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Zulu - Final Attack
Zulu (1964) Cy Endfield, Director Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins, Michael Caine
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2 men show - funny comedy show :D
2 men show - funny commedy show :D found on kinero.net
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You gotta love British humour
Saw this the other day, thought it was worth posting
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The Fur Coat
A continuation of random skits for school, "The Fur Coat" was a project for English class. You won't be able to handle stupid at such a high level. :D
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Comedy Factory - Zakje (John Fealey)
Old TV-recording from the Comedy Factory. John Fealey does a fantastic show about the Albert Heijn and the "zakjes".
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Baby Cows Born in Hell
Ripped from their mothers on the day they're born, veal calves spend the rest of their lives in crates too small to turn around. Think "outside of the crate": http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/campaigns/factory_farming/&s_src=vid_yt_eOWQOXeJyUM
Malice - I am God
Clip from the old Alec Baldwin movie, Malice, showing his narcissistic rant and the famous "I *AM* God" line.
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Plain White T's - "Hey There Delilah" (Official Music Video)
Shop the new band store for the latest Parallel Universe merch: http://found.ee/pwtbundles Catch the Plain White T's On Tour Now! Tickets available at http://plainwhitets.com 10/16 - CINCINNATI, OH 10/17 - CLEVELAND, OH 10/18 - MADISON, WI 10/19 - EFFINGHAM, IL 11/02 - SEATTLE, WA 11/03 - PORTLAND, OR 11/04 - EUGENE, OR 11/05 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA 11/07 - ANAHEIM, CA 11/08 - LOS ANGELES, CA 11/09 - LAS VEGAS, NV 11/17 - NIAGARA FALLS, CANADA 2/1 - TAMPA, FL Get "Hey There Delilah" and the rest of 'All That We Needed' on iTunes: http://bitly.com/YEV7f7 Stay connected with the Plain White T's: http://plainwhitets.com http://facebook.com/plainwhitets http://twitter.com/plainwhitets http://instagram.com/plainwhitets See what's new at Fearless Records: http://www.youtube.com/fearlessrecords
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Put on your Happi coat
Matthew at Omocha Okoku (Toy Kingdom) festival
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Trench Coat (rough copy)
Short film done for english class, Film Noir type... unfortunatly YouTube only lets you upload 10 minutes max, so i cant upload the full version, which is about 16 minutes... this is the only one i have under 10 minutes.
Views: 1158 Timothy Catchlove
Numa Numa
http://www.garybrolsma.com https://www.youtube.com/c/GaryBrolsma Subscribe for more dork videos! ►►► http://bit.ly/subdorkdaily According to the BBC article dated November 27, 2006 the original Numa Numa video has been seen over 700,000,000 times worldwide - making it the second most viewed viral video in the world. For more information and to see what Gary is up to now, check out https://www.youtube.com/c/GaryBrolsma and http://www.garybrolsma.com
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633 squadron
the gorgeous female ss officer (played by anne ridley)tortures the resistance officer. she gets the information but is sadly killed later.
Views: 18728 martinsommer88
Tweed Warriors
American exchange students in London in 1984 enounter a philistine who disapproves of their intellectual ways--and their tweed jackets. Chaos ensues.
Views: 532 David Story
Scrubs - Turk Does The Safety Dance
Turk Does The Safety Dance In A Very Clever Way - God I Love Scrubs!
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Daniel Leather Advertising
Poor men. xDDD
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Diet Coke + Mentos
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National Geographic--The Gummibaar
Goomibaarus, also known as the Gummy Bear, is a gentle subspecies, commonly found in most suburban cities of North America and Western Europe. Unlike their solitary cousin, the Grizzly Bear, Goomibaarus is a very familial species, rarely ever leaving its community. Their thick coats, made from a rubbery-textured confection, protect them during their many months of hibernation. They spend these months of deep sleep in groups of 20-30, huddled together for warmth. Their brightly colored pelts, nature's camouflage, hide them amongst other rainbow colored backgrounds. The lifetime of the male Goomibaar is marked by one fascinating behavior--a trek outside the hibernation cave. Some say it is out of curiosity. Others suspect it is a right of passage into manhood for the Goomibaar. Either way, all male Goomibaar must make this dangerous journey. Their short forearms and complete inability to turn their necks make them an easy target for predators. Most Goomibar never make it but a few steps outside the cave. However, all must try. Every once in a while, against the odds of nature, one lone Goomibaar will travel long distances---far away from his safe community............thwarting many predators......overcoming the many obstacles of his own physique......and will appear, triumphantly, in the most unexpected places. His journey into manhood--a success. The story of the Goomibaar--the story of survival.
