find comfort in me, and talk to me. I don't really know anyone who is experiencing what I. Maybe the people in my life just aren't as open as I am, but I would love to have some people to talk to who really understand what I feel. My goal in posting this video is to share my story and my journey in hopes of connecting with you guys even more. However, above all else, I want to heal and show you guys how I do that so that you can get better as well. Mental health will ways be something the human race struggles with but hopefully with videos like mine and so many others, we can get to a place where we have constructive ways of dealing with whatever we are going through. I love you guys... INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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GET UNREADY WITH ME | Night Time Skincare Routine +  TATAS UPDATE 2018
Hey guys! Since you really liked my video called, "I didn't wash my face for a month straight...and this is what happened (acne journey)" video, I thought I would give y'all another skincare acne video! If you are struggling with acne, acne scars, pimples, blackheads, uneven skin tone, all of those types of issues, I want you to know you are not alone but also that it is not the end of the world and almost every person at some point will experience these things. Hang in there, and remember you are beautiful no matter what and the outside is not the most important thing! INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci Daydream Day Cream: https://fbit.co/97Nq
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LIPS DONE | Lip Injections Before and After | LIVE FOOTAGE
I am sure you guys know that I am all about having fun and changing up you look! I did have a nonsurgical nose job, and now I am getting my lips done. I was confident before my lips and nose and I am confident now. To anyone who thinks I shouldn't do any of these things: Should I also not put on fake lashes, put on foundation, cover up a pimple, put on concealer, wear mascara, wear hair extensions, wigs, or get a spray tan? All of these things people do to temporarily change the way they look. That is exactly what I am doing here and what I did with my nose. We should all love ourselves before we make any temporary changes like putting on makeup. There is such a thing as too much and I know that some people can have too many procedures and that is why there are videos like plastic surgery gone wrong or botches. However, when something will fade and the result is so minimal, I do not see an issue with it. So, thank you to Beauty Fix for hooking it up! Love you guys and I will talk to you soon! The place I went to: Beauty Fix MedSpa https://www.beautyfixmedspa.com LET THEM KNOW WHO SENT YOU! =) use my name for $50 off any treatment
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Back to School Fall Try On Haul 2017 | Forever 21 & Charlotte Rousse | CHEAP AND AFFORDABLE FASHION
in this try on haul 2017, I will be showing you some back to school options and also some styles and fashion trends for this fall. The last video I did was a Zaful / Rosegal bikini try on haul so check that out if you want! I am all about being boujee on a budget and i love my cheap and affordable fashion. I also have aliexpress, fashion nova, and more hauls about fashion. It is sad that summer is coming to an end but fall sales are so exciting! Especially when it comes to shoes makeup and accessories. I have boyfriend jeans, dainty chockers, cropped t shirts and more in this haul, and i have a fall shoe or fall bootie hall coming soon as well! Also my first thrifting haul video! Enjoy guys!
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How to find designer brands on aliexpress, how to use aliexpress, how to hack aliexpress, how to aliexpress ! I know this cheap and affordable website can be tricky at times. There are the tips I have to find designer brands on aliexpress. My HUGE aliexpress instagram baddie haul ! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKULZHj1qis
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Question and Answer | My first Q and A !
My first question and answer! ( q and a) So I asked my followers on Instagram and Snapchat to ask me a question and said I would answer some or maybe all of them in a YouTube video. So here we are. I want to say thank you to everyone who asked me questions. I got questions about makeup, boys, love, my relationship, my family, fashion, hair, books, and all kinds of others things. My boyfriend is in the video with me but he doesn't really answer questions. I really enjoyed doing this q and a and I hope you guys liked hearing my responses to your questions. I was int he hospital twice this week and I am having surgery next week but somehow I managed to plan film edit and upload this video so I hope y'all enjoy lol!
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$40 VS $7 SPRAY TAN! | Spray Tan GONE WRONG Before and After!
