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San Diego Comic Con 2008 - #01 Wonder Girl (Youth)
Video of Entry 01, cosplay skit of Wonder Girl (Youth) from Teen Titansperformed at San Diego Comic Con 2008 . Filming credits to Genjitsu at http://www.acparadise.com (Permission granted) For the higher RESOLUTION version of this video, visit http://www.acparadise.com/vid/4092/h For details on the convention, cosplayers and series, visit http://www.acparadise.com/cons.php?cyid=818
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Speed Art Wonder Girl
comicfreak41691.deviantart.com penciled speed art of wonder girl
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Bad Girls of DC
Here's the Bad Girls of DC Thanks to inminditrust and RatdogtwoMarvel for throwing in your girls.
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Captain Biorhythm Interviews Comic-Con Masquerade 2008 Wonder Girl Winner Initial Interview
San Diego Comic-Con Masquerade 2008 was awesome. Captain Biorhythm interviewed, Arianna, Wonder Girl, was one of the big winners. She was a shinning star among the child contestants, her performance outstanding. Learn how to honor your heroes. Read my book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XV76SZ9 “In Search of Heroes Story: Why Is Understanding Your Unique Heroes Journey So Important For Your Personal Peace, Happiness and Success?” Author Ralph Zuranski has researched heroes, heroism, and the 12 roles of the heroes journey for over 50 years. He created Captain Biorhythm, his alter ego hero, in 1976 to teach professional athletes how to use the Science of Biorhythms to optimize their performance in sports and avoid accidents and injuries. He believes you have the potential to be a hero or heroine to your family, friends and strangers when you integrate your brain and body and learn how to use biorhythms to improve your life. Ralph discovered that heroism is easier to understand when you analyze the different events and people in your life in light of the 12 roles: Innocent, Orphan, Warrior, Caregiver, Seeker, Lover, Destroyer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Sage and Fool. It is much easier for you to deal with your triumphs, trials, tribulations, and transformations when you embrace and live your own unique heroes journey. As a Special Features writer for the Coronado Eagle newspaper in San Diego, he wrote articles about local heroes who were making a positive difference in the community. He created the In Search Of Heroes program to encourage high school journalism students to ask questions about heroes and heroism. The goal was to inspire young people to research the concept of heroism, so they could write educational articles to inspire themselves, other students and the community. During his research, Ralph realized the best way to honor the heroes in your life is to write exciting, emotionally engaging stories and create videos about how they impacted your personal heroes journey. It is important to honor the people who made and make a positive difference in your life. This book teaches you how to honor those who inspired you to be a better person, overcome difficult problems and accept the responsibility for your own decisions. Your stories will give them the recognition they deserve and inspire future generations. You will discover there are many unexpected heroes and mentors in your life. They help you break free from the situations and thought processes that block your emotional and spiritual growth. They helped you to become the person you were created to be, so you could complete your unique mission here on earth. By writing stories about them and their impact on your life journey, you pass on to future generations the wisdom you have gained.
Addicted to the Bats
Some of the girls in Batman's life and how they feel about him. I definitely recommend the high quality version. Focuses many on the Batman/Catwoman relationship and the Batman/Wonder Woman relationship, though there is a little Black Canary and Zatanna, with a teensy, teensy little bit of Lois Lane for variety. A comics video.