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Denny Willis & Quorn Quartet - The Fox Has Left Its Lair
Denny Willis & Quorn Quartet - The Fox Has Left Its Lair ... Classic and hilarious act from yesteyear. The old guy gets kicked around a lot!
Views: 375709 Max van Velzen
The Bribe
...I bribe a Men in the White Coats big wig to take Kevin away...
Views: 319 therougegod
Katie's movie audition for Drakan: A Hero's Journey
katie landed a supporting role in a major motion picture from this clip
Views: 3852 west222
25mm ACW army
Sash & Sabre Miniatures 25mm
Views: 34188 echoesofglory
raincoat hop
nasty dogs
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commodore shmidlab finds a boot store
commodore shmidlab finds a boot store
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White guy tryin to act brown
comedian dancing to a foreign song with funny dance moves
Views: 1301 asifanator
Madeline Intro
Seeing this isnt anywhere on YouTube here it is.. Madeline is an young girl who boards with Miss Clavell and becomes quite famous and hurt at other times..
Views: 2214634 Ben
Hairy Baby your song
ベイビーちゃんyoursongを弾き語る。 music b&w(thanks!!)
Views: 346 neko chan
Save Yusuke and Kurama
Okay, no clips this time, just pictures. It was late at night and I found out I could make a cool slide show with my adobe photoshop. I messed around with it and came up with this. The bad thing about it is I can't do clips, but it doesn't freeze up like wmm. I had fun with it, mucho fun! Well, this has a story with it! I wanted to make a slideshow as interesting as possible. Kagome loves being around Yusuke and Kurama, but she doesn't know about what they do or what they are. She is like their life-line of sorts, keeping them going even when it seems to hard. However, when a youkai comes and they battle it. She sees their youkai forms and how cold and ruthless they are in battle. *I doubt this is making any sense, but oh well* She runs off after the youkai is dead, leaving them feeling hurt. They still love her, but don't come near her for the don't know how she will react. She then realizes how much she needs them by her side and goes to them. She calls out desperately thinking she'd never see them again and apologizes. Of course they forgive her. ^^ If you think I own anything I will call the men in white coats to take you to the happy farm. Comments are luffed to death!
Views: 7718 Tijiya
Three Models
Classroom antics of students
Views: 182 wilsonrodgers
Rock-a my soul
Why the pants? Well class was at a church after all. This movie was made for my ESL class singing a few tough prepositions and adjectives. One of my first "movies", but maybe my favorite.
Views: 8320 cathysfiddle
The Entertainer
SoGo Production presents "The Entertainer" Don't ruin the secret. There are still believers out there.
Views: 944 Ramxors
Funny funny funny... that's all about this!!! ;)))
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The classic silent screen comedian, Doofy Dan, in "Comic Stripped." Producer, Director, Writer: Matthew Hawes Featured: Matt "Doofy Dan" Hawes, Happy www.TheHappyShow.net
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crazy boy
in a chinese show program. the boy is so crazy ... ...
Views: 1039 Vonsbay
ramirez family history
an animatic shown at our wedding reception about the history of the Ramirez Family.Groom is an animator.
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me and jehn like to seduce anthony and rape him in dennys
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Milford Game - AHS Scramble
AHS in scramble in our rain coats
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PONZURA  acoustic / DAN-DAN @Big gray
[Dan-Dan]Of an acoustic version at Big Gray in Iruma-city. "Big gray" is an old Japanese storehouse. I participated in an art event held as of there.
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Patrick Sébastien - Le petit bonhomme en mousse
Petit clip réalisé en vitesse lors d'une nuit d'insomnie !
Views: 4679677 Mik de Belgik
See My Vest
Mr.Burns singing 'See my vest'.
Views: 1163970 Dan Jones