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Re-ranking Eminem's albums
Been a while since I last ranked slim shady's albums(this time with revival and kamikaze)
Smoke session Saturday#1(beach vacation)
Trying a new series sue me if ya want
Reviewing the Marshall Mathers lp2
I'm back with another album review this one is pretty fucking awesome lol
Reviewing "Nine Lives" by Deuce
A very lit album bye it now
The crazy man being himself
An old video from like March
Reviewing "Revival" by Eminem
First video in 3 months lol, might as well start doing shit again I'm bored Follow me on social media Twitter @beargrillsjr Snapchat- ccallihan_666 Instagram @yolo_babe115 If you liked the video smack that like button!! #beargrillsarmy
School update
The reason I haven't been uploading for the millionth fucking time lol
Reviewing the Eminem show
Hey guys this is my review of Eminems album the Eminem show this album in my opinion one of the best lol
Vlog#18(Bored vlog)
Finally made a vlog after 6 months lol
CD collection update(March 2018)
I know it's a bad video but I needed to upload something so here it is
Story time#1
New series hope you guys like it everyone else is doing it so why the hell not😂😂😂
Q&A vlog#1 part2
Check out the vid about my update😘
Bear grills Jr and the crazy man part11
Hey today is yet another bear grills episode and this one is a huge plot twist just watch and you'll see lol
Reviewing American Tragedy by Hollywood Undead (I'm back!!!!)
Sorry it's been so long guys I had to take a break now I'm back in business
Would you rather#1
Hey guys today we are playing would you rather lol sorry I had to end the video without an outro someone was knocking on my door lol If you liked the video smack that like button!!!!!!!!! Social media accounts Instagram-yolo_babe115 Snapchat-collin_11569 Bear grills army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Q&a vlog#2
Hey guys today I'm doing another [email protected] vlog haven't done one in a while sorry about that lol If you liked the video smack that like button!!!!!!!!!! Social media accounts Instagram-yolo_babe115 Snapchat-collin_11569 Bear grills army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Role reversal part4
Hey guys I'm back with another role reversal lol I'm happy with this but my skills as the crazy man suck
Vlog#20 (First one in a year)
This is my first vlog in over a year, so I'm a little rusty lol
Well it's been a while.....
Hey guys I'm back finally lol sorry about that we had some phone issues so ya I'm back for good Now lol