Tanning. Tanning can be accomplished at home, by spray tanning, by sitting in a tanning booth, or by sitting outside in the sun. This topic is an important one during prom season, and during seasons approaching warmer weather. As of right now, there is snow on the ground where I live, but Spring and Summer are just around the corner. Some of us may want to have some color going into these warmer months. So, here is a video designed to help you guys choose the best way to get your color. Is a $40 spray tan worth the money or is a $7 tan pretty much the same thing? In this video I compare an expensive individual spray tan and a machine spray tan that was significantly cheaper. I did not include pictures of the expensive tan because my ex was in a lot of them =) if you want to check them out I have some on Facebook or on Instagram! Love you guys hope you enjoyed! Facebook: Alana Arbucci Instagram: @aarbucci Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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My Night Time Routine as a Full-Time Student 2017!
If you want healthy skin, teeth, hair and skin but you are also n a budget this is the video for you. This is a very inexpensive tutorial of my night time routine. If you are in college you already know the struggle. For this video I only use two products, my trusty faces wipes for clear skin, and my avenue moisturizer to get that healthy glow, dewy, blurred skin! It honestly helps keep away my acne, (this combo) for some reason after i stopped using harsh chemicals to fight my acne, my skin really started to clam down and clear up and I'm going to show you guys how to do that! This is a very affordable and doable night time routine
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I'M PREGNANT prank on boyfriend!! *GONE WRONG* He left...
Haha guys! I was so nervous to prank my boyfriend but I finally did it! I told him I was pregnant! I was trying so hard to think of another prank that wouldn't be so mean but all I could think of was cheating on him or taking a break or breaking up and I felt like this one was the least mean. I thought he would be happy and excited but since I knew it was fake I think I thought he wouldn't be as scared but he was! Haha which is understandable because he thought I was being serious! I kind of want to do more pranks so if you guys like this maybe we will start a prank war! Let me know y'all! If you want a scarf they are on SALE!! BLACK & WHITE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0789STPK9/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=A2V7QOACDMFLLU PINK & GREY: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0789TG69F
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Our First Times...
Let's talk about relationships, broken bones, cars, piercings, and bullies!! Hope you enjoy
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DIRTY Q&A! + GRWM ft. bff!  2018
HII! I am so happy to post this grwm + q&a! My best friend and I show you our everyday makeup routines and part of our skincare routines while answering your juicy, dirty, burning questions. I have done similar videos where I read and respond to tinder messages, snapchat messages, and instagram dms. We gave y'all relationship advice, talked about losing our virginities, cheating, boys, sex, our turn ons/offs and more! I hope you take the jokes as such and take the serious parts seriously. This is all in good fun! I love you guys and I cant wait to hear what y'all think! INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ INSTAGRAM: @hannah_slats https://www.instagram.com/hannah_slats/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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BOYFRIENDS FIRST PEDICURE! + new skincare and hair products unboxing!
Try Pinchme for FREE: http://offers.pinchme.com/SH174 This weeks video is a couple vlog where my boyfriend gets a pedicure for the first time! I also show you new skincare products that I have now incorporated into my skincare routine! I also show some hair oils and masks for thicken up your hair I really need it. We spend the day or 20 minutes out of the day doing a little pampering and I thought it would be fun to bring you guys along with me. Hope you enjoy! INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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I WIPE A$$ FOR A LIVING | Untold Stories of a Nurse Aid! 2018