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Vietnamese Pride - Dat Phan (Vietnamese American )
The Vietnamese-American stand-up comedian and winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing Season 1. http://www.datphan.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dat_Phan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Vietnamese_Americans http://www.vietnam4all.net/celebrities.htm
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QOTRT - Wonder Woman vs Ms. Marvel (HD)
The current World Champion, the Female Ultron, finally suffered her first defeat thanks to the combined might of Supergirl and Rogue. But she's still the champion. And if you paid attention to her only loss, she took more than a bit of damage in that fight. This makes it the best moment to finish her off. But this is wrestling/superhero fighting, so the notion of simply sending all the girls at the same time to beat the hell out of the Female Ultron and torn her to pieces seemed a bit too, shall we say, dishonorable for these lovely if misguidedly moralistic group of superheroines. So in the spirit of having undue courtesy to the opponent who wouldn't think it twice to kick them in their tender regions while they're down, they decided to have a little tournament to decide who should face the Female Ultron while she's hurt (hoping they don't give her too much time to repair herself). Queen Of The Ring Tournament - Semifinal 2 - Wonder Woman vs Ms. Marvel These two characters, in their own ways, are the definition of feminism for each of their publishers. Feminism according to 40-year-old men, that is. Wonder Woman, as you probably know, was created by William Moulton Marston; a bondage lover who created the comic book character primarily to fulfill his female-bondage fantasies. As you know, Diana is a princess (only evil female characters can be queens for some reason, all the good girls are invariably princesses). She lives in an island full of women who dress and act like they were on a teenage boy's wet dream. And all her weapons (except the occasional sword) also double as fashion accessories. Ms. Marvel, on the other hand, had the words "This female fights back" proudly stenciled on the cover of her comic book. This lasted exactly two issues and caused a nice little uproar by the fans ("--as opposed to the other females who never fight back!!?!?!"). Gee, who would've thought anyone would take offense to that. It sounded like such a feminist-y thing to say! But anyway, the most iconic female character from DC Comics faces one of the most poorly handled female characters from Marvel Comics. Can the princess with the invisible jet beat the former army pilot? Made with Smackdown vs Raw 2008 and pcsx2 0.9.5 and a hacked GSdx graphics plugin. And if you liked this video, don't forget to check out the Topless Superheroine Wrestling League here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TSWL
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Wonder Woman
Tribute to Wonder Woman
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Batman - Womanizer
Batman - playboy by day, pimp by night
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Deadly Women of DC Comics
Not what I was planning on doing next, nor what I promised to do. However, when my Muse issues an order, I obey. And my Muse wanted a video about DC comic's deadliest females. So here it is. The song is "Female of the Species" by Space. Please rate and comment! Disclaimer: I own nothing, and have no money worth suing me for. So don't.
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Hero Worship: Darkchylde
Virtually every American child grows up reading comic books. Some never outgrow it. Even Hollywood is deeply into comic heroes. In fact a Darkchylde film is said to be in the works. Here are some of our top illustrators and artists celebrating that sweet-tempered 18-year-old southern girl, Ariel Chylde, who had the power to produce or become any of the terrifying creatures that inhabit her dreams. Created by Randy Queen in 1996. She can also be seen as a mysterious Manga-style child.
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Superman vs. Wonder Woman: Spoof
A spoof love video of Superman and Wonder Woman fighting each other for Batman's love. ---I've heard that the comic book companies take all these weird surveys about what gets readers to buy a particular comic. Apparently, monkeys, dinosaurs, and the color purple are on the top of that list. What it would take for me to definitely buy a comic? Superman and Wonder Woman having a bitchfight over who Batman loves more. :] And if they featured Superman singing this song... Well, that would make my millennium.
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Hayden Elizabeth as Wonder Woman.
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Stargirl  - DC Comics
Stargirl - Stars and STRIPE - JSA music - Fabulous Disaster: yesterdays gone
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I Kissed a Girl in a Comic
Music: Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl Comics used: Annihilation Conquest, Buffy season 8, Drain, SkyDoll, Runaways, Y-The Last man, Vinyl Underground, Girls, Ultra, American Virgin, Lucifer, Death-The High Cost of Living Ending credits Music: Robert Byrd - Little Bitty Pretty One After a friend of mine sent me the link to this song i couldn't resist digging up what ever lesbian comic charecters i could recall and adding them to this video. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as i did looking up images for it.
