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What the fuck? Drunk kids at college?
Vananypoo trashed, about to get plastered. P.S. I'm not actually drunk. Just Vananypoo and Clay.
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girl dancing a bedroom
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Crazy Blow Job Girl
I guess I have to resolve a "copyright" issue. To resolve it, I am given the choice to take the video down...Failure to take action may result in the removal of the video from YouTube. Well now...what should I do? its from collegehumor.com but was created by derrickcomedy.
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ashley's bachlorette party!!
ashley's bachlorette party!!!
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what happens when 5 girls drink a case and a half of smirnoff
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more drunken dancing! not just from the girls this time!
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Girls Making Out
This never gets old
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2 Coeds Filmed Kissing At College Party
Two college students are filmed kissing at a college party
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The Future of America (Hilarious Drunk College Students)
A very unsober look at college students on a Saturday night. Is this what we have to look forward to as the future of America? porn sex drunk boobs asian hot weed naked tits kobe bryant soccer football baseball bloopers funny night video vision sex paris hilton britney spears wild party college tna me singing nba tv rap trailer official music video beowulf 50 cent justin timberlake timberland MTV DJ live sexy nude free transformers dance dancing lebron james michael jordan Ronaldinho highlights song hott hot porno porn Soulja Boy remix how to guide crank that music Avril Lavigne Girlfriend My Chemical Romance Girlfriend Teenagers famous last words guitar akon funny baby laughing lesbian kissing
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2 drunk girls at our party makin out. Done with a cell phone so quality isn't great.
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Derrick: Wink
See more CHTV at http://www.collegehumor.com/chtv Our new, original videos premiere in widescreen on CHTV weeks before they do here. Check us out!
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college girls
Men are usually fascinated by college girls which is probably because it is the time girls reach their full physical maturity and are still young It is surprising to know how many old men would give anything to have casual relationships with college girls Well all the best for those want to try
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Sex and the College Lifestyle (Part 2)
Documentary about college life and various aspects of sex. Real people telling real tales at real events.
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College girls gone wild
When college kids get really extremely bored...they tackle each other.
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me and my buddy hanging out.
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Drunken girls :P
Funniest video ever :P
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Drunk orgy
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Drunk Girl - Tory Stacey
Drunk girl music video.
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Christina Aguilera Having Analsex. Excellent
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2 Drunk Girls Making Out
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Girls Gone Wild - Sweet Cuties Drunk
If its good enough for Snoop, its good enough for you... see drunk, horny, college babes getting it on.... no dudes allowed!
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Sex and the College Lifestyle (Part 1)
Documentary about college life and various aspects of sex. Real people telling real tales at real events.
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Drunk Girl don't do "The Butt"
Drunk girl talks about anal sex, money shots,ear sex,eye sex,pearl necklace.
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Girls Making Out
Gurlz Makin Out
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Drunk Girls Makeout
Two drunken cuties go at it in a dimly lit hotel room during a drinking game involving "truth or dare." Theres nothing wrong with a little girl on girl action... courtesy of Chex Mix.
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Party Schools.com - College Parties!!!
Some of the best college party action. We're visiting multiple other schools, but here is a trailer of some of the features partyschools.com will offer.
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Condos and Lofts - Hot Girls - Party! Party! Party!
Run with the kittens CD release party - March 16th - Horseshoe Tavern
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drunk hook up
sometimes you drink a little too much, and your drunk goggles take control
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College Girls clip
A clip from an upcoming episode of "The diary of Promiscuous Girls".
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Drunk Chicks On The Dancefloor
Drunk Chicks On The Dancefloor
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Girl wants Sex
See what this girl wants...
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Boy And Girl Getting Horney
How Inbarising
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Brian and Jimmys Drunken Sex Talk
K. THIS ISNT MY REAL VOICE LAUGHING: They said if im gonna laugh hold back and if I must dont sound like myself. And the high pitched ACTION in the beginning I tried to sound like a black chinese asian soo..yeah.. AND ACTUALLY LISTEN TO WHAT HES SAYING!! Sorry its kinda staticy I cant help that. Well Im Christina, the taper/producer/soon-to-be-star. My brother is Jimmy [drug addict]. He is the fag in the coat (he told me not to reval his identity) and the guy talking is Brian [soon-to-be-drug-addict]. They werent completly sober, so that may explain things. They were in my garage but it was kinda dark. This is my first vid so COMMENT IT even if its like hate mail,, SEND IT!! Add me on myspace. http://www.myspace.com/christina810
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Office Girls - Vera & Lucy
Office Girls - Vera & Lucy. Do not ask for full videos.
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