Besides making YouTube videos, I am a nurse aid. This video is a story time about some of my funny yet disgusting and gross experiences working as a nurse aid. I became a nurse aid to fulfill one of the requirements for pa school. This job takes a lot of patients and it is not for everyone. You cant really wear makeup, have long nails, wear perfume...Your main focus has to be caring for your patient or resident. I do not regret getting my nurse aid license it has taught me many life lessons and allowed me to grow as a human being and realize what is truly important in life! I hope you guys enjoyed this one it is a little different than some of my other videos like skincare, makeup, or clothing hauls so lmk! INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci
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LASH LIFT AND TINT vlog....changed my life
Have you ever wondered about getting lash extensions, a lash lift, a lash lift and tint? So have I! In the past I have purchased cheap perm kits from Amazon and did my own lash perm at home. I made a few mistakes during that time, and learned how to fix a horrible lash perm, but my lashes never looked as nice as I wanted them to. My lashes naturally stick straight down, and have literally no curl. To get the curl I want without a lift or perm I have to curl them, apply mascara, and curl them again which can’t be good for your lashes! I needed a solution! I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about lash extensions, so I finally decided to try a lash lift and tint. I will probably continue to get this done until the day I die. You literally wake up with dark, long, luscious lashes every morning for three months, it is a dream! No mascara needed, no curler needed, it opens up your eyes and makes you feel so beautiful with no effort at all. Instagram: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci My super cute sunglasses for sale on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D39S9ZB Golden Glow Instagram: @goldenglowtan https://www.instagram.com/goldenglowtan/ Music by Lipa: @lipa412 https://www.instagram.com/lipa412/ Ryan’s Instagram: @nyyfan1996rydawg https://www.instagram.com/nyyfan1996rydawg/
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SCARY STORYTIME! *live footage*
Guys! I have a scary yet funny story time for you, with live footage! There was an incident involving fire at my boyfriends house just a few days ago,. At first we thought we could handle it ourselves, but then the situation got a lot more dangerous! There was a fire and we were all at risk, but thankfully the firemen and police officers came to help us, and made sure we were all safe. This video is in no way meant to disrespect law enforcement I think they are very helpful! Fortunately no one was hurt, not even the grill! I hope you guys enjoyed this video! If you would like to support us and purchase a scarf for just $5.99: https://fashionvitae.wixsite.com/alana
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Download Poshmark: http://bit.ly/PoshXaarbucci Shop my closet: @aarbucci001 Buying and selling fashion and beauty Hey guys! So I have done many try on hauls in the past that consisted of makeup, clothing, shoes, and bikinis. I have done Forever 21 hauls, fashion nova hauls, and more. Todays haul is going to be American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, and Pacsun. I got a white cropped sweater, a blue floral romper with a beautiful train, a few tank tops, nice high waisted good quality jeans, and more! For this haul, I bought everything in store. Just in case you wanted to purchase online, here are all the links I could find: White tank $39: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/uo-layering-sweater-tank-top?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=010 Blue tank now $19 was $29: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/truly-madly-deeply-mia-button-down-tank-top?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=041 Black tank $49 =( https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/uo-raquel-button-down-cami?category=tank-tops&color=001 I couldn’t find the purplish/pinkish one online but it is the Ruth Ribbed Tank
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HOW WE MET!! | IN REVERSE | Dressing up as opposite genders !!
I dress up as a boy and Steven dresses up as a girl. He pretends to be me and I pretend to be him, while we will the story of how we met, in reverse ! I did his makeup using foundation, highlighter, blush, mascara, and lip stick. I sculpted his brows and used hair extensions on his hair and put a hat over it all. I dressed him in a scarf, a sweater, and a cute top. For myself, I created a nice bread, and i put my hair back in a hat and finished it off with a hoodie. We each told the story of how we met from the other's perspective. Hope you enjoy !!
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Eating show MUKBANG w/ mom!