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Tiny Toon Adventures Season 1, Vol 1 - New Puppy
Steven Spielberg presents Tiny Toon Adventures Season 1, Volume 1 on DVD July 29th! Rejoice, potatoes du couch, 'cause they're finally on DVD - in 35 furry, funny, Montana Max-has-money episodes from the debut season. Here you'll find Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny (no relation!), Plucky Duck, Hamton Pig and more denizens of Acme Acres. And here you'll find Acme Looniversity, where the Toonsters are schooled under the wise(guy) guidance of Warner Bros. 'toon legends from Bugs Bunny to Yosemite Sam. Enroll today. Episodes: 35 episodes - each 22 minutes. Disc 1, The Looney Beginning, A Quack in the Quarks, The Wheel O' Comedy, Test Stress, The Buster Bunny Bunch, Her Wacky Highness, Hollywood Plucky, Journey to the Center of Acme Acres. Disc 2, It's Buster Bunny Time, Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night, Looking Out for the Little Guy, Starting From Scratch, Citizen Max, Hare Raising Night, Furrball Follies, The Acme Acres Zone. Disc 3, Life in the 1990's, Rock 'N Roar, Prom-ise Her Anything, Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow Cinemaniacs, You Asked for It, Gang Busters, Wake Up Call of the Wild. Disc 4, Side 1, Buster and the Wolverine, You Asked for It, Part II, Europe in 30 Minutes, The Wacko World of Sports, Rainy Daze, Fields of Honey, Sawdust and Toonsil, Spring in Acme Acres. Side 2, Psychic Fun-Omenon Day, The Wide World of Elmyra, A Ditch in Time, EC. Check out the official site: www.kidswb.com/whv!
JLU: Hot
When I saw Tyrone's video set to this song about how much "Sex, women, and drinking" was present in Star Trek, I was inspired to make a similar video about Justice League Unlimited... which has more than its fair share of innuendo, and then some ;) JLU is property of DC Comics. Rest of credits in video. Made with Windows Movie Maker.
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the girls of marvel
a couple of my favourite girls from the marvel universe no copyright intended
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Wonder Woman vs. Nubia Action Figures Commercial from 1970's
A classic mego toy commercial featuring Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, and the extremely rare Nubia doll. Although Nubia is depicted as Wonder Woman's enemy, according to the comics, Nubia was under a sorceror's spell which eventually was broken, thus enabling Nubia and Wonder Woman to become friends. Nubia, ironically was also created for Young African-American girls as a super-heroine and to promote pride and equality among superheroes and superheroines alike.
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My Top 10 Favorite DC Women
Here are my personal faves over at DC
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comic girl sketch
Fast sketch of comic style girl
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Jungle Girl
Jungle Girl
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spiderman/black-spiderman vs. wonder woman/starfire
another battle i did on mugen request battles at my email [email protected]
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dc marvel girl lass woman action amine
http://marvelsuperhero.flixya.com see more.. marvel girl
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Wonder Woman Vs Storm
Wonder Woman Vs Storm
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Comic and movie girls - Belanova Sexy San Diego Convention
San Diego Convention rogue zatana batgirl aeris black cammy dawn elektra felicia hell kitten green lintern jesica jocker huntress leia trooper lum phoenix powergirl psyloque queen gorgo sango spiderchick supergirl spiderwoman wendy trinity yuna widow aphrodite canari cruxshadows angels catwoman lara poison ivy sailor moon wonderwoman krista fantastic four cheerleader princess
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Baltimore Comic Con '08: Adam Hughes Interview
Adam Hughes is a little busy these days. He's writing, penciling, and inking his own book, All Star Wonder Woman. Oh and also he does the cover art, too. Surprisingly enough, Veggie Jackson was able to steal a few minutes of his time for a quick interview. So here it is! Edited by our new intern, Ian, because I was busy...playing LittleBig Planet...
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Weird Girls Acting Like Spider Man
We Know We R AWSOME!!!!
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Comic Fiesta '08 Stage Performance 3
stage performance at Comic Fiesta '08, 21st December 2008, Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia.