I know Trisha Paytas is the queen of mukbang and eating shows, I thought my mom and I would try it out. It would have better to do McDonald’s or sea food but we were on our way to the city and we saw a Starbucks so we stopped! We chit chat, gossip, and laugh so hard in this video... and eat obviously lol. I have never done an eating show mukbang before so hopeful I did this right I have no idea but I hope you guys enjoy it and I will talk to you all soon! Ps I’ve been getting some awesome video requests like makeup tutorial, look book, and a few story times so if you have any suggestions feel free to leave them bellow or message me on Instagram, Snapchat or tinder...... jk ☺️
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HUGE Zaful Bkini & Clothing Try-On Haul & Review 2018! Cheap & Affordable Fashion
Todays video is a Zaful Try-On Haul & Review 2018! Last week I posted a Fashion Nova haul, but I think you guys enjoy the cheap and affordable hauls like this one so let me know if that is true! I have three bikinis, one snakeskin one tie dye, and one lacy and jeweled. I also have a lot of light flow floral summer dresses, a romper, and a strapless pant suit thing lol. I did review the clothes and the bikinis and give my opinions on quality and fit. If you want to check them out here are the links!: Instagram: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci My sunglasses for sale on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D39S9ZB Music by Lipa: @lipa412 https://www.instagram.com/lipa412/ Bra Two Piece Shorts Tracksuit: https://www.zaful.com/bra-two-piece-shorts-tracksuit-p_524437.html Leaves Print Strapless Jumpsuit: https://www.zaful.com/leaves-print-strapless-jumpsuit-p_287777.html Halter Floral Patched Open Back Romper : https://www.zaful.com/halter-floral-patched-open-back-romper-p_284364.html Cami Criss Cross High Low Floral Dress: https://www.zaful.com/cami-criss-cross-high-low-floral-dress-p_510005.html Slit Open Back Floral Maxi Dress: https://www.zaful.com/slit-backless-floral-maxi-dress-p_518056.html Bandeau Tie Dye Bikini: https://www.zaful.com/bandeau-tie-dye-bikini-p_530805.html Bandeau Snakeskin High Cut Choker Bikini: https://www.zaful.com/bandeau-snakeskin-high-cut-choker-bikini-p_517037.html
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Fall Boot Haul 2017 | Fall Fashion Booties for CHEAP! | Forever 21 Charlotte Rousse & More!
Fall boots are coming! Booties are so cute for fall and winter shoe fashion! I have a nice fall boot haul for you guys! I bought three pairs of booties from charlotte rousse! A pair of black bottles, a pair of light pink booties with flower embroidery, and a pair off off white booties! They are so cute and also practical for the fall weather! Lastly, I got a pair of black shoes with a clear heal from forever 21! Also super cute. I have more hauls with clothing coming from the thrift store and also from aliexpress so stay tuned!
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Try-on haul! summer haul, affordable Aliexpress haul! Aliexpress instagram baddie haul! Cheap clothing haul! Kylie Jenner inspired bathing suit, kylie jenner red one piece, kylie jenner black scrappy two piece, guns and roses crop top, thigh high black boots, pink rose tank top, black see through flower embroidered top, white kylie jenner crop top, summer maxi dress, and more! If you want to purchase any of these items especially the designer name brands, here is how you can do that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k11lf47wkc
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How to: BROW tutorial for beginners (or anyone else)  | 2 Products, 2 Minutes !
Want simple makeup? This video is a makeup hack for eyebrows! No more 15 step tutorials for brows! From beginner to professional this is the vid for u! Recently I have noticed that many makeup tutorials / videos on instagram and here on youtube feature girls or women using 15+ products on their skin, face, brows, lashes, lips and so on. I am the kind of girl who wants the easy, quick, and affordable routine when it comes to my everyday makeup routine. This video focuses on brows. I use the anastasia beverly hills brow definer and the age rewind concealer by mayballine..THATS IT! It is so quick and so easy and I hop you guys enjoy these tips! I loved doing a quick tutorial like this I have another one where I show you guys how to do an eye look its more of a smokey eye and I also use two products and take two minutes to do that, so make sure to subscribe so you will see that video! I also mainly focus on fashion hon this channel and I have a HUGE aliepxress haul coming soon so look forward to that my loves hehe!
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REACTING TO HITTING 1,000,000 VIEWS! *emotional* 2018
I hope you guys like emotional reaction videos! In this industry of YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, Twitter...etc. It is easy to get caught up on numbers of views, subscribers, comments and so on as a way to measure success. I recently hit one million views on one of my videos and I wanted to share my reaction with you guys. I had surgery two days ago and I am sorry if this video is a little cheesy, but I feel it is important to have motivation in life and I hope seeing this can motivate you guys. Youtube is not something the people in my life really understood at first but I pushed through the negativity and was able to accomplish one of my goals of reaching 1,000,000 views! If you want me to make videos where I formally sit down and tell you guys what I have done to grow my channel, let me know. I am soooo thankful for all of you and I hope we just keep growing from here =) INSTAGRAM: @aarbucci https://www.instagram.com/aarbucci/ Snapchat: alana.arbucci Music by @mp_beatz
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