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Wonder Woman gets locked out of her invisible plane
A promo bump for Cartoon Network LA.com. Featuring The Superfriends. Produced by Wild Hare Studios of Atlanta, GA. 2001
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PPGD Series teaser: "A Monochrome Battle"
I started this early November of last year (2007)as a birthday present for my good Aussie friend, Matt Gridely, better known as Griddles, editor for Bleedman's "Grim Tales" and "Sugar Bits" comics, former editor of the "Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi". He is, however, also the writer of an excellent fan continuation series of PPGD known as "Lifelines" and "Reunification", featuring the character Bell, as being a machine, a female android, or "gynoid", with massive power, formerly the foe of the Powerpuff Girls in the beginning, and family near the end. She also has two "sisters". Her overpowered, corrupted sister, Barasia, the black Puff, who serves as the extremely well developed antagonist, who despises humanity for it's treatment of machine-kind, and also is torn by her own secret terror of loneliness, and her deep longing for family and love. Then, her other sister, the navy blue, twin pigtailed Breannin, who was naught but an angellic soul, killed without mercy by Barasia while trying to reason with her, having refused to take her life. It is now June 27th of 2008. I had originally believed I could achieve this piece of work in a few weeks. I was quite woefully mistaken, but I have few if any regrets in making this video, which is to date my finest work. In this video, apart from the canon storyline of the fan continuation, Bell stands alone against Barasia, who has arrived in Megaville for another attempt at destroying or capturing her. You will wonder about a few details: *The sequence featuring the floating Blue haired girl. This is a memory of Bell's of Breannin, her sister, and the very moment a bomb Barasia planted inside her body exploded and killed her. This event is perhaps the worst moment in Bell's life. It changed her into who she is now, and it killed her inside. * The sequence with the pipes, box and blinking light is a perspective from within Bell's body. In her core, she has an auxillary power source, a solid block of chemical X, which activates and supercharges her when she becomes especially angry. This change is shown by her eyes, which change from white to black, as seen here. Seeing the damage to the city wrought by accident between Bell and Barasia's collision forced her to think of Breannin's death, which was enough of a trigger to enfuriate Bell. I hope you enjoy this. I worked extremely hard on it, and worked long. Our group, Da' Megaville Project, is making Bleedman's PPGD, for which this is based off, into an animated series quite similar to this. Please note that the models in terms of rigging, hand structure and facial animation are out of date in this video. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To read Bleedman's PPGD, please visit: http://ppg.snafu-comics.com To read Griddles' excellent fan continuation, Lifelines and Reunification, visit http://griddles.deviantart.com
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Nathan as Super Man with Super Girl
Nathan didn't want to take pictures with any girl, even with Super Girl.
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A Tribute To American Super Heroines
A Tribute To America Super Heroines my best work yet
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Over 60 Black Female Superheroes!
I've compiled a video of over 60 Black Female Superheroes from Marvel & DC Comics, Cartoons, Television, Movies, and More. For more info on each of these Black Female Superheroes and their histories, origins, powers, what comics/shows/movies they appear in, visit: http://promomami.blogspot.com and search for 'Black Female Superheroes'. There are four volumes up so far, each volume profiling 10 Black Female Superheroes: Volume 1: http://promomami.blogspot.com/2008/10/black-female-superheroes-vol-1.html Volume 2: http://promomami.blogspot.com/2008/11/black-female-superheroes-vol-2.html Volume 3: http://promomami.blogspot.com/2008/11/black-female-superheroes-vol-3.html Volume 4: http://promomami.blogspot.com/2008/12/black-female-superheroes-vol-4.html Volume 5: http://promomami.blogspot.com/2008/12/black-female-superheroes-vol-5.html Volume 6: http://promomami.blogspot.com/2008/12/black-female-superheroes-vol-6.html Heroes Featured in the video include: Storm Frenzy Lady Hawk Lady Trident LightBright Jet Amanda Waller aka THE WALL Bling Empress Debrii Diana Flint Heather Hudson aka Sasquatch Powerhouse Cassie Isis Venus Dee Milo Yellow Ranger Captain Marvel Kendra Young Numbuh 5 Pantha Numinus Onyx Pathway Promethea Shondra Kinsolving Uhura Valerie Brown Sky Rocket Black Mariah Blood Storm Brillalae Bumblebee Cecilia Reyes Crimson Avenger Dr. Midnite Dreadlox Embyrre FoxFire Louise Hastings Misty Knight Murmur Nefertiti Jones Night Shade Nubia Shard Silencer Silhouette Supergirl Synaesthesia Threnody Thunder TimeSlip Vixen Wildstreak XS and last but not least, the beautiful and intelligent Michelle Obama. Video #2 will feature: SheBang Misty Magic Niobe Catwoman Maya & Monica (Heroes) Charly Beck Ant Rocket aka Raquel Ervin Casey McKenna Fatality Lightening aka Jennifer Pierce Becka Monroe Fox Amina Franklin Microwoman Shuri/BlackPanthress Jasmine Destine aka Kay Cera aka Cuckoo Aliyah Bishop Kid Quantum aka Jazmin Cullen Catspaw aka April Dumaka Computo aka Danielle Foccart Microwavabelle aka Microwave Mom aka Belle Jackson Natasha Irons aka Steel aka VaporLock aka Starlight Agent 355 Martha Washington and many more!
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Mulher Maravilha, Canário Negro, Zatanna, Mary Marvel,Poderosa, Batgirl, Supergirl
super heroe girls
super heroe girls
Hero Worship: Birds of Prey
Virtually every American child grows up reading comic books. Some never outgrow it. Even Hollywood is deeply into comic heroes. So it shouldn't surprise us to find some extremely good illustrators behind our popular art, especially when the subjects are a collection of scantily clad female crime-fighters. Here are some of our top illustrators and artists celebrating the women who work as Birds of Prey. And the music police strike again. The music was unacceptable in some countries, so it has been switched via the YouTube AudioSwap file to Franz Schubert's "Rosamunde, Fursten von Cypern, D 797."
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Average Girls.....not
haha i thought it would fit yet i'm still in my early video making skills
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The Cheetah Girls
The Cheetah Girls
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The Essential DC Universe of Women
omg almost 2,000 views thanks people Well some friends of mine wanted me to do something different so since i love DC Universe i decided to make this mega huge tribute (notice how every woman has the perfect body) comment and rate and tell what you think besides just the ratings thank you ATTENTON:ALL VIDEOS MADE ARE MADE BY ME FANMADE AND EVERYTHING
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JLU - The Flash Saves the World
Justice League was an incredible cartoon. Here is the last leg of the final battle from "Divided We Fall." Flash uses his powers in a pretty awesome way and destroys Luthoriac.
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Panther Girl KOed by Kraven the Hunter
Panther Girl is knocked out by Kraven the Hunter!
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West Coast Caws SVR 2009 Red Sonja vs Jungle Girl
two ladies from Dynamite Entertainments Comics pages. Red Sonja vs Jungle Girl . made on Smackdown vs raw 2009, on Xbox 360
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wonder woman promo
wonder woman commercial
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JLU (super girl fighting wilde fight)
The song by Akon,Ricke Ross,Plies,Boosie - Out Here Grindin, Einjoy ^,^
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The Top 5 DC Comics Relashionships
This shows the best love relashionships in Dc Comics from Green Arrow and Black Canary to Batman and Catwoman and every thing in between
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Spider Girl
Girl gets bit by spider on the way to Seaworld.
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Hero Worship: Vixen
Mari Jiwe McCabe grew up in a small African village where her mother was killed by poachers and later her father, the village priest, was killed by his half-brother, General Maksai. Mari then moved to New York and became a fashion model, until she returned to Africa and reclaimed her inheritance, a powerful device known as the Tantu Totem, from her uncle, the General. The totem transforms her into the costumed superheroine Vixen. She worked with the Justice League for a while, then joined the Suicide Squad, and later hooked up with Oracle's Birds of Prey. She was almost the world's first black super female to have her own series, but the series was canceled in 1978, and Vixen didn't see print until 1981 when she showed up in Action Comics. The music is Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee," followed by "Bumbleboogie."
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